Robredo lies to world, shames the nation and herself in UN message



I WAS shocked at Vice President Leni Robredo’s video message sent to the UN Commission on Narcotics Drugs to be played at its 60th meeting today.

Either this lady is so naïve, or so stupid, that she doesn’t really know the gravity of her message, which I suspect she doesn’t, since she was reading the message, obviously done by a Liberal Party writer, as fast as she could.

She even had the kind of facial expression with a smile that VIPs have when they send congratulatory messages to some group on their celebration – while she was talking of thousands of Filipinos killed. Or she has been totally deluded by the narrative of the Yellow Cult desperate to get foreign help to overthrow President Duterte.

Whichever is the case, Robredo shames the nation by portraying the Philippines as a failed state like Somalia, Eritrea or Liberia where the rule of law has totally broken down, and where the streets are littered with the corpses of the innocent killed by the police. She shames herself as she makes allegations against her own government, based on patently false data.

I found it astonishing that as she spoke she even had the official seal of the Vice President and the Republic. But she was really speaking not as the Vice President but probably as the last of the Yellow Cult leaders.

Robredo smiling as she claims to a UN body that thousands of Filipinos have been summarily executed in Duterte’s anti-drug war. (Screen grab from the video message sent to the UN posted on her official website.)

We should all be outraged over Robredo’s message, and Congress must issue a resolution condemning her, and transmitting this to the UN body. Our ambassador to the UN must protest why the body allowed (if indeed it did, since as of press time I cannot confirm if her video message was played or not) at their meeting such an unfair and biased picture of the country’s campaign against drugs. Isn’t it protocol for such international bodies to play only official messages from countries’ official representatives?

Robredo’s claims
Let’s take up point by point Robredo’s claims in her video.

“We are now looking at some very grim statistics: since July last year, more than 7,000 people have been killed in summary executions,” Robredo claimed.

This number is false, a fake news.

This 7,000 figure as the total number of extra-judicial killings that Robredo has disseminated to the world is one maliciously fabricated by a low-level biased or incompetent researcher, and posted by the yellow and lazy editors of the newsite on March 13, 2017. This number has been repeated again and again by the Yellow Cult, and even by uninformed media abroad. Rappler even has misled readers by claiming that the “numbers are based on data” from the Philippine National Police.

The number is the sum of the 2,555 which the PNP Directorate for Operations reported as those killed in anti-illegal drugs operations from July 1 to January 24 and the 4,525 total murder cases in the country. The PNP data of course does not distinguish whether these murder cases are police and vigilante killings of those involved in illegal drugs, road-rage murders, or even crimes of passion.

Because of people’s odium against Duterte though, it classified  all murders that occurred since he took power in July 1 last year were due to his anti-illegal drugs war.

I will discuss in detail this grand lie of in a future column. Suffice it to point out now that a more realistic figure would be one based on “The Kill List” of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, hardly a pro-Duterte newspaper. To their credit as rigorous journalists, the paper listed, based on police blotters and the dispatches of their police reporters, killings related to the anti-drug war, from July 1 to Feb. 16, when government officially halted, temporarily, its campaign.

“The Kill List” (last update of which was on February 16) reported 2,166 killed in the anti-drug war. This includes those killed in police operations as well as by “unknown hitmen”. It does not explain though the criteria by which it listed a person killed by “unknown hitmen” as due to the anti-drug campaign. Indeed, the police has uncovered several instances in which those killed with anti-drug placards pinned on them, actually were executed by criminal, rival gangs themselves.

The 2,166 figure is obviously so different, three times smaller than the 7,000 figure Robredo told the UN body, which would drastically change an assessment of Duterte’s anti-drug war.

‘People told…some told’
Robredo said in her message to the UN body:

“People are told they do not have any right to demand search warrants as they are squatters… Residents are rounded up, women separated from men and those with tattoos have their belongings searched. People are told they don’t have any right to demand search warrants since they are squatters… Some have told us that when there’s a crime they normally go to the police. Now they don’t know where to turn. Our people feel both hopeless and helpless.”

But Robredo doesn’t present any iota of evidence for her claims, not even a single instance of the human rights violations she alleges, not even newspaper reports on these; nor does she refer to any report detailing her accusations.

“People told… some have told… they…our people…” Are these real people, or are these just Liberal Party propagandists?

It gets worse though. Robredo in her message to the UN body made it appear that the rule of law in our country has so totally broken down that victims of human rights violations are given no recourse:

“Around 500 cases have been filed at the Commission on Human Rights, recommended to the Department of Justice for the filing of cases. So far, seven months into the administration’s drug war, no information has been filed,” she claimed.

This is a lie. I was told by insiders that there are no such “500 cases” filed regarding human rights violations in the course of Duterte’s administration at the commission, which continues to be led by Robredo’s Liberal Party colleague Jose Gascon. This is simply because the commission has never even bothered to list and count such complaints. The 500 figure is clearly one pulled out of the air by Robredo’s speech writer.

Not a case filed
But even if there were such cases filed, I was told, the CHR has not filed at the justice department a single case of human rights violations against the police related to the anti-drug war. “CHR attorneys appear on television complaining about this and that, but they haven’t even filed a single case,” a source said.

If no charges have been filed against the police and the Duterte administration, it is the fault of the CHR, led by Robredo’s comrade, a Liberal Party official. There have been three complaints of extra-judicial killings related to the anti-drug war under Duterte’s watch, none though because of the CHR’s efforts.

Robredo even shockingly draws from some mafia novel by claiming that the police have had a policy of arresting a suspect’s wife or other relatives if he can’t be found, even calling it, in her attempt to get her lie to land on sensationalist tabloid front pages, the “palit-ulo scheme”.

If there were really such a scheme, anti-Duterte newspapers like the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star as well as the dozens of tabloids hungry for sensationalist scoops would have reported it long ago. But they haven’t.

An administration spokesman, however, claimed that Robredo must have mistaken it for a police practice of letting an arrested suspect go free, or accused only of lighter charges, in exchange for squealing on a suspect in the higher rungs of the drug syndicates.

There has been no unprincipled and noisy, or even blissfully imbecilic Vice President as Robredo who has been demonizing an incumbent President, and portraying the country as such a horrible place.

Resign as VP
Leading opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. was told in 1968 by his scheming Liberal Party colleagues that there were reports of two dozen Muslim trainees summarily executed by their Army superiors in Corregidor, which they had even dubbed to sensationalize it as the “Jabidah Massacre”,

Aquino however investigated the claim himself, and even went to Jolo where he found the alleged victims alive and kicking, astonished at the “massacre reports”. Even on exile in the US, Aquino didn’t portray the Philippines as having become a horrible place under Marcos, but focused on the country’s need for democracy. Neither did his widow Cory try to portray Marcos as a cold-blooded killer.

Then Vice President Gloria Arroyo, even after she resigned from President Estrada’s Cabinet in October 2000, wasn’t vitriolic at all in criticizing him, and openly asked for his resignation only after it was clear that he had lost the people’s mandate.

Those opposing Duterte’s regime have all the right to accuse him of this or that, even on just the flimsiest basis. But Robredo can’t as Vice President, since when she does that, she is representing the people, and I’m sure most Filipinos do not support her hate of Duterte.

