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SOMETIME in the latter part of 2014, a young woman approached then House Representative Leni Robredo for assistance on a sensitive matter. The woman claimed that she had been raped by her own father who is an RTC judge.

As the story would then be revealed, there are allegations that the family of the judge tried to ask Robredo to intervene and mediate the issue to prevent the matter becoming public, and she refused. Her refusal allegedly stemmed from her being a mother and a woman, and that she would not turn away someone who needed help, especially a woman who claimed to have been raped by her own father. Since Robredo was already barred from taking up cases as she was a sitting member of the House of Representatives, she referred the case to another lawyer.

These all supposedly happened as private, confidential conversations, considering the sensitive nature of the matter.

Eventually a case was filed by the woman against her own father, and it became public when local media in Naga City reported it.

However, the involvement of Leni Robredo was not made public. Media reports on the case did not even mention Leni Robredo.

The only time Robredo’s involvement was mentioned was by an anonymous blogger who goes by the pseudonym LilacSunsets, who posted it in her blog, first in May 14, 2016 in an entry entitled “An axe to grind,” and later on August 4, 2016 in an entry with the title “A plagiarist, a madman.”

The context in which the information about the case was revealed, and where the name of Leni Robredo was mentioned, is damaging to Robredo herself, as it indicated a possible unethical act that she may have committed.

LilacSunsets is obviously a pro-Robredo hatchet person. She hides in the comfort of her pseudonym to reveal what she thinks are damning information against Robredo critics.

LilacSunsets obviously was fed the information not only about the case, and Robredo’s involvement, but also about the fact that the accused judge has my surname. In her initial entries, she irresponsibly used the information to launch a vitriolic attack against me, wrongfully suggesting that I was the one involved and it was my daughter who was raped.

At the time, I was so angry and went on social media denouncing the canard. It was only then that another relative informed me of the rape case against my relative, and told me that this irresponsible blogger was actually talking of the wrong Contreras.

I had no knowledge of such a case, considering that I was already residing in Laguna since 1978, and that the last time I saw my relative was when I was still in high school.

It is a fact that lawyers are sworn to maintain confidentiality on matters such as this, more so that it involves a sensitive family matter. Robredo is a lawyer. She should know that the mere act of the woman approaching her for legal assistance already binds her to the ethics of her profession.

The only way the information about the case could have reached this pro-Robredo blogger, is from Robredo, or someone who got the information from Robredo. She would not have obtained such it official reports, for it is clear that the case was filed not against me but against my relative. Furthermore, Robredo’s involvement in the case was not mentioned in the media reports, and more so in the official court documents.

Recently, a pro-Robredo anonymous FB account again resurrected the tirade, but this time finally getting the information right that it was my relative who was involved and not me. However, I was still implicated, as the blogger made it appear that Robredo’s refusal to help in reaching an amicable settlement to spare my relative from a legal case was the supposed source of my beef against Robredo.

Indeed, there are reasons why I have this visceral reaction against Robredo, and many of these are drawn from my own personal knowledge of her. After all, we cannot be faulted for having deep-seated biases based on personal encounters and knowledge.

But more importantly, Robredo trolls should realize that many people despise Robredo even if they have not encountered her personally, for a host of reasons. She is being suspected of being a beneficiary of a massive electoral fraud. She is fixated on appearances and self-aggrandizing photo ops. She is perceived as incompetent. She was on vacation for a reunion while her province was being ravaged by Typhoon Nina. She has been shown to be not completely truthful.

Meanwhile, LilacSunsets should prove her mettle and ask for the real reason why my family has an axe to grind against Leni Robredo. And it has nothing to do with rape, but about exerting influence on a school for someone undeserving to graduate as top of her class.


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  1. Mayroon dalawang proyekto si Leni Robredo nung congresswoman siya: P120 million Municipal Fish Port in Calabanga (galing sa ilegal na DAP), at P650-million rehabilitation project along the Bicol River. Pareho itong puno ng anomalya. Bakit hindi imbestigahan at ikulong si Leni Robredo?

  2. She took the bar and failed several times, she probably have to retake several times law courses regarding “confidentiality”.

  3. There are other more reasons why huge number of people particularly in the Bicol region despise Leni Robredo! One big issue is about the strange death of her husband, the beloved Jess Robredo who could have won the presidential post if he wasn’t *murdered. And this woman completely disregard and ignored any thorough investigation on the case in exchange for her personal political gain… and that’s treachery of the highest kind! Her blind obsession of becoming the president quasi of the nation made her become very stupid and one sided! That’s why people started to hate her.

    • It’s like her benevolent benefactor the Liberals, Pnoy and Roxas. In fact during the early hours of campaign, she was about or been compared to “Cory” Aquino. Yes, she was on the negative, damaging side and self-centered/selfish motive. Yes indeed there are lots of similarity and one glaring one is according to Sen. Enrile or Atty Homobono Adaza…TWA.

