• Robredo is politically dead



    Social media reports so, but traditional media is oblivious
    IF the Yellow Cult still believes that Vice President Leni Robredo is their great hope for recapturing power, they should squarely face the facts. When they do so, the inescapable conclusion is that she is politically dead, and what we see now is a mere ghost who cannot accept her demise.

    Look, the rally which drew a sizeable crowd Sunday of at least 5,000 patriots, billed as “Palit-Bise” is the first ever in our history undertaken to demand that a vice president—for chrissake, a vice president who is supposed to be just an idle spare-tire—give up her post. This is unprecedented and historic.

    The fact that the rally was organized through social media makes it even more groundbreaking. (“Palit-bise” which means “Change the Vice President” was to mock Robredo’s false claim in her message to a United Nations gathering that police had a ruthless “palit-ulo” scheme by which police arrested an illegal drug suspect’s relatives if he couldn’t be found.)

    One reason for such a demand is that she allegedly cheated to win the elections last year. The more important reason though is that she is just hated so much, perhaps for her unending tirades against a popular President.

    But what triggered the Sunday demonstration was her video sent to the UN gathering that was full of lies and falsehoods, intended to denigrate President Duterte but which painted the country—of which she is Vice President—as a land ruled by killers where corpses litter the streets.

    In politics, one episode that triggers so much outrage against a political leader is irreparable. And Robredo isn’t in a government post which she can use to repair that damage.

    If she hadn’t angered Duterte so much that she wasn’t fired as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, perhaps she could have portrayed herself one day as having given hundreds of thousands of poor Filipinos decent housing. That would have salvaged her from her UN boo-boo, and her reputation as too eager to be President that she bad-mouthed him, and in the process painted the country black.

    Only the Manila Times out of five broadsheets put this historic event in its front page.

    In politics, out of sight is out of mind. Robredo doesn’t have any government position she could use to keep her face appearing in the newspapers. People have already gone tired of her bad-mouthing the President. She isn’t even fiery and passionate enough to do so—as demonstrated in her UN video in which she had that what-me-worry smile as she spoke that thousands of Filipinos were being killed in the streets.

    Only if jailed
    The only way she could become a high-profile figure would be if she were jailed, but I don’t think Duterte would give her that opportunity.

    The gradual disappearance from the public mind of Senator Leila de Lima (and Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla as well, whom many thought would have a shot at the presidency before they were jailed) also doesn’t make that kind of jail-me-plan too attractive.

    What is very interesting in Robredo’s political demise is that in this case, her ruination as a political force is so crystal-clear in social media, but of which traditional media is oblivious.

    The last time social media’s political assessment contrasted with that of traditional media was in the months before the last elections, when the former reported the groundswell of support for Duterte, which the latter didn’t. The pro-Roxas Philippine Daily Inquirer for instance portrayed Duterte as a candidate so corrupt (his alleged secret bank accounts) and so much a killer (through his Davao Death Squad) it was impossible for him to win. It consequently focused its fire on candidate Jojo Binay, who had been the frontrunner in 2016.

    Four of the five broadsheets reported Sunday’s “Palit-Bise” rally only as minor news stories and in their inside pages. Only the Manila Times reported such a major historic event in its front page, with an accompanying photo.

    In the biggest social media platform Facebook, Robredo has been cut up with a hundred thousand blades, and a favorite topic by netizens ever since her message to the UN. Even with the Yellow Cult’s deployment of trolls, she has been buried in thousands of critical posts, with only very few, mainly the internet-only website Rappler, defending her.

    By social media, I just don’t mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar platforms. I consider as social media the internet versions of newspapers, whose articles are now mostly spread and read though posts in Facebook et al.

    Because of this, newspapers’ reach—especially as the price of their printed version has become beyond ordinary people’s capacity—is now determined mainly not by the number of copies of their print versions sold.