If she thinks she is morally required to protest, then she should do real work in gathering real data r to back her allegations, rather than rely on fake news by such biased outfits as

If she wants to continue ranting against Duterte, she has to resign as Vice President, and send the messages like that she sent to the UN as one by a Liberal Party official.

If this is the kind of leader the Liberal Party thinks they can impose on this nation, they should give up all hope and should dissolve the party immediately, so its ambitious members can pursue their dreams using the vehicle of other more credible parties.

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  1. Albert Morales on

    “Hypocrite” if you deny the existence of the EJK despite of pilling up of bodies everywhere. Tiglao, Alvarez, Panelo , Calida are one good example.

    • Pilling up of bodies? Where? I live in a place here in Quezon city were drugs are supposed to proliferate, with my work, I usually leave in the evening and back home in the wee hours of early morning. Whenever I pass by our Baranggay Hall, I usually talk to some Tanods, and told me that arrests are being made. And my place has been safer as “istambays” have become less. But I still have to witness those that are being killed, or are so called EJK victims, because as of now, there are none, well, in my place so far. If they are killing Pushers who are evading arrests, specially those who are using firearms, I won’t blame the Policemen for shooting the down. I will only believe in those EJKs if they wrongly arrest and kill me first, or any of my Family members.

  2. Noong panahon ng kampanya ni Mr. Duterte sinabi na niya na maraming mamatay sa kanyang laban sa droga at pagpapalaganap ng peace and order sa bansa. Sinabayan niya pa ito ng pagmumura. The people want to hear it. After all, the problems suffocating the country are lack of the peace and order and rampant corruption. Gayon pa man, iniluklok pa siya ng mga Pilipino. Sa mga unang buwan pa lang maayos na ang ipinakita ng gobyernong ito, ngunit sa kabilang banda, puro naman kaidiliman ang iginuguhit ng mga natalong partido kasama ang simbahan. Ok lang sana kung constructive criticism. Ang tanong ko po ay ito, di po ba ang mga sinasabi nating pang aabuso ng mga pulis ay matagal na bago pa dumating si Pres. Duterte? Makakayanan po ba ng Presidenteng ito na kahit kasisimula pa lang sa puesto dali dali ninyo ng hinahanapan na ng mga solusyon sa matatagal ng problema ng bansa? Bakit ang mainstream media gaya ng Philippine Inquirer, ABS CBN at iba pa puro na lang panlilinlang sa mga Pilipino ang mga isinusubo ninyo?

  3. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

    Why doesn’t Leni focus her attention on who masterminded the death of her husband when it is very clear that such thing happened with the ransacking of her husband’s office right after his death with people looking for damning evidence which her husband kept against the yellow administration. Leni would be doing justice to her husband’s death should she in her term unearth the mystery behind her husband’s demised. From good to evil has the VP become because of ambition, power and money. God bless the Philippines.

  4. Albert Morales on

    Tiglao: Even on exile in the US, Aquino didn’t portray the Philippines as having become a horrible place under Marcos,

    Answer: Oh yeah, but the Filipino people did (Moron).

    Tiglao: .. but focused on the country’s need for democracy

    Answer: Right. Now you realized there was no freedom and democracy during the Marcos time. But wait, you are being paid as a “journalist for sale” to say the other way around. Doesn’t it sound like an idiot?

    • I’m a Filipino, and I’m one of the Filipno People, but not “those” of the Filipino People that you mentioned, even if I’m neither a Marcos nor an Aquino/Cojuanco supporter. Born under the Marcos regime and during the Martial Law years (1975), life was NOT horrible as it was reported on newspapers back then. It became horrible when Cory sat as President, those unbelievable brownouts was indeed horrible, and to think that I came from a Family with average income, we can’t afford any generators.Those horrible brownouts lasted until just shortly before Ramos was elected successor to Cory. By the way, a Friend of mine was studying at San Beda in Mendiola, and has witnessed the Mendiola Massacre, it was truly horrifying.

  5. Migs Doromal on

    That ‘weirdo’ smile? That is the shadow of Noynoy Aquino’s smile, Bobbi. :-)

    The ONLY reason I read The Manila Times, Mr. Tiglao.

    Regards to my old pal, Clink who started his journalism career as a special OJT in our senate office.

  6. And who created the mess in the first place? President Duterte is simply cleaning it up.

    • Albert Morales on

      @MAAN IVAD: “Have you no shame at all VP Robredo”…

      Answer: I guess you wanna say “Are you not ashamed at all VP Robredo.. – with all due respect @MAAN IVAD, No Offense but would you like to give yourself a chance to step back and review your grammar properly. Some of which doesn’t sound right.

      @MAAN IVAD: democracy demands dissent

      Answer: well, if you couldn’t get your message straight across in a NOT SO democratic but a bit dictator country, then you bring it out so the world would know. UN is a highly credible institution anyway. Better than the “Journalism For Sale” in this horribly corrupt society.

    • Who cares if his grammar is not right. This is a comment forum and not some grammar class.

      Is it because you have nothing to attack that is why you are going after his grammar.

      You are acting as if you are a distinguished scholar.

      There is a derogatory term for you in forum, grammar police.

    • Comment on Maan Ivad’s grammar correction. In the English (UK) syntax, “Have you no shame” is correct.

      Profanity in language has no decency. We can have differences in opinion and still engage in a civilized manner. Unless one has nothing better to say.

  7. Sonny Moreno on

    This is an internal issue, only our government should deal with this issues not other country. Leni put the entire philippines and all citizens of the philippines that our country is in very bad shape that’s why EU is treating the philippines like his dog. That is really a big insult to Filipino people.

    • True. Leni Robredo is shaming the Philippines administration internationally, while the President is cleaning up corruption and drug addiction in the country. She felt so proud and smiling as she was making a speech, while I feel so low and ashamed as a Filipino of what shes doing.

  8. albert papina on

    Unless the 1987 Constitution is repealed the country will always be in the hands of the Yellows. This impeachment provision is enshrined in the constitution as a tool to expel a sitting president that is perceived to be their enemy. Thus to have a meaningful change in our society, free from the clutches of the Yellows, it is imperative for the present regime to rally the people to abolish the 1987 Yellow Constitution and create a new one with the Federal form of government as its core. #abolish1987constitution #yestofederalism

  9. What is she talking about? The Philippines has just hosted a very successful Miss Universe Pageant.

  10. Leni’s facial expression in this “palit-ulo” video Is reminiscent of Pnoy’s blissful smile exhibited while inspecting the aftermat of the Luneta Massacre.

  11. You almost got me there Tiglao, if I didn’t know your the ‘andanar’ and ‘abella’ of Gloria. My advice to you: stop eating bitter gourd while staring at a yellow painted wall. LOL

    • You gotta read the content before you say something that will embarrass you, like what Leni Robredo is doing to herself and the whole country. Those eyes are for reading and that space between the ears that holds the head is where the brain is located – and that is use for thinking. Maybe Leni Robredo needs to be reminded where her brain is located.

