• Robredo vows to oppose Duterte’s ‘detrimental’ policies


    NOW that she is out of the Cabinet, Vice President Leni Robredo vowed to strongly oppose all policies of the Duterte government that she believes is detrimental to the country.

    Robredo held a news briefing on Monday shortly after the President accepted her resignation as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

    “I would have a louder opposition to all policies that is detrimental to the people such as the death penalty, the lowering of age of criminal liability, extrajudicial killings, ill treatment of women,” Robredo said.

    “I would oppose policies that I do not believe in. If that is being an opposition leader, then I can be that. This is mot about me, but about my obligation to the people,” Robredo added.

    Duterte initially refused to give Robredo a Cabinet portfolio because her did not want to hurt the feelings of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.

    Robredo beat Marcos by 263,473 votes during the May polls. Marcos filed an electoral protest questioning Robredo’s victory before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).

    “This is not the time for fear. It is a time for conviction. It is a time for courage. We will continue to support policies and actions from this administration if we believe these are right and just and will benefit the last, the least, and the lost. If they don’t, we will not hesitate to dissent,” Robredo said.

    “I am here for the people and will stay here for the people. I will continue to push through with my work; to make my contribution in addressing poverty and cultivating equality. As your duly elected Vice President, I will continue to serve with all my strength and passion, confident that in the end, what is right will prevail,” she added.

    Robredo has set five advocacy programs that her office will pursue — hunger and food security, education, world development, empowerment, and universal health care.


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    1. Leni Robredo vowed to strongly oppose all policies of the Duterte government that she believes is detrimental to the country. Do we welcome this that LP in the house got the majority but eventually became turn coats? We could have then a genuine Opposition if the role she will pursue is a responsible opposition for challenging the policies of the government and producing different policies where appropriate which is important for Duterte government to hold them responsible and accountable to the public.

      However, if Robredo’s opposition leadership does not see sometimes to agree with government if the solution proposed has wide support, and is soundly based, then it’s only natural for the Opposition to agree. So, people, do we expect or foresee this Opposition under Robredo’s leadership shall act to be responsible one and not oppose, oppose, oppose? While the Duterte administration in a short period of five months have actually delivered an excellent performance in the government compared to the 12 years of the Aquinos Oligarchies, then we might figured out and say rightly that LP Opposition under the leadership of VP Leni Robredo is mere trouble maker detrimental to the desired advancement in economic, peace and order, political, social and morals of the society of the Philippines..

    2. vp robredo, i havent heard your name involved in the relocation of the yolanda victims last nov 29. what happened? aside from the presidential assistant MIKE DINO,you were also tasked to finish the unfished job of the aquino administration to build shelters for the yolanda victims be relocated by december.

    3. Without that HUDCC cabinet position, the VP becomes a spare tire. As such she loses her advocacy to influence decisions in the political, economic and social system and institutions . of the DU30 administration.

    4. Good riddance!
      Mas tahimik sa Cabinet, trabaho lang.
      Yellows are worried about PDU30’s choice of SC appointees, it was PNoy who had violated protocols during his stint.

    5. She is the last hope of all who want Duterte dead and out of the way. If a drug lord gets lucky all of their problems will be over and everything will revert to the happy days of the Aquino’s. That’s her real value in Philippine politics. She should just lay low and let whatever happens happen. Duterte has made his own life cheap by killing so many others along the way. He knows this. I don’t think he expects to live out his term.

    6. Ms. Robredo is the only sane voice in the PH government as far as I can tell from here in the USA. I could have predicted her departure from her HUDCC position. But now I predict she will resign (if possible) from her VP position. And I hope she does, because Duterte will continue to insult her and treat her as garbage. That is apparently how he treats most women — as sex objects rather than equals to men. Duterte is a sicko and I hope he is removed from office before his term. Please!

      • Ms. Robredo and you are free to leave Philippines. People are sick and tired of your crab mentality attitude towards our President.

      • It’s a good thing your in the US. Imagine the added insanity if ever you decided to actually return. And as for your prediction of her stepping down as VP, malabo ‘yon brad. Kapit tuko eh (she’s throwing everything including the kitchen sink just to oppose a re-count). :-)