• Roxas dangles P100-M ‘pork’



    For each mayor’s support

    FORMER Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, apparently with the help of the Liberal Party (LP) through Secretaries Florencio Abad of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Mel Sarmiento of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), promised P100 million worth of projects for each mayor who will support his candidacya in the May 2016 presidential elections, according to a highly-placed source.

    The promise was made when Roxas, standard-bearer of the ruling party, met with members of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) National Executive Committee (NEC) at the Resorts World Hotel in Pasay City (Metro Manila) in December last year.

    The source, who listened in on the meeting, told The Manila Times that the millions worth of projects will be funded under the Bottom Up Budgeting (BuB) program.

    “It was a day-long activity that happened one Thursday in the first week of December. They [LMP National Executive Committee officials] had a breakfast meeting with Secretary Sarmiento. In the afternoon, Roxas was there and he practically promised the mayors P100 million for each of their municipalities beginning this year,” he said.

    The purported meeting was held at the hotel’s Passion Restaurant.

    After Roxas spoke, a female undersecretary of the DBM gave a 30-minute briefing on the BuB.

    The LMP National Executive Committee is led by Javier town mayor Sandy Javier.

    It has 22 members as shown on its website.

    “Mayor Javier was passionate about it. Ang sabi ni Roxas sa kanila, priority nila ngayon na magkaroon ng proyekto ang mga mayors. Sabi naman ni Javier, huwag ng sayangin ang pagkakataon [Roxas told them that the priority this year is for mayors to have projects. Javier told them not to waste this opportunity]. Reading between the lines, Roxas was telling the NEC members that if he wins, the P100 million is good to go until 2022,” said the source, who was once an official of a top government agency.

    He added that when Roxas left and after the DBM briefing, the mayors continued to discuss what was promised to them.

    “Many of them were adamant and doubtful. They said they have no assurance that the P100 million could be delivered in exchange for supporting Roxas’ candidacy,” the source said.

    Javier ended the discussion by deferring the matter until they reach Macau for a weekend holiday.

    “That was when I realized that the NEC officials were in Manila because of a scheduled trip to Macau. Roxas’ presence on the eve of their trip certainly raised eyebrows. Who spent for them? Your guess is as good as mine,” the source told The Manila Times.

    Only recently, Cabinet officials led by Sarmiento were in Nueva Ecija for their campaign leg on the BuB.

    There, they discussed how local government units (LGUs) can avail of the program.

    In April 2015, the LMP passed a resolution in “support for and encouragement of the leadership and governance” of Roxas, whom they described as “a man of honor, integrity and unsullied reputation whose character is above suspicion” and a “visionary, selfless, competent, motivational” leader.

    The DBM has five female undersecretaries and five female assistant secretaries.

    The Manila Times inquired with Budget Policy and Strategy Undersecretary Laura Pascua if she was the official who gave the league officials the briefing at Passion Restaurant.

    “Unfortunately, I am not the one you need. I’m furnishing our PIU [Public Information Unit] head Peachy Paderna a copy of this note so you can contact them. Thanks,” Pascua told this paper.

    The DBM public information chief, however, failed to send a statement as of press time on Sunday.

    BuB is widely perceived as a revived “pork barrel” fund intended for LGUs since the Supreme Court ruled previous development assistance funds as unconstitutional.

    Originally known as “Grassroots Participatory Budgeting” in deliberations for the 2015 budget, the DBM chief decided to use the BuB name in October 2014.

    Former Ambassador and Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, in one of his previous articles, claimed that “the term BuB portrays it as a democratic exercise, when in fact, it is designed entirely to disguise the pork barrel scheme carried on last year and is set to continue this year.”

    “Even the figure for this year, P20.9 billion, is equivalent to the pork barrel funds of P16 billion each for 2011 and 2012, and P20 billion in 2014, adjusted for inflation

    One of the Supreme Court’s definitions of pork barrel, when it ruled it unconstitutional, is as follows: “An appropriation of government spending meant for localized projects and secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district,” he said.

    Tiglao further alleged that President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Abad “revised certain aspects of its use in order to skirt certain guidelines issued by the court.”

    The DBM chief has boasted that the BuB has been recognized by the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) as one of five Best Practices in Fiscal Transparency from around the world during the Open Government Partnership (OGP) summit in Mexico City.

    The other programs cited are Mexico’s Education Reform Program, Cameroon’s Budget Transparency in Local Governments, Brazil’s Thematic Budget and an international project called Aid on Budgets being piloted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Moldova, Nepal and Senegal.

    In its declaration, GIFT noted that “in 2015, 1,514 cities and municipalities [92 percent of all in the country] had joined the program and it has so much demand it would be difficult for future governments to discontinue.”

    Abad said notwithstanding the program’s success and recognition, BuB’s potential remains untapped and thus deserves to continue in the next administration.

    “The BuB as a reform program promotes improvements in government openness, accountability and responsiveness. Through this program, we’ve institutionalized people’s participation in the budget process to gain a better understanding of their needs and requirements, and ensure these are met,” the Budget chief explained.

