• Robredo: Marcos win possible if tally is rigged


    Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. could only win the vice presidency if there will be poll rigging in the official canvassing of votes in Congress, the camp of vice presidential race frontrunner Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party said Thursday.

    Georgina Hernandez, the spokesperson for Robredo, noted that it is puzzling why Marcos is claiming that he is ahead of the race when Robredo is the clear winner by 262,429 votes based on the hard copies of the certificates of canvass (COC) and election returns (ER) they are in possession of, as well as the COC and ER data uploaded in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) website as of Thursday morning.

    According to Hernandez, there are only 11,615 votes still to be counted from one municipality, Rizal, Laguna, and these would be inconsequential if the final count puts Robredo as the victor.

    “Ang aming inuulat ay hindi galing sa unofficial count ng PPCRV. Ito ay galing sa COCs na available sa Comelec website, at mayroon rin kaming kopya ng COCs at ERs (election returns). Ito ang mga opisyal na gagamitin sa Kongreso kaya tiwala kami na walang mababago [The figures we give you are not from the unofficial count of the PPCRV. These are from the COCs available in the Comelec website, of which we also have hard copies, as well as the ERs. These are the same documents that will be used in Congress, so we are confident that our victory won’t be reversed],” Hernandez pointed out.

    PPCRV is the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting who did volunteer work for the Quick Count of the 2016 Election Results based on data from the Comelec Transparency Server.

    “Kung ito po’y maiiba sa kanilang pabor, alam na po natin kung ano ang nangyari.
    Tandaan natin kung sino ang may record ng pandaraya sa halalan. Noong 1986, nag-walk out ang mga tabulators dahil hindi nila maatim ang talamak na dayaan noon para mapanalo ang tatay ni Marcos [If the results will change to their favor, we already know what happened. Let us remember who has the record of poll rigging. Back in 1986, the Comelec tabulators walked out because they couldn’t stomach the tampering of election results to make the father of Senator Marcos win],” Hernandez added.

    The House of Representatives and the Senate will convene in a joint session on May 23 as members of the National Board of Canvassers for the official counting of the votes for President and Vice President at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City. The result of the congressional canvassing is the only official result of the May 9 polls.

    “Based on the COCs, we won the contest. The winning senators and party-list groups were proclaimed this afternoon, and this just proves that there is no doubt on the results of the elections. The votes for vice president will come from these same ballots. That’s why we expect that the same results will be reflected in the [official]canvassing of votes next week,” Hernandez argued.

    Still, Hernandez admitted that the fight is far from over.

    “Sa ngayon, kung anu-anong tsismis ang ikinakalat at mga walang katotohanang panghuhusga. Kaya mahalagang maging mapagbantay tayong lahat, mula sa pagbibiyahe ng mga balota hanggang mabilang ang huling boto sa Kongreso [There is a lot of gossip going around, passing judgment (on Cong Leni). That’s why it is important that we remain watchful, from the moment the ballots are transported until the last vote is counted],” Hernandez said in closing.

    Hernandez was referring to repeated claims from the camp of Senator Marcos that the results for the vice presidential race could have been tinkered with.

    Marcos’ camp, however, is yet to illustrate how exactly the supposed poll rigging benefited Robredo.


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    1. Cesar Cabato on

      Leni may not know or want to know how or why the administration killed her husband in that mysterious plane crash, but she is in the thick of the plot to grab the vice-presidency from Marcos and the presidency from Duterte afterward

      This quote was taken from a column of a respected newspaper. Media doesn’t issued a statement without basis because they’re prone to libel if contested. Come on people, it’s 2016 not 1986.

    2. Senator BBM is in the first stage of grief: denial. He just cannot stomach his loss to a virtual unknown widow Cong. Leni Robredo. All his well-laid plans have gone awry. As they say: “What goes around, comes around”. Isn’t Karma a bitch?

      Comelec may grant BBM’s request to conduct a systems audit. But Comelec and Cong. Robredo’s team will make sure it will be done by an independent third party, and not by BBM’s hired IT experts. The whole exercise will just prolong the whole confirmation process. But anyone who knows anything about computers, encryption, passwords, script changes, etc., realizes that the end result will remain unchanged: Cong. Robredo won the VP contest, and Senator BBM lost. As BBM’s own lawyer – Atty. Sixto Brilliantes – has said in respect of the PPRCV totals: “Ang daming mga bobo. How can there be cheating when the results are unofficial”? The COCs are the ones to be relied on, and as everyone can see, right now, Robredo is ahead of BBM by over 260,000 votes.

    3. This is the typical position of the yellow crowd, that they will only lose if there is cheating. If they win it is because the elections and tallying of the votes were honest. However, if they lose they were cheated. This type of thinking is dangerous in a democracy because the political party opposing the yellow crowd is boxed into a corner. The groups asserting this position appear to be the group which are honest and will only lose through doubtful means.

    4. BBM is hopeless to grab the V.P. His losing the V.P. due to the Divine Intervention similar to that what happened in EDSA 1986. How in the heck the power of darkness ever triump over the forces of Divine???

    5. Humanda ka abnoy on

      ang tigas ng muka ni Lening lugaw…. kahit na PAGNANAKAW ang ginawa nila….ipipilit pa rin nila na nanalo sila at hindi sila nan daya…..hindi ganyan kabobo ang pilipino para iboto ang babaeng kasabawat sa pagpapatay sa asawa nya…….manga tanga !!

    6. Cesar Camua Martin on

      Fuck the black widow, she’s suffering from the effects of yellow fever…..

    7. Mark Torres on

      What? Si Leni pa ang may ganang magsabi yan.

      That’s the Liberal plan B to condition voters’ mind.