  12. Brent Condura on

    Vice President Leni Robredo is speaking the truth. She did the right thing by bringing the issue to the UN because there is no more room in the local arena for sane, constructive argument. Just a mere expression of anti-EJK sentiment would invite an avalanche of fierce attacks from the Duterte Administration and its allies. There is an atmosphere of fear. The so-called war on drugs is used to bully political opposition. What a cheap shot, Mr. Tiglao. Just because our VP belongs to the LP does not necessarily mean she is wrong. She is standing up to the very oppressive behavior of the president and his allies in the lower and upper house, etc. She is a brave woman, and many Filipinos are starting to appreciate that despite the differing opinions of people like Tiglao, an ex-communist, now turned mercenary.

    • If you think there need something to get done, bring charges to a court of law. That is the right way to do things, under a Democratic Rule. But no charges can be filled because there is no evidence to support the charges. Hooray for the President for bringing back the country to the rule away from Drug addict and corruption in the Government. The evidence is clearly being notice in the Airport at Manila. Just asked any OFW or any Balik Bayan’s and they will tell you the truth about How nice is it to be inside The Manila airport nowadays. Thanks Mr President. Good Job.

    • Ermie Hamilton on

      Robredo does not represent the FIlipino people. She must resign now that’s a shame.

    • Francis Aguilar jr. on

      I don’t think what she’s doing is bravery. She can stand up to the government or whoever she wants to in the Philippine courts. Filipinos know better than that. She’s an exception to that statement though. As the country’s vice president, what she’s doing is an embarrassment to the world. I hope she learns her lesson the hard way.

    • Desperate and selfish Leni Robredo in panic mode. Time is running out for her.

      Impending doom of Leni Robredo as a person and as the first ever fake and fraud vice president.

      Brent Condura, you and your bosses are hopeless, doomed people.

      What a shame.

    • Jehosiba Bobadilla on

      U are as well stupid ,,, I don’t have eduction as huge as yours Mr. Condura but as a plain Pinay ofw I understand what Robredo is trying to insinuate……..She wants war actually,,, oh not to 21 million voters of Dutente man!!!! hahahaha….Duterte made Philippines in a good shape again shame to you all drug Lords , and corrupt officials and hired fake symphatizers,,, My heart bleeds for Digong he is so tired already minding Philippine problem… You shut up Condura. Gising na po mamamayan.

    • Brave woman? Maybe she is but unfortunately she is on the wrong side of the coin. She must stand up for the betterment of the country and it´s people, but what she is doing is standing up for the corrupt Liberal Party so she can be the next President. Very brave indeed, and thick faced. too.

    • “She is a brave woman….many Filipinos are starting to appreciate….” Huh????

  13. Carlotta Fuentes on

    That is absolutely true, Mr. Tiglao. Your article is well justified. The action of Robredo can be used as a proof that she is part of a conspiracy, well planned to oust Duterte admin. She has all the power to investigate the allegations but chose blindly or ignorantly to validate the case which was provided by diabolic anti-Duterte lead by Trillianes.
    Their plan was very coordinated with their timeline ending in May 2017 as their final attempt to oust Duterte admin.
    I didn’t find Robredo qualified as VP of the Philippines. She sounds most of the time very poor rhetoric in her public speech. And what she stated most of the time., has no sense, She is a kind of figure, the LP Oligarch would use as their puppet if they succeed to overtake the present admin. It is really embarrassing for her thoughtless actions involving the UN, why? because PH has still many independent constitutions they can bring their case. Again this is another disrespect to the PH Nation. She and all the anti-Duterte’s are intentionally making noise to the international media to damaged the present government.
    Their public nuisance shows desperation, Their public rude insult, and unpleasant accusations are evidence that they are creating a destabilization and therefore should be charged for treason. The Filipinos are getting confused and being exploited by the opposition. It is really sad and a pity that due to the longing for power, they are using everything that would destabilize the country, instead of using their time to help the people and resolve many important matters to go forward, they are stopping and disturbing the Duterte Admin.
    How could they go this far? It also shows that PH is an independent country strongly respecting the freedom of speech. But they are bullying and harassing the Nation. They should be out from their position, I mean they should be fired already because the evidence of treason is overwhelming…Dios ko!

  14. What a Country, what a people! What difference 1, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 EJK’s. All these comments and not one is concerned that they’re fellow citizens are being murdered around the country by officers of the law with no due process. Why so concerned about the image of your country overseas now? Even prior to Duterte it’s been universally seen as a lawless, corrupt state even by its own citizens. Come on be honest, who on here trusts PNP, BIR, BI, judges or politicians?

    • LeniIsAYellowHoar on

      Do you know what you’re saying? Are you Leni?

      If what you claim is true, then you cannot even own a house nowadays in the Philippines because you’re practically saying that there’s no rule of law.

      But no. There is a Rule of Law in the Philippines.

      PNP, BIR, BI, judgest and politicians may be doing things beyond the law, but they are being uncovered and put to criticism by an INDEPENDENT MEDIA, the Fourth State.

      When enemies of the seating President continue to blabber mouth him and his policies, when her arch-enemy can speak things full of reproach, when they continue to live and their salaries are continued to be paid by the Government system that they malign, those are signs of Rule of Law.

      Stop thinking like Idiotic Leni. You can even post negatively here and at the social net without fear of your life. YOU CANNOT DO THAT IN MIDDLE EAST, RUSSIA, CHINA, AND EVEN IN SOUTHERN PART OF AFRICA.

    • That is why the President is doing something about it! While the yellowtards are trying desperately throw a spanner on the cog. You yellows don’t still get it.

    • Aphersky Lasa on

      All this lawlessness happening right now in the Philippines is an offshoot of the previous administration’s recklessness and mismanagement of our country’s affairs, which the current Administration inherited, and which it is hoping to change, which the previous administration’s yellow cult and diehards is desperately attempting to prevent. Why? They are not happy and they wanted the old order back. See, we want change. And we are grateful that there is someone who could give us that change that we all have longed for. So, do not be a smart aleck. As the saying goes: sticks and stones can break our bones but your uncompassionate perception of our country will not hurt us. Soon, you will see, this abominable poop-colored entity (and you, if you belong to them) will fade into obscurity and will go down the dustbin of history.

    • I do. We do. All the people in my reach do. I don’t know about others, but we, who grew up in neighborhoods which have been infested with drugs and drug addicts are now living BETTER and SAFER. You don’t know the fear of walking through alleys worrying you can’t reach home safe because of the drug addicts that rule the streets, YOU DON’T KNOW. Specially if you live in walled subdivisions and never had to walk our kind of streets. I am sorry but i am not sorry for 1 or 10 drug addicts being killed who have been destroying the lives of their families for the longest time. I personally had to rescue and run to help some people being hit and abused by them. You’ll understand when you also get to witness an addict son, beating his own old mom because she does not want to give him her SSS pension which she already bought food for that son’s kids. You’ll even want to kill that son with your own hands. Goodness. Live our lives first before you speak like you know our minds and hearts.

    • An independent media? So why whilst I’m typing my response is someone taking control of my keyboard and deleting my comments as I write? I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe they don’t work Sundays.

  15. This VP has made a big joke of your country as well the other local politicians going to HRW to fight the war on drugs your are doing.

    It seems these politicians does not realized that not only they making a big joke of themselves, they are also portraying the country politicians as incapable of solving what is going on there.

    Do you see an other countries doing this.


