• Rocco Nacino declares love for Sanya Lopez



    Barely two days since arriving from his weeklong vacation in Europe, Rocco Nacino already buckled down to work. He wasn’t complaining though; the actor says working helps him shake off his jet lag.

    Rocco joined the panel of “Bar Boy’s” press conference, one of 12 movies featured in the upcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. The film has been ready for release since 2016 but its producers were looking for the right time to hit cinemas.

    “What we really want is for the movie to be seen by a lot of people. It has a very good theme and a very engrossing story. The first time the poster of the movie came out people thought it was about boys working in a bar, but this is actually the story of a group of young men aspiring to be lawyers—Law graduates preparing to take the bar,” Rocco said.

    That the movie is finally showing, and part of the newest film festival at that, is an exciting development for the actor.

    “Our movie will have a one-week run nationwide, and I can’t wait to visit the theaters when our movie opens. Ang dami kasi tiyak makaka-relate. Dapat mapanood ito ng mga lawyers, ng mga gustong maging lawyer and their parents.”

    Sanya Lopez and Rocco Nacino

    Besides promoting Bar Boys, Rocco is also working on the afternoon prime series “Haplos” on GMA Network. Likewise, he was happy to return from his vacation to see the show’s ratings shooting up and clobbering the competition.

    “It’s because of the good story,” Rocco opined. “I think the viewers like the conflict between good and evil with a touch of something super-natural. ‘Yung panggagayuma ni Lucille (Thea Tolentino) sa character kong si Gerald, the viewers siyempre would like to find out if she will succeed in stealing me away from Angela who is played by Sanya (Lopez).”

    Now as soon as Rocco uttered Sanya’s name, his face lit up, compelling Showbuzz to ask what’s the real score between them. After all, since their first team up in “Encantadia” where Sanya played Sang’re Danaya, their pairing has drawn a horde of fans who hope they will also get together in real life.

    “She’s the closest girl to my heart right now. She’s very special to me,” Rocco answered candidly. “We still can’t say where this closeness will lead us but we’re not in a hurry. As of now, we’re happy with the way things are going between us. We’re so close that we confide our problems to each other. We’re relaxed together na hindi na kami nahihiyang sabihin what we feel about certain things.”

    Sanya celebrated her 20th birthday on Wednesday but Rocco had already surprised her with a birthday gift three days before her birthday—a pet dog.

    “I really surprised her,” he enthused. “She was having an advance birthday celebration with her fans at the Rufo’s branch that I own. She didn’t know that I was coming so she was so shocked when I walked into the restaurant. I gave her my gift and from her reaction, I can say she very happy with my gift. Kinuha niya agad yung puppy and I thought her thank you’s would never end. I’m just glad I was able to make her happy.”

    In three weeks time, Rocco is leaving again for Europe with his parents and brother.

    “It’s my gift to them. I want them to experience Rome, especially my mom. After Rome, they’ll get to see more of Italy while I’ll be flying back to Manila for Haplos.”

    Ruru Madrid

    Ruru Madrid is now on his own and bent on showing his capability as an actor.

    After parting ways with love teammate and rumored girlfriend Gabbi Garcia, Ruru decided to enroll in a series of acting workshops and workouts. He is deep in training for the martial arts of Parkour, Muay Thai and Yin Yang; and has also taken archery lessons. All these are in preparation for his role in the return of “Alyas Robinhood.”

    For Ruru, to be in an action project is a dream come true. He’s long wanted to be a part of a series that will challenge him not only as an actor but physically too.

    “I want to be convincing in my actions scenes so I took these lessons. Ayokong dayain and ayoko ring mag-pa-double. I want to do all the action scenes myself, and the thought of doing them gets me very excited,” Ruru enthused.

    Ruru is just happy that despite going solo, his career is still going forward with the new show, and a new product endorsement for whitening product Tatio active (owned by former Street Boys Member Danilo Barrios).

    He admits though that he misses Gabbi at work sometimes.

    “Masarap kasi siyang katrabaho, magaan. We still work together naman sa ‘Sunday Pinasaya.’ I hope that time will come when we will be together again in a project. I’m sure it will happen when both of us are able to prove that we can make it as solo stars. What’s nice is we remain friends despite our separate careers now so it won’t be hard for us to work together again.”

    Wynwyn Marquez

    At the 2017 Miss World Philippines press presentation, the buzz was that Wynwyn Marquez has a very big chance of bagging one of the top prizes.

    She moves, walks and talks like a true beauty queen after all. It seems she has long prepared for the competition even if friends—including boyfriend Mark Herras—just prodded her to join the competition.

    Since Miss World is her second time to join a pageant after Binibining Pilipinas, Wyn has learned to become more relaxed.

    “I’m just enjoying every moment of it,” she shared. “When I first joined a pageant, I was one of the youngest so ako yung parang inaalagaan. Now, it’s me who acts as their big sister since I’m the one with more experience.”

    Wyn was one of the most applauded candidates at the presentation and quickly became the top bet of pageant observers.

    “I’m so thankful to those who believe in me. I really value their support and it pushes me more to work hard for the crown,” she said.

    Wyn’s advocacy is education for Miss World, what with her degree in the field and experience as a teacher before joining showbiz.

    “It saddens me to see children who are out of school because their families cannot afford to send them there. I’ve also seen children who are in school but without the guidance of elders to study and learn. By advocating education, I envision a society everyone has access to quality education and the wisdom to value learning.”

    Because of her tight pre-pageant schedule, Wyn had to beg off from her taping for “Mulawin Versus Ravena.” Even her time for Mark has sacrificed.

    “He understands naman. When he was pushing me to join, he was even the one who told me not to think of our time together. Now, we seldom see each other but we communicate regularly. I’m so blessed to have a boyfriend like him who is very supportive.”

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