• Rody lauds The Manila Times for ‘credible’ reporting


    DAVAO CITY: President Rodrigo Duterte was all praises for The Manila Times, citing the newspaper’s “credible” reporting.

    In his speech during The Manila Times 5th Business Forum at Marco Polo Hotel on Friday, Duterte recalled how the media reported the accusations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th that he had P211 million in undeclared bank deposits.

    “There are credible media outlets. Stick to The Manila Times … Who were dishing out garbage?” said Duterte, pointing to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN, which played up Trillanes’ allegations.

    Duterte said this was why he lashed out at the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), which, he pointed out, did not investigate Trillanes’ claims.

    “That AMLC, I’m giving it a blow. [They said I had] P211 million. I said, why don’t you open it? I was requesting you to tell the public the truth,” Duterte said.

    The President explained that he only had $5,000 in his bank account, which he said was given to him when he was a lawmaker for use in foreign trips such as inter-parliamentary visits.

    Duterte accused the media of continuing to publish distorted stories.

    “Don’t believe the writers, the opinion pages, they’re all garbage. It’s all about money and some of them are charlatans. They play politics, whatever. Do not… try to discern newspapers that do nothing. These newspapers, there’s nothing good that people did. Nothing could ever be right for them,” he said.

    Duterte’s statement came after he met with his staunch social media supporters in Malacañang on Tuesday.

    These supporters have been critical of how the mainstream media have covered the President’s activities and pronouncements.

    In June last year, at the start of the transition period for his then incoming administration, Duterte decided to boycott the media after he drew international flak for saying most journalists were killed because they were corrupt.


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    1. TRUE STORY:
      I was in my vacation last December 2016, in the bus terminal were plenty of newspaper vendors..going around and roaring.. I was just simply siftly looking at those pieces of papers they’re selling ..One of them (an old man) asked me if I need one, when he felt that I was somehow scanning their wares.. Then I asked.. “meron ba kayong (the) Manila Times?”..
      An old man replied, “yes, sir… pero wait lang po kunin ko lang sa stall ko..” I said.. “Ok, I’ll wait”.. Then just a minute or two, he came back waving the newspaper I need.

      Thanks sa FB, dun ko kasi nakita ang page ng the Manila Times… and from then on, follower na po ako nito.

    2. I sometimes look at online newspaper because of their unbelievable obvious lies of twisting real events. But now, I will definitely make Manila Times my Newspaper webpage.

    3. Juan Dela Cruz on

      I changed from Inquirer to Manila Times. And we share the same observations with the President. Not because I am a fanatic but because I started observing Inquirer bias even during PNOY. Inquirer and ABS-CBN are very Aquino-leaning. Payback for the gratitude they owed to Aquino the mother. Tired of paid media. Tired of political patronage in the Philippines.

    4. Other leading leading newspaper are loosing credibility because they are twisting stories, that’s why i shifted to Manila times, i found it more credible.

    5. Congratulations to the Manila Times. It is becoming the paper to read for a balanced and researched view. Especially appreciated is the column of Mr. Roberto Tiglao.

    6. Count me in, MT provides balanced views on current events, unlike the other newspapers that are self-appointed mouth pieces of self-righteous individuals/groups.

    7. “Duterte’s statement came after he met with his staunch social media supporters in Malacañang on Tuesday.”

      You mean those Dutard thugs constantly TYPING IN CAPS and threatening people and the concept of free speech itself?…..oh….

      • As if your ilk are ever innocent of the same. Freedom of speech is only applicable if it favors you and your party of thieves.

    8. I agree with D30 that Manila Times newspaper is a credible newspaper from the very start of its publication. It’s just too bad they’re not in full circulation @ outlying stores like the MB, DI and PS. I also emjoy reading their Opinions including the articles of Tatad. Keep up the good work, MT!