Robredo warns of effort to install Marcos as VP


Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo has called on the public to be vigilant against a “stolen” recount of votes that will supposedly install defeated Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as vice president by January 2017.

Georgina Hernandez, spokesman for the Office of the Vice President (OVP), disclosed on Sunday evening that supporters of Robredo had expressed concern about alleged plans of recounting ballots without the direction of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

A text message on the alleged plans circulated over the weekend.

Hernandez, in a statement, said the text message read, “Re: VP Protest case. Recount of ballots from 4-5 provinces will start end of November and will finish by December deliberations after. You can bet early next year, we have a new VP. From a trusted source.”

“The objective is to steal the vice presidency from Vice President Leni. This fear and grave concern are exacerbated by the way the Marcoses sneaked the burial of the dictator from the Filipino public,” she added.

Hernandez was referring to Robredo’s opposition against the hero’s burial for Marcos’ father, the late former president Ferdinand Marcos, for human rights violations committed during the elder Marcos’ martial law regime.

Robredo beat the Marcos scion by 263,473 votes in the vice presidential race last May.

“To get what they desperately want, they have resorted to impunity and complete disregard for the rule of law. We urge everyone to be more vigilant about any extralegal movements during this dark time in our history and we thank those who remain committed to a free and just society,” Hernandez said.

“We continue to have faith in our judicial system and we believe that any decision will be based on truth,” Hernandez added.

Robredo said the hurried hero’s burial for the elder Marcos on Saturday afternoon was not announced and commenced even if the Supreme Court is yet to decide on whether to allow a hero’s burial for the former president.


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  1. Fact| I did vote for BBM.

    Fact| BBM is much Educated/ Rich/ Gifted/ Politically Groomed than Leni the Homemaker :P

    Fact| BBM is Pro-Duterte.

    Fact| BBM is more Popular.

    Fact| BBM is Philippine’ s VP: Because he did get his father to be Libing at the Hero Cemetery.

    I rest my case :P

  2. The Lugaw FRAUDRERO is in panic mode! You’re the cheaters! You cheated the VP race, with the help of Smartmagic and that SOB Bautista!

  3. Kayo ang takot ngayon dahil kayo ang nag nakaw ng buto. Ayaw ninyong mag-recount dahil ang lalabas ay si Marcos. Dinaya ninyo ang panalo ni Robredo sa Smartmatic Machine.

  4. I did not sleep the whole night and observed how Robredo’s vote overtaken Marcos’. Its like a manipulated program to increase her votes gradually in steady linear increments. Maybe out of conscience and short of time, all Smartmatic could do best is a 200,000 vote margin. Comelec, Smartmatic and Leni’s camp has a lot of explaining to do and should take the burden of proof. For the sake of the name of Jesse Robredo, please be honest and admit that Leni’s camp (or Noynoy Aquino) cheated.

  5. LUGAW QUEEN….nga naman..!.shivering in fear that she might lose her vaunted SEAT. Oh common, you fallback to LUGAW business…total doon ka nagkamal ng millyones…di ba?
    You know it by yourself that you had been used by the YELLOW forces and that you had been a biased candidate by the media just like TRUMP….who were all for CLINTON and vastly demonizing TRUMP daily —and guess what?…..a landslide defeat for the Democrats.
    Kayong mga YELLOWTARDS…if you believe that LUGAW Queen was the real winner, how come nobody is idolizing her wherever she goes compared to BONGBONG that wherever he goes….he’s been mobbed and idolized..anytime and anywhere.SIGE Palabasin you siya ng sabay sabay sa LUNETA, Plaza Miranda or sa mga calzada……let’s count who has the most fans?

  6. Leni Robredo you are not the duly elected vice president of this country. You are just a mouth piece of the yellow group. Your mandate is to protect and serve the interest of your party only and not the filipino people. Your true role has long time been revealed by your actions and words. You really have to be worried for sooner or later you’ll be removed from the position that is not due to you. Step down now, the PCOS machine which voted you need your service as VP under PCOS government without a country. The people who voted for the BBM as the truly elected VP continue to have faith in our judicial system and that the truth will prevail. And the truth is : Leni Robredo is a fraud VP!

  7. psywar agad. kaya nga idinulog sa PET ang counting of votes para malaman ang totoo.. nakakatakot talaga ang katotohanan. Let the truth prevail.. and the truth shall set you free. Respect the decision of the PET since Aquino-appointee Justice Cagiouia is the ponente of the case.

  8. bakit kayo nanginginig na malaman ang totoo? recounting is the only way to find out if that Robredo cheated or not. A certified very vocal of accusing the Marcoses cheated, and now you are afraid to recount because wil be ousted as VP due to cheating,Karma nga naman, digital na , di magtatagal at patatalsikin din yan hunyangong babaitang lugaw.

  9. Irenea R. Vallestero on

    Oh shut up. Let’s get to the truth, which you don’t like: YOU DID NOT WIN.

    Btw, it will serve the populace better if you whip your party to account for the Yolanda funds.

    • Ms Hernandez, you & your boss Leni know that we know that you & your boss Leni know that you are twisting the truth in claiming that the SC “is.yet to decide on whether to allow a hero’s burial on the former president”.
      You very well know that the SC had already dismissed all petitions against such burial.
      So, you should stop fooling the people.
      Better you just shut up.

    • Please. Have a recount and be done with it. If she did not cheat, then she has nothing to fear. Actually should she emerge the winner in the recount, won’t that silence her critics? Ituloy na yan. Nakakapagod na.

  10. you do not need to be vigilant Leni, the truth will come out anytime that you cheated the May elections and get ready to pack up your things and vacate the seat of BBM that you had warmed up because when that day come you’ll cry like hell and mark my word you feel like it’s the end of the world for you and you do not like to live anymore…..KARMA.

  11. Roldan Guerrero on

    The ” LUGAW QUEEN ” is now fearing her ouster! Who would not know they cheated the elections via Smart Matic HOKOS-PICOS? She is the least winnable in all surveys, how did she win? How did Drilon, the most hated candidate for Senator win and become no.1? How can De Lima make it? TRUTH WILL PREVAIL, the real winner will be declared soon!