• ‘Rody no longer trusts Leni’


    Duterte accepts Robredo resignation

    Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo was eased out of the Cabinet because she has lost the trust and confidence of the President, a Palace official said on Monday.

     Vice President Leni Robredo   CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Vice President Leni Robredo CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Robredo resigned as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) after being told by Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco Jr. that the President no longer wanted her to attend Cabinet meetings.

    Duterte accepted Robredo’s resignation on Monday.

    “The President no longer has the confidence and the trust to be in one room with the Vice President, and that is the official meeting between the President and Cabinet officials. That’s the Cabinet meeting,” Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said of Duterte’s order to Robredo to desist from attending Cabinet meetings.

    Andanar said Duterte and Robredo have “irreconcilable differences” and that the two don’t see “eye to eye” on several issues such as the burial of former strongman Ferdinand Marcos and the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

    When asked about his personal views of Robredo, Andanar said the Vice President had “very intelligent and insightful ideas” and she “always fought for her department’s interests” during Cabinet meetings.

    “She was never remiss of those opportunities when she had to put her foot down for the HUDCC, of course we’re all thankful for her service and we hope we could still work with her in the future,” he added.

    The Palace official dismissed Robredo’s claim that there is a plot to oust her.

    “That is speculation from the camp of the Vice President. That is for them to sort, that kind of speculation. It’s not the job of Cabinet officials and the administration to fire public officials,” he said.

    “Our job is to institute reforms in this government and the best person to ask that question is the Vice President [herself],” Andanar added.


    Liberal Party (LP) senators decried Duterte’s move to force Robredo out of the Cabinet, claiming it is part of the plot to weaken her political capital.

    Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon said all past actions or inaction by the executive branch were clear manifestations that from the beginning, the administration does not want Robredo to succeed.

    “The writings are on the wall. The administration wants the political capital of VP [Vice President] Robredo diminished by stripping her of any opportunity to fulfill her mandate as Cabinet member and head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council [HUDCC],” Drilon noted.

    He cited the P19-billion cut in the housing budget and the inaction on her appointment recommendations to key shelter agencies as among these efforts intended to prevent Robredo from succeeding.

    “It was alarming. Where this sinister plot, if not prevented, would lead us is very ominous and disturbing,” Drilon said.

    He called on the public to be vigilant because the administration could also seize control of the judiciary.
    According to Drilon, Malacanang is poised to appoint majority of justices in the Supreme Court because eight justices will be retiring.

    “By 2019, the administration would have appointed the majority of the justices in the Supreme Court. More than ever and most especially in times like this, the country needs a more independent, resolute and uncompromising Supreme Court,” he said.

    Sen. Risa Hontiveros backed Robredo’s decision to resign.

    She said the Vice President was disrespected and objectified on many occasions by no less than the President himself.

    “Her way of dressing was made an object of sexist remarks, she was subjected to inappropriate advances and was even reduced to well-rounded knees,” Hontiveros added.

    Acting LP president Sen. Francis Pangilinan said Robredo was treated unfairly by the administration because of her position against Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and the restoration of the death penalty.


    The camp of former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. also on Monday said Robredo’s departure from the Cabinet is long overdue given her adversarial attitude.

    “Whether she was fired or she resigned from her post is definitely not the business of former Senator Bongbong Marcos. However, we take strong exception to her statement on not letting the vice presidency to be ‘stolen’ from her and the will of the people to be ‘thwarted,’” Vic Rodriguez, Marcos’ spokesman, said.

    “The vice presidency has indeed been stolen and it was stolen by no less than Mrs. Robredo herself and the political party she continuously supports. It was they who thwarted the will of the Filipino people by depriving them of their real choice for the vice presidency,” Rodriguez added.

    He said the Vice President undermined the independence of the Supreme Court by casting doubt on its future actions and processes.

    Marcos filed an electoral protest against Robredo. The case is pending before the High Court.

