• Robredo’s mendacity gives Grace Poe a boost


    SENATOR Grace Poe’s drive for the presidency has just been given a boost by the Liberal Party’s and Malacañang’s candidate for vice-president, Madam Leni Robredo.

    Mrs. Robredo lied about being blessed by the youth and student sector with their support. Yesterday she was exposed as a liar and lambasted by our country’s largest, most influential and active youth and student organizations. This is very bad for Madam Robredo but it also helps Sen. Grace Poe lose a lot of the weight of her having lied, in public documents, about the circumstances of her birth. For by being spotlighted as a liar, Mrs. Robredo has reduced the strength of that bad light from fellow female Sen. Poe and shifted the focus on herself.

    Of course, male presidential candidate Digong Duterte has also been pilloried by columnists for his lies. But our subject is roses right now – not thorns, not horny heels like Duterte.

    Here is the press release of the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and ANAKBAYAN about Madam Leni Robredo’s mendacity. It was emailed to The Times and other media by LFS.

    Youth groups slam Robredo over fake support statement

    National youth groups League of Filipino Students (LFS) and ANAKBAYAN strongly condemn the Liberal Party (LP) for resorting to blatant lies and deception to prop up its failing campaign in the wake of growing public disgust with the Aquino regime and the ruling party.

    In a press statement posted on its website, the campaign team of LP vice-presidential candidate Leni Robredo misleadingly claims that the Sandigan ng Mag-aaral para sa Sambayanan (SAMASA) has expressed support for Robredo’s candidacy.

    The same statement also dragged the names of LFS and ANAKBAYAN, as affiliates of the SAMASA student political parties in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), in Iloilo, into this quagmire.

    For the record, SAMASA, which continues to be the dominant student political party in PUP and the UPV today, denies any hand in the statement backing Robredo’s candidacy.

    For its part, ANAKBAYAN and LFS will likewise never endorse the Liberal Party’s vice presidential candidate.

    The past six years under the Liberal Party’s Noynoy Aquino has been a black era for the Filipino youth and people. Liberal Party control over government was marked by the suicides of six students, including UP freshman Kristel Tejada, because of the high cost of education with average tuition rates soaring from P30,000-50,000 in the beginning of Aquino’s term to P60,000-100,000 in 2015.

    State universities and colleges suffered from annual budget cuts to force school
    administrations to impose higher fees on students even as the national government became involved in massive corruption in the form of pork barrel or discretionary lump sum funds handed over to Aquino allies.

    The Kidapawan massacre of hungry farmers is but the latest in the Aquino regime’s long list of human rights violations from the Lumad killings of indigenous people in Mindanao, over 300 extrajudicial killings, and the continuing imprisonment of 560 political prisoners, 136 of which are youth detainees.

    All of these are on top of the Aquino regime’s criminal actions on key people’s issues and concerns from the neglect of the Yolanda victims, pushing of MRT-LRT fee hikes, allowing US military bases in Philippine soil under EDCA, and the veto of the SSS pension hike for senior citizens, among many others.

    We will never endorse a vice-presidential candidate who promises the continuation of the so-called “Matuwid na Daan” and the prolongation of the Filipino people’s sufferings. We reject the Robredo campaign for serving the purpose of deodorizing the Aquino regime.

    We slam the desperate move by the LP campaign to conjure popular support for its hopelessly trailing candidates by exploiting student groups for shameless politicking. Apart from this, the LP campaign has been blatantly using government resources, events, vehicles, manpower to make their bets win.

    LFS and ANAKBAYAN condemn the ruling party’s use of public funds and resources to perpetuate itself in power. We call on the Filipino youth and people to repudiate the lies, machinations, and underhanded schemes of the Liberal Party to make its candidates win at all costs.

    (The LFS press release had an attached photo of the fake statement of support grabbed from Madam Leni Robredo’s website: https://lenirobredo.com/natl-youth-group-bats-for-robredo-as-vp.)


