Robredo quits Cabinet


Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Sunday resigned as Housing secretary, claiming she was barred from attending Cabinet meetings starting today and that this was an indication of a Palace plot to unseat her.

In a statement, Robredo, head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), said Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. had informed her not to show up at Cabinet meetings starting December 5.

“We received a text message last Saturday from Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco Jr., relaying the President’s instruction through [presidential aide]Bong Go for me ‘to desist from attending all Cabinet meetings starting this Monday, December 5.’ This is the last straw, because it makes it impossible for me to perform my duties,” Robredo said.

“Hence, I am tendering my resignation from the Cabinet on Monday, December 5, 2016. With this resignation, you can expect that I will continue to support the positive initiatives of this administration and oppose those that are inimical to the people’s interest,” Robredo added.

Vice President Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo

“However, as your duly elected Vice President, I will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen. I will not allow the will of the people to be thwarted.”

Obstacles in HUDCC
Robredo, who was given the HUDCC portfolio in July, said she had been warned about plots to “steal” the vice presidency from her, but added she had ignored them and buckled down to work.

“We had hoped this day would not come. I had been warned of a plot to steal the Vice Presidency. I have chosen to ignore this and focus on the job at hand. But the events of recent days indicate that this plot is now being set into motion,” she said.

Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., whom Robredo defeated for the No. 2 post, has a pending electoral protest alleging massive cheating in the May elections.

Robredo pointed out that from the beginning of the administration, she and President Duterte had major differences, but they managed to worked together.

“Since I assumed office, I have been consistent in my opposition to issues such as the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, extra-judicial killings, reinstating death penalty, lowering the age of criminal liability, and sexual attacks against women. But we both had a mandate to serve the people. I had hoped that this shared commitment to the poor and marginalized would transcend the differences between us. So, I took the job of Housing Secretary when it was offered to me,” she added.

Robredo said that in barely five months, she made a number of accomplishments in HUDCC despite certain obstacles. “One, the budget for all key shelter agencies in 2017 has been slashed by more than P19 billion. Two, all our key shelter agency appointment recommendations have not been acted on. Three, the executive order designed to make HUDCC effective was not signed,” she said.

‘Irreconcilable differences’
Evasco confirmed that President Duterte wanted Robredo banned in Cabinet meetings, citing irreconcilable differences.

Utos ni Pangulong Duterte [It was the President’s order]. If they cannot support what the President is doing, then they have to resign,” Evasco said over radio station DZMM.

Evasco, however, said the President did not ask for Robredo’s resignation.

“There were no instructions for VP Robredo’s termination. I tried to call her, but there was no response,” Evasco said.

Regarding the alleged plot to unseat her from the vice presidency, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said: “If there is a plot, that plot did not come from the camp of the president.”

“Tomorrow, let us see if the president actually accepts her resignation [from the Cabinet],” he added.

‘Writings on the wall’
Ifugao Rep. Teodoro Baguilat, a member of the Liberal Party where Robredo is a titular head, said the writings were all over the wall – Duterte wanted Robredo out of his Cabinet.

“It’s only right for her to quit the Cabinet because she’s no longer welcome in Malacañang. Preventing her from attending Cabinet meetings is already equal to asking her to resign,” Baguilat said.

Baguilat called on his party-mates to stand with Robredo in securing the vice presidency.

“The LP must now unite and make a party decision to protect her vice presidency, meaning the LP should break away from the majority coalition. It is an affront to our leadership,” Baguilat said, referring to the majority coalitions in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Another LP lawmaker, Rep. Arlene Bag-ao of Dinagat Islands, shared Baguilat’s sentiments.

“She was the last woman standing in the elections, but she is the first to truly fight for what is just and what is right in the Executive branch,” Bag-ao said in a statement.

“I have faith in what she said that at the end of the day, the good ones will prevail,” Bag-ao added.



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  1. If Leni is the yellow’s plan B, Marcos is Du30’s plan B.

    All he has to say is I have had enough of yellow opposition to everything I do, I will resign and see how you like having Bong Bong as prseident.