    Instead, their reach is now mainly through the ‘viewership” of their internet versions’ articles. This are spread mainly through Facebook and other social media platforms. This has occurred in this country only in the past several years, when smartphones became cheaper because of Chinese-made phones and consequently ubiquitous, allowing people, even without computers to log in into their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Outrage against Robredo
    Our newspaper’s analytics of its internet version conclusively show the outrage against Robredo.

    “Views” (readers) of my column “Robredo lies to the world, shames the nation” broke all of Manila Times records, having 200,000 views (and 49,000 “likes”, as of yesterday), larger than my two other “best-selling” columns which were during President Aquino’s term that each had 180,000 views. News articles, “VP Robredo sidesteps #Nagaleaks revelations” and “Leni’s Fil-Am backers plotting vs Duterte,” had 65,000 and 92,000 views, respectively. My colleague Antonio Contreras’ column “The tragedy of Leni Robredo” so far is his most-read piece, viewed by 65,000 readers.

    If that were “converted” into mainstream media format, Robredo’s political destruction—by her own hands, or rather mouth—would have been front-page news, even newspaper’s banner headlines for days.

    Another indication of Robredo’s political demise is out of 50 regular opinion writers in broadsheets, only one went to her defense over her UN tirade: Philippine Daily Inquirer Rina Jimenez David. Even David wasn’t really sure of her convictions, and merely quoted a statement by “Pilipina,” which she claims is a women’s group, but which you can’t even find any information on through Google. David also merely played the woman card, writing in her column that “our tough-talking macho officials have trained their guns so far on women.” What?

    With the outrage against her, if Duterte for some reason has to vacate his post before 2022, I’m afraid Robredo’s assumption to power would probably be blocked by some form of uprising. That would lead our country to a very explosive episode. She should find in her heart the patriotism to resign now, to relieve the country of the worry over such a nightmare scenario. In her heart of hearts, anyway, she doesn’t believe she really won the elections for vice president.

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    1. Robredo just gave a political speech about the injustice of extrajudicial killing ( which Duterte on several interviews confirmed by saying that thousands will die during his administration)…and yet, Duterte publicly cussed Obama, the Pope, Australia, USA, the entire European Union, is not giving a bad impression of the Philippines to the rest of the world? He would tell the media over and over again that the Philippines is a rotting cesspool of drug addicts and drug lords (which is not true). He uses fear to justify his questionable political moves. He went on TV interview where he said point blank, “the police should kill the drug lords, if they are sued, he will pardon them”. Right now he even said that he will pardon the policemen who killed Espinosa (while in a jail cell…And they had the audacity to claim that the jailed Espinosa resisted arrest and fired at them during their service of a warrant after midnight???)….the Vice President just gave a speech, that is not an impeachable offense. Duterte ordering these mass killings in contravention of due process is a culpable violation of the Constitution, a betrayal of public trust, and a willful act of a crime. Duterte is the one who should be impeached.

      • Someone once said, “The person who refuses to see will lose the power to see.”

    2. Pilipinas kong mahal on

      Oh my bad. I didn’t even get your name right cause you are so unpopular. Tiglao, I mean.

      By the way, your article is crap. First of all, you had concepts that were unnecessary. What does the “chinese made smart phone being available to people” have to do with this article? Or are you hinting us something – maybe that our country has been sold to the Chinese people? Second, you honestly think that everyone who views your article agrees with you? That doesn’t count. I honestly just read your news because it shows up on my phone and I just love hating you more and more each day. I even share it with everyone I know so we can judge you. Please have a more reliable basis on your articles. Even highschool students know that.

      Good luck on your writing classes.

      • You must be a troll not to know Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao. I know you are only playing with your mind. The number of views on Mr. Tiglao’s column is proof of his

    3. Good thing there’s a manila times that wasn’t a trashy newspaper unlike inquirer garbage na gaya ni fake vp leni fake din ang news..

