Robredo turns down LP leadership role

Vice President Leni Robredo PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Vice President Leni Robredo PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has turned down a leadership role in the decimated Liberal Party (LP) as she pledged support to President Rodrigo Duterte of the ruling PDP-Laban.

Robredo told reporters on Tuesday that she had been with the Liberals for only three years and did not have enough experience to lead the party.

“Wala naman ako sa core group ng partido although ang rules ng partido, ang mag-take ng leadership position ay ang highest elected official [I am not in the party core group although party rules state that the leadership position is taken by the highest elected official], which happens to be me,” she said.

In a television interview Monday night, Robredo said she preferred to be titular head instead, but would follow the party’s decision.

The Liberals also need to decide what role it would play in the Duterte administration, she added, after party stalwart Rep. Edcel Lagman of Albay warned against a “subservient” opposition.

The LP membership in the House of Representatives has been cut by more than half to at least 45 after the defeat of standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd in the presidential elections.

Majority of the Liberals have switched to Duterte’s PDP-Laban, while a number of those remaining in the erstwhile ruling party want to be allied with the emerging new House majority coalition led by Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez.

When asked to recall her courtesy visit to Duterte last Monday in Malacañang, Robredo said the President was a “humble” man who stopped her from bowing to him as a sign of thanks.

“Sabi niya huwag kang magba-bow sa akin [He told me not to bow to him]. So I was telling him, ‘But you’re my boss, sir.’ Sabi niya, ‘Naku [He replied], don’t take it very seriously,’” she added.

Robredo clarified that he did not ask the President for a Cabinet position but merely exchanged notes and campaign trail experiences with Duterte during the Palace meeting.

“I told the President that with or without a Cabinet post, he can expect from me the same kind of support,” she said.

To support the Duterte administration, the Vice President plans to serve as convenor of civil society organizations involved in poverty alleviation, and coordinate with the National Anti-Poverty Commission and the Department of Social Welfare Administration to “fill the gaps” in government programs.

“Noong paalis na ako ang sabi niya [Duterte] sa akin, ‘Basta aalalayan mo ako sa trabaho [As I was leaving he (Duterte) told me, ‘Help me in my job],’” Robredo said.

“Ang sabi ko naman sa kanya, “Iiwan ko po ang number ko sa staff ninyo. Kung may gusto kayong ipagawa, tawagan na lang ako ng staff ninyo [I told him, ‘I’ll leave my number with your staff. If you want me to do something, your staff can call me],’” she added.


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  1. Prove mo nlng ms leni na ikaw ang hinalal ng mamayang pilipino,, wala nmn masama kung makipag kaisa ka kay bbm para malamn ang totoo,,

  2. delia turner on

    I have high respect for both, pres digong and vpres leni. let’s all move forward, bickering and bantering would never help for our country. if we all want progress and betterment for the phils, then we better support them and support our pres decisions in running our country. we must try to learn to comment with sense and sensibility. more talk, more mistake. less talk less, mistake.

  3. Cornel Amoroso on

    That is very vice presidential for VP Leni. At the end of the day, she is not elected by th LP to become RP Vice President. Instead she was voted by the Filipino people to be their Vice President. Now that she is the officially recognized VP and was given a mandate by Pres Duterte to head the Housing Agency in our country she should be loyal and support the President in his vision and goal to make a better Philippines. She should distance herself from those LP people who has a hidden agenda. Being yellow nor red nor whatever color reprsented by a polical party has always been the cause why our country’s leaders divided their loyalty. VP Leni should always think that nation building should be her top priority and not accepting the offer to assume LP leadership is the intelligent move she made because she can move freely on her own to reach her goal and vision to setve the filipino people. Its evident that since Pres Duterte even encourage her to attend all cabinet meetings and participate in vital information about the status of our country, she will also be supported by the President in her goals to serve the Filipino people. Perhaps she should start wearing the philippine flag in her collar as symbolism of national unity and allegiance to our motherland. My family did not vote for Leni as VP but with this pronouncement, I salute her for standing her ground and principles as a stateswoman. Cheers.

  4. baka isang way na rin nya yan para makakuha sya ng suporta kya President Digong na tulungan sya na muling mapabuksan ang imbestigasyon sa pagbagsak ng eroplano na sinakyan ng kanyang namatay na asawa . Ika nga isang Grand Conspiracy ng mga Ganid sa pera at kapangyarihan sa Gobyerno .

