Rooster ‘On Fire’



Cavite fire – The Fire Rooster started the year ablaze. In another continent, immigrants are being “fired.”

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“Rafael Dumlao says PNP can’t destroy group behind Jee kidnap-slay” – Glenn Dumlao. An admission, a warning, or a threat? More push-ups coming?

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‘Bato’ stops drug war, starts fight vs rogue cops. Chasers now being chased. Do we hear drug lords laughing? Matrix unplugged.

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Ceasefire terminated after the latest peace panel talks. After the much-publicized milestone agreements reached, it looks like the public will again foot the bill.

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I have to post this information from the BSP to clarify things on checks issuance:

The Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) issued on 24 January 2017 a Memorandum to All Clearing Banks/Institutions clarifying the advisories previously issued with regard to the handling of checks under the new Check Image Clearing System or CICS.

Memo Circular No. 3306 clarifies that the reminders stated in the Advisories are issued primarily for the protection of the customers. Non-conformity with the reminders should not be a reason for non-acceptance of the checks.

PCHC specifically states that checks which are folded or have staple holes should be accepted by banks as long as the image and the information on the check are still clearly visible upon unfolding or inspection.

Further, checks without the word “only” after the amount written on the check, with empty spaces not ruled out, or information not written in dark-colored ink should not be reasons for non-acceptance by banks. No standard format on the date on the checks is required.

The Bangko Sentral enjoins banks to remain prudent in implementing the new check clearing process but at the same time not too rigid in accepting checks.

The Bangko Sentral upholds consumer protection and promotes efficient payment system which are ingredients in maintaining financial stability.

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In last Tuesday’s hearing, retired police official Wally Sombero’s legal counsel, Ted Contacto, said his client failed to attend the hearing because he was under “medical observation” in Singapore. Gordon, however, said medical observation did not sound like an emergency and that there were enough doctors in Manila to check on him.

A retired police official who can afford medical consultation in Singapore? Health is wealth or wealth is health?

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Senator De Lima said the Duterte government using the former police official to besmirch her reputation is not far from happening. People are asking “what reputation?’

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Cops raid home of beauty doctor Joel Mendez over SSS case. A thing of beauty is not always a joy forever.

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More responses on US immigration policy:

“Over the past 35 years, I have lived in many countries where I have been an immigrant. As the Country Manager of IKEA in Italy, Japan, and now the US, I have witnessed firsthand the power of people working together: people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions uniting to achieve our vision of creating a better everyday life. This is why any proposal that would discriminate against a certain group of our customers or co-workers, or limit our ability to attract and retain diverse talent is so troubling.

Our IKEA values clearly tell us that leadership is taking action and standing up for what we believe in. That is why we are committed to continuing to stand for the dignity and rights of everyone.”

Lars Petersson
USA Country Manager, IKEA

“Coca-Cola is resolute in its commitment to diversity, fairness and inclusion, and we do not support this travel ban or any policy that is contrary to our core values and beliefs,” CEO Muhtar Kent said in a statement to Bloomberg. “As a U.S. company that has operations in more than 200 countries and territories, we respect people from all backgrounds.”

Bank of America
“As a global company, we depend upon the diverse sources of talent that our teammates represent,” CEO Brian Moynihan said in a memo to employees, according to a statement obtained by Fortune. “In view of this, we are closely monitoring the recent refugee- and immigration-related executive order in the United States, and subsequent developments.”

CEO Mark Parker said the company did not support the executive order.

“Nike believes in a world where everyone celebrates the power of diversity,” he said in a statement. “Those values are being threatened by the recent executive order in the U.S. banning refugees, as well as visitors, from seven Muslim-majority countries.”

General Motors
“At General Motors, we value and respect individual differences,” SVP of global human resources John Quattrone told employees. “We appreciate what each individual brings to the team, including background, education, gender, race, ethnicity, working and thinking styles, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, religious background, age, generation, disability, cultural expertise and technical skill. Empowering these unique perspectives keeps GM on the cutting edge of technological innovation in the fast-paced automotive industry.”

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Important announcement:
To celebrate its 85th anniversary, the UP Sigma Beta Alumnae Foundation will hold the annual Orchid Ball at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati on February 11, 2017.The UP Sigma Beta Sorority, the first sorority organized in the University of the Philippines, marks its 85th founding anniversary on February 14, 2017. The UP Sigma Beta Alumnae Foundation will hold the annual Orchid Ball at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati on February 11, 2017.

UP Beta Sigma Fraternity stalwart and former Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Ramon Jesus P. Paje will be the keynote speaker at the sorority’s Orchid Ball.

For more information, members of the UP Sigma Beta Sorority may contact the Programs Committee c/o Sis Mailin Barua-Yap (0918-9447352); Sis Fe Cruz-Tantiansu (0917-5231125); Sis Josie Roldan-Saddul (0917-6251025); Sis Aurora Ortega-Carlos (0918-9306012), Sis Florence Rivera (0998-9959778); and Sis Bessie Barua-Callejo (0917-5352377).

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Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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