Robredo: No hero’s burial for Marcos


Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential bet Leni Robredo thumbed down a hero’s burial for former president Ferdinand Marcos, the father of her rival, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Robredo noted that burying Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes) is tantamount to giving the Marcoses a special treatment.

“I am not in favor of that because being buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is something that a person should earn to deserve. It’s clear in the name. That is a burial site for revered people who contributed a lot to our country and served as role models to us Filipinos,” the Camarines Sur representative said.

“Being buried there is not a matter of special treatment. The question is, is former President Marcos deserving of a spot there? Is he an example of a Filipino who sacrificed his life for our country? For me, he’s not,” Robredo added.

The LP earlier slammed the camp of Sen. Grace Poe and her running mate, Sen. Francis Escudero, for commenting that Marcos, Jr. cannot be forced to apologize for the atrocities committed during martial law.

Akbayan party-list Rep. Barry Gutierrez, spokesman of the LP-led administration coalition, noted that by downplaying the need for at least an apology from the Marcoses, Poe and Escudero trivialized the systematic killing, torture and detention of suspected government critics under martial law.

“We are not pleased that it’s very easy for Senator Poe to defend Senator Bongbong on what he did during Martial Law. This is not some childhood spat between siblings where apology is merely an option. Thousands were tortured, gone missing, and died. It is the duty of everyone to speak out and give justice to the victims,” Gutierrez said.

Victims of human rights violations are still waiting for their remuneration under a compensation law that provides them P10 billion.

The Marcos compensation law also created the Human Rights Violations Claims Board which has the sole jurisdiction in determining whether a claimant is a human rights victim, unless he or she already enjoys the conclusive presumption extended by the law to plaintiffs in the class suit decided by the US Federal District Court of Honolulu, Hawaii against the estate of the late President Marcos and those acknowledged as human rights violation victims by the Bantayog ng mga Bayani.

The Claims Board is processing at least 76,000 claims.


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  1. Si Robredo kaparis na ng mga kasama niya ang utak! Utak walang patawad tawad! Unbiblical! Matatalo ka naman eh kaya no problem….
    Wala din naman sense ang sinasabi mo, at tama yan pagamit ka! Tapos, patumba ka!
    Mga kababayan, nagakamali na tayo ng ubodddddd kay Noynoy…malaking pagkakamali at walang kalatoy-latoy na administration ng Noynoy na ito. Nakupoooooo! Pasensiya na muna tayo at anyway, malapit ng mapalitan na ito ng (hopefully matinong leader, basta wag lang si Mar or any of the LP candidates) Noynoy na ito. Ayyyyy salamat!

  2. Of course the tandem of Poe and Escudero is amenable for the burial of the greatest thief president ever elected due to the following.Escuderos father was a cabinet secretary of Marcos who agreed to all the evil things his boss deed had no guts to disagree a lameduck secretary.No daughter will ever disgrace her father.

  3. Thank You Leni!!!! The more you trash talk our beloved manong bonget the more you lose your credibility and we all know where your vote will go ;)

  4. Robredo is the type of woman who sold out to the LP her husbands integrity for her to be Vice President. Her husband was in the verge of spilling the beans, hence he was replaced from DILG. Roxas even raided his office, finally he secumbed to a mysterious accident. Wake up woman! You don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. bakit ipinagkakait sa mga Marcoses ang paglibing sa dating Presidente ng Pilipinas na mas maraming ginawa kesa sa mga nagdaang Presidente,. Masasbi niyo ba sa mga taong bayan kung ano-ano ang nagawa ng mga nagsaang Presidente pagkatapos ni Presidente Marcos sa bansa. Bakit ang nagawang pagkakamali ni Presidente Marcos ang lagi niyong tinatandaan bakit hindi ninyo matandaan ang mga nagawa nya sa bansa kay ng kapanahunan niya ang Pilip[inas ang mayaman pa sa ibang bansa sa Asya. Hindi ba’t si Presisdente Marcos pa ang naging imspirasyon ng ibang Presidente kaya naging mayaman ang bansa nila. Mga Aquino at iba pang cronies ng pamilya nyo MAG MOVE-ON NA KAYO PARA GUMINHAWA ANG ATING BANSA KAYa MAS LALONG NAGHIHIRAP ANG ATING BAYAN.WAG NA KAYONG MAGTURUAN,MAGSISIHAN, PAGTULUNGAN NIYONG MAGING PROGRESSIVE AT UMANGAT ANG ATING BAYAN….

    • Kaya hindi umasenso ang bansang Pilipinas dahil ang mga namumuno pagtapos ng Pangulong Marcos ay mga taong hindi marunong magpatawad. Kung ang Diyos nga natin pinatawad tayo sa ating mga pagkakasal at inangkin ang kasalanan ng sanlibutan kayong mga tao lang na nilalalang ng ating Panginoon ang mga hindi marunong magpatawad. Unity ang kailangan ng ating bansa.. Once and for all kahit me nagawa si Presidente Marcos sa taong bayan me nagawa din siyang kabutihan, kaya marapat lamang siyang ilibing sa LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI..Kahit anong sama ang imulat niyo sa mga tao hindi mawawala sa history ng Pilipinas ang Panganlang Marcos mabuti o masama man ang kanyang ginawa…

  6. Ninoy was declared a “Hero” when all he did is get shot at the airport tarmac, because of his political ambition.

  7. Personally, I think that Marcos should be given the burial he deserves.
    An unmarked, unknown grave, on unconsecrated ground. He is not in any way shape or form a hero;; even his war record is false.

    • Bakit ba sobra ang galit nila kay Marcos? Sinong presidente ang nakapagpagawa ng mga malalaking building na ginagamit sa kasalukuyan? Si boy sisi (Aquino) ano ang nagawa niya sa bansa? Buksan natin ang ating kaisipan.

  8. Rep. Robredo is absolutely right in saying that the late brutal corrupt dictator Ferdinand E Marcos does not deserve a space at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. Marcos never fought a war. He worked as a clerk with the US military. His claim of military exploits and heroism in WW11 were all manufactured as detailed in the book “Marcos Dynasty” written by top investigative author Sterling Seagrave.

  9. lets be smart and practical about this issue and settle it once and for all. how about ask the Marcos family to return the billions of dollars they looted from the country in return for Ferdinand Marcos burial in Libigan ng Mga Bayani. He was a WWII hero anyway. Plus make Imelda Marcos apologize for the loot they took and stashed away. Because if we Filipinos want to be patriotic and principled about this issue on the Marcoses, then why did we allowed them to return to the country after their ouster and worst why did the Comelec or the government and the people allowed them to run for office and insultingly they even won and now in their positions in the government? since we are that forgiving and forgetful of history. and since they are already here and in the government then lets negotiate with them. voluntaritly return the loot whatever is left and Let Marcos Sr. rest in peace in Ft Bonifacio cemetery with military honors. then lets start refresh and rebut the country for a brighter future.

    • Argentina is an example of having martial law but see today maunlad na ang Argentina kasi walang mayadong pulitika hindi tulad ng Pinas. Where are you going Juan dela Cruz? Sabi nila maunlad na ang Pinas pero look ang daming mahirap, mataas ang bilihin ng mga daily commodities.

    • if we Filipinos want to be patriotic and principled

      I almost peed my pants, principled Filipinos ? haha