    • Now Lugaw no longer works in the cabinet,She now has now full time job demolition against du30. This idea will not help her to be famous. We know that the attackers is always the devil and the victim is becoming more popular. Leni want the other way around…but dutae don’t speak against her

  2. I was in my late 20’s when I knew personally Jessie Robredo and his wife Leni in a summer sportsfest organized by the office of the City mayor for the youth. Jessie was a Mayor of Naga City, while his wife Leni was a housewife, professor and on the way to be a lawyer. I been hearing so many good news about Jes Robredo as a Mayor before I jamped into Naga City. And He was the truly good leader! I had always a personal encounter of Jess in cleaning up the City every after typhoon: he encouraged volunterism and worked with volunteers to clean up the City. Jessie and Leni are very good husband and wife. Jessie was truly a dedicated public servant like his wife Leni when she became a congresswoman in her district of Camarines Sur. Both of them played the music of honesty in public service, integrity, and transparency. I have never met a person who works like Jessie and Lenie in public service. Leni is known in her place like any of a commoner ordinary woman because of her approaches to serve the public. She is brillant, visionary, smart and compassionate in public service. Leni has no hidden agenda when she works in public service, so honest industrious public servant, transparent but firm and fair when she decides to accomplish the works entrusted on her shoulders. Leni is soft spoken woman but strong, conscientious and courageous: she is a big loss in Du30’s cabinet.

  3. Maribel Calanda on

    PDigong has finally did the right thing by firing her. Now, if she is hurt, it is because she thought PDigong will be tolerant of her. Miscalculated thinking by the fake VP.

  4. Good riddance. A leech who is holding to her position as VP by massive cheating must be thrown in the garbage. Good for the government and the people. Even better for our economy.

  5. Oh my my! She won’t be missed at all. Lahat nagtatrabaho, siya lang may time magreklamo at magpaphoto photo shoot. Huwag mo isisi kay Tatay Digong kung bakit hindi mo magagawa ang itong trabaho dahil kahit walang bawal, wala ka namang ginagawa as in wala, none, nada, zero, zilch, bokya!

    At maghanap ka ng magagawang makabuluhan. Hindi puro pagbabantay ng iyong pinakamimithing “puesto ng kapangyarihan”… Kahit security guard, kayang gawin yan!

  6. Almost 6 month lang, ma epal na. Sana nag aral muna si Leni ng governance kay DU30 bago sya lumabas sa gabinete. Si Cayetano nga laging sumasama kay DU30 para matuto, si Leni pa kaya. Dahil bistado na naman syang spy ng LP dapat lang na lumabas na. Buhay na naman ang piranggot na rallyista at sasabihing nahahati ang pilipinas.

  7. Good for Her! Now she will have time to be the real enquirer of her hubby’s death… if she cares… but she cares, right?

  8. She doesn’t belong there, she’s a nuisance and more of an obstacle to President Duterte’s vision for the country. She’s not even a legitimate winner for the VP and she knows it deep in her heart. All the mishaps during votes counting point only to one thing, that her victory is manipulated. Every common man on the street know how popular Bongbong Marcos is compared to her, how could she win?

  9. Hired yellow posters, journalists, activists, media are now on the attack to damage Pres. Duterte.

    As a matter of fact, what was that fake vp doing all this months? How thr rehabilitation of those affected by the recent typhoon in Luzon(finished w/o her help), what about the Yolanda Victims?(continuously on going w/o her help and what took these LP more than 3 yrs but still nothing took only a few months by the current Administration).

    These are enough proof on how corrupt & incompetent & doesn’t give a damn about the People while they sat their asses on their offices chair doing nothing.

    Their just using Marcos Burial/EJK/Harrassing/etc. crap to cover their blunders.

    But the People yes the entire People of the Philippines and those working OFW’s toiling every ounce of their body, blood and sweat to be able to cope up with the hardship in life and not getting support from these corrupt LP’s but instead getting LagLag Bala, Scam, High Tax, etc.

    Thankfully under Pres. Duterte, he listened to them and provided/stopped previous admins blunders or more benefits to them that the yellows under abnoy panot aquino did nothing.

  10. Mabuti naman sinabi mo Miss LUGAW’ you & DU30 has big differences…TALAGA! malayong malayo ka sa presidente at yang gap na yan dapat mong ikahiya kasi puro display at pa-cute lang ang pina-pakita mo…

  11. in the first place, Leni’s right to the VP is NOT yet firm– may protest nga!!! at itinago pa ng mga pcos machine –kaya as of today– hindi pa alam kung si leni lugaw nga ang totoong ibinoto ngmga tao!!!!!

