Aquino’s 2016 bet risks splitting LP support base

MY MOMENT Interior Secretary Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas 2nd is overwhelmed by his emotions as he delivers his speech accepting President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s nomination for him to run for president in 2016. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

MY MOMENT Interior Secretary Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas 2nd is overwhelmed by his emotions as he delivers his speech accepting President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s nomination for him to run for president in 2016. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

Roxas’ ‘lack of personal touch’ may backfire — analyst 


A political analyst has warned that President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s endorsement of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd as his party’s candidate for the 2016 presidential elections risks splitting his support base.

“On paper, he looks like a competent technocrat and successor,” Richard Javad Heydarian, a political science professor at De La Salle University, said. “But he lacks the popular touch.”

Heydarian gave his analysis as Aquino officially announced his choice of long-time ally Roxas on Friday for the country’s election of his successor next year, saying the Interior chief was the best person to advance anti-corruption reforms.

“We choose the one who is certain to pursue the straight and narrow path,” the President said, alluding to his hallmark anti-graft crusade that he says ushered in unprecedented economic growth in the Philippines.

“I believe that person is none other than Mar Roxas,” he told cheering members of his Liberal Party at the Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila).

Roxas is likely to run against Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is being investigated by a special prosecutor over graft allegations, and the popular Sen. Grace Poe, who had also sought Aquino’s endorsement.

According to recent pre-election presidential preference polls, Roxas trails Poe and Binay.
Poe was reportedly dead set in gunning for the presidency after recent survey results revealed that she was pulling away.

She was among the three considered by Aquino as the administration party’s standard- bearer.

Heydarian also warned that Roxas and Poe could split Aquino’s support base, giving Binay–the opposition’s bet–an edge.

Roxas was Aquino’s running mate in 2010 but lost to then outgoing Makati City Mayor Binay in the vice presidential race

LP supporters in yellow clapped and chanted “Roxas Now” as the 58-year-old grandson and namesake of the country’s last Commonwealth and first Republican president choked back tears and thanked Aquino.

“I accept the challenge,” Roxas said. “I will never stray from the straight and narrow path.”
Aquino said he interviewed three potential candidates — Roxas, Poe and Escudero — ahead of Friday’s endorsement, but in the end chose Roxas, even though he has been polling poorly.

He downplayed Roxas’ poor survey numbers.

“If something is really important, you must work hard for it, fight for it,” the Presient told an audience of senators, congressmen, mayors and campaign organizers.

Binay said he was looking forward to a rematch with Roxas, after beating him in the 2010 vice presidential elections.

“If this were boxing, we fought as lightweights, now we’re welterweights,” he told reporters.

Poe, after wishing Roxas well and pledging support for Aquino’s corruption fight, remained coy about her political ambitions (See related story).

Poe for VP
Leaders of the Liberal Party are still crossing their fingers that the President would succeed in convinving Poe to become Roxas’ running mate.

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., vice chairman of the LP, said he personally prefers not to lose Poe.

“Mas gusto ko iyon [I prefer that],” he added referring to a Roxas-Poe tandem.

“I think the President will still try to do that. But if they’re really decided to push through with their team-up, there’s nothing we can do about it,” Belmonte said.

He was referring to Poe and Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero who have reportedly been keen on running as a tandem in 2016.

Belmonte has reportedly been backing Poe and earned the ire of Roxas’ supporters in the House of Representatives who threatened to oust him.

“Of course, it should be Mar who should have the initiative to run after them because he is the man of the hour now. He has to run his campaign and I don’t want to interfere with that. But if he asks for my help, I will help him. He already asked for my help, but there are no specifics yet,” he said.

Sen. Ralph Recto, meanwhile, said the challenge for the LP standard-bearer is to show them that “he is better than President Aquino and the other candidates.”

“People want more, not more of the same. He needs to be greater,” Recto added.
“He needs more exposure. If people will get to know him, he can endear [himself to]them,” he said.



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  1. Like father, like daughter. FPJ ran thinking his popularity was enough to make him President. And now the daughter. She sorely lacks everything. Lacking in political maturity, experience and machinery. Naku Grace. Did you drop your humility or you really had none. Maawa ka sa amin. Kulang ka pa

  2. danilo de leon on

    Expectedly, Recto an elitist to the core like Roxas, has it wrong. I seriously believe that without Vilma Santos this guy would not have made it to the senate. It is not for the people to know Roxas, but for Roxas to ” know”the people that he will be able to endear himself to them.

  3. Idea lng…pag manalo ang liberal party again tuloy pa rin ang cnimulan ni Aquino..wla din mabago…tandem pa xla ni poe na d nmn ckat

  4. I prefer Senator Bong Bong Marcos Jr. to be the President of the Philippines. Aminin man ninyo o hindi na mga elitista at oligarcho, Si Bong Bong marcos lang ang may vision at plano sa aming mamayan at sa bayan. Solution thru action ang kailangan namin, at hindi ang puro salita lang dada… He is the most qualified to be the president of the Philippines 2016. let the Presidential candidate to have an open debate before election. Then we will see who will be to vote by the people.
    Open debate before election , like in UK at USA….

  5. mamang tsuper on

    I’m not quite a fan of Sir Roxas or Ma’am Poe. Pero whenever Sir Roxas wins the election, the face of journalism will change in this country po (sorry for the code-switch of “po”). Why? Well, you know, there is always a woman behind a man’s action. In the next six years, we might not not be seeing our Ma’am Jessica Soho, our Mr. Howie Severino. We might even have our national prime time newscaster then. Pero dahil Pinoy naman ako, makiki- “bahala na ang tadhana” nalang din po ako.

