Rotten housing contractor gets P30-B project

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Despite its “slippage” or derogatory report for building substandard government housing in Pagadian City, Laurasia Realty Corp., surprisingly was awarded a P30-billion housing project by PAG-IBIG recently.

In its website, the realty company boasts of winning the P30 billion contract to build houses for PAG-IBIG members nationwide starting this year until 2016.

How the heck did this happen when Laurasia should no longer be allowed to join government biddings, especially when it comes to building homes, because of its substandard housing project in Pagadian City?

My spy in PAG-IBIG said the answer may lie in Laurasia’s chairman, Asuncion Martinez. Martinez is said to be the former vice-president of PAG-IBIG’s Loan Department. Tsk, tsk, tsk, no wonder!

Vice President and housing czar Jejomar Binay should immediately find out why Laurasia was given the fat PAG-IBIG contract when it should have been banned from joining the bidding.

Laurasia was the constructor of more than 1,500 housing units of the National Housing Authority (NHA) intended for the police and military personnel in Pagadian City and nearby towns. The project cost the government P400 million.

The housing project was part of the 10-point agenda of Pnoy in his 2010 State of the Nation Address (SONA) under which he vowed more housing for police and military personnel during his term of office.

The President’s pet project was plagued with problems from the very start. First, Laurasia Realty was handpicked by the board of housing of the PNP and AFP because no bidding was held.

A sub-contractor who helped build the houses said the materials used were substandard. For this reason, the houses reportedly are not sturdy and may not last long.

Police and military beneficiaries and their families refuse to move into their new homes to this day for fear that their houses may suddenly crumble.

Laurasia reportedly has not yet paid all of its subcontractors, who in turn have not paid the wages of their workers, and the realty company continue to remain mum on the issue.

Picture this, Mr. President… your own housing program for police and military personnel, which is your pet project, is full of corruption and a waste because it is unlivable!

Will you just let Laurasia’s inefficiency fly, Mr. President? Or is he also exempted from your “daang matuwid” sir?

VP Binay should scrap the contract between PAG-IBIG and Laurasia Realty Corp. since the latter is a rotten and inept housing constructor!

Somebody has to answer and be punished.


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  1. PAG-IBIG housing management for your information Mr. Tulfo, is following the most stringent criteria to qualify for the perfect bidding contractor provided they can come up with the following qualifications: inferior, inadequate, unacceptable, damaged, imperfect, second-rate, shoddy construction.

  2. good luck on Pnoy taking notice. but if he does take notice, it will be a victory for the Filipino people.

  3. Mr Tulfo, you know much more than the common man about shenanigans in gov’t. and you still ask Abnoy to practice his daang matuwid p.r. gimmick?? NO of course not! Matagal mo nang alam yon diba?