    The DBM earlier said the 2016 budget supports the expansion of the BuB. Local poverty reduction projects identified by communities and LGUs in 1,514 cities and municipalities have been allocated P24.7 billion, an increase from P8 billion in 2013 for the projects identified in 595 cities and municipalities.


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    1. I find no reason to believe a claim made by an unnamed source and supported by a piece by tiglao. Kung ganyan kababaw ang mentalidad ng lahat ng pilipino araw araw may mapapatay na asawa dahil sa udyok lang ng ibang tao.

    2. i myself won’t vote for roxas and all of those in liberal party why? because voting roaxa and its allies would mean a continuation of pinoys palpak governance I never subscribed to his slogan ”ang daan matuwid” as these works are just meant for their own ego and hypocrisy. I hope for the next president to come july 1, 2016, that he or she will allow pinoy abad et al to be behind bars as what they did to their political enemies.

    3. Corrupt mayors will be happy. Soon they will build palaces like the Binay’s, their children will drive expensive cars. Ma Roxas, now you have tainted my impression of you.

    4. Kahit ano pa kababuyan paggagawin ng mga yan ala din tayong magagawa di ba? Takot tayong lusubin sila di ba?? Kaya tanggapin nalang natin na tayong mga pinoys duwag at puro bunganga lang…

    5. These are people’s money that need to be spent for people’s welfare and community development..so what the heck is this non sense, why this LP crocodiles can give it away by election season, why they never did it in six years of Pnoy time, this promises will save there arse, hopefully mayor’s will not bite this shit tactics cause another six years and if this liars in power is more than enough for Filipinos!!

    6. JOEL … just wait for a real mayor who is there to say something about it!

      just remind yourself that “Tiglao” is the mouth pcs. of the corrupt arroyo who has lost all credibility to be read! we are not s-t-u-p-i-d you know!

    7. It is very interesting to read the reaction from the Palace on this article.
      This is very disturbing and doesn’t give any hope of meaningful program
      for the benefit of the country as a whole.

    8. Kayo naman, pangako lang yun. Meron ba naman pulitiko na basta nagtupad ang ipinangako? Unang tanong, saan naman kukunin ang pera sa ibibigay sa 2020 or even 2019 eh di naman sigurado nasa pwesto pa kayo at that time? Kun si benigno nga na pangulo na ay sandamakmak na sinunghaling, yan pa kaya na kandidato pa lang?

      Tandaan na wala naman talaga kakayahan si mama’s boy. Tinutulak lang ng nanay dahil gusto maibalik ang nawalang amor propio ng pamilya. Akala ng nanay na pag naging pangulo ang anak ay sya na ang magpapatakbo ng lamang-ka-nyan. Yan lang yata ang kandidato na ang nanay ang nakikialam sa kampanya nya. Maski nanay ni Fidel o ni Gloria ay wala naman yata papel sa kandidatura ng anak.

    9. It’s not that the Holy Week is just 2 months away but I HOPE these MAYORS will not play reprise the JUDASES among its constituents by accepting the 100M worth of projects from the illegal DAP, now renamed as BUB courtesy of the demon in disguise, MAR ROXAS…

    10. Sir,
      Babaha ng pera sa darating na may 2016 election courtesy of PDAF and DAP nina Pnoy at Abad. Accept the money and don’t vote any candidates of the Liberal Party.

    11. PNoy and his cohorts – Mar Roxas, especially – will have to bear the consequences of what they’re doing with taxpayers’ money.


      In the mid 1970’s, IBM adopted a sales approach which became known as ‘the FUD factor’ – instilling Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt in the minds of their customers, and to dissuade them from moving away from the ‘IBM family’.
      It worked. And IT directors/consultants everywhere, adopted purchasing policies/strategies which was encapsulated in the industry saying, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”

      US political campaign consultants/managers later adopted a similar approach, and added further tactics based upon pressing other emotional buttons – Anger, Hope/Change, Trust.
      (The Philippines also added necropolitics/death as the ace card – Can Leni Robredo ever answer a question without mentioning Jesse Robredo!)
      And also narcopolitics as a funding mechanism.

      (Donald ‘hyperbole’ Trump – the arch narcissist – is basing his campaign on the politics of fear, self-idolisation, and the demonisation of opponents. And for good measure throwing in the ‘doubt’ factor as he raised his Ted Cruz ‘ not an american’ ploy, – shades of his Obama birther issue.)

      Targetting emotional bias was the start of a downward political spiral as campaigns became full blown circuses, particulary as they increasingly needed to compete with entertainment/celebrities for media space. Personality and gimmicks took center stage, and policies were relegated to being back up dancers.

      The age of facebook and twitter has only exascerbated the trend. Headline grabbing is now the name of the game.

