• Roxas’ dictatorial slip showing – Bayan


    THE way former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas is campaigning reveals his dictatorial tendencies and if he wins, the country should be prepared for a “de facto martial law,” Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) warned on Wednesday.

    Bayan Secretary General Renato Reyes said the tactics employed by the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate as part of his “win at all costs” strategy showed “telltale signs” of Roxas’ “dictatorial tendencies.”

    “The systematic elimination of your rivals; the use of government resources to secure victory; and the use of threats to coerce politicians to support you—if Roxas is willing to do this to win, then he will not hesitate to do the same to attain his objectives when he is in power,” Reyes added.

    LP members are reportedly being pressured to support Roxas under threat of administrative cases. In Negros Occidental, local candidates have allegedly been warned to support Roxas or the ruling local party United Negros Alliance (Unega) will make life “difficult for them.” The threats were reportedly issued by the head of Unega, reelectionist Gov. Alfredo Marañon, Jr., who vowed to field opponents against politicians who will not support Roxas.

    Reyes scored the administration bet for the string of disqualification cases filed against Senator Grace Poe, the “malicious cancer-rumor” against Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and efforts to imprison Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    “The signs are everywhere. The Roxas camp is eliminating all of its political opponents via the filing of all sorts of administrative and criminal cases under the precept of the administration’s anti-corruption campaign,” the Bayan leader stressed.

    “Some of these cases may have merits, but the timing and the selective application of this anti-corruption campaign is dubious. Selective justice is one of the hallmarks of a dictator,” explained Reyes.

    He decried the use of government resources to boost Roxas’ candidacy.

    “Imagine a presidential spokesman whose salary is paid by taxpayers loudly campaigning for Roxas. And the Official Gazette, posting article after article supportive of the Roxas campaign. We should also remember that Roxas did not immediately resign from his post even after he announced his candidacy. He even went around distributing patrol jeeps to local governments,” he said.


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    1. The people must appreciate and support Bayan, Bayan Muna and all other progressive forces for informing the people of what are their understanding of Mar Roxas and by exposing what they discover about the hidden personality of this guy.

    2. Here is another case of irresponsible journalism. Absolutely crap coming from Bayan who does not show interest in the welfare of Filipinos but to destroy the image of people and party that does well. Grow up!

    3. This Bayan party has really never recover from his ‘heydays’ during the Marcos’ martial law days…! What dictatorship are you implying??? You are just being BLIND to the ‘leaps and bounds’ progress that our country has attained after the Marcos’ years. Especially with Pnoy government, where there are ‘facts and figures’ to prove that our beloved country have so much progress…! Our credit-ratings have improved as attested by by those international bodies such as Fitch and Moodys…I remember this is one of your ‘bala’ to GMA when our credit rating was down. Pero hindi nyo na magamit ito kay Pnoy…True, we have this traffic, and poverty et al are still with us! But these are ‘growing pains’ to our growing economy! WE (that means YOU as well…) knows there are infrastructure projects that will ease our traffic conditions (not to mention all the SUVs and VIOS that abounds in our streets); we have the 4p’s program that have already help 4 million of our poorest people. And Mar Roxas is committed to continue (and improve for the better) all the policies of Pnoy admin. On the article above, you have resorted to innuendos, unsupported accusations, BAKA(s)…but l know your kinds…your members of old, during the Marcos’ years used to write on the streets, ‘Presyo Itaas, Sueldo Ibaba’…’Kapangyarihan para sa Mahihirap’!…Tell me, where was the economic sense and logic in that…??? Now you reinvent yourself, like having your principal candidate, Colmenares raised his hand by ERAP (on w/c you have vehemently rallied and protested against) just to get more vote..!!! You have been the ‘Boy who cried, wolf’ in all these years…But you sir, to me is the WOLF on sheep’s clothing…!!!

      • Can’t love to hate Bayan, Bayan Muna and the likes for honestly exposing such serious accusation of dictatorial tendencies against Mar Roxas.

      • To Tilamsik: Your words, ‘serious accusations’ are just empty words because these are not backed by concrete evidence…Borders on slander and black propaganda since we are heading now to election months! Bayan Muna are really just throwing ‘BRICKS’ here e.g. the DQ against Grace Poe, the malicious cancer-rumour against Duterte and the supposed impending arrest of VP Binay, among others…C’mon Tilamsik, Bayan Muna are just recirculating the news that have not stuck (without basis) to Mar Roxas, all these past months now…!

        If Bayan Muna can write something on Mar Roxas about INEXPERIENCED issues (like Grace Poe), being EXTREME VIGILANTE (like Duterte) and CORRUPTION charges (like VP Binay). I will gladly be a convert to Bayan Muna ‘lofty’ cause…!

    4. Yes, Liberal Party now adays is like the Nazi of Adolf Hitler, presided by no less than Noynoy who was a leader of less or no E.Q. (emoltional quotient) but high in I.Q. which he used to subvert the rule of law, he prostituted our democracy by bribing our legislators, judges into submission. If one does not go to his wishes, you either end up with string of cases criminal or administrative. Look what happened to JPE, Jinggoy and Bong Agimat, VP Binay, Corona, etc.
      Now, people dont be fooled by Mar Roxas the annointed one he will just continue the crooked or twerk na daan.
      People if you choose again the wrong people you will end up again in misery, just what late Cory did, Noynoy and now Mar kindly awake from long hibernation.

    5. WE should never fall under Pressure come Election Day , VOTE NO ROXAS!
      “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword ”

      Manila Times must carry this Banner to move our Nation Forward and protect the Freedom of Election!