• Rogue elephant tramples 15 to death in India, faces culling


    NEW DELHI: An elephant that has killed 15 people in eastern India over a months-long rampage could be shot within days if it is not brought under control, an official said Wednesday. Wildlife rangers and hunters assembled in Jharkhand after another victim was trampled to death Tuesday evening, the state’s chief forest and wildlife conservator L.R. Singh told Agence France-Presse. The rogue elephant crushed four victims in Bihar state in March before crossing into neighboring Jharkhand and killing 11 more. “Villagers are living in fear, especially the Paharia tribe that lives on the upper hillier regions where the elephant roams. Something must be done,” Singh said, referring to one of the poorest indigenous tribal communities in eastern India. The marauding elephant likely wandered from its herd and became lost, straying into villages where the killings took place.



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