Rogue police get tongue-lashing from Bato


    “SON of a […] You joined the police force to put up a syndicate?”

    Seven Pampanga policemen tagged in another Korean abduction case got an earful from Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa on Wednesday, as the police force began an internal cleanup.
    De la Rosa was fuming mad when the seven policemen were presented to him by police officials of Central Luzon and Angeles City.

    BAWLED OUT Philippine National Police Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ de la Rosa orders seven Pampanga policemen to do push-ups after giving them a severe tongue-lashing for kidnapping three Koreans in Angeles City in December. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    One by one, de la Rosa berated and cursed the policemen before asking them to do pushups before the media in Angeles City.

    He asked one of them: “How many years have you spent in the service? Five years? You haven’t been promoted from Police Office 1? Is that why you joined the syndicate?”

    Police Officers (PO) 3 Roentgen Domingo, Gomerson de Sola Evangelista and Arnold Gonzales; Police Officers 2 Ruben Rodriguez 3rd and Richard King Reyes Agapito; and Police Officers 1 Mark Joseph Salen Pineda and Jayson Jingco Ibe have been charged for kidnapping Min Hoon Park, Lee Ki Hun and Lee Jun Hyung on December 30 in Angeles City.

    The incident happened two months after the October 18 abduction and killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo also in Angeles on trumped-up drug charges, which triggered public outrage and forced the suspension of the PNP’s anti-illegal drug operations.

    One of the police officers told the PNP chief they carried out a legitimate police operation, which further irked de la Rosa.

    “Legitimate? Why did you ask for money and beat them up?” de la Rosa said.

    An investigation against the police for grave misconduct found that the seven officers were the same persons captured on a CCTV camera in Friendship Plaza Subdivision as the ones who snatched the three Koreans.
    The police allegedly demanded P300,000 for the release of the victims. The money was allegedly received by PO3 Domingo.

    The Korean victims reported the incident to the Korean embassy in Manila, which forwarded the complaint to the PNP.

    Spiritual retreat, exile for ‘bad eggs’
    De la Rosa told reporters there were 3,000 “bad eggs” in the 165,000-strong police force. Rogue policemen will be sent to war-torn Mindanao while those who have gone on absences without leave will be dismissed, he said.

    He admitted the PNP was demoralized in the aftermath of revelations policemen abducted Jee and killed him right inside the PNP’s Camp Crame headquarters in October 2016.

    “We are affected by the negative reports about us. The bad police were highlighted. Those doing their jobs were not. We are somehow demoralized by the incident,” the PNP chief said.

    Part of the cleansing process in the PNP, said de la Rosa, will be spiritual retreats and values formation to be conducted by Catholic, Protestant and Muslim religious leaders.


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    1. Ay Naku Bato!
      Ano yan Boy skout?Dapat yan….
      Ini-isa isa ng media close up! At nakalagay sa front page ng mga diariyo.
      To the extent of their crimes, push ups is so lame.
      They should have called the Korean wife (the victim) and have her slap them one by one!

    2. thats why De La Rosa should be fired or demoted back to where he was. He is not fit or qualified to the chief of PNP. Police officers who commit crimes are criminals and should be dismissed and charged for their crimes. Reshuffling them and push ups is making the public look like stupid. This guy is stupid. and for Duterte to keep in the position makes it more worst. How can a chief of police reform the organization when he himself is incomptetent. He should set the example but so far he is a disgrace to the police force by accepting monetary gifts from Pacquiao fight in vegas, attending show biz and singing like a celebrity wanna be. He is very immature and does get the respect from his men and women in uniform. this is a very good example on how our government is being run. its run by clowns and crooks and criminals. Like Duterte and Bato. Now tell me are we going out of poverty and join the 2nd or 1st world countries? Not with this kind of culture and system. sometimes it is the we the people who are the problem and the solution.

    3. Anak ng Bato naman, identified na sila at may cctv pa, bkt naka uniform pa yang mga yan? Dapat right away terminated sa trabaho yan tapos restrictive custody para hindi makatakas. Yung mga korte naman, puro kayo reklamo sa patayan e kayo mabagal mag schedule ng hearing kaya tumatambak ang mga kaso.

    4. Now the reality is BATO was a fake officer who don’t know the rule of Law …. This stupid idea of transferring this criminal policemen to Mindanao instead of charging them in court and throwing them into jail. Why you always cover this scalawags and criminals? Now we see that your loyalty is in your men in uniform and not for the people. You protect them by assigning them to Mindanao. Who do you think are the people there, stupid and barbaric. Now Philippine Police is on the eyes of the world as CRIMINALS ….. Because of your camaraderie mentality the whole organization of PNP is now a CRIMINAL institution and accept it or not the whole Filipino nation even the foreigners don’t trust the Philippine police and when they see one traveling or walking on the streets …. a criminal person is only they see …. THAT’S A FACT …

