• Robredo: Marcos’ data unreliable


    Exit polls that supposedly put Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. in the lead in the vice presidential race are unreliable, the camp of Liberal Party vice presidential bet Leni Robredo said on Wednesday.

    Georgina Hernandez, the newly designated spokesperson for Robredo, noted that exit polls have outlived their usefulness because of the speedy transmittal of the election returns to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) transparency server.

    “We can’t use the exit polls as basis because exit polls were already overtaken by the results reflected on the transparency server. In fact, the conduct of the exit polls was not finished because of such speedy transmittal,” Hernandez said.

    “So it would be wrong for Senator Marcos to claim that there is discrepancy [in the results of the exit polls and the transparency server,” she added.

    As of 4:45 p.m. Wednesday votes Robredo led Marcos by 231,179 based on partial and unofficial count of the Comelec transparency server. Both candidates have over 13 million votes.

    Robredo’s camp also dismissed claims that a new script was introduced to the Comelec’s transparency server that could have affected the election results to the detriment of Marcos.

    “If they will use this new script that they are talking about that supposedly came at 7:30 p.m., Senator Marcos’ numbers continued to rise after that. His largest lead actually came at 8:25 p.m. when he led us by 935, 838 votes,” Hernandez pointed out.

    “Besides, if they have concerns, they should clarify them it before the Comelec, not before the media,” she said.

    Robredo’s camp presented statistician and Ateneo de Manila professor Alyson Yu who predicted that Robredo is in fact on pace to beat Marcos by 226,000 votes.

    Yu explained that while Marcos built an early lead, it was not insurmountable since the votes coming from Robredo’s bailiwicks were yet to be received by the Comelec transparency server.


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