Rosales pays golf back with JRo Cup


Two-time LPGA winner Jennifer Rosales gathers 40 of the country’s leading and rising juniors players for the JRo Cup unfolding Tuesday at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City.

Unlike in the first JRo Cup that featured only the top 20 junior girls, the second edition will now include the boys in a Ryder Cup-style event with Rosales, now retired from active play, hoping to inspire the youth by providing them a tournament that will pit their talent and skills in a different kind of format.

“When I retired a couple of years ago and decided to ge

Jennifer Rosales hopes to help produce another champion golfer in the future. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

t certified teaching, I told myself that I would want to help our golfers here,” said Rosales, the first Filipina to win on the LPGA Tour in 2004 in Georgia. She annexed her second crown in Hawaii the following year.

“I just want to inspire and motivate them and it’s time for me to give back teach them what I know,” said Rosales.

“When I was going to turn pro and wanting someone to talk to about it, I really didn’t have anyone to go to, so I figured things out for myself.

“So I told myself that when I retire, I will help our golfers to make that transition that’s why I decided to teach…I want to inspire more girls to play golf and I know we have so much talent here. It’s just a matter of showing them the right path and all about working hard and discipline,” she added.

The new format will give the select field a different kind of feel in competition play with Rosales adding: “I want it to be different and for them to have fun and enjoy the game.”

Through the backing of Callaway and Kit Dichaves, Rosales hopes to make the event, which starts at 10 a.m., an annual affair.

“My goal here is for all the participants to have fun and enjoy the game. I want the Class C and D girls and boys players to learn from those ranked in Classes A and B, that’s why I paired them against each other,” said Rosales.


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