Ronnie Alonte: ‘I’m not the guy in the sex video’



It seems being involved or tagged as the featured “star” in a sex video is the newest claim to fame of showbiz wannabees. It’s easiest way to catch people’s attention and be talked about on social media.

Controversial Hashtags member Ronnie Alonte bravely addressed the burning question whether he figured in the most recent viral sex video, where a guy who looks so much like him was playing with his privates.

At the blog con for his forthcoming concert on December 17 at the Kia Theater, the 20-year-old Star Magic contract star denied it flat out, and joked that he uses his “right hand” to play with himself, and not the left as the guy in the video had.

Baron Geisler is in the news again because he “urinated” on the face of his co-actor Ping Medina on the shoot of their movie “Bubog.”

Hashtags member Ronnie Alonte  PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/RONNIE ALONTE

Hashtags member Ronnie Alonte

We read the long post of Ping Medina on Facebook as well as the long exchange between Baron and FDCP Chair Lisa Dino who was appalled by what the troubled actor did.

Journalist-turned-director Arlyn Dela Cruz also took to Facebook to explain what happened during the shoot. She said what Baron did was not on the script. He did it on his own. She had taken out Baron out of the movie and urges fellow directors to think twice if they plan to cast the actor in any of their projects.
Baron had been in trouble with his co-stars in the past and he always seemed to get away with it. But with what he did to Ping should not be taken sitting down. What he did was truly wrong and uncalled for. He should be sanctioned and suffer the consequence of what he did.

The problem with Baron is that he can’t get hold of himself if had a drink one too many. Because of what happened, we won’t be surprised if actors and directors will refuse to work with him.


Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee, one of the lead stars of Mano Po 7, admitted he was disappointed when their film failed to make to the Metro Manila Film Festival’s Magic 8.

“But we can’t do anything more about it because it is the decision of committee. So I guess the best thing to do next is to show the movie earlier,” added Enchong who is paired with Jessy Mendiola in the Regal Entertainment movie.

Enchong was among the stars who also gave his opinion on the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani. While there were people who admired his guts for saying how he feels, Enchong had his own share of bashers, but he is firm on his stand.
“We cannot be neutral. We have to take sides. If we are going to be neutral, history will just repeat itself,” he said. “They (bashers) also have their own beliefs and they are free to express it. We have our own opinion about everything. It’s just a matter of accepting one’s opinion.”

If he has time, Enchong even says he plans to join the one of the rallies.


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