Robredo’s hub for good governance


Vice President-elect Leni Robredo will not allow the “ghost” of the Boracay Mansion to haunt her as she considers her soon-to be office a hub for good governance.

Boyet Dy, who will serve as Robredo’s Chief of Staff, said Robredo never regarded the Boracay Mansion forfeited by the Sandiganbayan in favor of the Quezon City government as a bad omen because it has been rebuilt into a structure different from the once ostentatious mansion.

“We see it as a symbol that our country’s fight against corruption is working because this property will now be used for a good cause as the Office of the Vice President who will be of help to the people. She set important principles in choosing her office, and that is it has to be cost effective, simple yet presentable where she can receive guests from all walks of life: from foreign dignitaries to the stakeholders whom she will work with to push for her anti-poverty advocacies,” Dy told reporters.

Estrada used to own the Boracay Mansion at No. 100 11th Street, New Manila, Quezon City where he also spent time with his partner, Laarni Enriquez. It got the name because of the white sand that surround a huge swimming pool.

Since its forfeiture in 2007, it has been used as the Quezon City government’s Executive House for receiving guests. The swimming pool area has also been converted to a parking lot.

“From our perspective, it is not the Boracay Mansion anymore. It is a completely different structure; a totally new building. It just so happens that it is located in the same lot of the previous building,” Dy added.

He said the property’s location sits well with Robredo.

“The Executive House has a good location because it is near the government offices that focuses in addressing poverty: the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development), DA (Department of Agriculture, DAR (Department of Agrarian Reform), as well as the National Anti-Poverty Commission. The locations of these agencies have warranted strong consideration,” Dy pointed out.

Robredo also lives in Quezon City with her three daughters Aika, Tricia and Jillian.
Dy said that Robredo’s inauguration will be a toast to the toiling people whose lives she has promised to improve.

“The ceremonies will be simple, but will remain fitting to the occasion. Each sector will have a representative during the inauguration, especially those who are from the fringes of society whom she has served way back [before her political career]as a lawyer. She will work doubly hard for them this time alongside with her other partners,” Dy told reports in an interview.

“Her family will be there along with the people from the sectors she has worked with: women, farmers, fishermen, laborers…in fact, it will be a free seating because everybody in the room will be on equal footing and capable of serving the country,” he added.

Robredo’s inauguration will start with a flag raising ceremony. The Payatas Children’s Choir will sing the national anthem.

A multi-faith service will follow before Robredo takes her oath of office that will be administered by two barangay captains: Rolando Coner of Brgy. Punta Tarawal in Camarines Sur and Regina Celeste San Miguel of Brgy. Mariana in Quezon City.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    How can Robredo discharge her function as VP accurately and peacefully is she herself knows they cheated BBM? Cant she imagine how much embarassment she will suffer once BBM will be declared the real winner?

    • The answer to your question is simple. She knows that she did not cheat. She grew up knowing that in life nothing comes free. In order to succeed, one cannot do anything less than honestly work hard. People saw in her their hopes and aspirations. People saw in her the truth. That is how she won, and that is what truly happened.

      If there is anyone capable and knowledgeable of cheating, that would be BBM. He literally grew up surrounded by lies. His father was a liar from head to toe and his mother is worst than a liar. So much are the lies in their family even up to this day. So much are the lies that he could no longer see the truth. And, no matter how he pretends to be innocent and kind, the name of his family will forever be tainted by the blood of the innocent and the helpless. No less than his own grand children will one day rebuke their name.

  2. Mercedita Supetran on

    I am so proud of you for being an epitome of kindness and compassion to people in all walks of life. You deserved to be the Vice President of the Philippines whose virtues and character depict the meaning of what a true Filipino is. I give my never ending support to your advocacies and may our Lord protect you always!!!

  3. The trust rating of Leni is in the 40 plus percent per rating bureau. The Pilipinos love Leni. When Pnoy vetoed the SSS benefit increase, she said it will hurt millions of seniors and the voting public. She acknowledged that the veto is. Big blunder to all liberal part candidates. She is right, Mar Roxas lost miserably against Duterte.

  4. Kung simple ka talaga di ka dapat dyan sa Boracay Mansion. Mag rent ka ng ofc tlaga yung malapit sa terminal ng Bus! para tuloy yung pagpanggap mo.

  5. Napilitan c Robredo maging simple kasi makukumpara yung inaguration nya kay Duterte. Let’s face it, kaya ayaw ni Duterte isama ka at bigyan ng cabinet post kse questionnable, dubious yung pagka panalo mo Leni! Alam naman ng lahat ng may hocus pcos na naganap. Labo pano ka mananalo eh endorsed ka ni pnoy, ni hindi ka kilala sa mga ibang lugar unlike household name “Marcos”. kulelat ka sa survey tapos last minute biglang nag tie.

  6. We will support you Madam How i wish that you will be our President not this anti Christ and communist President

  7. With or without Duterte support.. You won the heart of over 14million voters (and counting). We are all behind you all the way.. You are a woman of dignity, humanitarian, humility and most of all, God-fearing and of good “Christian”
    values. We will all stand united for your/ our rights as one people!!!!

    • Roldan Guerrero on

      Really? How can you say that if President elect Duterte does not even recognize her because of massive cheating and election rigging?