• Robredo and the Liberal Party spin

    Atty. Dodo Dulay

    Atty. Dodo Dulay

    AFTER being unceremoniously booted from the Cabinet, Vice President Leni Robredo and her Liberal Party bosses are trying to spin her banishment from Malacañang as part of an alleged plot to “steal” the vice presidency from her.

    “I will not allow the vice presidency to be stolen,” Robredo declared in her resignation letter. But other than motherhood statements and unfounded conjectures, the Vice President could not say how the alleged plot was being put in motion.

    In an interview with Noli “Kabayan” de Castro during a primetime TV newscast last week, Robredo seemed at a loss for words when asked to elaborate on the supposed scheme to remove her from the vice presidency.

    Quizzed by De Castro as to how the vice presidency could be stolen from her when she was elected in the first place, Robredo had this puzzling, meandering discourse for an answer: “Kaya nga. Alam naman natin na… alam nya na bawal kase pag-usapan yung kaso dahil yun ay kabahagi ng ating sinumpaan, kabahagi ng commitment natin. Alam naman natin na nag-file sila ng protesta… kahit alam nila na wala naming basehan yung kanilang protesta. [That’s why. We know that… (Bongbong Marcos) knows that we can’t talk about the case because that is part of our oath, part of our commitment. We know that the (Marcos camp) filed a protest even though they know that their protest has no basis.]” Huh??

    Robredo’s bewildering response earned a rejoinder from De Castro, who asked the Vice President if what she meant by the vice presidency being stolen from her had something to do with the protest of Bongbong Marcos against her. Robredo replied: “Kabahagi ng malawak na planong patalsikin tayo sa posisyon. [It’s part of a bigger plot to remove me from the vice presidency.]” Again, Robredo didn’t bother to explain the who, what and how of this purported ouster plan.

    We’re sure many thinking Filipinos aren’t buying Robredo’s ouster theory, especially considering that the day after she received the text from Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco, Jr. asking her to “desist from attending all Cabinet meetings starting this Monday, December 5,” Robredo blamed her strong opposition to the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos as the main reason why Duterte decided to stop her from attending Cabinet meetings.

    In fact, when asked if Duterte’s move was to pave the way for Bongbong Marcos’ taking over the vice presidency, Robredo said it would be “unfair” to accuse the President of indirectly firing her from his Cabinet to give way to the younger Marcos. But if it isn’t Duterte, who else would have the power, or (as Robredo says it) the “political skills” to “steal” her post? Obviously, no one.

    Clearly, the ouster plot narrative being peddled by Robredo is meant not only to gain the sympathy of her supporters but to also condition the mind of the public that her victory is unassailable and that her removal from the vice presidency, even through a legal process, would be irregular and highly questionable.

    We recall that this is not the first time that Robredo whipped up this alleged plot to “steal” the vice presidency. Around two weeks before she was fired from the Cabinet, Robredo went on a media blitz claiming that text messages were circulating about an alleged plan to recount the votes in the May 9 elections without the consent of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).

    According to Robredo’s spokesperson, the objective of the supposed recount outside of the PET was “to steal the vice presidency from VP Leni.” Her spokesperson also claimed receiving a text message from a “trusted source” saying that “early next year, we have a new VP.”

    The way we see it, stirring up political noise on the basis of text messages is not only reckless but also irresponsible. It merely confirms the “Oust Leni” plot as a shameless ploy to sway public opinion against a possible vote recount in the 2016 vice-presidential race-–an outcome that Robredo seems to dread.

    We all know, however, that the question of “who stole what from whom?” has yet to be determined by the Supreme Court en banc, sitting as the PET, which is mandated by the Constitution to be “the sole judge of all contests relating to the election…of the…Vice President.”

    From Marcos’ perspective, it was Robredo who was the thief. “The entire Filipino electorate witnessed how, after commanding a 1-million-plus lead in the votes at 7 p.m. on May 11, 2016, with 75 percent of the votes counted, the numbers suddenly dwindled in favor of Robredo at a uniform ratio of 40-1. This was countenanced by the ‘thieves in the night’,” Marcos said.