  12. Ano ba ang ginawa ni Aling Leni? Hayun…pictorials, pa-cute, umatend ng rally. Kung hindi pa kumilos si Duterte, hindi naayos yung mga bahay sa Tacloban. Yung pinagawa ni Aling Lenin na daan sa Bicol, hayun — nag collapse agad. Ampaw! Dapat ka lang umalis Aling Leni, ninakaw mo lang naman ang boto. O, baka naman ayaw mo lang mahalata ng lumolobo ang tiyan mo kaya ka umalis. ALIS DYAN !!!!

  13. call a spade a spade. how can an LP scarecrow genuinely help the duterte admin.
    maybe she’s just even there to be a spy for roxas and delimaw, good riddance

  14. Given her post for the sake of giving somebody who is incompetent in holding the job.
    Now she is resigning because of irreconcilable differences. If you can’t handle the kitchen, get out.

    Obviously you are not fitted for the job. You actually haven’t done anything, except complain, criticize and condemn. You keep on appearing on newspapers, tabloids and etc. taking pictures of yourself all for show, and you never did any of your job that you were suppose to do.

    You are a good example of how the previous administrations work, and the people never liked it. They abhorred it. Let somebody who is competent enough and who has no ties with the previous crappy administration spillover, do the job. The people will be well off with that.

    In fact the people will be well off if the likes of you guys are not in any position to hold office.
    The corruption is so rampant that even if it’s stirring right at you, you can’t see it.
    It’s because it was your way of life.

    So for the love of something, we welcome your resignation, and even unseating is much delightful.

  15. “I have faith in what she said that at the end of the day, the good ones will prevail,” Bag-ao added.

    The LPs still can not get it. The good ones are already prevailing. The evil which they represent was already thrown out during the last election with some “holdover” and still leeching.

  16. Roldan Guerrero on

    Tapos kana LUGAW QUEEN! Kong may nagnakaw sa Vice Presidency ikaw yon. How come did you win? You were the least winnable candidate. Next will be De Lima, another one who is a product of election rigging the most hated senatorial candidate who still made it on the magic 12 as a result of your Smart-matic HOCOS PCOS. If any LP could explain tha Drilon`s No.1 position the I should believe there was no cheating made. I am one of the millions who believe BBM was the duly elected vice president. I would be very happy to see a LIAR ousted from office who is a product of nationwide election rigging.

    • Correct, for the first time in senatorial election, more than a million ang lamang sa no. 13th senator. it is a work of LP in connivance with comelec. million or 2 are padding.

    • Why hasn’t Duterte forced a system audit on the election ?

      With all the stuff that happened during the election Smartmatic tampering with the machines during the live voting and the impossible way Robredo caught up and passed Marco’s totals why has Dutete allowed Comelec to ignore the calls for a system audit which would prove the results ?

  17. The news are all very bad. That is the main reason stocks are going done nd peso devalue. These are the effects of voting the wrong person as president. The country is already imploding. This will not last long. The big one will come. the military knows they are being used as a killing machine. I will bet you, Martial Law will follow.

    • Who’s afraid of ML….only the Yellowtards…come on Tatang- Digong- declare ML to thwart the diabolical Plan B of the Panot sky Team of the Lapiang Palpak Pak.

    • Mario J. Belonguel on

      I agree with you TO THE MAX. I wont start with the word soon; but the earliest possible time this Marcosian type of government should be stopped. They want to unseat the VP; because they want to continue this kind of government with Marcos as a replacement of Duterte in case something happen to him.

    • i guess the prez is just cleaning up the mess left behind for decades. don’t bet you will lose. drink less coffee….

  18. This almost seems like an episode of US sitcom VEEP. But its not funny, its scary. Dictators can’t stand dissenting views. Good for Robredo for trying to stand up for what is right and just.

    With the extra-judicial drug war murders that Robredo opposes, the rule of law is already being violated. The president’s policy of murdering suspects first, asking questions later, creates de facto suspension of habeas corpus and reinstatement of the death penalty. After all, a dead man can’t ask for his freedom or for justice.