    “Her departure from the Cabinet has nothing to do with the election protest but has everything to do with her political ambition and that of her party’s desperate and despicable act of getting back into power. Long before the May 2016 elections, we were the first ones to reveal the Liberal Party’s ‘Plan B,’ which was to rob Senator Marcos of the vice presidency, install Mrs. Robredo in his stead and eventually work for the ouster of President Duterte. It is obvious that ‘Plan B’ is now in full swing,” Rodriguez said.


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    1. “Andanar said Duterte and Robredo have “irreconcilable differences” and that the two don’t see “eye to eye” on several issues …”

      Unlike Duterte, the best leaders not only allow but encourage dissenting views from their advisers. But authoritarians who demand group-think conformity surround themselves with boot-licking sycophants who dare not speak opposing views. That creates a dangerous leader, as the world is soon to see with Duterte’s “twin”, Donald Trump.

    2. Dear Rody: the number who trust YOU is getting very low. You have made the office of President a joke. How dare you sexually harass the Vice President. Your record with women is appalling.

    3. IT NOW APPEARS all the powers of the CIA, the Oligarchs, the corrupt Politicians, the Jesuits and the Drug Lords have joined hands and ALL focused on one thing: TO BRING BACK THEIR HAPPIER DAYS. Each move with the help of their Media Networks which they own, the gullible entertainers and students. MAY THE PEOPLE SEE THROUGH THIS.

    4. Meanwhile the people he had arrested or who surrendered, who would be several hundred times the number of your so-called EJKs will be released into the streets – alive, sober and keen to return to drugs – where they will prey on the regular people. And where will you be? Abroad, where you will be running to when you here these people will be released. By then, I hope your family and friends dont get as much as you deserve coming.

    5. “Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon said all past actions or inaction by the executive branch were clear manifestations that from the beginning, the administration does not want Robredo to succeed.” How stupid, PRRD would not have even bothered to take her in his cabinet if such was his intent. The fact that Leni concentrated more on opposing PRRD (pubilicly) rather than work with him is what caused her to fail in her job.

    6. >>> Those people called themselves anti-PDu30 are really ignoramos.
      >>> Who are the anti-PDu30?
      1) Yellow Tards = those followers and supporters of Cojuangco-Aquino.
      2) Liberal Party members and allies
      3) Oligarchs = those tycoon businessmen and family clan who have had always seeking for the protection of their businessess.
      4) Vultures = those they called themselves MAKABAYAD este MAKABAYAN (kuno) at MILITANTE.

    7. sakaling bumagsak si du30 dapat ibagsak lahat ng cabinet members nya… well spare nyo nalang si GINA LOPEZ

    8. i want duterte to be impeached. i am not used to see people leaving NAIA without the tanim bala victim. i am not used to poor people happy because they were given the priorities now under the duterte administration. i am not used to OFW given the one stop shop. i want them to suffer going from place to another to get the required documents by the concerned agencies. i dont want fishermen be seen in the panatag shoal. i want the oligarch to rule the laguna bay fishing ponds. i want to see people seen in front of their house having a drinking spree and i want to see children roaming at night.i want the pro-aquino to stay in power !!!! now, are you happy anti duterte?

    9. If and only if we had a Comelec sincere enough to do its job, we should not have today the likes of Drilon, De Lima, Bam Aquino, Trillanes and Robredo who were obviously proclaimed winners by manipulation of Smartmatic VCMs. Lesser backward thinking villains in the government, the quicker the road to progress.

    10. vagoneto rieles on

      It’s a good bet that Bong Bong Marcos will shift to high gear in his quest for the Vice-Presidency. Duterte’s stamp of approval for the older Marcos’ burial at the LNMB; and, his inclusion of Bong Bong in the delegation to China, where he publicly endorsed him for the Vice-Presidency, were clear signals for the young Marcos to step-up his efforts to unseat Vice-President Robredo. Add to this, the fact of the frailty of a 72-year old President who still carries on like a much younger man… and that position, at this point in time, becomes more compelling.
      Given the attitudes and methods in today’s ‘politics’, where subtlety and finesse are no longer traits but tools of a trade; and, winning by any means is its own reward…Leni Robredo has every reason to be worried.