    • This is what i also thought since the time of campaign and elections. I think this is just her way to keep her family safe. To join the liberals to protect the safety of her family. And as long as she gets the position. Its time to turn things around. The robredo case was really controversial.

    • My article nabanggit na may kinalaman daw si Garbo na kasama sa 5 generals sa pagbagsak ng chopper ng asawa nya.

  5. ang importante lang naman ay suportahan nya si President Digong sa mga Program nya para sa Gobyerno at gawin nya ng tama ang naka assign sa kanya , lahat magiging happy . Good Luck and God Bless Philippines

  6. This is the kind of leadership we are all waiting for…the kind of leadership the Filipinos deserve!!!Duterte-Robredo tandem may God bless, protect and guide you both ♡♡♡

  7. Rafael Rodrigo on

    mabuhay ka mam leni,,,let us be united and work together for the good of our country,,,

  8. john alexander delaroso on

    okey since president duterte dicided vp lobredo be apart of his cabinet member for me i respect it….and give her chance to prove it to her self to the nation that she deserve it.

  9. Parang contradik ata yung sinabi nyo te na wala po kayong enough experience to rule the party pero sa pagtakbo ng VP Madami kayong karanasan..hmmm

    • In other interviews, sinabi nya na na right after college she started working with NGOs na. Meaning madami na sya experiences in serving the public. Pero 3 years palang nya nakakasama ang LP. Thats two different thing. Please do your research before commenting this kind of stuff.

    • Ang ibig sabihin lang ni Robredo, hindi pa siya nakasama sa may matataas naposisyon at nagpapatakbo ng Liberal. Hindi iyong she has no experienceto rulr the party. Talaga naman na kung hindi ka masayadong naging active sa operatio of the party dahil ordinary member ka lang, the pwede na lang siyang maging titular head. Her decision is a smart move because she could be with the oppositions without always opposing the program of the government for the good of the people. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

  10. anuman ang nasa isip ng sinumang Pilipino tungkol ating Pangulo at Pangalawang Pangulo…. isantabi na nating lahat iyan… bagkus dapat lang na lagi natin silang isama sa ating pagdarasal anuman ang ating relihiyon… upang ang tulong, paggabay at pagpatnubay ng Maykapal ay mapasakanila tungo sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa at para sa ikagiginhawa ng ating mga buhay lalo’t higit ang mga OFW’s na nagtitiis ng hirap sa ibang bansa para lamang sa ikagiginhawa ng kani-kanilang mga pamilya…. Kung lahat o ang bawat isang Pilipino ay magtutulungan at makiki-isa, posible ang kaunlaran na hinahangad nating lahat. Kung kaya ng ibang bansa na umunlad MAS LALONG KAYANG KAYA NATIN!!!! GOD BLESS US ALL..

    • I say Amen to that Ms. Ester!

      With DU30 and his staffs, the bagong Lipunan is born!

      Long live the Philippines!

  11. VP Leni Robredo is not just “beauty with brains”. She practically has “common sense” in her person and is armed with logic and rational procedure in action & judgment. The greatest slogan I want to dedicate to her on her sincerity to serve the filipino people, not just those few who bindly (but maybe idiotically) adhere to their political party’s ideals, is that of President JFK’s words upon his assumption to the presidency in the U.S.A., stating “My loyalty to my country begins, where my loyalty to my party ends”.
    I am very glad that our present VP has the same name as my beloved mother “Leonor”, who is still very strong, mentally and physically, at her age of 93. By the 26th of this month of July, she will come to celebrate her 94th birthday. We pray to God for that and to continue blessing her with good health and happy moods.

  12. She shows her loyalty to our republic and to majority people who had voted her and not to only few. She knew the moves of LP as a detractor of pres duterte, she realized that pres duterte is humble despite of his current top position. Both pres and Vp have good motives to uplift the country from poverty. goodluck to both of you.

