• Rogue policemen told: Quit or go South


    President Rodrigo Duterte only had harsh words for hundreds of rogue policemen presented to him on Tuesday in Malacañang.

    PRESIDENTIAL DRESSING DOWN President Rodrigo Duterte gives erring policemen a severe tongue-lashing at the Palace grounds Tuesday. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    The President gave the policemen only two options: serve in Mindanao or quit the police force.

    Over 200 policemen, mostly accused of minor offenses, were escorted to Malacañang by Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa.

    “Prepare to move out. I’ll give you two weeks from now, 15 days. Start to move out. If you do not want to go there, go to your superior officer and tell them that you’re going to resign,” Duterte told the policemen lined up before him.

    The President said those who will be sent to Basilan will stay there for two years.

    “Kailangan ko ng pulis sa South. Kulang ang pulis sa Basilan kasi maya’t-maya pinagpaputok-putok ‘yung mga istasyon doon. Nauubos. Kayo lahat ngayon nandito, kasali kayo sa Task Force South. Padala ko kayo sa Basilan [I need policemen in the South. There’s a shortage of policemen in Basilan because their stations are always being bombed. All of you here, you are part of Task Force South. I will bring you to Basilan],” Duterte said.

    “Tumira kayo doon ng mga dalawang taon. Kung lumusot kayo buhay, balik kayo dito. Kung doon kayo mamatay, sabihin ko sa pulis, huwag na magasto na para dalhin pa kayo dito, doon na kayo ilibing [Stay there for two years. If you are able to live, come back here. If you die, I will tell the police not to spend and just bury you there],” he added.

    Duterte slammed the policemen for resorting to illegal activities to sustain their extravagant lifestyles and support their many wives.

    “Your ambition is to get higher pay but you get it from vendors and drivers. Sometimes, you resort to holdup, sometimes innocent people. You look for wrongdoing just to make money,” he added.

    Duterte said he would have wanted to throw the erring policemen into the Pasig River but he instructed them to clean the river instead.

    “I want you to clean [the Pasig River]. Come back here, wear swimming trunks and clean the Pasig River. Drink [the water]because it’s filthy,” he added.

    Before exiting the Palace grounds, Duterte ordered the policemen to stand still and wait for him until his Cabinet meeting has ended.

    In a chance interview, Dela Rosa said the 236 policemen presented to the President are facing criminal and administrative complaints, while some tested positive for illegal drugs.

    More than 300 policemen were initially scheduled to meet Duterte but some were inactive, while others had to attend to their cases.

    Dela Rosa said the rogue policemen who were summoned to the Office of the President have ranks of Police Officer 1 and Chief Inspector.

    The PNP chief said the shame campaign will continue if that is the only way to get rid of bad eggs in the police force.

    “As I have said, I would do everything to cleanse the PNP. I don’t care if they would get embarrassed. If they are put to shame, the more I am put to shame because I am the [police]chief. Meaning, if my constituents are bad eggs, I am also a bad egg,” Dela Rosa said.

    Duterte’s war on drugs was recently halted after the kidnapping and killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo by members of the police force.

    Despite the setback, Duterte is forging ahead with the campaign against illegal drugs that had so far claimed the lives of 7,600 people who were killed either in legitimate police operations or by unidentified gunmen.

    The number of drug-related killings dramatically shrank since the police’s Oplan Tokhang was halted.

    The President said the anti-drug drive will be pursued by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency with the help of members of the military.


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    1. I think it is a bad idea to send rogue policemen to fight the terrorists in Mindanao. If they can not perform a regular duty in policing their own backyard, how could you expect them to perform well in an uncharted territory? To solve the insurgency problem in Mindanao, we need the best, disciplined, well trained personnel, not the rogue ones. The best option for these bad eggs is to dismiss them outright from the service to serve as lesson for the good eggs.

      • I think you dont get the words of the president…. he he he… go & learn more from his words.
        David he like to sent this rogue police to punish them.. & become example to the rest of police if they do the same!

