• Robredo off to US to seek help on housing backlog


    Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo is off to the United States to seek help in addressing hunger in communities and the 1.3-million socialized housing backlog in the country, among others.

    Robredo will leave today and will serve as keynote speaker for the National Federation of Filipino American Association’s (NaFFAA) 12th National Empowerment Conference to be held at Valley Forge Casino & Resort, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, on August 6.

    The Vice President will then have a dinner with the Filipino-American communities in San Francisco, California, on August 7 before returning home to Manila on August 11.

    It will be the second foreign trip for Robredo, who has been named the head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) by President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Last week, she was in Thailand, where she was awarded the “Honorary Outstanding Woman in 2016” by Thailand’s National Council of Women and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

    “This US trip is on invitation of the Filipino communities. But even before this trip, a lot them (Filipinos in the US) had been asking me how can they be of help,” Robredo told reporters.

    Ahead of her US trip, she met with representatives of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday afternoon to discuss its engagement with the Office of the Vice President (OVP) and Robredo’s role as the HUDCC chairman.

    “The Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce wanted to talk to me before my US trip to focus on the matter since I would be a keynote speaker in their event, but those in San Francisco have been of help to our country for quite a long time. In fact, they have adopted communities,” Robredo said.

    “I am looking forward to a fruitful trip. My speech will underscore our advocacies, and I am hoping that we could get partners,” she added.

    The Vice President has at least three core advocacies: anti-poverty, urban development and good governance.

    Robredo noted that the National Housing Authority (NHA) had spent as much as P50 billion for socialized houses that have never been occupied by supposed tenants.

    “I would like to take up a lot of things on NHA because in my visit to these communities, the NHA built a lot of housing units for the Armed Forces and the police, but they turned out to be a white elephant. Nobody is occupying the units, and there are lots of them,” she said.

    “There are unoccupied units in Pili, Camarines Sur, and Congressman [Gavini] Pancho of Bulacan also told me that there are also a lot of unoccupied NHA housing units in Bocaue, Bulacan. I want to take NHA to task because a lot of money was spent for the project and yet nobody is occupying [the houses there]and a lot of people are in need of a house,” Robredo pointed out.

    The Vice President, however, clarified that her office will not be collecting donations for the pro-poor programs and would just work on providing the necessary government data needed to implement social security programs by visiting these communities and forwarding their findings to those who are willing to be of help.

    “Twice a week, I go around communities. The data that we would gather from such visits will be forwarded to the sectors willing to help, giving them a sense of how it is on the ground, then we link our efforts. As for the budget, we won’t be involved in that. We can’t take over the budget and we can’t take pledges for donations,” Robredo said.

    “The OVP would just serve as a conduit. We will provide the information and our partners will be in charge of the supply side. They are looking for projects [that they can fund], and we are the ones who will match these resources. We’re here for the legwork. The fund won’t go through our offices,” she added.


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    1. can’t wait for tomorrow….gusto kong makita itong Robredo na ito. Kung talagang doon pupunta? Kung wala siya doon de…kumain na lang ako ng buffet =)

    2. I’m from Philly….Valley Forge Casino is not a respectable place to held such meeting.
      For sure, I doubt she’s actually going there….I bet on it. Only retired people go to this so called casino. I smell something fishy….

    3. Iyan lang Hindi niya ma solve? Pupunta pa sa USA? She can just ask her staff and housing experts both private and govt around her locally for research on the problem and create a solution. Bobo ito and incompetent. Pag si bong bong marcos iyan may solution kaagad iyan.

    4. Local developers would have the resources for more socialised housing only if the financial institutions will adopt a more “micro financing” type of lending. I am wondering what the stake of foreigners would be in socialised housing when each developer by law is required to allot a portion of their land for socialised housing. The approach should be to work with Congress to amend the housing law and create more flexible lending products to make more marginalised borrowers afford these houses. I don’t see the point of going to the US if this is the objective.

    5. Leni talked about her visit to the housing units for the police & the AFP built by NHA, but she did not mention why they are unoccupied. These units are too small and is not fit for occupancy! It is even cheaper to rent out!

    6. ernie del rosario on

      From a bus-sitter to a jet-setter in 1 month. What a quick transformation indeed !

    7. Juan T. Delacruz on

      There are still morons and idiots that cannot even construct an educated criticism and this is just to show how low life these people are. The VP is trying to get help so she may help as much families as she can on this trip to the U.S. My only guess would be, these dickheads were not given the opportunity to improve their way of thinking through better education. I am embarrassed to be associated with these assholes.

    8. Fourteen Million Filipinos on

      Thank you VP Leni Robredo! Every work starts with what is on hand.
      Unoccupied house units? Give them to those who need houses..
      Lack of funds? Seek sponsors and help..
      Accusations of corruption? do the legwork, and do not hold funds..

      Office of the Vice President will top all government offices with regards
      to projects and actions this next 6 years. VP Robredo is just continuing
      the kind of work she was giving to poor people even before she entered politics.

      All negative comment will remain to be personal comments which are groundless.
      Just like the election protest of the day-dreamer BBM which is baseless.

      • Juan dela Cruz on

        Agree!! She’s the best public servant of Region V, and now taking over the Philippines to help every poor Filipino with all she can.


    9. Millions of foreign donations in cash deposited in the bank supposedly for Yolanda typhoon victims( per news report ) could be used for building homes for the many victims by Leni Robredo. which Dinky Soliman under Aquino adm witheld from the Yolanda typhoon victims It is such a shame to use the less unfortunate as an excuse.when in fact there is other purpose for this trip of yours , is to raise money for legal fees to defend your case.

    10. at least all the filipino-american know where the casino is, thats their second home

    11. Why seek help from kababayans outside the country? She should have ask first, if not demanded, from many wealthy politicians and civilians alike whose wealth has unverifiable sources.

    12. Are you stupid or are you just really really stupid Robredo?….

      Pupuntahan mo Valley Forge Casino… Ikaw lang ang diplomat na pupunta sa casino para dyan sa housing ek ek mo.

      • Restituto Bihis on

        It does not mean that when the venue is in casino, playing casino games is part of the program. It only happens that the venue is in the hall in the casino building that is rented by the Filipino community.

      • Talo kasi si BONGBONG mo kaya kasing walang kwenta mo ang comment mo.

        Mag comment ka ng may basehan.. at umalma ka kung walang ginagawa ang isang opisyal. Si VP Robredo ay aktibo sa pagpuksa ng kahirapan simula pa noong 90’s hindi tulad ng mga binoto mong puro lang pangako.