    • Aphersky Lasa on

      The Bee Gees sang:

      “I started a joke which started the whole world crying
      But I didn’t see that the joke was on me oh no
      I started to cry which started the whole world laughing
      Oh If I’d only seen that the joke was on me”

      Surely Leni’s joke will redound on her. Big time. She is just not realizing that right now because she still falsely believes that she could get away with her crime – yes crime. She committed treason, which is punishable by death.

  16. UN, soon their funding will be cut if the Congress approved Trump propose budget cut for UN. They will have to worry about that first.

    This problem should be solved by the lawmakers in the Philippines, so I do not know what all these people are going to UN. They are making the Philippines looks like a big joke.

    This VP action is a big joke. Everyone know Philippines is a narco states, with politicians and judges involved in corruption and drug money.

    For an observer, it looks some people in politics are still hell bent on protecting the drug trade in Philippines.

    • Albert Morales on

      The Philippines has been one hell of a BIG joke since a long time ago. Long before VP Lenny exist. Right after the Marcoses had amassed the country’s coffin and placed its currency into a “floating rate”. Unfortunately, not a lot of Filipinos knew about this or rather doesn’t want to know about this. With your kind of economy right now, it could be too early to say that the country’s economic path could be heading off to a bad start. Tokhang is just one piece of the whole pie that this current administration must fulfill.

  17. “There has been no unprincipled and noisy, or even blissfully imbecilic Vice President as Robredo..” hahaha….i like this line Mr.Tiglao….and also this….”If this is the kind of leader the Liberal Party thinks they can impose on this nation, they should give up all hope and should dissolve the party immediately,..” they can even do harakiri if they want….

    Thank you sir!

  18. VP Robredo is the worst VP in the Philippines history! All she can do is to making up stories! She’s not only destroying our President but entire Philippine nation! She will never win for this battle! Most filipino people will never trust her! She is the protector of all criminals next to De Lima and their team dilawan! Filipino people will nver fool again! Once trust is broken it will never be the same. VP Robredo must resign/ impeach not our President! We don’t need her! She is a fake VP! BBM is the real winner! Thank you Sir Tiglao!

  19. The VP wanted to show to the world that she is against the policy of DU30 that is why she lost the protest of BBM.
    Then the yellow will complain to the world that DU30 has something to do with the unsitting of Leni Robledo as VP
    where in fact there are really dagdag bawas in last elelction.

    • jose b. taganahan on

      Jessy Guiao I am not a pro Robredo and in fact lean more on Bongbong Marccos but it is a lie to say that VP Robredo already lost to Bongbong Marcos in his election protest when the recount has not even been started yet

    • Hi Jose.,

      I think Jessy meant that they’ll use Leni’s opposition as an excuse if and when she is ousted either by impeachment or thru the recount.

  20. “… people feel both hopeless and helpless”. Who are these people that Leni is talking about? Certainly not me and I believe neither the vast majority of the people who support President Duterte. Therefore, she is guilty of misrepresenting the majority of the Filipino people. She spoke with the Philippine flag and seal of the Office of the Vice-President as background; hence, making the pronouncements official. I guess she might have some legal liabilities for such gross misrepresentation.

  21. Pensador de Manila on

    I don’t belong to the yellow cult, nor to the President cultic killing machine program for drug users and peddlers. I understand the line of sensitivities that our vice president has crossed on her speech about the Philippine situation on illegal drug problems in our beloved country. But I am pretty sure what the Vice President has read on drug-related killing issues is no longer new to the world leaders and people of good will throughout the world. Philippine is always on the headline on drug-related problems in many printed media, Radios, and televisions. There are even special report and insertion on the electronic online media about the extra-judicial killing program of our president DU30 to eradicate illegal drug and its related problems. The world already knows what is going on in our country on illegal drug issues. Does the Vice president need to lie to the people who know what is going on in our country about the killing on illegal drug problems? Did she lie to the people about the many killing on illegal problems? If you were in her shoes, would you lie to the people who knew what was going on to your country? Which one now is embarrassingly and shameful for us all as a nation and people of good will to tell the truth or to lie? The truth does hurt us sometimes but it does heal us up the end of our time more than it hurts us.

    • ShameOnYouLeni on

      extra-judicial killing program of our president DU30? and where did you get that info? out of the blue like your vice president?

    • Mga bugok kayo! on

      Yes, the world and Filipino people know about the war on drugs in this country. Clearly you did not notice it, though it is pretty obvious, but the data/figure she mentioned is not accurate and she’s just exaggerating the situation to make it look like we are really in a very bad situation, when it is the opposite. For example, she said “people feel both hopeless and helpless”, who are these people? I only knew few people, who are anti-Duterte, who feel this but majority really feel safer than before.

    • One needs not to lie in carrying out information/s especially it’s the interest of the nation which is at stake. It’s okay to omit details if you’re to deliver a message without 100% accuracy to it rather than overstate the report. She is the VP of the Philippines, summoned by the UN to investigate internal issues of the state in which under the UN’s impression needs to be administered therefore it’s highly expected of her to put into interest the goodness for the entirety – she could have conveyed the TRUTH. As a public figure who constitutes the Filipinos to the international arena, VP failed. Clearly, there was an imbalance on the message she handed out to the world.

  22. Roy Guerrero on

    Was Leni Robredo’s action an impeachable offense? Are there other impeachable grounds Leni has committed? She should be impeached from her post; shame on her!

  23. we know it’s a charade, now as pinoy what shall we do, and we can do. ganun na lang ba yun? she has to go!! she should not be there in the first place….
    thank you Mr Tiglao…please keep it up!

  24. The tone of this article is inclined to being partisan with a hint of subjective bias, without so much objective foundations to the claim. Just to point one example, on the second paragraph, it says “she doesnt really know the gravity of her message, which I SUSPECT she doesnt, since she was reading the message, OBVIOUSLY done by a liberal party writer…”

    Where is/are the fact, at least, on this claim? This is mere stating a subjective observation to weaken the ground and foundational truth of the content of the speaker (in this case, Robredo).

    • Edgar Hubero Locsin-Siscar on

      I agree.

      The Yellows do not have the monopoly of ideas, it only happens that Leni has ideas that jibe with those of what Tiglao calls “Yellow”.

    • At least Keith this”EDITORIAL” message is not read in the UN where world leaders or its representatives are there. Maybe you should check out what editorial means.

    • perhaps you did not watch the video. watch first. the message was delivered so mechanically and unsincerely and with the wrong affect to boot- smiling while talking about the 7000 killings. so unlike her usual speech in her various presscons that she is so famous for.

    • with due respect sir your are reading an opinion column…you should write your own analysis of what happened…you should also understand sir, that the writer is not the person who made the announcement before the world…he interpreted based on his expertise and experience…so what you are doing is interpreting from the interpreter…to draw a parallelism….you should write your own analysis/opinion on the speech of leni then let’s compare. the writer draws from both his objective knowledge/expertise and his subjective opinion…

    • Maybe best read in the context that Robredo has never been tested in long interviews. Other writers have observed her lack of capacity to make real good answers in interviews, hence the suspicion that she doesn’t really know anything and is just being used as a dummy reading from well written spiels and prepared speeches.

