Roxas confirms (again): Aquino was in command


Stupidity and arrogance seem to be contagious in this Administration.

In yesterday’s hearing at Congress investigating the January 24 Mamasapano massacre, Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas came to the defense of his boss — at least he thought he did — by claiming the tragic blunder happened because Special Action Forces (SAF) Director Getulio Napeñas didn’t follow President Benigno S. Aquino’s orders.

Napeñas did testify in the hearing and in the Senate that in his meeting with President Aquino in Malacañang and suspended Police Chief Alan Purisima two weeks before the tragic operation, the Chief Executive had told them to coordinate with the military.

But Napeñas said he explained at length to the President that previous attempts to get the international terrorist Zulkifli Abdhir aka “Marwan” failed because of leaks in the military that had alerted the target and enabled him to escape.

The SAF head said that the President remained silent, which he interpreted as his agreement to the operation plan’s calling for informing the military only when the SAF police had reached the target. Napeñas’ interpretation was bolstered by the fact that after he left the room and Purisima talked to the President alone, the suspended police chief and Aquino’s bosom friend, as he left that meeting, told him that it would be him (Purisima) who would coordinate with Roxas and AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Catapang on “Operation Exodus.”

No worries: Aquino, Roxas and Gazmin in Zamboanga City on the day of the massacre, pretending nothing was happening in Mamasapano.

No worries: Aquino, Roxas and Gazmin in Zamboanga City on the day of the massacre, pretending nothing was happening in Mamasapano.

In yesterday’s hearing, Roxas butted into a congressman’s series of questions to Napeñas by saying: “Aquino’s order was for Napeñas to coordinate with the military. Napeñas violated his order by interpreting that silence as the President’s agreement to his proposal.” Congressman Rodolfo Biazon, once a fearless general but now has become Aquino’s puppy in Congress, thought himself brilliant yesterday by repeating the same argument.

Napeñas the scapegoat
Roxas and Biazon didn’t realize the import of their attempt, making commando leader Napeñas a scapegoat: They were in effect affirming that Aquino was in charge of the operations, to the extent that he ignored Purisima’s suspension as police chief to allow him to be his “executive officer” in the operations and to be the only officer reporting to him on the day of the massacre.

As Roxas himself testified at the Senate, the President ignored with a curt “thank you” his message early in the morning that SAF troops were being killed. Aquino didn’t even bother to meet with his top security officials—Roxas, defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin, and AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang—who were with him since morning and through the whole day in Zamboanga City.

That could only mean that Aquino remained in charge of the operation the whole time the ill-fated operation was being undertaken, and through noon when the 44 commandos were massacred. This, in fact, was further established by Purisima’s testimony and affidavits that he was texting the President to report on the operations, until his last message at 6:15 p.m.

PNP acting chief Leonardo Espina yesterday seemed to realize that his previous tearful testimonies in the Senate hadn’t gotten him any closer to Aquino, since he hadn’t been appointed police chief and the President had been widely rumored to be thinking of somebody else for the post

So the pathetic acting police chief chose to become as much a boot-licker as his immediate boss and made the incredible assertion in the Congress hearing: “The chain of command in the PNP in that operation involved only Napeñas and down the rungs.”

As I said, stupidity in this Administration is quite contagious.

Espina, obviously to spare Aquino from any blame, was in effect claiming that Napeñas was a rogue general who deployed 392 elite commandos from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and elsewhere to an “insurgent-infested” Mindanao area under the jurisdiction of the AFP’s Western Command. And Napeñas did that in order to take out a terrorist with a $5 million bounty on his head, and coordinated with American intelligence operatives, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation—all on his own.

Didn’t Espina believe the testimonies of both Aquino’s bosom friend Purisima and Napeñas that they met twice with Aquino, and in his official residence in Malacañang, to discuss Operation Exodus?

Aquino on top of command chain
Aquino was at the top of the chain of command of this tragic operation that had led to the massacre of 44 commandos. He violated it, though, by taking in as his deputy an official suspended by the Ombudsman for corruption, Purisima. That is what the Senate and the very courageous PNP Board of Inquiry have both concluded. Aquino even abetted Purisima’s crime, which, according to the Senate report, was usurpation of authority punishable under the Penal Code.