    5. I believe there is something wrong on a systemic and fundamental level with our nation’s police force. The fact that we have always had a issue with police corruption ever since the Marcos era. After successive changes in both the nature (Military to Civilian) of supervision, to changes in names, ect, little has changed, actually seems to have gotten worst. I even remember a time when one of our police chief decided to take the entire PNP on a diet with size 34 waist or drop out.
      Back in the old days, rumuors of police safe houses or dark isolated rooms in police outpost were torture occurred are common stories. But the mere fact that this latest incidence with the Korean being strangled to death in the parking lot of the headquarters of the PNP, an earshot away from the PNP top brass and sentries posted in various gates and building (hard to believe a dead body will not arouse suspicion), seems to suggest that this may be a more common occurrence that what we are being let to believe. Otherwise the perpetrators would at least take some precaution and do the deed in a more isolated place.
      I had always had my doubts about Du30 drug campaign especially since the people task with dealing with this issue are themselves stained and appears to be compromised. It seems like in the PNP has numerous sub groups who try and take advantage of these drives and end up trying to “moonshine” a living from it. If you really want to get to the bottom of this, subject each member of the PNP to a lifestyle check, it would show at the very least who appears to living beyond there means and may be using shield to try and peddle influence. I do not know if it is practical but is some states such as California, any public servant’s income is open to the public and easily accessed. Perhaps such a system can be used as well to deter scalawags not just in uniform but also the entire public sector as well……

    6. Im sure there are a lot more corrupt pnp personnel. Why you dont subject them to a lifestyle check on recommendations by the c, perdonnel based on their submitted saln. The thing is nagiging habit na sa pnp ang extortion. Kolektor sa gambling lord, vendor and other illegal activities. Im no fan of sen lacson but he install discipline among pnp personnel during his reign. Pag nangotong tapon agad. But it should be fair no sacred cows to speak. Linisin, itapon at tanggalin ang abusado at corrupt na pulis.

    7. The way ugly things are going on in PH could any Filipino says s/he is proud of the Philippines? Or, say IKINAHIHIYA? In the 1940s to 50s the Philippines was a pride of the Malay race. My teacher in my early school used to say that. Probably after 100 years from now, the Philippines might be run by patriots and honest leaders. Who knows? May be never?

    8. Put the rogue cops in jail immediately, take out their badge and uniform, and file cases against them for they are worst than common criminals. There’s nothing more ridiculous than the sight of the PNP Chief giving them a public tongue lashing and ordering them to do push-ups while wearing their pristine police uniform and hiding their faces under their cap. Is this supposed to serve as their punishment for their crimes? Shipping them off to Mindanao won’t solve the problem either for they could become worst and wreak havoc among the citizens there, or worst come back as policemen again in their old haunting grounds. Unless… the rebels in Mindanao can take care of them and give them a good lesson.

      • i agree, if they will not put to jail following the tongue lashing and push ups, Bato’s way won’t be effective, somebody must take over and send Bato to further training to fit the job.

    9. Sending them to Mindanao instead of arrest and criminal prosecution. We have enough problems here without adding to them. That is incredibly stupid and shows they don’t really care about the people’s they supposedly serve.

      • Apparently there are different sets of laws for the police and a different set for the people.
        The PNP should publish the laws and penalties that the police are subject too since they apparently are exempt from the laws of the people who aren’t police or politicians..

    10. Attention: General dela Rosa

      What is the crime of kidnapping and serious illegal detention?

      The crime of kidnapping/serious illegal detention is punished under Articles 267 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended. The hostage-taker is properly charged with kidnapping or serious illegal detention. Article 267 reads:
      Art. 267. Kidnapping and serious illegal detention. — Any private individual who shall kidnap or detain another, or in any other manner deprive him of his liberty, shall suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua to death:

      1. If the kidnapping or detention shall have lasted more than three days.
      2. If it shall have been committed simulating public authority.
      3. If any serious physical injuries shall have been inflicted upon the person kidnapped or detained, or if threats to kill him shall have been made.
      4. If the person kidnapped or detained shall be a minor, except when the accused is any of the parents, female, or a public officer.

      The penalty shall be death where the kidnapping or detention was committed for the purpose of extorting ransom from the victim or any other person, even if none of the circumstances above-mentioned were present in the commission of the offense.

      When the victim is killed or dies as a consequence of the detention or is raped, or is subjected to torture or dehumanizing acts, the maximum penalty shall be imposed.

    11. Why assign to Mindanao? General de la Rosa, this is an stupid idea. And besides this police have no right to do serve anymore as police officer since they already violated the crime using their uniform. No more talk just clean them up the same way they clean the drug pusher.

    12. orders seven Pampanga policemen to do push-ups after giving them a severe tongue-lashing for kidnapping three Koreans in Angeles City in December.

      Is that the penalty for kidnapping in the Philippines ? Yelling at them while they do push ups ?

      Does Bato have any idea what he is doing ? Doesn’t look like he does.

      Bato needs to be replaced by someone who will bring the full weight of the law upon these criminals.

      Arrested and jailed without bail and convicted to life in prison is what they deserve not being yelled at while doing push ups.

    13. Get serious, scolding in public is stupid. Kill the ordinary two-bit criminal, but pushup for police criminals? Who is fooling whom?

      Aren’t these traitors to the country, criminals comfortably hiding in uniform, freely plying their trade together with their commanders bosses/generals? Firing squad is the least remedy, if the government is half serious about cleaning the country and establishing order.

      • I noticed they still are wearing their police uniforms which is a slap in the face of honest police and every citizen of the Philippines.

        Fire Bato and get someone who knows how to run a police force.

      • Bato had displayed incompetence and so far his only credibility remaining is the trust and confidence of PRRD. No!!, No!! and No!!!!, that is not enough, Sir!! We, the people demand competent one to head the Police force, Mr. President!!!