  6. C Roxas ang mgtatakip ng kasalanan ni Noyn
    oy at yung iba pang kaalyado nila gaya ni
    abad na inde kinasuhan at iba pa…tsk tsk tsk….hayy kawawa mga pinoy…

  7. History repeat itself. Remember Joe de Venecia who endorsed by incumbent Fidel Ramos and ex-pres. Cory Aquino with the finances and machineries and the backing of INC and other religious group. Joe de V. lose to popular then Vice Pres. Erap.

  8. Teddy Sevilla on

    Be careful with your analysis Mr. Heydarian. Remember, you are from La Salle; Roxas is from Ateneo.

  9. Truth Seeker on

    TANONGSA IYO MAR: Gagayahin mo ba ang style ni Noynoy? Ibabalik mo pa ba sa isip ng mga tao na kaya di ninyo nasolusyunan ang problema dahil kagagawan ng nakaraang administrasyon kaya maaaring mag-fail ka rin? Sa 5 SONA mo ba ay ang ipagdadakdakan mo ay ang kapallpakan ng nkaraang Arroyo Regime kaya ganito, ganoon ang nangyari? Aba, sabihin mo na kaagad antimano kumbaga, para makapag-isip isip ang mga botante na kaya pala papalpak ang asministration ninyo ay dahil sa nakaraan at di kayo marunong gumawa ng paraan para resolbahin ang nadatnan ninyo 6 years ago! Simple lang yun! Kaya itigil o ang pangarap mo…di masama yun, kaya lang not at the expense of the voters…please lang, makinig ka sa amin kung tinuturing mo kaming boss – walang plastikan! Walang gimikan gaya ng ginawa ni Noynoy….

  10. Roxas is the LPs choice.
    The peoples choice might be different. So we could not say Mar is it.
    Yes, according to this article Mar is good on paper but lacks personal touch.
    For politicians, Mar is their obvious choice whom they also look for their financial
    support in running their individual campaign for different positions.

  11. For me Roxas was the better choice. Grace Poe doesn’t have enough experience. Binay would be the worst choice. It’s just a matter of time on how the Liberal Party can hold on together.

  12. rafael delariarte on

    contrary to what you stated, the endorsement of Roxas now seems to unite LP stalwarts realizing that indeed theirs is the better choice than other aspirants. voters like you and me may agree that a presidential election is not a popularity contest, it is choosing a qualified leader who will lead the nation to its aspired destination, otherwise, Vice Ganda would handily won the election. re-affirming Eraps statement that his former cabinet member is still the most qualified among the presidentiables at this time…

  13. “We choose the one who is certain to pursue the straight and narrow path,” the President said
    “I accept the challenge,” Roxas said. “I will never stray from the straight and narrow path.”
    With the above quote, we, the Filipino people are surely nowhere to go, if ever the anointed one is elected by the gullible voters. The path that we have threaded has always been narrow all along, and there is no mention the anointed one will make this narrow path wider. Perhaps the above quote was a pathetic reference to the verses in the Scriptures which says:
    “Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate to hell is wide and the road to it is easy…” (Mat7:13);
    “Do your best to go in through the narrow door;…”(Luke13:24).
    Notice that what has been described in said verses as narrow were the door. All along this administration wanted us to believe it is leading us to a prosperous future with peace in our homes and on the streets, never mind peace of mind. So its always been the narrow road that they have envisioned and pursued and intend to pursue further. I just pray and hope the Filipino voters may now practice intelligence in choosing the next leader. So help us Lord.

  14. What Mar Roxas has is a horrible authenticity problem. Mar is such a phony that people can’t help but notice.

    • he is so humble but he is clean untainted politician compared to binay and other corrupt politician. ano pa ba ang hinahanap ninyo, mga BOBOTANTES..

    • I Remember... on

      Don’t let those idiots forget the Golf Club confrontation… clearly DIVA Roxas wanted the rules to be broken for him.

      That is the a s s h ol e that wants to become President…

      And all the crooks he placed in the Government…???

      Enough said… all to to Jail, including the Paid Writers!!!

  15. That is the reason noynoy has a budget of 3.2 trillion pesos to make sure that liberal party tongressmen will only have roxas as their candidate. Just like what noynoy did to corona’s impeachment.

  16. Like former presidents Ramos and GMA, P-Noy will loose his anointed one. Unlike her mother Cory who anointed a winner in Ramos, he will not make a repeat in Roxas. Ramos has the charisma but Roxas is very poor on this. Election is decided by votes and votes go to a charismatic person…that is not Roxas. I see it in Poe, low profile but dangerous, she is loved by the masses.

  17. Roldan Guerrero on

    POE does not have the machinery to run for what she aspires….She will grab the offer…pa hard to get lang pero sobrang EPAL at AMBISYOSA…Sanay maki hitch….

    • the more important ? to ask about grace poe is ,, KAYA BA NI GRACE POE HARAPIN MGA REbELDING KURAKUT NA MILITAR KAGAYA NI TRILLONES ??? KAYA BA NI GRACE imaneuver SI traydor na drillon,, kaya ba ni grace si a-bad , donkey soliman at iba pang busabus dahil if not, mai-impeach o kaya magkakaroon / mauulit ang hyat 10 defection

  18. si mar ay masyadong tinimbang pero kulang na kulang. under honest to goodness election mar will never make it…