    Robredo’s razor-thin margin of 263,473 votes over Marcos (the closest ever in a vice-presidential contest), coupled with the poll irregularities involving a Smartmatic technician surreptitiously changing server script midway through the canvassing, created a “cloud of doubt” in the minds of many Filipinos, not least the rabid supporters of Marcos.

    If Robredo truly wants to establish her legitimacy as the country’s duly elected Vice President, she should ask the PET to order a recount as quickly as possible instead of “crying wolf.” There is no reason for her to fear a vote recount if she really won the elections fair and square.

    The Supreme Court can also do its part in calming the charged political atmosphere in the country by acting with haste on the election protest of Marcos. We understand that there are several motions and pleadings from both parties that have remained pending and unresolved for several months already. Perhaps the good justices of the high court can move the case along before it becomes moot and academic like the Roxas-Binay election protest.


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    1. Must watch !!! U.S. Senator. Richard Black: US should respect President Duterte and Filipino culture (youtube subs)
      Video Url: https://youtu.be/_27CVzufV9U
      Video time – 00:02:52
      “…I think what many Filipinos are now coming to recognize is that when the then Ferdinand Marcos government was overthrown largely through direct US intervention by George Schultz Paul Wolfowitz and others in 1986 declared to be a dictator and so forth. He, like Assad in Syria, that you’ve made the point over and over. he (Ferdinand E Marcos = FEM) was tremendously popular in the country but there was an urban group (the Yellow Cult Oligarchs together with the CIA and State Department) that rallied against him and they succeeded in removing him but with removing him from office all of what he (FEM) had brought to the Philippines, an industrialization programs, rice self-sufficiency, the building of the first nuclear power plant (that Cory Aquino, US Puppet, does not want to make it work because the Aquinos, US Puppets, wants Filipinos to hate FEM) in Southeast Asia, health facilities, not only for the Philippines but for all of Southeast Asia.
      All of that has been shut down and the Philippines that was once looked at as the most promising developing country in Southeast Asia, has now become the basket case with tremendous poverty which Mr. Duterte, president Duterte has always point the fact that you have thirty to forty percent poverty and even hunger across the Philippines. So, in all this time of the U.S. development and us friendship in US aid all we were willing to do is invest in mines to take out their raw materials or to use their young people in call centers to serve Americans with their banking or computer problems. But no industry no infrastructure, and now the Philippine people see an opening an opportunity for that and I think what President detect a said to his business people should be listened to as you’re saying by the united states which was well why doesn’t the United States make us the same offers that the Chinese are offering us and then we’d be glad to take them…”

    2. Here is Australia, as a Public Officer whether Prime Minister or Admin Officer, if you use tax money incorrectly and embarrass the government you must step down or get fired. Either way you must leave. The previous Premier of NSW (the highest Govt job of any state), stepped down over a bottle of wine for example. In Philippines, I don’t get why the likes of De Lima still gets to be senator. Trillanes as well with previous coup attempt. Kris Aquino gets to privately use a Presidential helicopter and this is not seen as corruption?? Something is seriously wrong with Philippines… but it’s comforting to see someone like Duterte, who walk the talk – fearless from the above named corrupt wolves who seem to think they are good abiding citizens. The international media may portray Duterte as the bad man but the international community are no fools – Duterte is freeing Philippines with visible determination and palpable improvements, from freedom of information to reformed agriculture. Perhaps if the good people of the Philippines would stop acting like poor souls and instead be part of the solution. Under Duterte Administration, I hope to see more “Made in the Philippines” overseas through his independent foreign policy.

    3. Very true, Leni Robredo and the LIberal Party are the masters of mind conditioning. They are experts in concocting and spreading wild fantasies especially if the possible outcome will not favor their camp. They’re all noise with no substance… pathetic losers.

    4. You cannot expect a thief to own up to the crime unless finally cornered, and that’s what Robredo is.

    5. Leodegardo Pruna on

      The Supreme Court Justices acting PET should attend to the protest filed by Bongbong on the grounds that there is enough evidence to hear the protest. In the first place, both the Smartmatic and the Comelec admitted that they did some “cosmetic” revision on the script of the program installed in the machine which to any computer neophyte or specialist is a “no-no” . Secondly, the measure of probability is in the direction of BBM as he won in Metro Manila and voters from abroad. Thirdly, BBM has so much to show in terms of accomplishment, which could have been the scale for his popularity and not his name while Leni has none to show. A recount is truly in order. Leni should be advised not to fall into the trap of being used as a tool and pawn of the yellows but instead should used her power, if there is, to find out who and what caused the death of her husband. God bless the Philippines.