  13. i my view there are quite a number of BS comments but then again that’s their opinion.
    i campaigned for Cayetano but he did not win and so did my second option BBM, Leni did so let’s MOVE ON. you sound like those haters who couldn’t accept that Du30 won the presidency. besides if pres Du30 has no problem working with the VP elec (so far so good) so why the hate. we support the pres and we should also support his decision to be working with Leni. and if we adored the late Jesse Robredo for the kind of public servant tha he was, surely he can’t be that dumb to be married to a horrific double-standard woman you picture her to be. and Naga people are supporting her so that should get you thunking. just like davaoeño are die hard Du30. have faith. have faith and pray for Du30’s safety and our nation instead. i hope we can all move on to the campaign issues and work hand in hand.

  14. She has to redeem herself. She unwisely joined a political party which did not really contribute to the growth of the country. She has to think carefully and leave, be independent if she sincerely wants to serve. The stigma of being a member of a less credible group is still in her shadow. Whether BBM wins the protest and become the legitimate VP, anyone who will honestly love the country and contribute to its growth will definitely be appreciated.

  15. VP Leni’s refusal to lead LP signifies her inclination not to be too loyal to the party she belongs to. It appears that her intention is to be true to her campaign promise to serve the “mga taong nasa laylayan” which is laudable. And, her vocal support for the presidency of Pres Duterte also indicate a good working relationship between the two highest officials of the land. Hurray to VP Leni, Pres Duterte, and the PH.

    • can’t agree more…this is a very welcoming development. “hindi kami, (ako at nang aking mga anak) nagkamali sa pag boto sa dalawang nilalang na ito”…God bless the Philippines.

    • Nympha Zabanal on

      I agree with you what we need are unity for our leaders since both of them both love the country .. Heads up high for these two leaders Pres Duterte and Vice President Robredo..

    • I agree with you. She is now a true government leader who chooses to give her loyalty to the country, lead it and fulfill her dreams for the people. She is a true partner for the President to make this government successful. I’m proud of them. God bless them always!

    • Rolando de castro on

      Agree to that …the president can trust our VP Leni Robredo to help the government for the people and by the people of this country…she will be an asset to his administration …

  16. Rody Gonzales on

    I believe God is in control. Let’s pray that God will give wisdom to Pres Duterte and VP Robredo and other govt officials. Bitterness will only harm ourselves.

    • Past is past. The important now is their good tandem as leaders of our beloved country. Their individual contribution supports the success of their plans to improve the country’s constituents. May our loving God be with them as they lead our country.

    • seriously? you believe in a news satire website? do you even know what satire means?

    • The Adobo Chronicles website is a satire page – fake, exaggerated, hoax. I hope we move forward as one nation, supporting both our beloved President and elected VP. I didn’t vote for her but I will respect her post as our country’s VP. God bless our leaders and our dear Philippines!

  17. Nakikita at nararamdaman ko ang katapatan ni vp Leni na makapagsilbi sa bayan! Good luck madaam vp Leni! PERO SANA TUMIWALAG KA NA SA DILAWAN PARA 100% MONG MAGAMPANAN ANG MGA PROGRAMA NI PDU30. SANA LANG PI!

    • To show her sincerity to the president she better stop her ties with the yellowtards regardless of what the party has done to her candidacy the only bad thing she did is nagpagamit Siya sa yellowtards

    • Josefina A. Salisipa on

      Good point, she can’t have the full swing if to serve under the leafetship of President elect Duterte for sure if her loyalty is still with the LP.

    • Tapos na election & still you & Josephine are still at it…bad-mouthing the defeated LP? Nanalo na presidente nyo what more do you want, kill the opposition? Baka nalilimutan nyo na kung di dahil sa mga dilawan who led the opposition against the dictator marcos you wouldn’t be as free verbally abusing & cussing people who disagree with you. A little humility & graciousness will not impoverish you & would lead to a better & peaceful Philippines.

    • She has the heart to serve the Filipino people. I believed it doesn’t matter if you’re blue red or yellow kung para sa bayan pwede mo naman i set aside ang partido just like she did.

    • oscar mendoza on

      wag mong iiwan at sasapi ka sa ibang partido i know that you are intelligent enough to do what is right esp. youre a lawyer wag kang tutulad sa iba na balimbing

  18. I suggest you take out the comment of Lorie, I thought you don’t publish vulgar language. Anyway why don’t we just work together for our country, and the only way we can do that is to start with ourselves…..