    4. The crowd was estimated at least 200,000. Biad media ang nag low-ball estimate na 4,000 to 5Klang daw.

    5. this vp deserves to be decapitated, I am an ofw since 2005, I simply cant accept what she did, I do not understand her motivation for doing such. We work so hard to give a good impression that we are smart hard working professionals deserve the pay we receive. Not knowing someone from the Philippines no less than the vp would paint a bad image of the country overseas. She will have to pay for this.

    6. Robredo is Nagaleaks personified! She should shut up and just stand in one corner for the people to like and sympathize with her. The more she talks the more she exposes herself. Watch her UN Message, it shows the insincerity and lack of conviction within her! She’s not a Leader!!!

      • florendo abad on

        NO BBM will never be a VP or President again. No on Dictatorship and corruption.

    7. AWW COME ON BOBBY thats more than 5, 000 !!
      That could be between 20, 000 to 50, 000 people

    8. ” In her heart of hearts, anyway, she doesn’t believe she really won the elections for vice president.”

      yes Bobi, she really know whats the real score..problem with this lady her brains was brained washed by her yellowish lords affecting the function of his heart…in short – she became heartless for it is necessary in order that their specie continue it’s existence coz they are now endangered specie…

    9. IlovePhilippines on

      Well said Mr. Tiglao! Pres. Duterte is a hard working president. Let the old man do his job. Set aside politics and and let’s help the government.

      • I agree with you 100%. Let DU30 do his job!!! He was elected by the people in the first place….

      • florendo abad on

        Yes … NO on the Marcoses even they finance Duterte’s Candidacy. Just let them govern Ilocos. They own it anyway…

      • @Florendo Abad and who would you prefer? Aquino’s? Robredo? Come on. Their party is full of selfish politician riding in the word democracy, human rights and even the catholic church. If you are really sure that they are the better people to lead this country, then name a very good contribution that they have given this country for the past 30+ years. Even up to now, wala pang nagagawang tama si fake VP. And where she is now?

    10. Yes truly, but please bear in mind that even the dead are still capable of offending with their rotting stink.

      Don’t stop at being content at the demise of her political career, the work is half done until we bury her political career as well. Seating VP BB Marcos takes care of that.

      Ghastly that this fake VP of the people, built on tsinelas and lugaw myth, sleeps at the lavishly renovated Boracay mansion fit for a princess, can’t wait till she’s gone.

    11. Antonio villanueva on

      Old sayings persisted through time inspite of not being written because they carry an undeniable ring of truth. “Ang maniwala sa sabi-sabi, walang bait sa sarili” (Roughly: He who believes in gossip doesn’t have integrity.) How true! I wonder why Mr. Tiglao is seething mad with a politically dead Lenie? I wonder why a crowd of 5000 waste their time and effort to a vice president who holds no clout anyway? Action speaks for itself.

      • It was plain and simple show of force to send a message that the popular support of the current President can translate their sentiments to action. A larger silent majority are just waiting to be tap for serious mobilization if needed in the future just to protect the current administration of President Duterte. My projection is that 20 to 30 million people can be easily mobilized nationwide for any serios actions to protect the President.

    12. Better for Leni to be quiet na lang and work silently, the more she speak she dig herself to the grave, kung makalusot sya sa impeachment. Baka sa susunod, halungkatin na ang connection ng tagong yaman nya sa droga at ang sinsabing building nya sa metro manila.

    13. The Great Defiant on

      The Fake VP is in Africa.
      Posing for pics…
      heard she is into housing program in Africa…
      this gal has really nothing in mind but boy banal…

      oh by the way, what Abad, Abaya and Kiko are doing there?
      and while DU30 was invited left and right by world leaders…
      the LP is asking every embassy to accept their trip to host countries.

      I bet the Inquirer, the abs-cbn, the rappler, gma, mb, philstar will scream their headline tomorrow saying “LENI WOMAN OF THE YEAR”

      • They are working on there refuge. Somewhere that they can live after they being booted out of PHL.

