• Rody: I’ll run if Etta won’t shut up


    DAVAO CITY: Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte on Friday said he will run for President in 2016 if his critics, particularly former Commission on Human Rights (CHR)  chairman Loretta Ann Rosales, will continue to campaign against him.

    “After hearing them make challenges, that they will go out and campaign against me [then I will run for President]. If there are about a thousand Etta Rosaleses, I will win the elections hands down,” he told reporters.

    The Davao City mayor, who is believed to be gunning for a national position in the 2016 polls, was reacting to a statement attributed to Rosales in which she said  a Duterte presidency would bring the country back to the dark days of martial law.

    Rosales, a political detainee during the Marcos regime, made the statement after Duterte allegedly admitted his links to a vigilante group known as the DDS or the Davao Death Squad.

    “If the guy believes what he says, he will bring us all back to martial law days,” she said in a television interview.

    “Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, do you not believe in the Edsa revolution? Do you not believe in democracy and justice? You answer me… because if you cannot, and you do not believe, and you intend to do with all your extra-judicial killings, then I think we should campaign against you,” Rosales added.

    She said Duterte’s apparent impunity reflects the poor state of the country’s criminal justice system.

    “[He is] a negative example of why the criminal justice system fails to improve,” Rosales noted.

    Firing back at Rosales, Duterte said she has no moral ascendancy to even criticize him.
    “She has a lot of explaining to do,” he added. “Whatever happened to the cash advances she made from Janet Napoles?”

    Rosales, who represented the Akbayan party-list in Congress before President Benigno Aquino 3rd selected her to replace Leila de Lima as CHR chairman, was among the lawmakers who were linked to the controversial pork barrel scam, which was allegedly masterminded by Janet Lim-Napoles, a businesswoman.

    Rosales denied this.

    “In my nine years in Congress as a representative of Akbayan party-list, I performed my duties and responsibilities with utmost integrity,” she said in a statement.

    “I have never transacted with Napoles nor were projects in Congress ever handled by Napoles or her fake NGOs [non-government organizations],” Rosales added.

    Gaining ground
    Despite getting flak over his alleged links to the DDS, political scientist Prospero de Vera said Duterte’s ratings will further increase.

    De Vera of the University of the Philippines said Duterte’s 12 percent popularity rating based on a recent Pulse Asia survey would probably hit 16 percent in the next round of pre-election polling.

    “Voters are getting introduced to Mayor Duterte. He’s gaining ground as he moves around the country and his support base is gaining strength especially among Visayans,” he noted in a radio interview.

    Duterte traces his roots to Cebu province in Central Visayas.

    Moreover, his hard-hitting style in expressing his views especially against his critics is working to his advantage.

    “People like his style especially when he immediately retaliates against his critics,” de Vera told Manila-based radio station dzMM.



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    1. I only know it here that she was a Congresswoman. And for three terms?
      What had she done there? Humans like Etats only defend the right of criminals.
      Duterte could appoint her as head of the Bureau of Animal Industry to promote animal rights. She actually never give a damn to the rights of Law abiding citizens.
      Her statements only bolster the potential victory of Future President Rod Duterte.
      Run. Duterte run.

    2. rosales and the rest of them are the hound dogs of Aquino, “go and destroy” plan. tsk tsk tsk, sorry Aquino, kahit ikaw pa tumakbo, talo ka na, eh mga bata bata mo pa na puro yes sir lang ang alam, walang sariling utak? sus, only those who have less brain cells will believe you. pati si poe napapaniwala nio pa yata ng diskarte ng partido nio. a college degree does not make a person, it is how he/she deals with real life that makes him. a non fearing person who pursue justice and equal rights, and safety for the majority of the population not just for a handful of the rich and powerful.

    3. Kudos to mayor Duterte, the hope of the hopeless people of our country. run the Philippines like Davao City. we can be successful more than Singapore by Lee Kwan Yu.

    4. christinetan on

      Mayor Rody, my idol, dont waste your “laway” with self-righteous Rosales who is only riding on your popularity much like the same as her sister in crime De Lima for their 2016 plans. Go for the top post not because of them but inspite of them. Just like her present patron in the palace (read: asylum) who was is so fixated on blaming GMA and critics if he could not get what he would want Rosales has been using a dead man that is ex strongman Marcos as bogeyman to secure from his patron a position or a place in the asylum. GMA and Marcos are the words that are used interchangeably to arouse the attention (the span of which is as short as that of a small child) of the bratty asylum resident by those child exploiters and get something from him. GMA and Marcos are like brands of candies or lollipops favorites of the brat kid in the asylum by the river.

    5. Etat Rosales – membro yan ng dmolision brigada ng malakanyang para magkalat ng dumi sa kalaban ni bonoynoy. Kaya nga well loved sa Duterte ng madlang pipol para malibing ang gaya ni etat para di na magkalat ng baho nila.

    6. jesus nazario on

      Just Do It Duterte ! Duterte…Duterte…Duterte…Come to the rescue of the country from these hopeless jaundiced Tuwad-na-Daaners ! Put all of them in jail or in a remote island like the Galapagos !

    7. Alejo Rosete on

      We need a strongman to lead the country like Mayor Duterte to clean up all these mess.

    8. laguatanlawZen.com on

      What has Etta Rosales accomplished when she was in Congress? Nothing! What bills of national importance did she ever sponsored? Zero! Hey, Etta, before you open your dirty mouth, look at yourself before the mirror. Did you ever account for the pork barrel that you took from the people’s money? Duterte is just honestly frank in telling you and sundry as part of Abnoy’s cronies.

      • She was able to accompliced her friendship from a retarded congressman at that time. And look where she is now and same w/ D5?