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    1. James if u are from naga, why did you not put your family name in your comment? Is it perhaps you want to destroy only the name of Jesse Robredo by order of your bossing you are afraid perhaps because you are the one who tells a lie. Para kang kalampay.

    2. Lionel A. Abril on

      Cong. Leni did not claim the support of LFS and ANAKPAWIS. Those who are familiar with the political spectrum, knows this, I believe the author too of the article knows too. BAYAN Network – BAYAN Muna, LFS, ANAKPAWIS, Gabriella, KMU among others to name a few, supports the candidacy of Duterte.

    3. UP Samasa Alumni endorsed Leni. A staff of Leni’s campaign made a mistake and attributed it to PUP SAMASA. Here is the official statement of Atty. Susan Villanueva, President of UP SAMASA alumni Association:

      Atty. Susan Villanueva: am the President of UP SAMASA Alumni. SAMASA was the dominant student political party and alliance of over 100 student organizations including LFS in UP. SAMASA fought for the restoration of basis student rights after the declaration of martial law. The founder of LFS National Jose “Pepe” Alcantara is a member of UP SAMASA since he was also the UP University Student Council Chair in 1980-1981. We issued the statement in support of Leni Robredo in order to ensure the defeat of Bongbong Marcos in the polls. It appears that the website writer was confused about UP SAMASA and PUP SAMASA. I have already clarified the mistake in the article posted in the website and the website will post the correction. This is just a mistake done in good faith and the correction is being implemented now. I hope since we share the common objective of ensuring that the Marcoses do not return to the center of political life through Bongbong Marcos’ candidacy, this clarifies the matter already.

    4. Buking! Mga Disente ha! Tuwid ang daan ha! Kanino kayo kumuha ng kapal ng mukha? Huwag niyo na sagutin. Alam na namin!

    5. Leni Robredo is a Big Fat Liar – Great to know she was exposed this time around.
      We are from Naga City and we know the real Leni Robredo and ALL her big fat lies including “allegedly” taking the bus to Naga from Manila when her private car is just tagging behind the bus. She lies about her SALN – she owns several condominium properties. She flunked the bar exams three times(3x) . Robredo is not really helping the urban poor in Naga but contributes to their problems since the time of Jesse Robredo as Mayor. It is so normal for Leni Robredo to lie all the time and she believes in her own press releases which are not true. She has a pending Disqualification Case with the Comelec filed since May 2013 which the Liberal Party /PNoy and Roxas are trying to put under the rug. Leni Robredo will not even win a lot of votes in Cam Sur. Hopefully her other big fat lies will also be exposed soon.

    6. Who is the author of this article or “opinion”? Why is there no name or byline attached to it? This kind of anonymous writing is “cheating and propaganda”. Is the author afraid to be identified with the contents of the article? I suspect the author is a paid hack or troll for Lying Grace Poe-Llamanzares. How hyperbolic and exaggerated to claim that Lying Grace’s candidacy “has just been given a boost by the Liberal Party’s and Malacañang’s candidate for vice-president, Madam Leni Robredo, and that the latter has just been exposed as a liar”. The author must be living in another planet.

      If Leni Robredo believed that she has or had the support of SAMASA, there must be a reason for this opinion. Isn’t it possible that some student representatives had voiced their support for her personally? If affiliates of SAMASA (LFS and Anakbayan) now claim that this is not the case, so be it. No big deal! The student population’s votes will not decide this election. Further, how do we know that the entire membership of LFS and Anakabyan think the same way as this article describes? “Ano ito? Group-think? Nagpapaimportante lang itong mga complainants na nagsulat ng press release”. The press release does not mention its author or authors. Whoever wrote its contents want 15 minutes of fame for their organizations, and what better way to get attention than issuing the press release disputing Leni Robredo’s opinion of support from SAMASA. I sure hope a response will soon be issued by Leni Robredo.