    14. Urja dela cruz on

      Oo nga sana araw arawin nya para pwesto agad ???ulol ang maniwala sayo tuklaw!maraming nag attend more than 5k pa nga pero Langaw wahahahahaha

    15. charles river on

      Outrage against the Leni? I am not hearing people actually talking about it in public places. And even assuming your Luneta rally 5000 figure is correct, was that the only number the Duterte backers were capable of mustering using PAGCOR funds? That only proves the hate-Leni campaign is not gaining traction and Duterte mania is dissipating.

      • sundalong kanin on

        Then you need to go out more and talk to real people to know the real sentiments of the people. Ever wondered why they don’t want to release the satisfactory survey on robredo and all the yellows including trillanes and delima?

      • no need to go public places. just read comments re VP articles. sure there are trolls but surely you can identify who are real people

      • Just wait for a more serious need to go out for the silent majority who are supporting and satisfied with the performance of the current President. 30 million Filipinos nationwide will be a conservative number in case there will be a call to defend the President nationwide.

    16. Sir, parahe kayo ng reasoning ni PEPENG TOMAS ah.. Are you one and the same person?

      Troll spotted ! Beware of trolls. :D

    17. “She should find in her heart the patriotism to resign now, to relieve the country of the worry over such a nightmare scenario. In her heart of hearts, anyway, she doesn’t believe she really won the elections for vice president.”

      True to it’s core. :)

    18. You can’t nothing more specific than this . Robredo is the 2nd highest official of the Philippines which is hated by people. She’s more hated respect to delima ( or maybe she has less barking now due to her imprisonment.
      The more LP defends her the more I hate her. Kudos sir !!!

    19. If this is true, why do YOU feel so threatened and insecure? or at least the LOSERS who are paying you to write your garbage.

      • The Great Defiant on

        we are not threatened or insecure with the likes of your fake VP Leni…
        we are indignant of what she has done to the Filipino people.

        if you think what she and LP did was right, then why the upchuck of the Filipinos worldwide?

      • Using your logic I can easily say you were bribed to type this comment. Despite without evidence u might ask? Well you did the same too.

    20. Robredo, just like a yellow former govt official, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is ambitious, cunning and pretentious. Obviously, the struggling yellows are pinning their last hope on her. We had enough of pnoy, abad, drilon, pangilinan, trillanes, delima, soliman (the treacherous lady)! In due time they will all pay for their crimes against the Filipino people. KARMA will visit them one at a time beginning with that most despicable lady now in jail.

    21. I’m not sure what you mean by “nilangaw”

      The article says ” at least 5K” I reckon the crowd was more than 5K. Neither was it a million.

      Also, the rally intended to make a “statement”. A venue for people to air their discontent. It was NOT intended to be an EDSA 1 or EDSA 2 type of event.

      As for “hinakot, pinakain at binigyan pa ng pera ang mga sumali” Are these accusations based on facts? The event was crowdfunded via gavagives. Sure, expenses for the stage, sound system, etc were incurred. But, most of those involved refused to accept payment. It was the “bayanihan” spirit in force. People came to give time, talent, resources ( food, funds) for the event.

      I’m a Filipino and just like you, I deeply love this country too. It’s the only one I’ve got.

    22. Very well said , sir. Hope you can also write trillanes accusations of prrd . Thnaks

      • sundalong kanin on

        Yes I hope that you’ll write about Ruben Borja Baguio the dance instructor who trillanes and his cohort said was killed but in reality is still alive………

    23. Marlibel Calanda on

      This woman would hang on to her post as long as her backers like the LP and Rappler are behind her. She enjoys being in the limelight. She is a Cory fanatic that everything Cory hates she also hates. But the irony of all, she is salivating to be an Imelda Marcos. She is trying hard to be charming and to be noticed. Imelda Marcos is taller and more beautiful than her. Imelda has good posture while the Lugaw queen is somewhat bend or kuba. Imelda is a fashionable while she is trying hard to be one by wearing signature clothes. The issue here is the PET. They are trying to delay the count. As long as Robredo continues to hang on, PDigong’s administration would be always watching its back because the plotters are out to install the Lugaw Queen. If BBM would be rightly proclaimed then the Duterte administration will succeed fast enough for the good of the nation and people. LP plotters would not want a Marcos successor. But I believe in prophecy that the Lugaw Queen will not finish her term and she will step down this year.