Living up to its brown-nosed image, though, the Congressional hearings yesterday and today will try its best—because of the huge pork-barrel funds (renamed Bottom-Up Budgeting) that the most servile Speaker ever, Feliciano Belmonte, has dangled over them—to white-wash the massacre and portray this President as a brilliant military strategist, whose orders just weren’t followed by the SAF head.

That, however, won’t work. Assume he, indeed, had a brilliant military strategy. But he did realize in the morning that his orders were not followed strictly, or that he was misinterpreted.

A more mentally balanced and experienced commander-in-chief, after the reports came in that morning that the operation wasn’t going as smoothly as planned, would have dropped everything and called his top security officials—Gazmin, Roxas, Catapang and Espina who were ironically with him in Zamboanga—to an emergency meeting to respond to the crisis and use all the forces and power centers of the Republic.

Aquino didn’t do anything until around 6:00 p.m., which was only when he called his security officials to a meeting in Zamboanga City, long after the 44 commandos were massacred. Or perhaps he did something: order his troops to stand down, so his peace talks with the MILF wouldn’t be jeopardized.

Did he panic and procrastinate in making a decision, as somebody would if like him, that person in his entire life never had a position of leadership, other than running his family’s security agency with a single client, Hacienda Luisita?

Was he too arrogant and egoistic that he wouldn’t admit that the operation only he and Purisima planned was failing, that he wouldn’t even ask Roxas and Gazmin to help him out of the quagmire he found himself in?

Or did Aquino choose to just forget an unpleasant event unfolding in Mamasapano so that he just went ahead with his planned trip around Zamboanga City as though nothing was happening, as an extremely spoiled brat or somebody with Asperger’s syndrome would?

We will never know. The deaths of 44 commandos will never be vindicated.
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  1. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The fact that Purisima doesn’t want his cell phone verified of its content messages on 25 January 2015 is more than enough reason to conclude that he, by instruction and direct order of P-Noy show that they were in command. Cong. Biazon on the otherhand would side with whoever could help him get back to the senate thus his changing position.

  2. Yellowish amnata cant you find other sensible reasons why your good for nothing president should be sent to the institution where he rightfully deserves? Iisa linya nyong mga dilawan “sino papalit si binay” and i will say why not may napatunayan na ba aber puro bintang at paninira ginawang scapegoat si binay sa mga sins ng gud for nothing na admin na ito

  3. Braincleaner on

    There is only one superior that can order BS Aquino III to command the AFP to stand down and sacrifice the SAF44 – the US government and its Security Forces who is directing Oplan Exodus.

  4. Roxas, M. is not supposed to be in a rut. When he was the nino bonito of Erap, he was influenced/prodded by cory to abandon the then incumbent President. He did, so what karma has befallen the man? It is his undoing. It was a bad decision too to run as vice-president. He should not have allowed himself to be hoodwinked by that Lady. The expressions and usage of uncouth words of Pnoy is also a contagion, not just to him but to the Liberals in general, the yellows in the cabinet and even to the Nacionalistas.

  5. I’m appalled by PNP acting chief Leonardo Espina’s apparent change of heart when he chose to side with this beleaguered President by saying that the chain of command in the PNP in that operation involved only Napeñas and those below him. He had been betrayed once – now he also betrayed himself! What a waste!

  6. puebloerrante on

    [As Roxas himself testified at the Senate, the President ignored with a curt “thank you” his message early in the morning that SAF troops were being killed. Aquino didn’t even bother to meet with his top security officials—Roxas, defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin, and AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang—who were with him since morning and through the whole day in Zamboanga City.]

    why would noynoy blame napeñas for not coordinating with AFP? eh kasama na pala nya si gen. catapang in zamboanga…. why didn’t noy just coordinate it himself?

  7. I think the last one is more Pnoy’s style. He chose to deny that there is a crisis going on and sweep everything behind him, just like in all the major crises that this administration have ever encountered.

  8. Any further investigation would be a total waste of time for the govt paid
    congressmen. The answer is already known to everybody that any twist from this probe becomes unnecessary. Congressmen are just trying to please the person in authority to release the latest version of the Pork Budget.

  9. Johnny Ramos on

    There are hundreds of cases still pending in the NAPOLCOM now involving insubordinations against PNP personnel, since our current DOJ secretary have rendered a legal opinion that there is no chain of command in the PNP, these cases should be dismissed. Also those personnel who were dismissed should be reinstated. Baka sasabihin nila iba ang batas para kay Pnoy.

