Robredo wins VP race


LAST MAN STANDING Tally board on the third day of canvassing in Congress shows Leni Robredo leading Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the vice presidential race. (Below left) Former Maguindanao assemblyman Bassir Utto testifies about alleged massive cheating in Maguindanao. PHOTOS BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

Just as Leni Robredo predicted her victory, the last man standing in the race for the second highest position of the land is a woman.

Robredo, Camarines Sur Representative, won the tightly contested vice presidential race with 14,418,817 votes – 263,473 votes more than Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s 14,155,344.

With the stirring win, the congresswoman completed her rags-to-riches story of starting at 1 percent in the surveys before slowly but steadily rising to the vice presidency despite running against more seasoned politicians such as Marcos, Sen. Alan Cayetano, Sen. Francis Escudero, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th and Sen. Gregorio Honasan.

Robredo first wrested the lead from Marcos, Jr. at about 3:47 p.m. on Day 3, Friday, of the canvassing of votes in Congress after booming wins in the Visayan and Mindanao provinces – a lead that she never relinquished since then.

270516_canvassing2And she could not have gained victory at a better time – on the day of what could have been the 58th birthday of her late husband, former Interior and Local Government Secretary and Ramon Magsaysay awardee Jesse Robredo.

She overwhelmed Marcos in Antique (119,055), Iloilo City (137,662), Zamboanga del Norte (209,491), Northern Samar (111,461), Maguindanao (220,125) and Lanao del Sur (180,539).

Robredo beat Marcos by 74,000 votes in Antique and crushed Marcos in Iloilo City and Zamboanga del Norte by 100,000 and 120,000 votes, respectively.

Her emphatic wins in Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur saw her obliterating Marcos there by 139,534 and 124,296 votes, respectively.

The lone woman in the vice presidential race also frustrated Marcos in Northern Samar with a lead of 38,247 votes.

Robredo also had a good day among overseas voters during the third day of canvassing.
She won in the Vatican (135), Myanmar (89), Switzerland (939), Australia (1,280), Papua New Guinea (362), The Netherlands (220), India (22) and Indonesia (630).

“Gusto ko magpasalamat sa lahat ng naniwala sa atin kahit noong umpisa, nag-umpisa ako sa wala (I would like to thank everyone who believed in me even if I had nothing going for me at the start), Robredo, a former lawyer for the poor, said in a radio interview.

Marcos, on the other hand, came so close to victory because of a solid win in Leyte–the hometown of his mother, Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos–and Sulu, as well as his continued dominance in absentee voting.

He beat Robredo by 164,855 votes in Leyte and by 81,219 votes in Sulu.

Marcos also clobbered her in the local absentee voting, 11,683 to 2,341.

The overseas voters were all for Marcos in at least 35 countries that included: Kuwait, (4,777), Poland (57) Cambodia (420), Thailand (1,284), Iran (47), Oman (1,477), Hungary (116), East Timor (177), Brazil (91), New Zealand (768), Mexico (118), Belgium (356), Chile (147), Norway (515), Pakistan (116), Argentina (18), France/Monaco (661), South Africa (131), Bangladesh (134), Nigeria (131), Germany (540), Czech Republic (90), Portugal (237), Brunei Darussalam (1,904), Jordan (903), Israel (3,350), Egypt (391), Greece (1,346), Turkey (299), combined Certificates of Canvass from Vietnam, Maldives and Sri Lanka (132), Laos (285), Kenya (176), Russia (566), Canada (8,622) and Austria (272).
The senator also won the detainees’ votes, 607 to Robredo’s 393.


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  1. Frank Fernandez on

    Now being the dual duo at the high seats of Malacanang, In an objective way, I think both experienced lawyers being the first and 2nd citizens of this country would make a perfect team to govern the land. As a start, the rest of us must move on and face the challenges ahead of us along with these new leaders’ guidance.

  2. To Leni Robredo d ka ba natatakot sa karma. Siguro naman alam mo kung ano dahilan hindi ikaw ang tunay nanalo sa election. May ginawa kayong milagro ewan ko kung may mukha ka pang iharap sa taong bayan. alam ng taong kung sino ang tunay nanalo darating ang karma sa ginawa ninyo milagro. Hindi mo sinunod ang magandang halimbawa ng mga ginawa ng asawa.

  3. BOBONG MARCOS the son of the family of THIEVES and LOOTERS and CHEATERS will never give in his PLAN_C is to audit the auditors,… hahahah lol

  4. Maribel A. Calanda on

    She won via cheating with the LP especially Pnoy at the helm. The govt showered her with full government funds. Kawawa naman ang maraming mahihirap na victims of calamities and the poorest of the poor. Ang pera ng gobyerno napunta lang sa babaeng ito. She could never be the true VP in the hearts of the Filipino people. Actually the contest is between Marcos and Pnoy and Marcos really won. Pnoy used all ugly tactics. Now, if he blames BBM’s father for being a cheat, he is also one because he used all dirty tactics just to make this woman a beneficiary of his dirty tactics.

  5. Hector David on

    Her win is tainted by Smartmaic tampering .. as a reluctant candidate she seems not to care about the integrity of the process but the result
    The yellow army wins again .. watch out Mayor Duterte.

  6. This is Aquino’s last curse on the country. His final act of brazenness, subverting the electoral process to ensure the manufactured win of his possible savior. This should not pass. There is still the Presidential Electoral Tribunal that can overturn this infamy, provided that the justices redeem themselves by refusing any inducements like what was given for the Grace Poe decision.

    ## 33 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

  7. KALOKOHAN YAN..Undervotes, pre shade ballots, technical glitches and comelec and Aquino conspiracy, that the factor of automated election fraud..

  8. I hope that is the end of the Marcoses politically. My advice to BBM, concentrate your efforts in taking back the billions your family gave to Lucio Tan. I know it is in court right now but there is a big chance your family can take back what is yours or the monies that should have been Philippine monies.

    • I AGREE. he is the son of the family of CHEATERS, THIEVES AND LOOTERS. Cheaters die many times like his tyrant father. winners die once only.

      this is the beginning of the end of the family of THIEVES and LOOTERS.

      God has spoken and so juna dela cruz.

  9. Marcos Jr. go home to Ilocos Norte and cook papa-it, and drink Lambanog and have a good night sleep, and wake-up in the morning and start complaing why the cockroahes and Bed Bugs votes were not counted in your credit? D.I. rules in this election, D.I. is Divine Intervention my friends for your information. A sober feelings for Marcos supporters better luck next time BBM.

  10. its about time to kick Marcoses out of Philippine politics. They are the scourge that brought down the goverment to its knees. They should be all in jail.

  11. BBM won the hearts of the people and nation,Leni won the votes that end in division and hatred among the nations that will be divided that takes years to heal.

  12. Congratulations is in order for Congreswoman Robredo. Word of Caution. Do not continue to lived in the shadow of your husband. Make your own waves in the Philippine political field.

  13. Mark Torres on

    Actually, the Plan C begins, I.e. CHAOS!

    The LP will reassemble, fight DU30, either impeachment or revolutionary government follows, crooked PNP and military band together not to follow orders from commander in chief, intrigues in military appointments, resistance from scalawag baranggay officials, government officials who are unable to make money will sow terror. If government missteps, yellow zombies will go to the streets with their Pnoy as Lead especially when Department of Agrarian Reform starts to subdivide and distribute Hacienda Luisita. Etc etc etc.