Romulo slams haste in K-to-12 rollout


AN administration lawmaker has questioned the government’s haste in implementing the Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-to-12) program, saying the Department of Education (DepEd) is “not yet prepared” for its full implementation next year.

Rep. Roman Romulo of Pasig City said there is no urgent need for DepEd to speed up the implementation of the K-to-12 program while it fails to fully address serious problems concerning the program’s implementation.

“They’re [DepEd officials] working hard. I am not against it [K-to-12 program]. The concept is pretty good, but they are not yet ready to implement it. It’s not so easy to roll out a program having a short period of time of preparation. I just want a smooth implementation of the program,” Romulo, chairman of the House committee on higher and technical education, said during a lunch meeting with reporters in Pasig City over the weekend.

“Who is not in favor of improving our educational system? All of us, I’m sure, wanted to upgrade our curriculum, but this is nothing if not implemented very well,” Romulo added.

He cited the shortage of classrooms, textbooks, qualified teachers, and the possible displacement of college faculty and non-teaching personnel because of the introduction of senior of high school as the most pressing problems that the Education department should immediately address.

“Do we have enough classrooms, textbooks, and teachers? Do we also have an alternative solution for those who might be affected by a massive displacement?” Romulo asked.

According to him, the additional two years in basic education will be an added burden to low-income families because only tuition is free in public elementary and secondary schools.

Under the K-to-12 reform, a student will be required to undergo kindergarten, six years of primary education (Grades 1-6), four years of junior high school (Grades 7-10) and two years of senior high school (Grades 11-12).

The new education system aims to improve the quality of basic education and adequately prepare high school graduates for college education, work or employment, making them globally competitive.


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  1. Teka muna, ano ba ang natapos ni Kong. Romulo, para maybigay ng kanyang haka-haka, kung naghuhula lang sya, siguro hindi bagay. and ibig kong sabihin, magbigay naman siya ng matlinong suhestion, Huwag sana syang maging buko na malaki ang bao pero mala uhog and laman, pero pwede din yun sa masarap na gulaman.

  2. Tricycle Driver on

    Romulo is right. Don’t rush this. But, the program has to be implemented. There is no turning back. Why not implement it on a school-by-school or city-by-city basis first.
    The government has to offer incentives to those school districts that do so immediately , and maybe tuition incentives to the students. I’m sure some commenters here have great ideas.

  3. This is Panot Administration…..Hindi ko maiintiendihan ang namamahala sa DEP-ED na ito. We are still not yet ready for the implementation of K-12 program at kailangan itigil ito…….