    6. Ancient Mariner on

      It is you Dodo Dulay who is creating an atmosphere of doubt. Your pro Duterte bias makes your article meaningless.

      • Kumander Dondie on

        And people like you who always praises the yellows and the greedy Aquino’s are the ones instilling animosity in this country. We are now in the right track in getting rid of drugs & corruption in the govt. so you better ask your yellow-tainted supporters to just shut up & wait until Du30 completes his term in 2022!

      • Blind to death? If you can’t accept his opinion then write an article also so you can have a voice. When it is not in agreement with your opinion, it becomes bias? The writer is very much correct. Why should Leni be afraid of a recount and if she really won the election fair and square?

      • Atty dodo has clearly stated his views how leni and het gang like delima are trying to make tsubibo the mind of the people. Like abnoy who tried during his six years terms spin the mind of the people on his make believe world of wonder.By always doing a story telling, on bed time, STORY TELLING A LIE. KUNG GUMAGANA SINTIDO KUMON MO G. ANCIENT sa nakaraang eleksyon sino may kapasidad mandaya. Sino nasa kapangyarihan, sino amo ni chairman andy bote, hindi ba nakaka duda ang ginawa ng smartmatic na biglaang pagpapalit ng isang bagay nawalang utos ang comelec. Hindi ka ba nagtataka na ayon sa mga grupo ng dilawan si bongbong dahil marcos at ayon narin k soc villegas ay dapat sumpain, pero lumamang ng milyon kay leni at matapos kumpunihin ni smartmagic ang hokusPICOS nalamang lang ng 200thou si Leni?

      • Ha ha ha! Another idiot yellowtard that won’t accept the truth. These are the kind of people who don’t know the truth even if it hits them on the face. You yellowtards are the experts in deception, we had six years of this from your Abnoy President, when will he keep his promise to be run over by the train? Another big deception dawn matuwid, Hindi ako magnanakaw! Ha ha ha Hindi lang
        pera ang ninakaw nyo, pati boto ng mga Pilipino, Aquino
        Roxas, ROB REDO MGA MAGNANAKAW!!!!

    7. In our election laws, there should be a process of certification embedded between the supposed final canvass results and any proclamation or declaration of a winner in all political races is made. In the U.S. and many other democracies it is done this way – certification first before proclamation. In our case, proclamations are rushed even if the canvass results are still doubtful/incomplete and on top of that there is such a rule that protests can only be lodged post proclamation – the so-called no pre-proc protests. That is why election protests are the most excruciatingly expensive, long, questionable and inefficient process in our entire electoral system even if we have gone automated – it has become worse in fact because we have the blackest black box automated election system in the world. Di natin alam kung ano nagyayari sa boto natin after kinain ng PCOS yung balota natin. Niyayari ba kasi ? This must be looked into by Congress – hayaan na natin ang Comelec huwag na natin sila involve sa needed amendment of the law dahil happy sila sa existing process. May tinatawag na Catch 22 situation sa automated election natin – pinag lalatag ang election protestant ng ebidensya na may dayang nangyari o error (yun lang dalawang ito ang posible) eh pinakakatagotago naman ng Comelc na ma produce ng protestant ang needed ebidensya.

    8. Leni should have nothing to fear and be confident in event of a recount, that is if she did win.
      And while the LP claim to be so self-righteous, human rights crusaders and politically correct – they should also accept defeat, should that be the case.

    9. Well, well, at the end truth will prevail. Come on Filipino people tama na subra na huwag na kayong padadala sa mga kasinungalingan na tinnnuturo nang mga individual groups sa inyo sila ang mga salut sa ating lipunan sila ang mga kurakot at gustong manatili sa government para manatili ang masasama nilang gawain. Sila mismo ang nagpapahirap sa atin so come on mga kababayan. I beg you wake up and lets support our beloved President our new government para umunlad at bumuti ang ating kabuhayan .. Gd bless you all. God bless the Philippines..