  19. Gad Guillen on

    Any non-politicians and politicians from around the world knows the resume of Mr. Bongbong Marcos SPEAKS BETTER for Vice Presidency can deal with foreign presidents, vice presidents & ambassador. Based on Mrs. Leni Robredo’s resume, she can serve the president but not as a vice president that she is unfit with. Also, Mrs. Robredo needed to see a professional psychologist & psychiatrist for weekly treatment before they can help millions lives. Noynoy Aquino, Corazon Aquino and Leni Robredo had one in common called Depression because (1) they smile toward people who lost their love ones. (2) kept bringing up their dead love ones. In the Holy Bible, better leave the dead alone and start working with the living. Every doctors & nurses knows that a depressed person cannot serve a country, for they needed to be treated first. Otherwise, they’ll ended up ruining millions lives.

    • Maria Santos on

      You need a shrink ASAP. Marcos is a laughingstock everywhere. He can’t even set foot in America until they return the loot back to the Pilipinos or he will be arrested. Please inform yourself.

    • What resume of Bongbong are you referring to? The one where he said he is a graduate of Oxford University? Many people were deceived by his false claim, and you think that’s what a good leader should do? IMO, he can not serve with honesty, because in the first place, he is not being honest at all with his credentials.

    • This is sooo cool! You were able to diagnose that she is suffering from depression based on your observations. You even quoted the bible to back up your statements! You are so smart!

  20. Robredo wants a cabinet position so badly that she will join the PDP just to get a position. Robredo is afraid of becoming irrelevant. So she is now flirting with the President!

    • Vincent Cruz on

      Carl Cid, people like you will have an end. Nakakahiya yang ideas mo. VP Leni just wants to be true to her mandate. Just leave it at that. Bitterness does not help, BBM supporter!

    • Fyi po she was offered the cabinet pist and didn’t begged for it. And she didn’t join PDP Laban she is still in LP she just don’t want to be the head because she is only a neophyte in the partylist which says a lot about her (she is not crazy for power)…. Pls straighten your facts, we need unity election is over, she is our VP badmouthing her doesn’t help our country

    • Did she ever say she is moving to PDP-Laban? She will remain with LP, perhaps as titular head, but not to lead it. It is a smart move since she can remain with the opposition (that is, be able to criticize the government if necessary), and still be able to have good working relations with the President. If she accepted the LP leadership role, alam ko rin ang sasabihin niyo: nagpapagamit siya sa LP!

      Damned if she did, damned if she didn’t.

  21. I hope people will be mature enough to judge her AFTER 6 years, not a month into the vice presidency. It was a noble decision to set aside political affiliations and align herself with the president’s goals. And for those people calling her ‘lugaw queen,’ there is nothing demeaning in associating oneself with lugaw. Ex president Gloria was herself called ‘Gloria Labandera’ which I detest because there really is nothing wrong in being a labandera. It’s a decent honest job. We are showing to the world how politically and socially immature we all are. Hopefully this all changes in the future.

  22. Robredo works effectively outside party politics. She had done so much for the marginalized Filipino for many years. Do your research.I respect her for that. Kayo Na mga nagsalita ng basura sa kapwa ninyo Tao may nagawa ba kayo? Kung wala nagawa kabutihan sa bansa Huwag na lang Sana mag salita ng masama. we must support the present government and all those who are already in office naman. Para sa kabutihan ng bansa matin.

    • Please do post of the works leni RobRedo for our Marginalized society.thanks

  23. We should face a reality … that it is high time to team-up regardless of partisans. A healthy work relationships should maintain freedom of the exercise of any reasonable instances that confronts along the way… God Bless our country leaders…!

  24. I agree with Cora – sana ipareview ke Leni mga allegations of irregularities sa Comelec (if there was). Para next time careful careful cyang magsabi na sure syang walang dayaan – despite na sangkatutak ang videos & testimonies all over the news & social media. Wish !