    11. Is it “Lost Trust and Confidence” of the President that the VP lost her position or is it that the VP is not doing her job?
      I have not seen any work done by the VP as Cabinet official except criticising the sitting president. I made a mistake in supporting the “Yellow” (they only work for themselves and not for the people), I will not make the same mistake on next election.

    12. Robredo must support and encourage 100% the full recount of votes for the vice-presidency.

      This is the only way to prove she is really the candidate elected to the position which is only a mere heartbeat from becoming the President of The Philippines as instituted by the Constitution.

      This constitutional provision is necessary as a smooth succession plan for the leadership of the country.

      It is incumbent upon Robredo to those millions of her fellow Filipinos who voted for Marcos that she got the position truthfully even with a small difference of 200,000 votes.

      A sane and humble person like her must NOT declare that there is scheme to unseat her. The only scheme that is valid and legal is the elections itself,

      So what if she lose after the full recount? At least she supports the truth and live by it!

      What if she wins after the recount? This win and simple truth will vindicate her.

      Right now, she is trying to perpetuating her vice-presidency by political conspiracy theories.

      Clear the doubts and alleged corruption by openly securing and supporting the recount of the elections votes.

      What is disadvantage? Just the costs of the recount. But, the integrity of the Vice-President Office is sustained

    13. There’s one incompetent cabinet secretary who should resigned or be fired. Among Duterte’s cabinet secretaries, I’ve long thought that this Tugade’s background is questionable. The fact that he personally appointed men who have business interest representing big companies such as former Usec, Kintanar connection to Ayala showed that Tugade’s either unfit for the position or is part of the corruption. Kintanar has recently resigned due to public pressure. Now, Tugade’s link to Jack Lam and illegal gambling in Clark where he once headed has popped up. Tugade must be fired ASAP.

    14. Steven, as a Christmas wish may you and your entire family be afflicted with horrible diseases.

    15. Lets wait for ur turn vp leni, only time will tell that you will become a president, destiny cannot prevent you from occupying malacanang. Also d camp of bm has the guts to use the word stolen which in the first place highly described bm father. Kindly explain to the people where all the riches of theirs come from, where is the golden buddha the thousand shoes of imelda, jewelries, paintings. Was it stolen from the people or not just asking?

    16. All Yellow EBAKS in govt…..magsilayas na kayog lahat…wala nga kayong silbi….GOOD RIDDANCE…..gusto ko mag Lugaw Business….baka swertehin with Leni Lugaw as Franchise Owner….

    17. “Andanar said Duterte and Robredo have “irreconcilable differences” and that the two don’t see “eye to eye” on several issues …”

      Unlike Duterte, the best leaders not only allow but encourage dissenting views from their advisers. But authoritarians who demand group-think conformity surround themselves with boot-licking sycophants who dare not speak opposing views. That creates a dangerous leader, as the world is soon to see with Duterte’s “twin”, Donald Trump.

    18. just waiting for du30 to die, the sooner the better. All souls of EJK will hunt this DU30 devil, he burn in helll anyway

      • YES! The president wants himself to burn in hell so that the people he serve will live in paradise. Let him be the sinner for us to live in peace. But first you go to hell first Steven.

      • Did your brother, sister or any of your relatives die in relation to drug addiction or trafficking. Good for them for they now Rest in Peace. How about you, when will you follow?

      • really? what souls? they deserve to die, the souls of the victims of this drug menace is countless compared to the EJK, and yes hell has officially closed – they were full of LIberal Party members and ‘frailed’ woman.

      • I am confident that he will clean up the house it is been long overdue and the Vice-Presidency as been stolen from Marcos and it should be given back to the people of the Philippines and its right to sit as Vice-President with the President elect. The will of the people is clear President Duterte and Vice-President Marcos.

      • It is good for you to volunteer to wait for DU30 in there. You should get a hobby, DU30 might be long in coming and hell might bore you if you just sit there waiting. :-)