    • … I know…. too subjective.

      and it really should not be emphasized anymore because there is no need. Seriously… Leni is Robredo is from the Liberal Party anyway.. please don’t tell me that her staff arent considered LPs…. whether or not she wrote it… her idiot board reflected a written piece by a Liberal Party member…

  25. Shame on you Leni. You destroyed the image of our country to the world with your falsehood. You want to bring down the country to make you look right. You know the economic repercussions of your false statements. You have to answer for it. You are an embarrasment to our Republic.

    • Wrong, Duterte is doing all the destroying and embarasssing of this country by himself no help needed from Leni. Killing continues unabated. The economy is on a downward spiral. Duterte sold us to China. He embarassed us in the Asean and everytime he opens his filthy mouth. His appointees are liars and incompetent wannabes. The’re all Duterte’s handiwork. You’re just to blind and biased to see.

  26. As always, you hit the nail right on the head….such a very well thought and researched article…keep up the excellent job of analyzing current issues that are haunting our country….

    • Albert Morales on

      @ANA SANTOS: This horribly corrupt country has long been “haunted” since the Marcos regime when the Peso valuation was put into “Floating rate”. Wondering how many Filipinos would ever understand this :~(

  27. rebecca torres on

    if the statistics are exaggerated or under-estimated,d it can only be the fault of the police that has not been honest and truthful about its activities.

    with too many trollers for pdud30, and from the other side, the ordinary citizens are left on their own to see thru the political screens.

    the VP may have done the country a favor by getting the world to focus on what is happening here. my only commnet is the smug face that is not appropriate to what she is reporting. or perhaps the shot was taken in another portion of her speech where she was thanking the UN for the opportunity given to her?

    • hahahaha so you mean the VP knows all the instances of the 7000 killings to label them as EJKs and use them to malign the whole PNP institution in front of the whole world? the best that Robredo could have done is to verify them first before using them to destablize and sow division in this country. shame shame shame… she is the effin VP of this country for crying out loud. to issue unvetted facts is called trolling. to spread it to the whole world this fake news to paint bad picture to this country is shameless, irresponsible, dumbest that she has ever done

    • Rebecca

      The PNP has been submitting to the Senate the numbers and statistics. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it untrue.

  28. Fuuny, that “smile” while discussing some serious matter is much like that of a former president during the, shall we call it, “EJK” of the Hong Kong hostages???

    It must be the color yellow causing it!

  29. pablo sanchez on

    what is new about smiling while claiming that thousands where killed. he only inherit that smile to Pnoy when the latter spoke to the families of fallen 44. they do not have an idea on how to show real concern to people just to gain their self interest.

    how can she lead the country if her brain is made of a jelly.

  30. I lived now outside Philippines, for almost 40years, but still love my country of origin. To hear the kind of speech of a public official made me sick. There are only two appropriate words to describe this woman is she not only stupid but also an idiot.

    • Albert Morales on

      We have lived in the Philippines long enough to find out that it is sounds inherent to (a lot of) Filipinos to criticize their countrymen but failed to look at their own ass and see their own deficiencies. A country scoured with unintelligent voters and flooded with horribly corrupt politicians.

  31. Roberdo’s statment is the first intelligent thing coming out of the Philippine government in line with the modern world order. You show what you are by calling her stupid.

    • But she is clearly incorrect, as a trip around a city, nearly any city in the country would illustrate. Her very conduct is a parade of stupidity.

    • Pray tell what is intelligent about submitting to an international body a speech about crime, which she never reported to the PNP or if as she claims was ignored then directly to congress, the senate, judiciary or any other institution of the country? It’s a very stupid move.

  32. Tutoo naman Mr. Tiglao. Alam naman natin na tutoo at we simply accept it. It is what it is. If it is what it takes to win the drug war e so be it. Why get shocked and pretend otherwise? OA naman na we pretend na Hindi tutoo e alam naman nating lahat na tutoo. The bodies are piling up. Sabi mismo ni Duterte it will be bloody. There is freedom of speech. Let them take a stand basta at the end of the day we have gotten rid of the problem. Be man enough to own your action.

    • patricia guevarra on

      Sa dinami dami ng accomplishment ng gobyerno natin ngayon( nagbubulagan at nagbibingihan lang ibang kababayan natin o sadyang ayaw nilang malaman o hindi talaga alam ang mga ito?), bakit sa war on drugs lang nakatuon ang pansin ng iilan(specifically “ejks kuno”). Ba’t hindi ma appreciate ang katotohanan na ang ganda ng intention ng ating gobyerno upang mapabuti ang kalagayan ng milyong mga adik? Ibang bansa nga tumulong na sa pagpapatayo ng mga rehab facilities dahil naniniwala sila sa vision ng ating gobyerno. Tayo ba, bilang mga Pilipino, naniniwala rin ba tayo dito?

  33. Dimas Dimasalang on

    Kawawa naman kayong mga anti-vp (at pro-marcos?). you don’t even know the meaning of free speech. go…go..dagadagan nyo pa

    • ayun.. dahil ba sa free speech pati pag-iisip wala ng halaga? sana na man lang binasa nya ng may kahalagahan hindi yung hinahabol nya kung anong lumalabas na salita.

    • I highly think that you miss the point. Yes, she has the right for free speech. Question is, was it ethical? Trying to say those words in the UN where world leaders or its representative are present with the Seal of VP and our Country, without even producing facts?

      If she did that in here… like Mr. Tiglao is doing when he uses words such as “I SUSPECT” or “OBVIOUSLY” then I have no problem with that. Or in her “PERSONAL” web page not in her VP Sealed Web Browser ofcourse..

      Also… if you notice this section is in: Opinion»Op-Ed Columns»Opinion on Page One»Robredo lies to world, shames the nation and herself in UN message <– in short.. this is an editorial, opnion from an editor. Now this is free speech in an ethical manner.

    • Aphersky Lasa on

      One strict reminder for you: the right to free speech is NOT absolute. We may be in a democracy but that does not give anyone of us blanket authority to say whatever we want because there are consequences. And only naive people believe otherwise.

  34. If in one administration every person has own way, it will only bring harm to the nation. President need to change and clean his administration. Why is not implementing law in the Philippines its fault of former administrations where corruption is first ranking in the world, where police did most of illegal things. Philippines was most unsafe country designed by former administrations, so all what we need is to change it, to walk on street free without scare, remove metal bars from windows, doors as well as in most countries in the world, therefore we need to have strict police who will strictly enforce the law and penalize any violation of the law. This will reduce crime, corruption, drugs and make Philippines secure and prosperous country.

  35. When overwhelming ambition beckons, everything is on the table…even if it means shaming your own country and people in the eyes of the whole world…just to advance that ambition. Such a SHAMELESS woman Robredo is! Alas, there are indeed people like Robredo who won’t stop at nothing and will do just about anything, fair or foul, just to attain their ambition. But then again, it’s actually par for the course for Robredo. If she could cheat in the vice presidential election just to attain power, shaming this country internationally and creating intrigues to topple down the president whom she is salivating to replace won’t really come as a surprise, isn’t it?

  36. Justine Dreco on

    A standing ovation, Mr. Tiglao. I wept as I read this. Why? Because for a long time, I’ve felt so helpless at this VP’s impunity in abusing Pinoy forgiveness and tolerance, abusing local and international media as if it were her personal playground. I’m sure pinoys worldwide felt embarrassment at this treacherous act of hers.