      Mar Roxas is adopting similar tactics, and also trying to make himself look better by demonising others.
      – fear – ‘binay will take away CCT from you’
      – uncertainty – ‘poe will not be a candidate’
      – doubt – ‘ duterte the dictator’
      – anger – ‘ binay & corruption’ & ‘keep mentioning Arroyo’
      – hope – ‘1st world in 2030’
      – trust – ‘no corruption case against me’. ‘ sing the praises of Aquino/economy/gdp growth’.
      – pride – make philippines world class
      – death – the ghost of jesse robredo

      Roxas is also noticeably using an increasingly obvious social media campaign of paid trolls, and geriatric bloggers, a la tricky ricky caradang’s keyboard army.
      Two Facedbook – for hypocrites and stalkers
      Twat-ter – for those without friends/a life
      My space (and universe) – for narcissists.
      Instasham – for wannabe’s who will never be.
      Whatcrapp – for the anally retentive
      Luckedout, liar! – for non-achievers, pretenders, and credit grabbers

      Central to Mar Roxas campaign will be lots of celebrities, bought with lots of money, (+ a family wedding in january – expect major coverage), and an avalanche of tv ads. Money will be no object for the campaign – It will be solutions and ideas which will be in short supply.
      He will be handing out tax payers money to mayors/groups in return for votes, or promising lucrative non-jobs on NGO Boards.
      He is as corrupt as they come, and prostituting/ demeaning democracy itself.
      More image, less substance.
      More questions, less answers.
      More promises, less truth.
      More emotion, less specifics
      More deceit, less transparency

      Mar ‘loadsamoney’ Roxas is already showing his weaknesses by avoiding discussing issues, (tax reform), and trying to hide his faux intellectual superficiality behind a wall of false claims.

      “Now that the 2016 elections are fast approaching, the camp of Mar Roxas , the standard bearer of the Liberal Party reportedly offered P100 million to have Alden
      Richards and Maine Mendoza known as Yaya Dub to endorse and campaign for him for president in 2016. The offer was rejected, and Alden Richards has stated that they will not endorse anyone during the 2016 campaign”
      Elite Newsfeed

      And if all else fails there is the mind conditioning ‘surveys’, and ultimately PCOS to deliver the desired result, however incredulous! COMELEC/SC has the numbers to rubber stamp the result/throw out any cases.

      With key filipino politicians employing US political consultants, it is no surprise to see US based campaign strategies being transported to the Philippines, and aimed at a largely unsophisticated electorate.

      The basis is affective Influence.
      In simple terms the key strands/tenents are
      – play up emotion – play down facts & avoid discussion
      – use political surveys to influence – affective priming, collective thinking
      – image via association – endorsements & vicarious credit
      – appeal to the heart and the vote will follow
      – always have a story and keep repeating it. (If you don’t have one, make one up)
      – people have short memories – it us the final stretch which counts. Keep your powder dry until it counts.
      – wars are not won on a single battle.
      – don’t lie, embellish
      – don’t commit, stay flexible
      – let others test the waters on issues. Adopt what is accepted, distance from unfavorable remarks
      – let others throw bombs/plant black propaganda for you, and then claim no knowledge/clean hands.

      The mainstream media becomes complicit as it needs to chase ratings and attract/keep advertisers. The campaign becomes more important for generating revenues than educating voters.

      Over time IBM’s competitors learnt how to counter the FUD tactics. Politicians seemingly still haven’t discovered the secret, and simply continue to swoo insults, indulge in hirse-trading, and thereby reduce the political process to playground antics, with nobody listening to the needs of the people, or capable of presenting solutions – just slogans and motherhood statements. Pathetic.

    13. We know Roxas can’t deliver that promise. Do you really think that our Mayors are that stupid? When and if Roxas gets elected, then see ya later. In Roxas City, it means dira ka lang anay.

      • Of course! Most mayors are stupid as well.

        That P100M bribe is too good to be true. They need that money for their own campaigns.

    14. How could Mar Roxas promise to give 100 million pesos to each of the mayors who will support him in the elections. The article stated the promise is until 2022.

      We are talking of billions of pesos here. Where will he get that money?

    15. Boy Scout driver Mar Roxas knows that he can never win this presidential election if he will not bribe his way to victory. The public should thank broadsheets like the Manila Times, Manila Standard, Tribune and the rest of the critical Press for exposing criminal moves like this one. Let us not allow ourselves to be fooled once more by PNoy and his cahoots. Mar Roxas and Grace Llamanzares are both PNoy candidates and any of these 2 must not be selected this coming election time.

      • MAnilaTimes_are_fraud on

        manila times ay tuta ni Binay, corrupt media at its best! ma karma sana kayo.. Mar Roxas lang fit maging presidente, dahil hindi sya corrupt. Kung corrupt gobyerno natin ngaun makakabili ba tayo barko, jet at mga gamit ng sundalo? hindi, pero dahil hindi corrupt karamihan sa Liberal Party kaya maayos bansa natin, mga corrupt na media lang nagsasabi ng kabaligtaran

    16. We the tax payers hoping that the money should not be wasted to support administration candidate just to continue their hold in malacanang though the people are tired of their turtle move of managing this Country.

    17. Another DAP in the making but mayor must think twice a losing Roxas will make difficult for mayor to get BUB. BETTER listen to your conscience vote for the one who can prosper and do progress look at DAP ILLEGAL a Satan’s work going ahead to HELL.