• ‘Rough sailing’ ahead after Robredo’s resignation


    THE administration of President Rodrigo Duterte could be in for rough sailing following the departure of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo from the Cabinet, which could even impact the President’s ratings, a political analyst said.

    Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, said Robredo’s resignation could see the rise of a real opposition with the vice president as the leader.

    “They (opposition) will not let him rule peacefully,” Casiple said.

    The opposition, he said, could block the appointment of new Supreme Court justices, the vice presidential election protest of former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., as well as the federalism measure in Congress.

    “All these issues are expected to be questioned. There will be a battle,” he added.

    Robredo, however, is not a politician and not the kind of person who would “bring the fight down to the ground.”

    “Personally I find the actions of the President wrong, because it is better to have a modus vivendi or a practical arrangement with people on the other side of the fence,” he added.

    Robredo on Monday resigned as chairwoman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

    The vice president decided to vacate her post after receiving a text message from Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. that the President did not want her to attend Cabinet meetings anymore.

    Casiple warned that the President’s action could hit his ratings considering that more than 14 million people voted for Robredo in May.

    “There is a big possibility that those who voted for Robredo will support her and it would have a real impact on the President’s rating,” he added.

    Casiple said he did not see Robredo’s resignation having an impact on the economy.

    “This is a political issue, and the HUDCC is not really part of any economic decision,” he said in a telephone interview.

    Despite the political noise, Antony Chan, president of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Inc., said entrepreneurs remained confident with the Duterte administration’s economic policy.

    “We have a federation of Hong Kong businesses, composed of 41 associations in Asia, Europe and North America. We tell businessmen in other places that it’s the time to invest in the Philippines,” Chan said.

    Julian Payne, national president of the Canadian Chambers Commerce of the Philippines, echoed the positive outlook.

    “Generally, we as Canadian chamber and Canadian business look upon [Duterte’s] 10-point economic promise as very friendly to foreign investment,” he said. “We have seen no Canadian companies indicating concern of pulling out.”


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    1. “Personally I find the actions of the President wrong, because it is better to have a modus vivendi or a practical arrangement with people on the other side of the fence,” sure, but having a snake inside your own fence is less appealing to anyone, that includes Ramon Casiple I believe.

    2. You guys better think smart. your new president is a murderer in his admission Wait until he become the next dictator. unless you are pro dictator yourself.

    3. “Casiple warned that the President’s action could hit his ratings considering that more than 14 million people voted for Robredo in May.”

      Magkaalaman na. kung makakakuha sila kahit 1 million lang, isama na ang buong bicol.

    4. Leo capurictan on

      This is the same guy who predicted that Marcos name could not land in any national election.

    5. Maribel A. Calanda on

      Ramon Casiple always give a wrong analysis. He did not even correctly see that PDigong will emerge as the winner in the last presidential elections. He has another bet in the person of Mar Roxas.

    6. robredo was kicked out from the cabinet because of her failure to fast track the relocation of yolanda victims promised by duterte last nov 8, the 3rd anniversary of the yoland event. the credit was given to presidential assistant MIKE DINO who until now oversees the relocation of the yolanda victims. MIKE DINO was responsible for the talking to other agencies involved to make the yolanda village possible. what was robredo doing after she was tasked by the president to her job.

    7. Casiple is looking through orthodox politics. But Duterte is not an orthodox politicians. And Duterte is much more astute than Casiple or any other analyst because Duterte has lived and breathed politics for many years. Duterte knows what he is doing. And he will prove analysts wrong, just as Duterte proved most observers wrong when, despite waging a highly unusual campaign, he garnered the most votes of any candidate for President in Philippine history.

    8. Size up VP Leni rationally, dispassionately. She really doesn’t have what it takes to be Chief Executive of the Republic. Sabi nga ng mga mahilig maglasing, walang veneno–walang tapang, walang espiritu. Paseksi, pakyut lang, period. Sayang, wrong at bad choice siya ni PNoy na isa ring walang foresight; winnability lang and basehan nang gawin nilang spare tire si Leni, dahil wala na talagang mahugot sa mga Dilawan. Tabihan lang at sitsitan ng mahaderang si Sen. Leila de Lima ay titiklop na yang Lening ‘yan. Bulyawan lang si Leni ng sindakerong si Sen. Antonio Trillanes, nagmamadaling umuwi na ‘yan sa Naga City para magtago sa lungga niya sa Tinago. O, ano, game pa kayo kay Leni Robredo o manahihik na muna kayo ng anim na taon? Baka lang may lumitaw na mas magaling sa kanya pwera kay Kris Aquino na baka pagtiyagaan ng publiko pero wala ring binatbat.

    9. Possibly another fake “analyst” for hire.

      Does not take any special knowledge to see that the forces of evil are going all out to destroy an administration who seems to be chipping away effectively at the protective walls that these evil elites.

      But any change is welcome, including the clash between the greedy, oppressive elites who controls the country, and the majority of struggling pinoys.

      Go for it, we will meet you.

    10. Leni being forced out of the Cabinet will certainly not have a negative impact on this administration. What did you consider before you wrote this article?

    11. Casiple has way too many contacts with people in ABS CBN and the Ayalas to be non partisan. He’s definitely pro liberal party.

    12. This political analyst has wrong analysis. Many people were happy in Leni’s resignation. Opposition are always there, that is expected when you make drastic changes in the government. We are in democracy,let these opposition whine and complain…we listen, people nowadays has critical thinking…we could detect when media are spreading bullshit…..14 million supporter of Leni??? Even in the back of the mind of this political analyst would dictate there was an organized and massive cheating done by LP…in my rough estimate, her supporter was below 5 MILLION yellowtards… I, myself , hate the style of Duterte the way he conducted himself as president. But I like the changes he made in terms of effective reduction in drug-related crime incidents, in accommodating the welfare of farmers in the agriculture sector, the effective reduction of traffic time in Edsa, on-going improvement in MRT and LRT. The promising investment of Scandinavian countries in the Philippines, I know too well because I understand the working cultures of Scandinavian, and so with Japan, China and Russia…many things to come.

    13. Casiple is highly unreliable because he cannot keep what is called detached objectivity in his performance, resulting to his entire analysis unsoundly based. It lacks charity.