    24. In my opinion the country will have a difficult time to rise if there are people like Leni. They are like crabs that pulls people down. They use the Pilipino people as their pawns in the chess Politics instead of taking care of the people they are suppose to serve as Public Servants. They use human rights to take care of the bad people while undermining the human rights of the masses who have the right to live in a peaceful and secure environment. She should resign or impeached whichever comes first.

    25. I doubt she would resign. She’s a mere puppet who will do as she was told. She doesn’t even seem to have a clear idea of what she’s talking about – evidenced by her answers to interviews asking the hard questions. She’s in too deep.

    26. Looooove that last line!!! She really doesn’t believe she won the election.,or else she would have challenged the BBM camp to get on with the counting to get the record straight as fast as possible. Instead, they’re doing everything to delay the recount. U were actually too kind on ur comment. More appropriate words would have been “SHE KNOWS SHE CHEATED TO WIN”!!!


      • thank you sir and sir robert, hindi po pinakita sa mga t stations gano karaming tao sumama sa palit-bise tapos sasabihin nila Luyang Dilaw inobliga at binayaran medyo wla pong Yolanda Funds ang supporters ni DU30 wla nga TV coverage eh kasi wla pambayad ng airtime.

        Mga Millenials your generations are bright, young and know how to analyze eto bang si Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo sasamahan nyo sa Edsa 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc pag nagkagyera with China mauna na sila sa New York ng mga anak nya scheduled na yun eh. Helpless daw at hopeless mga Filipino under DU30 but all smiles with red lipstick sa report sa UN. Ingat Millenials those smiles ate the same smirks from NoyNoying and Mar Liar Roxas and the rest of Luyang Dilaws. Ingat Millenials ingatan nyo ang henerasyon ninyo pag nagkagyera with China yang mga Luyang Dilaw oligarch at mga anak ni Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo magkumahog umalis ng bansa yan tayo ang maiiwan. Kaya tyo ginaganyan ng China wala tayo pagkakaisa tapos si Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo nagmamaganda na nagmamagaling pa ingat Millenials!

    27. Very perceptive. Of all the journalistic and opinion columns in all the media in our country, yours is the best for intellectual and factual assessment. The Rappler is the worst, a an incoherent, censoring tabloid.

    28. I don’t think she has the logic to make that decision though… I see her as a paid puppet of LP… she loves money obviously from the bags she uses and the social status attached to her position… that’s all she cares about…. the Filipino people? she does not really care for us… her ghostwriters will take care of making it appear as if she cares… she does not even proofread her speeches… how can we trust her to replace the President… I agree, she is politically dead after that UN video… lets NEVER allow her to be our President, ever…

    29. It is only at these moments of real change that our real Heroes, the OFW’s are one in unison in defending our beloved nation against a ruthless dynasty (since 1986 up to June 2016) that ruled this once a great country like North Korea which made me think that Ninoy Aquino could be a distant relative of kim il sung. Thanks a lot Mr. Tiglao, I fervently hope that you continue to inform and educate our people. Thanks to Professor Contreras as well. Manila Times you’re still the greatest.

    30. Interesting analysis except your data fails your conclusion.

      First, compare the crowd size last February vs. the last “Palit Bise” rally — 200,000 then to 5,000 last weekend or a mere 2.5 % showed up or a 97.5 % drop in attendance. Nilangaw is a fitting term for it.

      On the contrary if you listen to the sound of silent voices you would hear otherwise — that the President is losing touch and grasp of the field situation. Probably similar to martial law days when Marcos (in poor health and surrounded by a cordon sanitaire) was made to believe everything was fine and dandy only to be overtaken by Edsa.

