• Robredo to Duterte: Uphold rule of law


    Vice President-elect Leni Robredo has called on President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to uphold the rule of law amid Duterte’s harsh words that “son of a bitch” journalists deserve to be killed and should not fuck with him and that catcalling women is mere freedom of expression.

    “I continue to be reassured by the President-elect’s repeated assertions that he will uphold the rule of law, as well as by his strong record of promoting women’s rights during his service as Davao City mayor. I hope that these commitments will be more clearly reflected in his public pronouncements,” Robredo, a lawyer like Duterte, said in a statement on Friday.

    “It is testament to the power and prestige of the presidency that each statement and each action of our leader is taken as an indicator of official policy, hence the need for constant vigilance and circumspection, particularly over issues as sensitive as the murder of journalists and the treatment of women in our society,” the Camarines Sur lawmaker, added.

    Robredo said her team could provide the Duterte camp perspectives on various issues to broaden Duterte’s view and afford him the breadth of vision essential to the leader of the nation.

    “The Philippines has long played a leading role in the promotion of human rights and the advancement of gender equality. I trust our country’s leaders will continue to uphold this honorable legacy in every word and deed,” she added.

    Duterte has refused to appoint Robredo to a Cabinet post, with the incoming President arguing that he does not want to hurt the feelings of defeated vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

    Marcos is the son of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos whose martial law regime left at least 76,000 victims of torture and other human rights abuses still awaiting remuneration under the Marcos compensation law.

    Robredo assured that she would not compromise her principles under a Duterte administration.

    “I assure our people that I will always stand firm on the principles that have guided my entire career as a public interest lawyer, a women’s rights advocate, and a public servant,” she said.


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    1. elmer constantino on

      At least Leni has the initiative for the Leaders to be more behave in their dealings..

    2. ernie del rosario on

      Hopeless woman ! She desecrated the legacy left by her very husband Jessie ! What else will she NOT desecrate ?

    3. His ways of governing is a bit awkward than normal but it doesn’t mean that he is violating laws, Leni should clean her fake victory and prove that her victory is legit before going to the level as if she is smart enough to lead the nation, in other words she is trying hard to make it look like that she is a the real winner. I could see her fall in not so distant future.

    4. There will be a public re-canvass of all electoral returns when Duterte assumes office. This is the only way to confirm how many millions of votes were shaved from him to allow Roxas to end up 2nd. It will further disprove that Robredo won and this will lead to her unseating and the rightful proclamation of Marcos as VP.

      Wait and see. The yellowturds can rage and rage but they will end up with big eggs on their collective faces.

    5. Thar’ she goes again. Opening her mouth where her foot should be; without any delicadeza. This is precisely what is obnoxious about this Robredo. This is precisely why Duterte cannot like her. Hindi pa nga sila magkakila, naglelecture na siya kay president-elect with her pretended self-righteousness. Where does she get the gall?

      No wonder she is being called a demagogue by one columnist. Talagang walang modo propio. Sabat ng sabat all the time. The country can do without Robredo. It cannot do without Duterte.

    6. Wow nagsalita ang nanalo sa PCOS. Rule of LugAW kamo. Just wait when your master officially steps down on the 30th of the month.

    7. Rodricgo Derderte on

      Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different – they are dangerously incoherent. They’re not even really ideas – just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies.
      He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility. – Hillary Clinton

      I thought she was talking about Digong

    8. Has President-elect Duterte broken the law? There you go again, Ms. VP, chiding PRod for something he has not commited.

    9. Lugaw Queen huwag mong gamitin ang salitang rule of law dahil mandaraya ka at sinungaling hindi ikaw ang elected Vp…. kundi selected Vp ng Pcos machine….

      • Ikaw naman kaloy, kailangan sa iyo eh ilubog sa kumukulong mantika eh. Kung makapanghusga ka eh wagas. Kung mismong si BBM walang maipakitang ebidensya ng Dayaan ikaw naman ay cguradong cgurado na sa sinasabi mong Dayaan. May marinig ka lang na balita kumpirmado na agad sa iyo. May lugaw queen ka pang nalalaman. Eh ikaw ano? Itlog king?

      • Saan mo makita o narinig young Lugaw Queen ? Siguro ikaw yong Lugaw King ? Such a very good mind? I like your sound bites but your ideas stinks.

    10. Humanda ka abnoy on

      The hypocrisy that comes out from that scumbags mouth is limitless…hindi lang sha nabigyan ng dept. kagad ,abat kinakalaban na kagad nya ang president– sana mag buo si President Duterte ng Fact Finding Commission in charge para imbestigahan ang dayaan ng yari, at para din ma-system audit na din…..wag sanang palampasin ni President duterte yan…. the people cannot trust the current Senate or congress to really look for the truth–wag naman sanang palampasin yan..

      • God never sleeps nor slumber…lalabas din Yan Na parang bulok Na itlog…God bless Philippines…

    11. There is an American expression that says” What have we gotten ourselves into “. Surely, our voters were mesmerized by a tough guy trying to take the whole nation for a dangerous ride. So brace yourselves because I do not not like what I see in the days ahead.

      • bongbongboo on

        booohooo hoo wawa naman kami, dinanaya dinaya bwa ha ha

    12. And you make sure you won in an honest election.

      Btw, did you adhere to Comelec’s law on campaign funds solicitation from foreigners and spending?

    13. If she has any integrity and principle at all , she was very much aware of the election fraud of the 2016 election where it happened in Quezon prov and insertion of new script during transmission of votes as reported by PPRCV It expert and widespread rigging where LP feed pre shaded ballots into bogus VCM, she shld not accept the proclamation till it’s resolved.

    14. Rodan Guerrero on

      If Leni Robredo is truthful of her statement to uphold the rule of law, she should begin it to herself and turn over the Vice Presidency to the real winner of the last elections. I dont know how this woman can swallow a position she clearly won through cheating as perpetuated by her STUPID MASTER who killed her own husband. IS THIS WOMAN REALLY SOMEBODY WE SHOULD TRUST? Pretending to commute on a bus but was discovered her own? LENI ROBREDO MAHIYAKA SANA SA MAKAPAL NA MUKHAMO!