Rock the EARTH; save the PLANET

Aia de Leon

Aia de Leon

Rita de Guzman

Rita de Guzman

Now, more than ever, is the need for environmental stewardship more pressing. With the global climate change now more felt as it comes in the form of disastrous floods, irregular and severe rain showers and thunderstorms, tropical and archipelagic nations like the Philippines are most affected.


Depleted land areas where trees once stood are not being replaced; if not, they are being replaced by tree species that are not indigenous to the place, disrupting the natural balance of the environment and ultimately affecting the flora and fauna of that area.

Haribon Foundation, a leading steward of biodiversity conservation in the Philippines, commemorates its 41st year of existence with a special concert that will gather some of the country’s prominent OPM musicians and spearhead a fundraising campaign.

Environmentalists with a love for Mother Nature and OPM music will have a grand time with Biodiversity Rocks! Concert happening on October 2, 8 p.m. at the Hard Rock Café in Ayala Center, Makati. It will feature live performances by OPM rock bands and singers like Itchyworms, Ebe Dancel, Rita de Guzman, Aia De Leon (formerly Imago vocalist) and more. Not only that, Internet celebrity and YouTube sensation Bogart the Explorer will be making a special guest appearance.

Ebe Dancel

Ebe Dancel

Haribon partners with Hard Rock Café as they collaborate to promote environmental awareness and foster public attention for the protection and conservation of the country’s natural resources. “Through this event, everyone is encouraged to realize not only their responsibility to care for the environment but also become agents for change,” explains Haribon OIC Maria Belinda de la Paz.

Biodiversity Rocks! is part of Haribon Foundation’s ROAD (Rainforestation Organization and Advocates) to 2020, the organization’s flagship campaign, with a commitment to restore the Philippine rainforests using indigenous or native tree species.

The fundraising concert tickets are priced at P1,000, inclusive of one Haring Ibon complimentary drink. It also includes a donation in the form of one native tree seedling to be planted in behalf of the donor’s name, to be planted in some of Haribon’s rainforestation sites all over the country. Haribon members who invite three friends will get a fourth ticket for only P500.

Each attendee-sponsor gets the chance to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability by adopting seedlings via any of the following campaign options: Adopt-a-Lot 5 seedlings (P1,000), Adopt-a-Block 15 seedlings (P3,000), Adopt-a-Plot 30 seedlings (P6,000), Adopt-a-Patch 50 seedlings (P 10,000) and Adopt-a-Patch 41 seedlings (in celebration of 41 years of biodiversity conservation).

The Itchyworms

The Itchyworms

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Biodiversity Rocks! is presented by Haribon Foundation in partnership with HardRock Cafe Makati, in cooperation with Victoria Court and The Manila Times.

To reserve and buy for the event tickets and for more details, head to our website,, or our Facebook page,


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