Rody takes blame for drug killings

WHAT’S THE PLAN? President Rodrigo Duterte chats with former President Fidel Ramos during the testimonial dinner organized by the San Beda Law Almni Association at Club Filipino in San Juan City. Duterte wants Ramos to open the bilateral talks with China. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

WHAT’S THE PLAN? President Rodrigo Duterte chats with former President Fidel Ramos during the testimonial dinner organized by the San Beda Law Almni Association at Club Filipino in San Juan City. Duterte wants Ramos to open the bilateral talks with China. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte said he is taking full responsibility for the killing of suspected drug traffickers and users by the police.

In a speech at Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila) late Thursday, Duterte declared that he is “ultimately and legally responsible for it [killing].”

“For the things that I order the police and the military to do, I am the one ultimately, legally responsible for it. Ako, ‘wag sila [Only me, not them],” he said.

The Philippine National Police has pegged the number of drug suspects killed since May 10 at 192 but a media outlet’s tally placed it at 311, including the victims executed by suspected vigilantes.

The police had intensified the campaign against illegal drugs since Duterte swept into office.

“I am not defending the police. Nandiyan ako sa gitna [I’m in the middle]. I’m just pushing
for it [anti-drug campaign] kasi you [drug suspects]are putting my country in peril,” the President said.

“Mali ako o tama? [Am right or wrong?] [In] [f]our or seven years, if nobody interdicts, the drug business in the Philippines [will grow], we will be a narcopolitic,” he added.

Duterte brushed away demand that due process be given to policemen accused of involvement in the drug trade as well as the other drug suspects.

The President pointed out that it is the judiciary that should give due process.

“Anong due process? Due process, ulol, kung nasa korte ka na. Kung sasabihin, ‘We were not given by the President due process.’ Hindi ako korte [I am not a tribunal)]” Duterte said.

“Why should I give you due process? I can give you a lawyer. I cannot handle a proceeding or proceedings against you,” he added.

The President said that if he were to give due process, he would summon drug suspects to Malacañang.

“Murahin ko kayo doon. Tapos barilin ko kayo [I will give you a dressing down. Then I will shoot you]. ‘Wag… Due process. Due process. Hingiin mo ‘yan sa korte [Ask that from the court],” Duterte added.

“I have this sworn sacred duty to tell the Filipino the state of things in this country and simply the truth, period” he said.

As part of his promise to curb illegal drugs, Duterte had named five generals who are allegedly “drug protectors” and the three top drug lords operating in the country.

He reiterated his promise to end the drug menace in the country “even at the cost of my honor, life and presidency.”

“Kaya tatapusin, may magtatapos talaga nito [Somebody has to do and finish the job]. I have placed the burden upon myself,” Duterte said.


Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Friday welcomed the creation of vigilante groups that will also join the police in their intensified campaign against illegal drug syndicates.

He told reporters that he is giving importance to the organization, mobilization and involvement of citizens in the fight against the drug menace.

“Yes I made that statement [welcoming groups of vigilantes]. In fact that’s the other part of the overall efforts, but we have intensified our campaign against these high value targets,” dela Rosa said.

The PNP chief likened these groups to the Alsa Masa in Davao City that was organized during the 1980s to counter the threat and growing influence of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Davao region.

“Just like the Alsa Masa in Davao, but this time it will be an Alsa Masa against [illegal]drugs,” dela Rosa said.

He added that a lot of people are willing to help the police carry out their anti-drug campaign but they need to be organized.

“We just want to organize them, mobilize them and get them involved… empowering them against illegal drugs, because you know drugs destroy our children,” dela Rosa said.


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  1. Dear mr. President, i really admire ur sense of accountability and responsibility. Sir we are solid in supporting you all the way. I pray that God will give u wisdom in every decision u are about to make for the good of the Filipino people. :) keep it up po!

  2. Truth Seeker on

    Kung ang isang bagay ay makakapagpahamak sa bayan, dapat alisin sa lipunan ang kadahilanan ng masamang bagay na yan. Kung ang sanhi ay ang LP, people must not care about them….ikulong dapat sila at ang dapat makulong. Tapos ang kuwento!

  3. The hell with chr, de Lima, cbcp just do it ka digong. U have our support all the way at all cost.

  4. Manila Times, paki-clarify yung last section about PNP Chief Bato, that he welcomed the creation of “vigilante groups.” What do you mean and what was the context? He always said that he is against vigilante killings. Baka isipin ng ibang tao he meant that he supports it.

