Rosanna Roces admits bringing women to NBP


FORMER sexy actress Rosanna Roces is denying that she was a mistress of a high-profile inmate at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), but admitted to bringing sex workers to the national penitentiary.

In Thursday’s House probe into the proliferation of illegal drugs at NBP, the controversial actress’ name was mentioned in the testimony of convicted policeman Nonilo Arile, who claimed he saw Roces visit the prison cell of Vicente Sy a number of times.

Roces, in her Facebook post under her real name Jennifer Cruz Adriano, clarified her connection to Sy, who was one of the inmates injured in a brawl at the NBP last September 28 that killed one prisoner and hurt three others.

“How can I be Enteng’s (Sy) mistress when I brought him women? He would pay me P25,000 for every woman I took to his cell even if one of them was rejected. If I were really his mistress, then I would have already earned the P2 million I lost in my case with GMA Network, and I wouldn’t be working so hard now. I would have been a producer by now,” she said in Filipino.

“My business in Bilibid had nothing to do with drugs. I delivered flesh. I only talked to one person there, the one they call Vicente Sy. It’s easy to weave a story but it’s hard to prove it,” she added.

Roces also claimed she had performed in concerts inside NBP, with the likes of April Boy Regino and sexy singer Selina Sevilla. This, she said, was how she met Jaybee Sebastian, another high-profile inmate who told the congressional inquiry that he collected drug money for Sen. Leila de Lima’s senatorial campaign.

“That’s how I met Jaybee Sebastian because I was interviewed and was asked to give a message for his BTV or Bilibid TV. Other than that, I had no reason to return to Bilibid, especially since the last woman I brought in turned out to be sick,” she said.

Roces said her visits and performances at the national penitentiary took place and ended three years ago.


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  1. Yes… you might veer away from the illicit drug trade in Bilibid but your business is more wretched causing more harm to the dignity of women and humanity. Are you aware that you violated the anti trafficking in persons act of 2012 (RA 10364)?