  10. Itong mga tagapagtungkol ni
    Abnoy ay humihirit pa e buking
    na buking na silang nagsisinungaling. Mga takot
    na mawalan ng SUHOL galing
    sa bagong Pork Barrel.
    Mahiya naman kayo sa bayan,
    Alam nyo ng mali, pagtatakpan
    nyo pa.

  11. what a sorry sight, The House of Bufoons grilling top leaders of their ‘bufoonery’, even maps were questioned as if they have different coordinates, the top leader were texting like facebook followers while saf44 are being massacred, the panels were a showcase of comedic proportions(sana nag Tagalog na lang) some looked drugged while others needs one. ALL THESE AND WE EXPECT TO SEE A DIFFERENT RESULT?
    Maybe they should ask the widows about their husbands last words instead and we can build a better picture OR WERE THEY PREVENTED?

  12. Look at the yellow picture above again- doesn’t it strike and shock you? All those huge yellow potbellies-you would think that the brains or brain power of these people went to their pot bellies. Maybe if these yellow potbellies might have thought of using their potbellies. they might have come up with some sensible ideas.

  13. Better have the House of Representative’s SAF 44 hearing stopped. It’s clear from yesterday’s hearing at Congress that it was called to absolve P’noy. This is a moro-moro hearing to refute the senate and BOI findings that implicated P’noy to the SAF Massacre.

  14. Hector David on

    murder by any other name is murder……if you leave your troops to die while being in command by any act or omission that to me is murder….. To those involved …. Try and sleep with bloodied hands

  15. Isn’t the reason why BS Aquino act so nonchalantly that day in Zambo is because of their script? He was supposed to be inspecting damage of a bombing incident only.

    • Maybe because the imminent loss of lives of the endangered troops was not as important as the bombing damage.

  16. Are there still people listening to these loonies…… my golly there are not enough mental institutions that could accommodate you all people…….

    • Reynaldo Casayas on

      yes there is. are deaf or blind enough to join the yellow army in defence of your stupid president?

    • Reynaldo Casayas on

      on a different note, I think the yellow army had done an excellent job in accusing the binay family of corrupt practices because some people are buying in to just hold the morron president in the malacanang because binay is not trustworthy to take over. None of the binay’s case had been proven so far.

      In my lay opinion, I rather have binay replace the gullible head sitting in the malacanang now to avoid further damage to the philippine democracy.

  17. Roxas was not in the planning and he was not in the briefing he has no basis to refute Dir Napenas all his information are second hand from a polluted source(PNoy) who is out to save his worthless hide!

  18. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

    Kudos to Mr. Tiglao!
    Memorable expressions of the “brilliant” commander-in-mischief: “NILOKO”…. “BINOLA”…. “DOBLE CARA”…etc.
    peeNoy administration is one for the Ripley’s. I can’t wait for his administration to be featured in National Geographic’s “Science of Stupidity”.

  19. Bert O. Romero on

    Aquino can always claim that he was ready and willing to reiterate telling what he knew of the operation but that Congress didn’t invite him to its hearings nor ask him to reply to the so-called twenty questions in obeisance of separation of powers courtesy. Regardless of what Congress or Aquino will subsequently say, the Filipino people have already issued their verdict as reflected in the latest opinion surveys by both Pulse Asia and SWS. Plunging his satisfaction rating to an abysmal 11 percent makes Aquino the least liked president in recent Philippine history. Neither Marcos nor Erap nor GMA experienced this low satisfaction rating at the height of their unpopularity. How can one expect a president with this wretched satisfaction rating govern a generally fractured nation when obviously he has lost the mandate to so rule? Fifty percent of those surveyed declaring he should not resign is neither a continuing endorsement of his leadership nor a vindication of his insistence to stay in power. These fifty percent is more an indictment of the succession of corruption – charges plagued Binay to replace Aquino and helpless resignation to the holding of the 2016 presidential elections which is barely 13 months away anyway. If the people have patiently borne Aquino’s bumbling, incompetent and disastrous governance these past four and a half years, what’s 13 months more ? Filipinos’ fortitude and absence of collective memory will enable them to pass these 13 months away unless a Mamasapano – like incident or worse, something more tragic, recurs.