  25. that is nice mam Leni but NO thanks! Change is coming po! … if that is your POLITICAL STRATEGY to have a LP beside our beloved President sorry po we are not blind to be foulled, LP spend millions-billions to put you where u are now then you put them down? where’s is your loyalty po? your Integrity is gone! 50%-60% of the Pilipino don’t believe that you won in a fair election. pls. save your honor… peace po✌

    • Lani Mendoza on

      50-60%? Im just curious … where did you get that information? Is that a fact? :) You are questioning her integrity just because she decided to turn down LP’s leadership offer and what happens if it was otherwise? My point is people will always have something to say no matter what you do. Do you think that’s fair? Kung tinanggap nya yun offer im sure sasabihin ng karamihan “Tama” sila sa hinala nila na pababagsakin lang si Duterte and all that … pero ngayon tinanggihan … wala naman integrity? Talk about Honor huh? :) Peace din :)

    • But why did the President give her a cabinet position? You mean to say tanga ng presidente?

    • tagaDumantay on

      You don’t own Digong alone. Many of us voted for Duterte and Leni as viable pair instead of BBM or Cayetano.

  26. Wilfredo Laurel on

    The job of the vuce president is more demanding than the president.
    The President follows what aii the people want…
    The Vice President follows what all the pepole want and also what the President wants.

  27. How come you wanted to be a Vice President which from your mouth you couldn’t even handle just a damn LP leader! Bullshit! Your just stupid puppet, who just won because of lies, and Magic from comelec! YOUR A FRAUD VP! Walang hiya ka talaga, don’t even have an ego! NAKAKAHIYA KA! Lugaw Queen ka talaga. Stop Pabebe kasi ang tanda muna, nakakasuka pakinggan. You sound a horny old cat, who’s flirting! Yucky!

    • Wala naman po siyang sinabing ganun. Nagbasa ka po ba talaga? Haha at may patunay ka po ba na nandaya nga sya? Tsk. Isa pa po wag po tayong tatanga-tanga kasi di po siya nagbenta ng lugaw supporters nya po yun pati ung mga tumakbo nagparty nagbenta tsinelas, etc. Intindihin pong mabuti ang mga binabasa. Kung hindi po makaintindi ng Ingles meron pong google translate. Magpatulong kung hindi marunong gumamit. :)

    • “…couldn’t even handle just a damn LP leader?”
      Did you even read the article?

    • Lorie sumusuporta nga sya kay Duterte tapos puppet pa? Kung di naman sya susuporta may masasabi pa rin kayo. Patunayan mo ang pandaraya na sinasabi mo.

    • Grabe ka naman makapanghusga.. Duterte rin ako pero parang inhumane naman paratang mo..mali is ba pagkatao mo miss?? Parang wala kang kwenta at modong babae pakinggan sa comment mo.walang pinag aralan.kakadiri.

    • Comparing the Vice Presidency to leadership of a political party is fallacious. Leni choosing not to lead the LP is no indication that she cannot be VP.

      Perhaps if you would have paid attention to civics classes you would know the difference between political parties and vice presidency.

      And you can use Google Translate better than that. Mag-Filipino ka na lang sana, di ko kasi maintindihan yung sense ng mga English phrases mo eh.

    • ang pag tanggap po sa mga nanalo ay isang paraan pra sumulong tyo. wala ka nang pinagkaiba sa mga anti du30 kung ganyan mo rin tratuhin ang VP ngayon. nandaya man sya o hindi. naiproklama na po. alam niyo nmn ang mga nangyayare during campaign, mga palitan ng salita makatotohanan man o hindi maipagtanggol lang ang mga nasa partido mo. ngayon ay hndi na partido ang kanyang iniisip, nabasa mo nmn cguro sa column na to. maging mapgsuporta po tayo. ang pagbato ng mga akusasyon ngayon aypahirap lamang sa mga taong nais nang magbago.

    • Kung magsalita Ka against the VP, Akala mo sino kang maliniis. The words you utter showed your breeding and what kind of person you are.

    • Don’t you want that?!? She will not be a puppet of LP. She is not a puppet to begin with, just like her husband Jesse. What if Jesse is still alive and was the one who ran for VP and won the race?!?! Would you still throw your shitty words agains’t him?!? SMH!!! ???

    • Cool ka lang. I actually find it very integer of her to decline the leadership of the LP. Otherwise she will have conflict of interest if she will both serve as VP under Rodrigo and at the same time be the head of a political party in the opposition of Rodrigo’s party. That is what you call integrity, something many Filipinos still have to learn maybe?