    Two heads must roll for incompetence: the VP’s and the CHR’s head.

    Oh, congratulations to the reputation firm handling the VP! Your product enters the hall of fame for one of the most coveted awards in the PR industry: “The most imbecilic VP in Philippine History”.

  37. I gather it would be played not on the UN plenary but on a side session organized by an NGO called DRCNet Foundation. But I am not sure.


  39. What our country had become, having a dog shit Vice President of the Country! She is shaming her own country…I would spit her face!

  40. Luzy Canilao on

    Pathetic Robredo. She doesn’t even realize that she’s digging her own grave. Shaming herself and shaming her own people, what a despicable human being. Absolutely delusional and yellow to the core.Salot ng Pilipinas!

  41. Engr. AMANTE V. PAA on

    Shame on VP Robredo.

    A lawyer shall not use or permit the use of any false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, undignified, self-laudatory or unfair statement. Finally, a lawyer shall not knowingly misquote or misrepresent the contents of a paper, the language or the argument of opposing counsel, or the text of a decision or authority, or knowingly cite as law a provision already rendered inoperative by repeal or amendment, or assert as a fact that which has not been proved, Isnt VP Robredo a lawyer who graduated from one most of the prestigious UP Diliman?

    VP Robredo is a Public Official? Definitely yes, she was elected and trusted by more than 10 million Filipino voters. THE CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICAL STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6713) Section 2 of the Code: Section 2 of the Code, clearly states:

    “It is the policy of the State to promote a high standard of ethics in public service. Public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold public interest over personal interest”
    Public Officials, which includes VP Robredo, enjoin to perform and discharge their duties (a) with the highest degree of diligence, excellence; efficiency; professionalism; intelligence; and skill; (b) to sincerely act with fairness; sincerity; and honesty pertaining to business conduct and ethics; and (c) to refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, good customs, public safety and public interest. Thus VP Robredo is one of the undesired public officials that cannot be trusted. Honesty is the best policy, which never existed during the past administration. Unfortunately, it continue to exist because there are public official unfit to perform its mainly because he or she is liar and dishonest.

    Section 4. Norms of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees. — (A) Every public official and employee shall observe the following as standards of personal conduct in the discharge and execution of official duties:
    (a) Commitment to public interest. — Public officials and employees shall always uphold the public interest over and above personal interest. All government resources and powers of their respective offices must be employed and used efficiently, effectively, honestly and economically, particularly to avoid wastage in public funds and revenues.
    (b) Professionalism. — Public officials and employees shall perform and discharge their duties with the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence and skill. They shall enter public service with utmost devotion and dedication to duty. They shall endeavor to discourage wrong perceptions of their roles as dispensers or peddlers of undue patronage.
    (c) Justness and sincerity. — Public officials and employees shall remain true to the people at all times. They must act with justness and sincerity and shall not discriminate against anyone, especially the poor and the underprivileged. They shall at all times respect the rights of others, and shall refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety and public interest. They shall not dispense or extend undue favors on account of their office to their relatives whether by consanguinity or affinity except with respect to appointments of such relatives to positions considered strictly confidential or as members of their personal staff whose terms are coterminous with theirs.
    (d) Political neutrality. — Public officials and employees shall provide service to everyone without unfair discrimination and regardless of party affiliation or preference.
    (e) Responsiveness to the public. — Public officials and employees shall extend prompt, courteous, and adequate service to the public. Unless otherwise provided by law or when required by the public interest, public officials and employees shall provide information of their policies and procedures in clear and understandable language, ensure openness of information, public consultations and hearings whenever appropriate, encourage suggestions, simplify and systematize policy, rules and procedures, avoid red tape and develop an understanding and appreciation of the socio- 22 economic conditions prevailing in the country, especially in the depressed rural and urban areas.
    (f) Nationalism and patriotism. — Public officials and employees shall at all times be loyal to the Republic and to the Filipino people, promote the use of locally produced goods, resources and technology and encourage appreciation and pride of country and people. They shall endeavor to maintain and defend Philippine sovereignty against foreign intrusion.
    (g) Commitment to democracy. — Public officials and employees shall commit themselves to the democratic way of life and values, maintain the principle of public accountability, and manifest by deeds the supremacy of civilian authority over the military. They shall at all times uphold the Constitution and put loyalty to country above loyalty to persons or party.

    Finally, public office is a Public Trust? VR Robredo has just betrayed the Philippines. VP Robredo has announced and made know to world that the Philippiines is not a place for investors, foreign buyers nor tourist to go Such malicious and irresponsible statements of VP Robredo in the United Nations have placed our export and foreign currencies under a coffin of opportunities. Our OFWs are indirectly and directly affected by her statements. How will you not trust Filipinos? Why is VP Robredo destroying the Philippines and our people.

    Engr. Amante


  42. It is timely for majority bloc to file an impeachment case against to this fake VP, let the world hear from the majority of Filipinos, that we are aware about what are the things really happen in our country.

    • This stupid vp leni should be impeached. She is putting our nation into shame. Nagmamadali ka sa ambisyon mong maging pangulo. SHAME to you robredo!

  43. And this is a desperate act from an ambitious dimwitted fake vice president who would like to be a legit president by the road of impeachment. She was caught in her lips itself when she said that the role of a vp in ONLY when “something” happens to the president. The LP are trying hard to get sympathisers abroad because they know that the Filipinos can see now a change going on towards a better living condition. These LP’s are funded by all the unscrupolous element of society.

  44. You nailed it right on the head sir.

    If this is the kind of leader that will lead our nation, then God help us all! She does not represent me nor the hundred million Filipinos who are sick and tired of the Elitist government we had with the LP. I hope she pays for the damage she has done to our nation.

  45. Thank you Mr. Tiglao for your clear and incisive writings on our national situation.

  46. Thank you, Mr. Tiglao, for your clear and perceptive writings on the unfolding events in our country.

  47. The least the vp robredo could have done if were to speak to the world audience is to give accurate facts and data. It just shows her stupidity indeed for having prostituted herself to the LP. what a shame, shame on you madame for depicting the country in a very unfair and biased manner.

  48. Amnata Pundit on

    The effort of the yellows to dislodge Duterte is like a diabetic with erectile dysfunction who keeps doing it to himself but never gets an erection, and he is doing it in front of an indifferent public. What’s funny is that the Church keeps cheering him on as if he is doing God’s work. Pathetic.

    • Audilon Landicho on

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for more information you have shared with us.

      They are the Anay ng ating lipunan.

      Leni must hang herself sa kahihiyan binigay sa atin.

      More power to you.

      Best regards.


  49. Robredo will never become President even by constitutional succession. It WILL NEVER HAPPEN AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT. If the Liberal Party does not want to plunge this country into civil war then it should step back and stop implementing its discredited and failed YELLOW PLAYBOOK. This serves as fair warning to the Liberal Party and their deluded followers. DO NOT TRY US.