  4. She might have been a beneficiary of electoral frauds last election. It’s just but proper that the real winner in the VP race be proclaimed by the Court after scrupulous observance of due process.

  5. Tongue in, Anew on

    Such immature, illogical conclusons do not deserve any space in the web, let alone in a legit newspaper. As an optimist though, I’m happy to find gold amongst the trash. Now I know which surname has a history of rape and incestous behavior in the blood. They can’t touch my children, not even come near.

  6. This is it! Slowly, we are seeing the true picture of this VP. A wolf hiding in a sheep’s image.

  7. Rodan Guerrero on

    ExPresidents mother and son Aquinos know who is the mastermind of Ninoy`s murder. The death of the traitor was never revealed but maintained the blame to the late strongman FEM and that continued up todate. The revelation of the real brain of the murder would have never put them in power but would have rather sank them to deep shame and embarashments. Reality is being unmasked now….the Filipinos will ultimately learn what really happened. Such is the case of Leni Robredo. She knows who is the mastermind of the untimely demise of her husband. Is it the election rigging that ultimately turned her to forget seeking justice for Jessie?

  8. Greetings Ton-Ton as you are commonly called by friends.

    Now, finally — the cat is out of the box. It’s in the open why your articles vs VP Leni are antagonistic, so negative and filled with bitterness.

    You have a personal axe to grind against the VP and a desire to get even. A perfectly understandable “normal” behavior from ordinary mortals — but highly unexpected from someone proclaiming himself to be ethical, moral, filled with virtues and educated.

    Extreme bias against the VP has found its way in your columns — and now I understand why the negativism against her exist. Nothing with what she says or does matter. You have “created” an imprint of her based on what happened in the past and nothing will alter your opinion of her.

    The past has clouded your judgment.

    It is one thing to respond to a past hurt. We can all relate to that. But what is uncalled for is to let past and negative feelings carryover to the future, attempt to impact public opinion and justify one’s response as morally upright. It is deceitful in my book.

    Your writings vs the VP, fail the test of fair play — but I guess that’s too much to expect from you.

    • Antonio Contreras on

      I would love to engage you Sir but until you tell us here your real name I guess i will just have to respect your freedom to express.

    • Bias, maybe. But then again, this is an Opinion Column, and the writer has the prerogative to write for or against a topic of interest he/she would like to talk about. The VP already has a lot of writers that paint her as a saint, a counter-balance is just right to offset these pro-VP writers. And also, whether it is a biased column as you said, the important thing that really matters is that the writer is stating actual facts as basis of his opinion. That is what matters most.

    • Hi Ton-Ton

      If I am not mistaken responsible journalism, though artistic, is a precise science with a set protocols for written articles and opinions to conform with and qualify as quality work.

      What you’re doing against the VP, (write very negative articles) considering she is only the 2nd highest official, is something unseen in recent political history and considering it is too early in her term. It does not make sense except to benefit those questioning her legitimacy.

      Your admission of extreme bias distorts the interpretation of facts and objective analysis. Your articles vs the VP are inaccurate, full of innuendos and generalities.They are tainted with a deeper motive (known only to you) to unfairly discredit VP Leni publicly. To me, it is obvious and your extreme partisan “opinions” (or is it propaganda?) must be made known to the public by those who see someone exploit journalistic privilege.

      This forum, for now, is an appropriate way to exchange our ideas and engage in creative discussions.


    • The writer is objective. Stating your opinion is not per se subjective. Just like when you make an editorial, you weigh all things before making a judgment or call for action. Taking a side does not automatically being subjective. It’s taking stand. It’s giving out of justice.


    it has been said that w must be very sure of our post or blogs and verify first our facts before sharing it to others.Sensitive matters such as this one needs to be kept..Our boss strongly said to us with mandate of iur social responsibility as person and legal staffs as well to strictly observe confidentiality in all cases at the office.Sure this blogger gets information from VP Leni just to make stories even without facts of the matter.even if the othe proLeni refuted the issue by resurrecting it with facts bt THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE..Damn people.Poor thinking with poor ethics.

  10. aladin g. villacorte on

    Contreras revealed

    “Indeed, there are reasons why I have this visceral reaction against Robredo, and many of these are drawn from my own personal knowledge of her. After all, we cannot be faulted for having deep-seated biases based on personal encounters and knowledge.”

    • It is easy to notice, that although Leni Robredo has no official government duties assigned as vice president, she is constantly under radar and bashed nonstop about anything and everything. Since she is free of any scandal, attacks are all personal. Nakakasawa na!

    • So it is all about a personal grudge. I think the professor is quite unfair here. It brings the discussion down to the lowest level.