    • Jeffrey L. Encinas on

      Wow! look who’s talking, I’m sorry to intrude your freedom of expression. But do you know her personally to talk that way? Or even know her track record? You’re arguing that she is a puppet of the liberal party, Wherein fact she declined the position to be their head? Maybe your brain is in your foot that is why your statements are contradicting.

    • YOU should be ashamed of yourself. You can’t even construct proper sentences and come up with substantial arguments. Your mouth should be stapled.

    • Mayette Akehurst on

      I bet your Marcos Supporter! until now you cannot accept the reality!! what a pity!!

    • People will always have something to say. Kung tinanggap ni Leni yun leadership offer malamang marami ang manggagalaiti sa galit o inis. Tama ba? Maybe … just maybe … some people are still furious because Leni keeps on proving them wrong :) May mga lumabas na haka haka na magreresign sya pag si Duterte nanalo (marami ang nagreact agad) good thing may mga naglinaw na sa isang unreliable website lang naman nakuha yun … napahiya ang mga nagreact sa haka haka na yun.

    • Marilen dela Cruz on

      Lorie…you should be ashamed of yourself! Using gutter words in your unsolicited comments is unacceptable. Please behave like an educated person when you submit your comments. If that is too much to ask, perhaps you should air your views in a tabloid.

    • Kawawa mo naman. Alam ko na kung ganito ang pananalita ng isang tao, malamang maka bongbong

  28. Couldn’t lead the LP? And your a Vice President in Philippines ? Fuck you! Ang isda pra naman nahuhuli talaga sa bunganga. Hayop na walang hiya ka Pesteng Lugaw

    • Hello. Being VP and leading a political party are two very different things. For instance, as VP she is expected to not take sides and be non-partisan when it comes to affairs of the government and state. Being leader of LP (or any other political party) consists mainly of organizing and uniting the party to push for policies that they want to propose.

      Leni foregoing leadership of the party is no indication that she is unable or unwilling to do her job as VP. The differences of the two roles go beyond what I mentioned and so should not be compared in the manner in which you seem to operate.

    • Manuel villa, Jr on

      Give a little respect to the lady, Ms Lorie. I believe she is just paying to what Pres. Duterte has done so far for the good of the Filipino people.

    • Lorie- I think you either have a very bad command of the english language or just not equipped fo understand how political parties and the government works.

      Leading a political party is about managing how the party will navigate through the politics of governance (including fielding candidates and running the politically machinery in elections) with the agenda of the party at it’s core. She is not a home-grown of LP hence she feels she doesn’t fully understand the politics of the party. She is however equipped to govern as a VP with the agenda of the Filipino people as her mandate.

      Hurling invectives like you do just demonstrates your character and capability to hold an intellectual conversation.

    • Hayaan nyo na yung Lorie na yun. She will not be able to comprehend everything mentioned against her mainly because her mind is already closed. If she thinks that way let her be. DO NOT WASTE TIME ON PEOPLE WITH A BAD MOUTH.

    • Lorie Critic on

      *You’re. Make sure to fix your English if you plan to rant in English.

      The way you accuse and speak is the exact mentality why the Philippines is not moving forward

    • Wow sobra ka namang mangalipusta ng tao. Ikaw ano ang ginagawa mo para sa mga Pinoy?

      Mahusay ka pala bakit di ka sumabak sa pulitiko.

    • Bigyan mo naman ng dignidad ang paborito mong kandidato kasi pinapakita mo lang kung anong klaseng tao ang mga supporters niya.

      Pero Kunsabagay, wala ding dignidad ang idol mo.

    • Wow e sino me dignidad?! Si robredo?!.
      Unang una kaya sya pumayag maging tuta ng yellow demon dhil s pangako n abnoy at mar kurimaw na siguradong sigurado sila mananalo. Pngalawa nung panahon ng kampanya sandamakmak ang salitang binitawan nya laban sa mahal na pangulo du30. Pangatlo alam nya malawakang dayaan pro kapal ng face nkakaharap at nkakangiti sya ng ganun ganun na lng samantalang alam nya sa sarili nya na mdami man bumoto s knya hndi naman sya talaga nanalo. O NGAYON SABIHIN MO NASAN ANG DIGNIDAD NG BABAENG ANG GINASTOS S KAMPANYA AY SUPORTA NG MGA BENTA NG LUGAW AT KUNG ANO ANO PANG KAEKLAYAN. KUMITA NG 40M? TAPOS BNIGAY S KANYA PANG SUPPORT SA KAMPANYA?!. UMPISA PLNG HNDI NA SYA TOTOO. plastic!