      Nine months in his term, the Duterte administration is in disarray — a Korean businessman was brazenly killed several steps away from the Chief PNP office perpetrated by no less than law enforcement authorities — unbelievable, continued unexplained killings, a Speaker who is tasked with formulating laws admitting to violating laws — boldly arrogantly “posturing” that he be “exempt”, from the consequences of his misdeeds, seeking to keep his position — sadly finding “endorsement” from Pdu30 (peers and tight lipped media practitioners) and yet he turns around and sacks 2 of his trusted lieutenants (Lavina and Sueno) both claiming a victim of poor fact finding and hit by “friendly fire”.

      In all of these, I ask myself, why so much attention is given to a single speech while leaving these relevant issues “unattended” and undiscussed — not a word uttered by self proclaimed soothsayers — as is if they fear the man but bully the woman.

      Until I realized the attacks on her is — a “diversion” – to distract and deflect the nation from the pressing issues that confront the nation. The oldest trick in the books. Shrewd and astute – but it won’t work.


      • A yellow troll deep in pain and a pathetic loser spotted. Go post your yellow views In Inquirer where your pathetic kind belongs! Loser nyahahaha

      • Josel Castillo on

        Gaby, I only know bits and pieces of the Lavinia and Sueno issue but your biase lean shows terribly! Lavinia was true to transperancy and recused himself, and the guilty party apparently caught! As for Sueno his resignation was requested and he submitted which is still under investigation! For your claim of disarray I see none President made choices to his cabinet true to his word friend or or foe if there is a smell of or taint of corruption your out, yes maybe in Lavinia’s case to hastily but again form what knowledge I have he gave his resignation willingly so not to taint the Presidents office, that shows me leadership that you have the loyalty of your cabinet members right or wrong if they feel that they are going to create issues of transperancy the will recused themselves instead of being pigheaded and corrupt! But I guesse your so used to the dirty politics that you have seen so many times played out in Philippine govt that when honesty hits you in the face your looking for that dirty rag to throw back!

        As for Leni, she won the vote and her position, she won her seat with the power of the WOMENS VOTE that is my stand and I challenge any critic out there! Leni is also that person that destroyed her and wasted the votes of the many women who had hopes for her to be the calm in the storm the our President Duterte was going to bring, instead she became the gale which continues to rock the boat in calm waters! I had wished that another had won her seat but hopeful that she would be a good Vice President instead she killed her career and made us Filipinos look foolish to the world with her outlandish claims!

        I hope you see this government as the future as an example of we should continue there are rough patches to be seen but in all changes there are always bumps in the road, but I feel if we continue together as a whole nation we can achieve great heights, but first we need to open our eyes and our minds!

      • Your point of comparison is wrong. At EDSA, 200,000 vs 4,000 in favor of Du30. Palit-Bise, 5,000 vs Zero, a landslide in favor of Du30.

      • Hi, Gabby. I am thinking that maybe the supporters of Robredo which should number a little less than Duterte’s– at least, based on the election turn out– should also mount a counter rally. They should easily match the crowd if not, with more push and funding, surpass it, don’t you think?

        The Duterte followers it seems to me have concluded that the true motivation of anti-Duterte forces is to force him out of office and replace her with Robredo and get back to power. So the impeachment of Robredo is really a counter move; take out Robredo and the motivation to destabilize the government is gone for good.

      • Gabby, you are absolutely right. Fans of Duterte have to create diversions so as to deflect attention from the poor performance of their idol.

      • Obviously you’re still dreaming and been numbed by the alcoholic effect of the yellow cults political system. well anyway you are entitled to your own opinion.. but hey, why not try to objectively assess the pros and cons, the gains and damage made by vp Leni? and, if, as what you describe “nilangaw” ang rally last sunday, then what about the edsa rally of the yellows?

    31. This is the reason why I have been promoting to switch to Manila Times from all other newspapers in all my engagements with family and friends. Unlike the twisted , always opinion injected news of other papers specially PDI, Manila Times definitely reflects the true, unadulterated news that is so obvious to the people.

