Romualdez twisted truth – Roxas


Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd on Tuesday lashed back at Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban City for “twisting” the truth and “rewriting” history. He denied the mayor’s allegations that the national government failed to help Tacloban after the typhoon struck.

Roxas advised Romualdez to stop distorting facts related to the government’s disaster response. He maintained that the Aquino administration readily provided relief assistance to all local officials affected by the calamity regardless of their political affiliation.

“I sympathize with him, but my advice to Mayor Romualdez: Don’t distort facts, stop rewriting history,” said Roxas, who is vice chairman of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

“I do not know if he is trying to politicize the situation or he is just suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. What I am sure of, he is not telling the truth. Politics never played a role in the relief operations after Yolanda,” he added.

Roxas admitted having told Romualdez to write a letter to President Benigno Aquino 3rd detailing the condition of the local government unit at the time and the menu of assistance needed by Tacloban from the national government.

He stressed that the letter, however, was not meant as a pre-condition for relief assistance from the national government.

“I requested that letter more than a week after Yolanda struck Tacloban. Even without that letter, the relief assistance kept pouring into Tacloban,” the DILG chief pointed out.

“All we wanted at the time was to formalize the request from the local government unit. We do not want a situation where the national government would later be accused of taking over Tacloban because the President is an Aquino and the mayor is a Romualdez,” Roxas explained.

He described as unfair the insinuation made by Romualdez before the Joint Congressional Committee that the national government failed to provide immediate relief to Tacloban just because the mayor is a member of a rival clan.

“This is politics at its worst. It is unfair for the thousands of men and women who were mobilized by the national government to come to the aid of Tacloban,” Roxas said.

“Malinaw na gusto ring ipagtanggol ni Mayor Romualdez ang kanyang sarili sa akusasyon na kulang ang kanyang preparasyon kaya maraming namatay sa Tacloban,” he said.

“Sa halip na atakihin ang gobyerno, mas mabuti sigurong ipaliwanag niya nang mabuti kung bakit nandoon siya sa beach resort nang dumating ang bagyo. Paano lilikas ang mga kababayan niya kung alam nila na binabale-wala lang ng mayor nila ang lakas ng bagyo?” he added.

The DILG chief noted that Romualdez may find himself liable for perjury should the Joint Congressional Committee discover that he distorted facts or uttered fallacious statements when he testified before the panel.

“We are ready with the facts, with the recording and minutes of our meetings. We will present all of these if needed so we know who is telling the truth and who is lying,” Roxas said.

But even if he was dismayed by Romuladez’s accusations, the DILG chief said that he sympathized with the mayor.

“Baka may post-traumatic disorder siya kaya hindi ko alam kung saan nanggagaling mga criticisms niya. Pero hindi puwede biktima ka ay lisensiya na ito na baluktutin ang katotohanan gaya ng narinig ko kahapon,” Roxas said.

He said he will leave it to their lawyers to study what legal action can be taken against Romualdez.

“We are ready with the facts, with the recording and minutes of our meetings. We will present all of these if needed so we know who is telling the truth and who is lying,” Roxas said.

Malacañang also lambasted Romualdez for claiming that the national government refused to send troops to rescue typhoon victims.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., said that contrary to the mayor’s claim, the President “took all necessary steps to prepare the people on the dangers posed by Typhoon Yolanda, and after it struck, the government spared no efforts in addressing the needs of the people in the calamity areas.”

“All of the concerned frontline government departments and agencies, particularly the Department of National Defense, Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Health, and even the Metro Manila Development Authority were deployed in full force to ensure maximum delivery of essential services and assistance in the affected communities,” he added

“He [The President] specifically warned about the possibility of storm surge in over 100 areas and urged the local authorities and the citizens to take precautionary measures,” he said.

Coloma added that Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Roxas “were in Tacloban City before Yolanda made landfall in Samar and Leyte also on November 7.”


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  1. Wake Up Mga Pinoy on

    Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd on Tuesday lashed back at Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban City for “twisting” the truth and “rewriting” history. He denied the mayor’s allegations that the national government failed to help Tacloban after the typhoon struck.

    WHAT???? talaga namng walang nangyari kundi sisihan…hanggang ngayon nga eh wala pa ring pagbabago. Tapos sasabihin pa nilang hindi cla failed? Baka gusto cguro nila yung tawaging “overfailed”….