    • I’m certain that there will be no civil war…YELLOWISH SALOT NG LIPUNAN are only 5% of our population with a support of minimal military figures the likes of Drug Generals, Police scalawags, frustrated soldier mutineers like Trillones. War with them is not practical and it’s a mismatch…I would instead say we the 95% of population should hunt them all and exterminate them…para mawala na ang ANAY na patuloy na sumisira sa ating bansa…

  50. The solicitor general should study what law this supposed had violated in her latest act and take appropriate action. Even this Trillanes should be warranted to be closely monitored. Since the China this time is very grateful to this administration for resetting bilateral ties, why not inquire from their officials whom Trillanes talked to during his back channel mission what he had offered to them in exchange for something favorable to him personally or to the previous administration thats against the constitution even if they might not have granted his duggestion, and file appropriate charges against this destabilizer

  51. Mr. Tiglao Sir , I cannot think of an appropriate word to describe what our Vice President Leni Robredo did to shame our Country in the International Community with a smiling face … so what I did , in my own solitary way of introspection , was just to pray to our Lord Almighty that may He guide our Leaders to think about the welfare of our Country rather than thinking about THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS . And I also prayed that may the Lord Almighty DELIVER OUR COUNTRY FROM ALL EVILS.

    More power to you Sir !

  52. Why Robredo is retained in her present role if she is behaving this way. She should be fired, otherwise given job that keeps her pinned down to it. How about rehousing all those people that live in shanties around in Metro Manila, and even on railway lines. That will keep her busy and make her put money where her mouth is, if she is any good.

  53. I’m glad it is all out in the open that Robredo is d*mb. That she just reads what is given to her. She puts all independent thinking women to such shame. Can’t she even resist? and at least say ‘No’ – I’ve got my own opinion on these issues and say ‘let me do it my way’. A horrific loss of supposedly Filipino votes won by Robredo as rigged by smartmatic.

    She can personally hate Duterte if she wants and justify it with real facts but not lies. Now that she has presented this video to the UN – she has not only shamed women but almost every Filipino who supports what is right for the nation.

    Just goes to show that she really did not think of the implications of her actions – what a reckless political move as people will not trust her anymore. Her misplaced sympathy for the people will only make her an enemy to everyone. It is like digging her own political grave as people will just forget her face, as beautiful as it is – it just represents nothing but distrust and dishonesty – of course, no one would like to look as it will make you sick in the stomach.

    Her resignation and bow of shame is due but with all these people surrounding her – they will do their utmost and shameful ways to make Robredo a president. But, they can only try.

  54. Pensador de Manila on

    I guess Vice President Robredo’s speech would become embarrassing if she would have said that no one has ever killed in the eradication of drug problems in the Philippine; if she would have said that those 7,000+ killed reported in the print media and broadcast station of both Radio and TV were not true; if she would have asked the world leaders and organizations to look up the Philippine program on drug eradication and follow it, because nobody got killed ever since of our beloved President DU30′ administration. Which one is the embarrassingly and shameful for us all as a nation and people?

    • Coz no one got killed during the previous administrations right? If there were, I’m sure it was less than 7000 right?.. And I’m sure they would not have been innocent victims of armed robbery, rape, murder and kidnapping right? Of course not, that would be embarrassingly shameful..

    • Cargador de Palengke on

      Very true. If not all the 7,000 were killed by the police in the drug war, what has the police done to solve the rest of the killings?
      Was any of the 4,525 EJK killings investigated and closed by the police?
      Mr Tiglao, it seems you are rationalizing the killings.

    • We Filipinos have a penchant for supperlative extremities as ‘subrang maganda at subrang pangit’. Of course it is not right to say no one or zero, nothing, nada has died in the drug campaign but it is also not right to say many 7000 people died if it is not true. Whichever is less shameful does not relatively define the other as more correct. Parehong mali yung subrang zero o subrang 7000 plus. Kung parehong subrang ngang mali yung ginagawa ng prez o vice prez e dapat palitan ang mga iyan sa susunod na election.

    • Dorward Villaruz on

      Why would you offer a scenario based on a lie when we have factual data that can be used? Why would one want to choose one shameful/shameless act over another shameful/shameless act when one can opt to convey the truth/data/statistics from competent authorities and share those information with everyone.

  55. I expected more of Robredo considering that she is an alumna of UP Diliman. However this latest stunt of hers has all but erased whatever respect I have for this broad. She has absolutely prostituted herself to her liberal party mistakenly thinking perhaps that her party will support her all the way. When the liberal house of cards starts coming down, she will wish she had never associated with them in the first place.

    • agree Sir Tony and Sir Tiglao; Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo is part of the government therefore she is also part of the problem.

      Dear Millenials, your generation are all bright enough to know and analyze magiingat po at ingatan ang henerasyon nyo sa mga Luyang Dilaw!

      Thank you Mr. Tiglao you are absolutely correct if she cannot do anything good for the Filipino people, Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo must resign and protest all her complaints to any institution here and abroad, that way Luyang Dilaw will look sincere with the Millenials if they can. But like said these generations of Millenials already had enough of Luyan Dilaw and bright to know and analyze what is Luyan Dilaw is all about. Ingat Millenials sa Luyang Dilaw.

  56. that’s the problem with some politicians aspiring to become president. they will do every thing even to embarrass and destabilize our country and government, spread lies, commit treason, become traitors, conspire and plot with the enemies of the state, drug lords in fighting the Philippine authorities. and then project themselves as freedom fighters, democracy icons, saints, etc.

    akala naman ng mga dilawan ay maniniwala kami agad. so, tama lang pala na alisin ni Duterte si Leni sa gabinete.

    • I really dont know what’s wrong with this writer he must have his head buried in the dirt if makes out that this government has done nithing wrong. These DDS killings have been going on for years, as of today the amount of people slain is around seven thousand and not the number hr states, when a writer like this covers up the truth it makes the Philippines look stupid, no matter who is in power the Philippines should be governed in a way the other countries respect the Philippines for its transparency. Too much lies and deceit by members of the Senate and administration if this government which makes people question this government. The writer of this narrative is a person who has a hatred for thr opposition, not good as all everyone wants is a Philippines they are proud of.

  57. We will be at worst if she becomes the President. And at the moment, even her party-mates will think surely of grabbing the presidency because of he imbecilic mind.

    Criminals, traitors, separatist, drug lords, communists, gambling lords, and church leaders are going to be happy and going to do their own thing at its best because she will be perceived as a head with nothing between her ears.

  58. As in any speech, it could have been written better. Also, I will not comment on the statistics knowing full well the inadequacies of data gathering. Having said that..

    It was a brief message on the drug menace confronting the country, the wide ranging problems attached to it, perhaps because of accusations of EJK, off-then-on again program, no prosecution of high profile drug kings or celebrity users (only poor pushers are reported), possible involvement of policemen (i.e. Espinoza murder), the frustration, even by the Senate, because of lack of immediate action on their findings and deaf ears on calls for continuous, frank and honest deliberations on the subject matter.

    The speech can be viewed in this context.

    The drug problem is real and extensive – more than we think we know. It must be dealt with — asap. I commend the Presidents effort to bring this serious problem to the forefront and his desire to get to the bottom of it – soon.

    Compounded by an internally weakened law enforcement and justice system, having a one-sided, hard-handed approach has not yielded very encouraging results – only body bags and a temporary feeling of relief. We learned from the last 8 months, when the cops stop, the drug pushers return or a perpetual “cat chasing the mouse” exists.

