• Roxas a failed pol – Duterte


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday lashed out at Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, calling him a “failed politician.”

    Duterte was bristling after the administration bet criticized his campaign against illegal drugs in Davao City.

    “He [Roxas] can never do it,” the mayor said of his rival for the presidency. “Give him 20 years and [he]still won’t be able to hack it.”

    He noted that his anti-drugs campaign is “anchored on effective intelligence network and diligent police work that make the city a hard market to penetrate for drug operators.”

    Roxas was the former secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

    After the Sunday debate in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Roxas blasted Duterte’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, saying the drug menace still exists in Davao City.

    “May droga sa Davao ngayon,” he said. “Ngayon lang, gusto mo samahan kita e, makakabili tayo ng droga sa Davao e [There are drugs in Davao. Even now, if you like, we can go buy drugs in Davao].”

    Peter Laviña, Duterte’s spokesman, said Roxas was trying to assail the reputation of Duterte and Davao City to make himself look good.

    “He is painting others black so he will look white,” Laviña added.

    He noted that Roxas should not strip himself of the responsibility to curb illegal drugs or stop criminality because he once was secretary of the DILG, which has jurisdiction over the Philippine National Police.

    “What has he done as secretary of DILG and as chairman of the National Police Commission to fight drug abuse?” Laviña asked.

    He said Roxas’ knowledge of and inaction on the problem of illegal drugs in Davao make him not only an irresponsible citizen but also “an accomplice and a protector of drug lords and their drug pushers.”

    For this alone, Laviña added, Roxas deserves to “go to jail, not to Malacañang.”

    But the camp of Roxas claimed that Duterte is scared of the LP presidential bet.

    LP spokesman and Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice slammed Duterte for predicting that Roxas will not win the presidency even after 20 years.

    “Duterte is really afraid of Mar Roxas,” Erice said.

    Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. the campaign manager of the LP-led coalition, also downplayed Duterte’s bragadoccio.

    “Dont worry. Mar will win this one,” Belmonte said.

    Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez, LP spokesman, countered that Duterte has not done anything good.

    He said Roxas, as Interior secretary, reduced crime rates by 60 percent through Oplan Lambat Sibat.

    “That’s Mar’s record. Duterte cannot pass on his failings to Mar. Duterte was mayor for more than two decades. He was [chairman]of the regional peace and order council. What has he done?” Gutierrez asked.


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    1. Pag-gusto niu ng drugs punta lang kau kay Mar Roxas, alam nia saan kau makakamura at merong Promo ahahaha

    2. What a poor strategy Roxas: To make bargain in the drug pushers and users ‘Oplan Lambat Sibat.’ How about if there’s gun to shot Mar, how can he defends himself, utak ipis ka Roxas ha ha ha! Wharton College what a mess!

    3. opinionated na pinoy on

      Duterte is just telling the truth, that Mar Roxas is a failed politician and he was referring to his accomplishments as a politician. However, Roxas will never admit that he had failed in a lot of areas because of so many reasons that we may never know. The things that are going for him are– belonged to a well funded political affiliation (LP), wealthy political backers, and his family fortune. These are the reasons why the LP BOYS are very confident in saying that Mar is going to win this one.

      Indeed, he is in a position to win this one because he has all the resources, such as aircraft to use for campaigning, money to burn, political connections, and so on.
      Did anybody noticed his campaign strategy? He is concentrating his campaign activities in Region 8, where the highest number of barangay in the country, to include Iloilo. If I were his consultant, I would advice him not to buy votes in that part of the country (Region 8) since he is already established. However, I would recommend him to spend all his resources in Metro Manila, and get as much as he can, on the 6 million votes up for grabs, or most of these votes will be for sale if the Supreme Court orders the COMELEC to put back the VVPAT feature on the voting machines.

      All of these compounded activities and situations (whether legal or not) will result Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines, that was once tagged as a fail politician.

    4. “Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez, LP spokesman, countered that Duterte has not done anything good.” Really??? Sayang ang boto ko sa Akbayan! Ikaw na utak-biya lang pala ang ipupuwesto ng partido. This election, disgrasya ang aabutin ng Akbayan. Promise!

    5. “Don’t worry Mar will win this one” this statement implies that they (LP) will do everything for Mar to win even to cheat in the election. This is a conclusion that can be made from their statement considering the ratings of mar

    6. Funny Mr Erice when you said “Duterte is really afraid of Mar Roxas,” I think it is you who is afraid of Roxas because you are not blind nor deaf but you keep saying yes to him. What does that mean? “Dont worry. Mar will win this one,” Belmonte said. You are keeping your fingers crossed that the cheating will prevail again this time right?Just like the way it was before? Damn, you swallow your principles for power!
      Ibarra Gutierrez said mar reduced crime rates by 60 percent through Oplan Lambat Sibat. Okay mr Gutierrez, I think we have a different definition of “reduced” as in really reduced! When you say reduced, you mean for 85% for instance to 84.5% right? We, the people don’t see it that way. we mean by “reduced” from 85% to 60%, now that is what we call reduce. can anyone explain to this guy what reduce really means?

      • ang nangyayari actually sa lambat sibat…may 2 blotter ang pulis, yung totoo at hindi totoo…ang ipinapasa nila during command conference ay yung reduced statistics kasi nagagalit si mar kung may tumaas..kaya kapag nagblotter kayo ng mga ordinaryong kaso, sasabihin ng pulis na pag usapan na lang.

        na-experience namin yan dito sa amin at lumabas sa imbestigasyon laban sa DILG ang nangyayaring ito…kaya hindi talaga totoo ang sinasabing bumaba ang crime incidence..hindi lang truthful recording and reporting ang nangyayari…takot sila sa temper tantrum ni marohas pag nagkataon.

    7. Mga gago kayong Lapiang Pangungurakot(LP).Paalala ko lang mga gago kayong ka-LP ni NOYTARD ang DAP.Luneta fiasco,yolanda,trapik,panunuhol(CJ Corona,mamasapano(SAF44).MRT,etc.).

      • Wala nang credibility si duterte. Halos lahat ng lumalabas sa bibig nya paiba iba. Sa more dan 20 yrs nyang mayor ng Davao at chaurman ng rehional peace n order ano nagawa nya sa droga? Tapos gawin sa 3 months buong pinas ? Jok jok nalang ba lahat? Compare mo naman 20 yrs sa isang city lang sa ilang yrs lang ni Roxas tapos buong Pinas pa? Common sense

      • Yeah you are right Alex, they should not LEAD, stop the cheating arrangement if that you think this time Roxas will win…suntok sa buwan iyan ha!