    How are you going to support the Presidential ambition of this crab-mentality aspirant when he don’t even know how to react positively that in the midst of devastation, and absolute urgency to comply with protocol is unnecessary, the least this stupid man can do is to politicized the whole situation saying: “I have to be very careful not to be graciously friendly to you and Tacloban, because you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino who is a proven jealous Noid”. Unless you submitted a letter of intent stating that you could no longer perform your duty, then that is the proper time Mar Roxas /PNOY tandem could come in and legalize the action, otherwise, if not legalize, well okay, you are in charge. We can’t help you. Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo”.

  3. Ewan ko kung pano idedeny ni korina este ni MAR pala ung video na lumabas??? Nakatawa pa eh imbes na malungkot ang mukha. Buti pa Boy Sisi nakangiti lng kahit matindi ang problema. Si Mar abot-tenga ang tawa. Buti na lng hindi ko siya ibinoto. Magaling pala sa TWIST AND LAUGH……

  4. Well, let me say this plain and simple: the student council and its members are plain BLACKMAILERS!!! the name of the game for Boy Sisi and Roxas is: BLACKMAIL….

  5. onli in d pilipins ito!!!!! kung sino nakapwesto sila ang maghahari….MAR wala ka n chance sa 2016…lumabas ng lahat ng katotohanan…..ang totoong paguugali mo!!! sayang binoto pa man din kita noon…sayang….

  6. raymond canapi on

    ito na talaga ang nakaugalian….kung sino nasa mataas na posisyo sila ang maghahari…magmamanipula ng lahat…san ka nakakita ng isang opisyal na sa gitna ng malaking kalamidad e hihingi ng kasulatan at para siya ang mamahala sa isang lugar? onli in da pilipins….ang kapangyarihan nga naman…tsk….tsk…

  7. thinking Pinoy on

    Sec. Roxas clearly snubbed the senate inquiry last Monday and according to Sen.Trillanes, Sec. Roxas did not even bother to inform the committee that he is not coming. Then he called for a press conference the following day rejecting mayor Romualdez’s story. Does roxas really thinks that people will believe his BS? Local and foreign media showed how incompetent the BS Aquino admin is. But what can the filipino expect from an arrogant, insensitive, brat president which senator Miriam Santiago once described as “a sorry excuse for the scion of a great man.”

  8. Roxas, nobody believes you. The writing is on the wall, President 2016? NO WAY, NO HOW. Unless cheating…again a la Abnoy election.

  9. I believe the mayor. It took an anderson cooper to move the national government into action. But It was more of a us government show. Penoy’s government did too little too late which is understandable as there was no money left. Penoy already given most of the funds to his friends to squander.

  10. it feel good to hear from the dilg secretary what really happens when typhoon yolanda devastated tacloban, the mayor there did not do anything, he just save his family and send them to manila, after that missing in action, the city aministrator is the one who is incharge seeing him on tv for press conference, i lauded him they should vote him for mayor

  11. I think Romualdez is just trying to divert the attention to the national government of his lack of preparedness during the storm. First, no educated person will stay in a beach house if a big storm is coming ( it’s insane). secondly, did he provide some guidelines to the people of Tacloban how to prepare for the coming big storm. The local weather bureau published even here in the US how strong this storm will hit the Philippines, but the local city government I think just ignore it.
    Romualdez should stop playing politics. His Aunt get rich already by using the Philippine government as his private business.

  12. Roxas and Gazmin were already in Tacloban City before Yolanda’s landfall. Roxas
    as the Secretary of DILG has the entire police forces under him while Gazmin
    as Secretary of Defense has the entire military under him. But what did these
    two government officials did at the height of the typhoon. What did they do to the
    requests of the local officials for help? Also, what did the foreign reporters like
    Anderson Cooper, Christianne Amanpour, Andrew Stevens and Al Jazeera news
    reported while they were on the ground? Reporting directly from the ground these
    reporters were one in saying that there was no presence of government helping
    and handling the situation then. Where were the two national government officials?
    What about the local officials? These locals officials were victims too. Hence, they
    themselves had to cling to dear life. What about Roxas and Gazmin? Roxas was
    requiring the mayor to execute a letter that as if the letter is a condition before doing
    something. But the letter did not come. Probably that that was the reason why they
    did not help. They did not do anything. Again, take a close look at the situation and
    also what the foreign reporters said? Who is now telling the truth? This Roxas is
    also the same as his liar boss abnoy. Remember also what Fr. Bulatao of Ateneo
    and Carmen Pedrosa said about the mental examination conducted on abnoy.
    What kind of a person is this president? They say that he is suffering from mental
    disorder. So mga nangyayari sa bansa ngayon, ay these who voted for this man
    are contributory to these miseries, Kasi ang ibinotong president ay sinto sinto.