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eye_lashes20150226Benefit Cosmetics is famous for its girly and quirky branding. But more than the eye-catching appeal of its packaging and fun recallable labels, the cosmetics company from San Francisco, California is also globally recognized innovator in solving everyday beauty dilemmas.

The brand’s latest eureka has been developed in response to a serious complaint among countless women of thin, sparse, and downward-pointing eyelashes. The biological situation prevents them from applying mascara, even with such miracle working products such as Benefit’s noted They’re Real mascara, named America’s “No.1 Prestige Mascara” by Beauty Trends US.

Addressing the beauty problem, the company gathered its team of experts to create what they hoped to be “an instant solution.” After much research and trial and error, Benefit finally came up with the beauty genius that is simply called “Roller Lash” mascara.

On February 17, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines launched this latest innovation at a fun girly gathering at Skye Lounge in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

(From left) Benefit Philippines trainer Miakka Lim and brand manager Donna Shaw with launch host Sam Oh

(From left) Benefit Philippines trainer Miakka Lim and brand manager Donna Shaw with launch host Sam Oh

“Benefit is obsessed with mascara. However, despite our best selling They’re Real and Bad Gal mascaras, we realized that many women still experience this dilemma: They don’t know how to curl their eyelashes, and many times they even end up painfully pinching their eyes,” explained Philippine brand manager Donna Shaw.

Finding inspiration in hair rollers, Benefit’s team crafted a similar mascara brush for Roller Lash, allowing the innovative wand to curl and lift eyelashes even without the use of eyelash curler.

Elaborating on the Roller Lash’s features, makeup trainer Miakka Lim shared that the mascara has a patented “Hook ‘n Roll” brush. The witty name captures the function of custom-designed hooks that catch even the shortest of eyelashes for lifting and curling. Together, they form a curved brush comes in a universal size that fits all eyes shapes.

“We made rollers for the lashes!” Lim simply enthused.

Just as important as the ingenious brush is the instant curve-setting formula that Benefit formulated which holds lashes in curl for12 hours. Moreover, it is easy to remove, and contains Provitamin B5 and Serine, known for their lash conditioning benefits.

Lim noted that the amount of product applied to the lashes is also key to holding the curl. That is why the Roller Lash has a unique wiper that perfectly distributes the mascara formula in a noticeable jet-black shade.

Combined together, the brush, the formula and the wiper give an overall result of visibly lifted lashes, long-lasting curl, and eyes that look more wide-open.

Lim then performed a quick demonstration to showcase Roller Lash’s curling power. Applying mascara to the lashes of just one eye, the immediate curling and lifting effect is evident without the use of an eyelash curler.

For added “tips and tricks,” Shaw said a coating of They’re Real mascara can be applied on top of Roller Lash for “more fabu-lash eyes.”

The launch, which was hosted by Sam Oh, also saw performances from Pole Lux dancers, as well hunky male models to appreciate the women’s mesmerizing eyes. Activity booths, which held tarot card readings and roller lash-themed games, were lined up for a truly fun afternoon. But of course, guests queued up for the beauty salon-inspired makeover area to try the amazing rollers for the lashes.

Benefit Roller Lash mascara will be available in Benefit boutiques beginning March.


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