Romantic riot with Derek, Solenn and Kiray From Regal

    Derek Ramsay is Wade, a spoiled bachelor

    Derek Ramsay is Wade, a spoiled bachelor

    Entertainment, Inc., makers of the highly successful rom-com movie The PreNup and the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) blockbuster Haunted Mansion, comes a most riotous love story in Love is Blind, which opens in cinemas on February 10.

    Love is Blind is a unique Valentine’s movie, which although a comedy, seeks to give its viewers hope to love and be loved through the roles of its main stars Derek Ramsay, Solenn Heussaff, and Kiray Celis.

    In the movie, Wade (Derek) is a spoiled bachelor who turns his back on sassy girlfriend Maggie (Solenn) when he meets Fe (Kiray), a hotel intern who looks so much like his ex-girlfriend.

    Unknown to Wade, Fe’s secret weapon is a love potion, which transforms her into Maggie’s character every time she and Wade meet.

    The storyline is so ticklish and the scenes are so zany that its full trailer immediately got the audience’s thumbs up after going live on Regal’s social media accounts.
    In just a week, the video amassed over 1 million views and likes.

    Kiray Celis is a hotel intern who transforms into Maggie

    Kiray Celis is a hotel intern who transforms into Maggie

    Love is Blind pairs off real-life ex-lovers Derek and Solenn in a movie for the first time. The movie also serves as the biggest break of Kiray, who is being dubbed as the female version of late comedian Rene Requiestas.

    Surprisingly, Derek and Kiray display a unique brand of chemistry on the big screen. As Derek proudly said in Instagram post, Kiray is the hottest leading lady he has ever had, toppling the likes of screen sirens Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Andi Eigenmann.

    Love is Blind is under the direction of award-winning director Jason Paul Laxamana, who gave moviegoers such films as Babagwa (Cinemalaya), Astro Mayabang (Cinema One Originals) and Magkakabaung.


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