  29. Last month Robredo was telling the liberal party members that were leaving not to be turncoats and in traditional trapo fashion she is now leaving the liberal party for Duterte’s ruling PDP-Laban party.

    Must be a case of do what i say don’t do what i do.

    • Hello. There was no indication in this article that she was leaving LP for PDP-Laban. It was noted only that she would be supporting Duterte who happens to be a member of PDP-Laban.

    • Did it say she was leaving? Tinurn down lang aalis na agad. She said she just wants to be titular head and not party leader per se.

    • She was elected to serve the whole Philippine citizenry especially those at the fringes of society and not any particular sector. She was not elected to be the LP leader but to be the humble public servant that she promised and to serve as the vice president of the Philippines. She is not a turncoat and still part of the party but just cannot be their leader at this time

    • Di mo ba naintindihan or nabasa o sadyang natabunan na ng disgusto ang iyong sound judgment?! Titular Leader nga dba?! Hay naku… Tatanga-tanga…

  30. I really think she is a nice person just happened to be in the wrong crowds. But any way we’ll see what will be the result of her lawsuit. The sad part is if she will be proven guilty of cheating it is a big blow to her. BBM will take the vice presidency which many believe he is the rightful owner.

    • You must really be dreaming! Yeah right,
      BBM will take over as VP when pigs start
      flying. OK?

    • God! nagbabasa ba kayo? Hindi siya respondent sa anu mang complaint sa election! Wake up!

    • Haha Hindi naman yan sila nagbabasa. Meron nang sariling opinyon kaya title lang ang kayang basahin.

  31. Sna ang ipagawa sa kanya ni Pres Duterte ang rebisahin ang Comelec irregularities at sumang-ayon siya kahit sa palagay niya wlang dayaan kc clear nman meron irregularities pra nman tlgang total change ng govt system. Ilang election na meron parihas pa din meron irregularities. Yan ang dapat support niya bilang PCOS machine elected. Fair sna siya at maging totoo Kong tlgang support siya sa new admin ni Pres Duterte. Siya ang pinakamalaking election funding sa boong candidate. At sna ang gawin niya ay bumaba sa taong bayan at ipamahagi Kong paano kumita sa business na lugaw kc isa ako sa nghahangad na iaangat ang level ng pamumuhay ng aking pamilya at masuportahan ko sa pag-aaral. Pinasok ko na kc yan lugaw, ice drop at shake. I am praying for the righteousness for the govt system. Dami mga taong gusto makapaglingkod pero wlang mangahas dahil pera pera nlng batayan. Kong wlang support ng pera ang candidacy ni Robredo siya ba ay makikita bilang politiko? Ayan po ang aking opinion na sna totoong pagbabago…COMELEC law ay bigyan din pansin…

  32. Abraham Concepcion on

    Teamwork for the common good of the filipino people. That’s the reason why you got elected, Mrs. Robredo. When I first read about your comment “if Mr. Duterte and I will be elected, I will resign” that’s only a figure of speech. Why should you? Filipinos have spoken. Who are you to disappoint the majority? I admire not only your beauty and brain but also your humbleness. Politics is politics. Even in western cultures does and said those things too. As to Mr. Duterte may I remind you sir what the late Pres. Quezon has said “My loyalty to my friends ends where my duty to the filipino people begins” quote-unquote.

    • there was a video just after election where VP Leni held a press conference explaining that she never said that if Duterte wins as Prez and she wins as Vice Prez, she will resign. She said that somebody made an internet acct. for her and made that story without her kowledge thats why she wants to clear that issue coz even whoever prez, she wil still acceept the VP post if she wins.

    • She NEVER said she would resign if Pres Durerte got elected. Nabasa
      Niyo po yata ay meme.

    • Be patience folks, she will not be stay in Duterte office so long, Bongbong stay put until the end big issue of cheating votes has full witnesses along with it.

    • Agree ako sa yo! Sana lahat ng Pinoy malawak mag isip tulad mo, and for sure tuloy na talaga ang pag asenso ng Pinas!