  5. To PNP Chief de la Rosa & the President Duterte: I just hope that none of your loved ones will be hooked to illegal drugs (as addict/user/reseller) in the future & will suffer the same fate via extra judicial killings. As the saying goes, “Ang mundo ay bilog.”

  6. Before, we have a Head that said its all their fault(afraid of any responsibilities). Now we have a true leader that says “The Buck Stops with ME”!!! No need to elaborate…

  7. “Murahin ko kayo doon. Tapos barilin ko kayo [I will give you a dressing down. Then I will shoot you]. ‘Wag… Due process. Due process. Hingiin mo ‘yan sa korte [Ask that from the court],” Duterte added. Wow! hehehe The judge, executioner, the know-it-all-right guy, the egomaniac above all even with the law and God. . .keep it up sir digong wipe out all of them including their soul and yours

  8. Cardinal Emeritus Vidal purifies and supported pres. Duterte for a true and humble man a true Filipino who understand the feeling and plight of the masses. These means it speaks he doesn’t found it in prev. govt. Drugs is more than evil… the way who can you tell who are the mastermind and cohorts of all these drugs been flooded to Pinas? If you have wisdom its simply to analyse the situation. If you hear other people esp. foreigners then by your wisdom you felt the truth is going around by media…some circulated is either been paid to discredit others or they may one of them????…but the truth will prevai

  9. Bravo for Presidemt Rodrigo Duterte.
    At last, someone determined, courageous and honest.
    His promise to end the menace of drug quote ‘even at the cost of my honour,
    life and presidency’ unquote, echos the words of Christ, ‘greater than this no man has
    that he lays down his life for his friend’

  10. Yan ang tunay na lalaki at leader. Inaako ang responsibilidad, at hindi nagtuturo sa isang babae ng lahat ng dahilan ng kanyang kabiguan.

  11. i didn’t know that our drug problem is this serious and pervasive. former Pres. Noynoy was acting as if we didn’t have problem with illegal drugs. It’s no wonder because he himself admitted that he used drugs when he was young. we don’t know if until now he’s still not using drugs.

    • Fyi:
      1) “UN drug report: Philippines has highest rate of shabu use in East Asia”
      By: Jerry E. Esplanada; Philippine Daily Inquirer; 06:41 PM March 27th, 2012

      2) “Philippines has highest shabu abuse rate in East Asia – UN”
      By: Abigail Kwok; InterAksyon; March 28, 2012 6:47 PM

      3) “Pinoys top shabu users in East Asia”
      Headlines; Philippine Star; April 1st, 2012

      4) “In East Asia, illicit manufacture of ATS [Amphetamine Type Stimulants, encompass some of the most common, well known and used drugs including Ecstasy, Speed and Base, Ice and Methamphetamine] was concentrated in Japan in the 1940s and 1950s, but subsequently moved to the Republic of Korea, Taiwan Province of China and Thailand. Nowadays, ATS manufacture is concentrated mainly in China, Myanmar and the Philippines”
      — United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): UN World Drug Report 2012, p. 90

      Between the time of the said UN report and today, it is apparent that the illegal drugs problem has not been reduced to a non-alarming level, if at all it was reduced, and therefore begs the question, “Why not?”, considering all the resources at the previous admin’s disposal.

  12. So when is the campaign against graft and corruption in the government going t o happen? It is about time we dispense the same form of justice to these corrupt and dirty politicians and government officials as we do for these drug related individuals. The masses can hardly hold their breath, Mr. President. We expect nothing less than an absolute clean government. If there is any right time to do it, this is it. Strike the iron while it is still hot.

    • I think the Cabinet Secretaries are already doing their part. FOI might be signed and released next week so that should help.

    • Relax bro. The promise is 3-6 on illegal drugs. Days pa lang tayo.. If you want to speed up things. Report mo na mga kapitbahay mong illegal doers if meron.

    • One at a time. One at a time. Its a chain reaction. Remember 5 generals were already named. Wag masyado kc atat. Ung former president, he was no way near as dedicated as duterte. This only proved how imcompetent previous govt was.

  13. Activist and CHR crying fouls when criminals and drug pens been killed but silent when innocent civilians been robbed, raped, killed, and others barbaric crimes committed….why they cry…does it means they are one of them…if you have wisdom its simple to analyse the situation