    • The Great Defiant on

      what an alien kind of thought…out of this world…out of reach…and out of touch…

  19. Leni Robredo does not have a mind of her own.
    She’s even very confident that she won the vice presidency when in fact there was still a request for recounting.

  20. The move is just right. Cabinet members are alter-ego of the President. There is no such thing as freedom of expression wherein you express you’re opposing views outside the meeting with the President most specially in the media. The President and it’s cabinet represents one whole body and should act in unison. As a cabinet member you can discuss and argue your point but when majority has agreed on a certain issue, you have to follow and honor that and never ventilate your argument outside the halls of the Palace. This is basic management.

    • The vice president is elected in a separate election from the president, They are not running mates in this case.
      The Philippines should stop pretending its a democracy and just elect a new king every 6 years.

  21. It is never ending saga in Philippines politics: kleptocracy, worst is plunder, bloody killing, buy power and justice with blood-money. Marcoses’ political dynasty have the $10 Billion looted money . Aquinos and Cojuangos’ have thousands of acres of Hacienda Luisita not distributed yet to the poor local farmers. And graft and corruption exist across the board in the government. And the culture includes lies and cheats as a way of life, pay the priest to pray for a dead person to go to heaven, and a long list of superstitious beliefs detestable before the eyes of the Lord instead of establishing a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Pray, repent, gain knowledge and understanding of the Word of God in the Holy Bible are examples that as an individual can change within one self, and people collectively can transform the whole nation for the better.
    One thing is true, for a nation to have peace and prosperity, in God’s written words (2 Chronicles 7:14), God says, “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Healing will then bring peace and prosperity to the whole nation.
    — Church Spiritual leaders and the Filipino people need to be joining hands in prayer and repentance. The prayer of the RIGHTEOUS is powerful and effective. God wants that if his people, who are called by his name but have dishonored Him by their sins, must humble themselves by confession and repentance before God. Repentance is stopping or turning from wicked ways. God says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” “Honestly confess all sins [directly to God] in their full extent, relying wholly on His grace and mercy. THEN, Healing from God will then bring peace and prosperity to the whole nation, as God has promised in return for OBEDIENCE of His people. Read the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament, an example of how a Godly leader put a broken nation to order and justice for the poor and the oppressed. —————————————————————————————————————————— end. en

    • If we only love others as we love ourselves which is the basic rule by Jesus Christ, there will be no selfishness leading to corruption and obsession for power and fame. Beyond the trappings for the acquisition of the wealth of the world, let us remind ourselves that we only live by God’s grace. The brevity of life on earth is the basis of our self-reflection. Eighty years on earth is nothing in comparison to eternity. Furthermore, the sun, the air or the earth is a gift from God for us to live harmoniously and peacefully. If all these things are taken away from us, we all die no matter what our social standings in life is. Please stop political war and focus on caring our country and safeguarding the rule of law for order and justice. Give attention to agriculture and environmental concerns to achieve food security and environment sustainability. Definitely, Filipinos do not vote government officials who only spend endless debates for position security and do nothing for the common good.

    • AMEN. If only all Filipinos have the same perspective as yours, surely Philippines will not suffer with these kinds of problems.

  22. VP Robredo cannot serve 2 masters! She cannot be with Duterte’s cabinet and at the same time undermining it for the benefit of the other master or political affiliation, the Yellow Cult!

    • In politics serving dual masters and neither on priorities of the sovereign citizens is the true color of a misfit. Political affiliation priorities to reach that career and ambitions it is decoded that sovereign citizens are manipulated as tools. It is not public service.

  23. Why not quit VP too? Duterte was forced to give Robredo a cabinet post out of respect and courtesy. It’s just right that she quit and even better if she quits her VP position. She’s scared of her VP being stolen but it was LP that stole the VP for her. Insecure. There’s no way her VP post will be stolen unless she’s killed. On the contrary, Duterte should be the one who should watch out for her because it would be Robredo with the help of anti-Duterte groups that would steal his presidency. History has proven that…both Cory and GMA stole the presidency from two legitimate presidents. They were placed in Malacanang by the Mob. This could happen also to Duterte. Robredo is dangerous.