    32. She shames the nation, she is evil, she is worthless! Even if she resigns, she will still be the most hated person ever.

    33. Leland Sacro on

      How can you ask Leni Robredo to resign? She won’t. Come hell or high water she will never do that.

      She is a cunning politician.

    34. She and her LP fans are relying on the international community to install her bec she’s as you said, politically dead.

    35. Ogie de Guzman on

      Thank you, Mr. Tiglao. I just hope Ms. Leni Robredo read this and circumspect what she really needs to do to geniunely help our country. Unless, forces behind her will not allow her to decide to resign as the most sane and ethical thing to do then,..God help her. Jesse will not be able to.

    36. You ended your column, Mr. Tiglao, with the phrase “in her heart of hearts…” to describe Robredo. I’m not too sure that’s wise. See, can we logically suppose that an overly ambitious person like Robredo, who did not hesitate to shame her own country and people among the international community just to advance her wicked political agenda and ambition, is still in possession of a heart?

    37. if Duterte for some reason has to vacate his post before 2022, I’m afraid Robredo’s assumption to power would probably be blocked by some form of uprising. And might result to situation like SYRIA, VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, IRAQ etc.

    38. marco labrador on

      Very good, well-researched column. Yes, Robredo is gone as in “departed” from our sight. She wants to play “cute” with smiles regardless of what she is talking about. That is a clear sign of insincerity, dishonesty or ignorance of the subject. Her speeches were written most likely by a ghostwriter as she is looking straight at a prompter when delivering her speeches. Very similar to Panot altho Abnoy turns his head from left to right because he is probably reading from two prompters.

      • Yes…Mr. Santos…I hope Leni is reading and is truly weeping right now. I commiserate with her, in this her situation today, but she has to know that grabbing fame and power in politics has limitations. The writings on the wall is here. She should know by now…or is she ignorant?

    39. The report here is too exaggerated what is 5K paid rallyist against Robredo’s 14,418,817 votes?

      • jess nazario on

        The 5,000 were definitely not paid while the 14,418,817 were paid in full to the insider cheater at Comelec.

      • paid rallyist? you’re hallucinating bro. 14M votes? she can’t even muster a thousand of these 14M to defend her

      • 14M Voters ni Robredo? Bakit hindi nila na counter ung Palit Bise? ah oo nga pala paano nga pala mag rarally ang PCOS Machine. My Bad. Sorry.

      • Sa 14 M, ilan ang kay Bongbong dun? Siguro mga 2M lang ang kay Robredo. O iflush na rin itong si Manolo Quezon sa toilet.

    40. Lea Hetherington on

      Mr. Tiglao, Leni Robredo will not resign her post, because she is just a selfish, cold, cold heart and and very thick face and also because of her fat salary from the government..

    41. That’s what I’m worried. Robredo ascending after something would happen to President Duterte. She’s not quite a leader quality. Now, the more I understand why the public is calling her the fake VP. It’s dangerous for her to hold on to that position and it’s too dangerous for Filipinos to see her ascension. I don’t like to imagine what it would be for the Philippines.

      Thank you Mr. R. Tiglao.

      • john c. jacinto on

        Yes, I agree. So that BBM the cocaine addict will assume the post I suppose?

    42. Bravo Mr. Tiglao. Once I open Manila Times, the first thing I will read is your column. Your use of verifiable data and events makes your opinions credible. May your tribe multiply.

    43. I totally agree that Robredo should resign from her post, even without the UN episode .Until she resign for the good of the nation, the Liberal Party will not stop pulling tricks against the present administration. The Liberal Party should give the country a break…

      • From Cory , to Pinoy to Robredo, they are all part of the Filipinos over sympathy for the dead., When Ninoy died Cory President, Cory died Pinoy President, Robredo’s husband died Leni from nowhere became VP. although their was a suspiscion fo cheating. God have pity on the Philippines if Pinoy dies Kris will be gunning for the Presidency. I just wish the people start using hte head than the heart in electing officials..