    In one of his latest speech, the President acknowledged the country has moved into a narco-state — sadly with barangay officials involved. At stake is the nations sovereignty. Imagine our electoral system under hostage by drug lords? And since it is all over the place and multi-faceted (the drug syndicates have become clever, creative and aggressive – would not surprise me if they’re represented by high profile lawyers) – addressing it naturally implies attention and participation of the community — not just one source, one voice and one solution.

    As the VP empathically said – guns alone will not do it. The challenge is how. A smart, sustained and sensible approach must be evolved – i.e. not exploring a “one size fits all” solution.

    I respect what you wrote, except that holding on to one’s viewpoint (and what she said) will not help either.

    We must talk openly – and act on it, together – with a sense of urgency. Salamat.

    • kale alaskador on

      I believe there are more Filipinos who think like Gabby. I can only wish that there are enough clear thinking Filipinos to avert a bloody civil war due to politics.

      Unfortunately Robredo has once again displayed one of the cursed traits of Filipinos. This crab mentality is really a curse. And this is compounded by another thinking like that of a fly standing on top of a carabao which starts believing that it is bigger that the carabao!

      God have mercy on the Filipinos.


    • One can easily destroy his own message if he is shown to have a clear ulterior motive.Such is the case with Robredo and the party that she is strongly backed by.These people have loathed the idea of a Duterte presidency since the campaign period.Anyone whose interest is in the perpetuation of the corrupt is understably going to loathe this man.So we understand what LP is standing for; perpetuation of not only the imbeciles, but also the corrupt and the criminals.Greed has led them to this.

  59. See the contrast between the propaganda drummed out and serving for the national interest. She belongs to the first.

  60. Leni Robredo is desperate to become president soon. She is hoping for the ouster of Duterte and succeed him as president. She knows that she has no chance of winning the vice-presidency nor the presidency in the next presidential election.

    People know that the Liberal Party just cheated for her in the last election and she did not win the vice-presidency.

    She is trying hard to project the image of another Cory Aquino, and the LP politicians believe they can fool again the Filipinos.

  61. if you are gonna write some news you cannot be biased. it is evident that you hate the VP but this is not the right way of delivering news.

    • Leni Robredo and her yellow ally would like to overthrow the presidency of Pres Duterte because she wants to succeed as president… what a desperate woman ….

    • the columnist write this piece base on Robredo’s machinations and existing datas…you don’t claim it’s biased instead you should tell that to your idol yellowish robredo…isa ka pang..ngapala SALOT ka kasi ng lipunan kaya ganyan takbo ng isip mo..

    • Try using your mind. This article is an opinion; biased or not, the writer has the right to write whatever he desires. Try to read this kind of column before you comment.

  62. While Leni Robredo is indeed a liar and has no interest in working for the good of her country but only for the good of her party and while the Philippines is nowhere near the state of any of the failed countries in post-colonial Africa, it would be wrong to say that the statement “the rule of law has totally broken down” is not true. It is in fact very true.

    “For more than a hundred years certain traits have turned up in domestic descriptions and foreign observations of Philippine society. The tradition of political corruption and cronyism, the extremes of wealth and poverty, the tribal fragmentation, the local elite’s willingness to make a separate profitable peace with colonial powers—all reflect a feeble sense of nationalism and a contempt for the public good.”

    The above are observations from 30 years ago and they hold just as true for today. That is why the Yellow party is fighting tooth and nail for itself and could not care one whit less about the country. It seems as if until a leopard can change its spots and an Ethiopian his skin, this tradition of corruption will continue unabated.

  63. Mr. Tiglao sounds like a defense attorney of the administration, not just expressing his opinion.

    This is sad….for the country.

    • Gerglen Diaz on

      sad truth is…. marami pa ring nagtulog tulogan na gaya mo….. that’s very SAD.. for the whole country.. not “yellow” country….

    • Abdul Majeed Mijares Laureano on

      What’s sad is that we allowed this fake VP to spread lies and shame our country due to her and the yellow horde’s greed. YUCK..

  64. When you can no longer do your usual ‘monk*y-business’ because the ‘mafia’ came in and took control of the block what will be your reaction? Fight? How?
    Unfortunately for these crooks, the mafia is the Government headed not by Godfather Vito Corleone but by President Duterte.
    They know they cannot kick Duterte’s as*s because of his popularity and support of the People but spitting on his face will at least do some damage and that’s what these people are doing now: harboring/recruiting criminals and even using God’s name to testify against Duterte; bad publicity using foreign press; feeding wrong information to international bodies/organizations; throwing mud and even the kitchen sink at Duterte. But will they succeed? No… because you cannot put a good man down! They already admitted that the ‘impeachment’ will not gain traction but still they did it. The purpose is not to impeach but to spit on Duterte’s face. This act is not only a direct insult to Duterte but indirectly, to the majority of the Filipino People!

  65. In answer to VP Leni Robredo’s message to the U.N. and her recent statement to TIME magazine that “democracy demands dissent”, yes democracy includes dissent. But when dissent is taken outside of your country to an international forum where your statements are taken and printed as facts without verification by the gullible international organizations and the foreign press, then it smacks of betrayal of your country and its people. Have you no shame at all VP Robredo that in the eyes of the world you are destroying, not only the reputation of the president (your main target), but of the entire Philippine nation?
    If it has not sunk in yet for you and the Liberal Party (LP), majority of Filipinos are quite sick of your unending agitations and so disgusted with the principal players in the LP drama (i.e. Trillanes, Delima, you). If you still hope to be relevant you may want to start helping and doing real work, not for yourself or your party, but for the people.
    To take a break from the relentless negativity, drama and disruptions that the people have been enduring from the LP ever since President Duterte took office, here’s an irreverent take on the VP and the LP (people, please feel free to add your own metaphor). You (Leni) and the LP are: – like the runaway bus in the movie “Speed” whose brakes have been tampered with and is careening towards disaster with a load of passengers, with one man (not Keanu but Duterte) who can save it; like the scheming crime family in “Ang Probinsyano” that has given Coco a lot of headache, albeit top TV ratings; like …

  66. LR is just a microphone, all sound no bite. She is very much like her patron during the Luneta hostage, smiley coconut head.

  67. Thank you Mr. Tiglao, I totally agree with you. It is sad that there are those people who I think were driven by
    motives other than for the betterment of the country, that they didn’t think twice and make an honest assessment
    of what they will portray the country into the world. People have their own way of achieving their goals. And if
    it so happens that theirs is different from yours, it may not necessarily be bad. Bottom line is, we want results.
    She should have done her homework first and as I have said, make an honest assessment of what it will deliver.

    • That case like every other case is being stalled in a dysfunctional court system designed to not produce any results.

      The Philippines real problem is a lack of a competent justice system that is capable of charging and convicting the people that break the law.

      Start with:
      Replacing Ombudsman Morales ( protecting the liberal party )
      Revamp the Court system that allows cases to stall for years.

      Charge the pork barrel thieves in Congress that Aquino protected.
      Charge the Dap fund thieves
      Charge Aquino for the SAF 44

      Charge, convict and jail corrupt government officials