Roxas behind attempt to void Lee’s arrest – lawyers’ group


A lawyers’ group on Tuesday denounced the police’s attempt to remove Delfin Lee’s name from the list of persons facing arrest and insisted that only Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd had the power to issue such order given his authority over the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The Philippine Association for the Advancement of Civil Liberties pointed out that only Roxas could order Lee’s removal from the Warrant of Arrest Information System of the PNP.

Lee, president of Globe Asiatique, is facing several complaints for syndicated estafa. He was arrested early this month by a task force headed by Sr. Supt. Conrad Capa.

Vice President Jejomar Binay had claimed that the police almost released Lee because the Globe Asiatique president’s lawyer claimed that the arrest warrant issued by a Pampanga judge had been quashed by the Court of Appeals. He also claimed that some personalities had tried to intervene for Lee after his arrest.

The lawyers’ group said the attempt to delist Lee “was an affront to the judiciary.”

“We strongly condemn the unlawful ‘delisting’ and ‘removal’ of [Lee] from the Warrant of Arrest Information System of the [PNP] and the memorandum issued by the latter ‘enjoining the implementation of the warrant of arrest against Mr. Lee,” the group said.

“Considering that you (Roxas) have administrative control over the PNP through the National Police Commission, we hold you accountable for the desisting of Mr. Lee from the Warrant of Arrest Information System, as well as the issuance of the directive enjoining the PNP organization from implementing the warrant of arrest against Mr. Lee and use you to ensure that there are control mechanisms that would prevent the unlawful manipulation of the warrant of arrest information system.”

A certification dated January 15, 2014 issued by the Warrant of Arrest Information System said that according to their records, Lee’s name was removed from its database in November 2013.

Roderick P. Vera, the president of the lawyers’ group, said “the foregoing actions of the PNP betrays ignorance of Article VIII Section 1 of the Constitution which vests exclusively upon the courts judicial power, which includes the power to determine whether a warrant of arrest should be implemented or recalled.

In the case of Mr. Lee, it is of public knowledge that the government, through the Department of Justice, elevated the decision of the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court. It, therefore, behooves the PNP to seek direction from the DOJ and/or SC before unilaterally deciding not to implement the warrant.”

Rift worsens

Meanwhile, the rift between PNP chief Alan Purisima and Capa worsened as the latter slammed the former for “punishing” him after Lee’s arrest.

Capa, in successive interviews over ABS-CBN, lamented that instead of being congratulated for the arrest of the property developer, he was relieved of his post and transferred to an obscure provincial position.

“He did not even congratulate me. Strangers congratulate me when they see me,” the police officer said.

Purisima hit back, saying that some officials, obviously referring to Capa, do not understand what he was doing.

The PNP chief insisted that only deserving officers are promoted.


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  1. Mga bulok na yan sa bayan, dapat na itapon sa payatas. Yan ang tatakbo bilang president. Bka sobra pa yan sa mga nauna, wala na bang iba. Just like marcos before.

  2. To Manila Times Editors and Journalists,

    Please publish from time to time news about government projects, news, declarations, policies, decisions and anything that are correct, executed in the proper manner, not for personal gains and with them the people can be proud of their leaders…

    We beg you.

    Many thanks,


  3. Junior Pepot on

    Halatang apektado dito mismo ang ‘Ampaw Lider’ at malamang sya pa ang nag-utos kay Purisima, Umali at kay Boy Sundo na irelease si Delfin Lee! Masyado ng matalinghaga itong si Boy Sisi, di magtatagal lalabas na ito sa closet niya. Kawawa lang si Boy Capa sa Oplan Tugis nya, mukha naman syang matino dahil ipinaglaban nya ang kanyang trabaho kahit na ikasisira ng kanyang bosing na si Boy Purusama. Sana balang araw maging Tsip PNP ito at linisin nya ang mga bulok, uud, ahas, palaka, talangka, ipis at iba pa!

  4. Sherwin Inigo on

    The lawyers’ group failed to give enough evidence to positively conclude that Mr. Roxas had a direct hand in delisting Mr. Lee from the Warrant List Information System.

    PNP motu propio can delist Mr. Lee.

    So, I hope the Vera’s Group can further dig as to who gave the order of delisting. This is to avoid being branded as only a political move or worse attack dogs of Mr. Binay.

    As everybody well know in media websites as this, Mr. Binay and Mr. Roxas have attack dogs and trolls.

    Their concern really is not the country’s welfare but political power and wealth that comes with it.

  5. Surely there are systems in force in this country that when a warrant is recinded it is checked out to see if it is correct & also to see who recinded it. If those basic steps arnt there then who is making the rules in this country & are they making them so simple to bend to their will without the risk of getting caught.

  6. Kaya pala, he is so quiet about the arresting issue of Lee! Dati saw-saw ng saw-saw sa lahat ng controversies, Napoles, Zamboanga, sa Bohol, sa Yolanda, even kay Vhong saw-saw pa rin, Boy sundo or hatid, whatever. About 100 votes less for you. Lets go Chiz and Grace!!!

  7. Roldan Guerrero on

    What relationship exist between Gen. Purisima and Sec. of Finance Purisima? Of course both are KKK.If you are a KKK, even you are an AMPAW….you are qualified to get a key government position. This is the Standard Operating Procedure of this administration. The attempt to delist Delfin Lee in the wanted list involves money and certainly this had been committed in the last presidential elections where Lee supported Roxas in his campaign for failed vice presidency, and the DATING GAWI ng mga pulis to recieve bribe for an accused liberty.

  8. obvious ba, pagnag comment ang VP si Mar kaagad ang may kagagawan at mali, to the civil liberties association, request lang file kayo nang kaso kung alam nyo may mali…


  10. This news that Mar Roxas was the man behind the attempt to release Delfin Lee only proves one thing: Mar Roxas is unfit to run for President of our country. If he has a bit of honor left in him, should resign as Interior Secretary.

    • not only for presidency,,,kahit sa anong public service office of our government,wala syang kwenta

  11. If the accusation that Mar Roxas is the unseen powerful hand behind the attempt to free Delfin Lee, the real estate developer who has been accused of many cases of estafa, then it’s time for the incompetent Mar Roxas to resign as Interior Secretary. It is clear that he is not in the government service to serve the public – the so-called “madlang pipol”, but only there to lick first and foremost, the behind of his friend (and rumored compadre) Delfin Lee.

    Mar Roxas, the incompetent, clueless right-hand man of BS Aquino, who was assigned with sending adequate and fast assistance to the Typhoon Yolanda victims, failed miserably in his duty. Hundreds of dead bodies littered the streets of Tacloban and only a trickle of aids had reached the victims 5 days after the super typhoon struck. He is not qualified to be a candidate for President, or in whatever post there is in public service.

  12. Roxas is Korina’s husband at ABS-CBN and TV Patrol. Kabayan Noli is reported to be Lee’s buddy and was the Housing Czar heading Pag-ibig Funds during GMA regime when the scam happened. Noli is with Korina at ABS-CBN. You now connect those dots.

  13. That’s no speculation or rumor. It’s given. Roxas, Lee’s protector who ordered Purisima to release Lee.

  14. Anton Leviste on

    Baka si dilg Roxas nga isa sa mga protector ni Delfin Lee e.Paano na kaming mga biktima ng housing scam kung ganoon