  20. Roxas can’t be believed in anything he says. He and Aquino are the same in speaking only words that are slanted their way. Liars.

  21. It is very clear in yesterday’s hearing at Congress that Gen Napenas was telling the truth and that the AFP through Col Del Rosario, the brigade commander, was lying that led to the delayed rescue of the massacred SAF 44. Imagine two high officers of the SAF PNP went to coordinate with the AFP brigade near Mamasapano brought with them an American designed tactical map to pinpoint for accuracy to an artillery fire but Col Del Rosario took time from morning to late afternoon to fire it. Between that time, anyone could guess that there was an order from the very top that the army was to hold their support and let the ceasefire parties to negotiate. But what happened was that the rebel side did not stop firing that led to the execution of the SAF commandos. Only late in the afternoon that the President knew the ceasefire panels talk failed. It was then that the President ordered the army to fire the artillery and extract the SAF casualties. What an idiot President we have! Gago!

  22. Alejo Rosete on

    Excellent analysis Ambassador Tiglao.
    Roxas trying to save his President ay
    nagsisink narin sa quicksand.

    Ano man ang paghugas kamay nila –
    Hindi maniniwala ang taong bayan.

    Roxas if you really a Roxas – Resign and run for
    President to carry your father’s and grandfather’s
    name to victory. Ang problema sa iyo ay walang
    ba – – – – – – – ag ata eh.

    • It’s a shame that Roxas has not inherited even just a sprinkle of the dignity, decency and sincerity of his late father former Sen Gerry Roxas.

  23. Habang pinanonood mong nagsasalita ang mga hudas na sina Mar Roxas at mga traidor na mga General habang sinisisi si gen.napenas na ginawa niyang lahat para makuha ang target na si marwan!
    Dapat ay promotion at medalya ang ibigay nila .dahil sa sarili nilang interest at takot kay Aquino!
    Lahat ng pagsisinungaling ay ginawa na para lang pagtakpan si Aquino!
    Mga walang konsensya ang mga ito,hindi na nahiya sa harapan ng mga among US,na mismong alam ang katotohanan!
    Lalabas din lahat ng kasinungalingan ng mga ito,kapag napilitan magsalita ang US.
    Sa ngayon safe pa ang mga ito,lalo jaw si Aquino!

  24. sonny dela cruz on

    I don’t understand why the administration people don’t defend the action of PNP when the PNP are doing their duty as called for by the constitution. They are all putting the blame to the policemen who execute the warrant of arrest to this international terrorist and an illegal alien staying in Philippine soil under the protection of the MILF. Never heard of this situation when the government is blaming their police action and protecting the rights of the enemy. Roxas is showing his true color. he should be ashamed of his action saying that B.S. Aquino has nothing to do with it. I have a feeling that something is cooking beyond 2016. Why Roxas is still protecting B.S. Aquino when the president term is due by June 2016. He should be building himself now as a valuable candidate for the presidency and stay away from B.S. Aquino. WAKE-UP PEOPLE, SOMETHING IS COOKING!

    • Correction please, the administration is not protecting the RIGHTS of the enemy. The administration is cuddling the terrorists that is being used by Malaysia to fight against the Philippine Government. This is Malaysia strategy to make Mindanao a buffer zone in their claim on Sabah.

  25. This is what I have been saying all along. That we cannot take a chance with a mentally unbalanced mad dog not relinquishing the seat of power and the helm of command. Masyadong delicado! He must STEP DOWN PRONTO.

    • Amnata Pundit on

      And who will take over, Binay? I would rather see Kris Aquino become president than hand over the national treasury to the Binay family.

  26. After all the previous investigations and news reports, who will ever believe the outcome of the congrressional investigation? “Niloloko lang ang mga tao!” The issue is just being “muddled”, pure and simple. How could “yes, sir” Roxas testify about Napenas when he was even “out of the loop” during the meeting in Malacanang? Puro panlilinlang ang ginagawa ng Aquino administration. Ginagawang “tanga” lahat ng mga mamamayan gaya ng mga “bobotante” na bumoto kay B.S. Aquino. This congressional and future investigations are of no avail. The “die is cast”!!!

    • These people think the masses are stupid and take their lies hook line and sinker. In fact they are digging their graves deeper everytime they open their mouth and blurt our more lies.