        They have to pay first its not fair just by dismissing. MABUHAY KA PRESIDENT DU30….

    2. Assignment to Basilan or outright termination needs to be preceded by an “exit process” to include a program of intensive evaluation (self-evaluation and institutional) for those concerned. It is high time also that the police selection, ,recruitment, and training system be re-evaluated. I suspect somewhere along the stages a most needed of all ingredients is missing: values and attitudes development.

    3. The Great Defiant on

      PNP – as in Praning Na Praning…

      let us see if they are good enough to extort money from the Abu’s, MN, BIFF and NIPA’s…

      hindi nyo minahal ang trabaho nyo…dahil sa bulok na example na ibinigay ng mga generals nyo…at higit sa lahat hindi nyo nirespeto ang mga mamamayang Pilipino…

      pasalamat kayo at sa mindanao lang kayo pinadala ni DU30…
      dahil kung ako…I will send you to the foulest place in Dante’s inferno!!!!

      • Dante’s Inferno? It’s a hypohetical place in the epic Divine Comedy, and another hypothetical place in the movie with the same name.
        Unless you say the new Dante’s Inferno is in your home, I won’t elect you to Malacanang.

    4. If I am guilty of wrongdoing, I would take the assignment to go south and try to reform instead of resigning and join with the bad guys because the possibility of getting killed by the government forces is much higher. There will be some big adjustment, as far as life style is concern, because their monthly salary will only be the source of income and they need to cut back on luxury things, to include mistresses. Self service or doing it yourself is an alternative as far as releasing frustrations or extra body fluids accumulated inside their bodies, and this can only be done if someone has great imaginations.

      Judging on the picture, majority of these policemen are out of shape physically, their bellies are sticking like pregnant women, which can only mean that they have been enjoying a good life as kotong policemen. The majority of them cannot even look at the President with straight faces, and this can only mean guilty.

    5. Is Mindanao now the black hole of this country?….We thought it would thrive under his leadership yet it appears a garbage can to deposit waste….

      He originates from Mindanao…Guess that answers the question….

      • That’s how the President sees Mindanao! He belittles his own region.
        It now appears that Mindanao is a no-man’s place, a killing field where civilians, military and police personnel could be killed by terrorists and Muslim rebels unless they know how to counter. And so all erring police officers would be deployed in that area to kill or be killed. For God’s sake, there is hope for the corrupt officers! There is great hope for Mindanao’s development! Let’s stop treating Mindanao as an electric chair for death convicts.

      • Great Defiant Your logic is bad! Very very bad!
        There are terrorists in Mindanao who should be checked and arrested.
        You’re going to send bad cops? What for? To join them? Or to wage a war where all combatants get killed?
        And yes, Mindanao is heaven to the kidnappers. If Mindanao is heaven to those “good cops”, then they must be benefitting from underground businesses, like kidnapping.
        Understood Logic 101?

    6. Flash:

      Social media has been abuzz with the reported death of 30 INC Construction workers when an I-Beam collapsed during the construction of the EVM Convention Center. Complete media blackout followed the incident which is said to have occurred around 11:00 AM and the fatalities brought out of the compound only on the next day at around 5:00 AM. This apparently is not an isolated incident since a similar mishap occurred on February, 2013 as reported by the Daily Inquirer –

      Image result for evm convention center images“A laborer died in a construction site accident in Quezon City where a scaffolding collapsed and crashed down on a group of workers. The victim identified as PJ Bautista died on the spot, while co-worker Criscencio Villaran was rushed to Veterans Memorial Medical Center for injuries.

      Superintendent Michael Macapagal, commander of the Quezon City Police District’s Talipapa station, said the accident took place around 10:30 a.m. at the EVM Convention Center work site on Central Avenue, Barangay (village) Culiat.”

    7. Santi Kampilan on

      Some of them have committed a crime. They are worse than your ordinary criminals languishing in the jails, therefore, they should be held accountable to that also.

      What about putting them in jail? Hello!!!!