• Roxas early bird but better 2016 bet eyed


    MALACAÑANG on Monday shrugged off President Benigno Aquino 3rd reportedly choosing Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd as his candidate for the presidency in the 2016 elections.

    Palace spokesman Edwin La-cierda said the Aquino adminis-tration is focused on its work.

    “We have no hand in there, so we have no comment. [The] LP [Liberal Party] would be in a better position to respond to that,” said Lacierda, who is said to be allied with Balay group associated with Roxas.

    Lacierda was reacting to a statement by Rep. Edgar Erice of Calocan City (Metro Manila) that either Aquino or Roxas is the only “viable choice” as the ad-ministration’s candidate for president in the 2016 polls against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Erice, a Liberal Party member, said Malacañang’s candidate would have the edge against Binay, who has started to lose steam 19 months before the May 2016 balloting amid allegations of widespread corruption when he was mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

    “If the President will be allowed to run again, he and Mar Roxas are the only choices we have in the LP,” he told dzBB radio.

    The Constitution allows only a six-year term without reelection for the President.

    But Aquino seemed to be testing the waters, saying if his “bosses”—the people—wanted him to seek a second term, he would.

    That run depends on Charter change or Cha-cha, which majority of Filipinos, however, rejected in a recent survey.

    Lacierda refused to say if Roxas remains a viable candidate for the presidency, noting that it would be the President who would make a decision on the issue.

    “It’s too far off and I don’t want to preempt the President. Whatever decision he makes, we will support, and we will wait for his decision, and wait for his announcement,” he said

    President Aquino, chairman of the Liberal Party, is yet to endorse the party’s candidate, supposedly preferring to focus on governance instead of the 2016 elections.

    Last week, LP acting president and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said the LP is fielding Roxas as its standard-bearer in the next race to Malacañang.

    Roxas ran but lost four years ago in the fight for vice president to Binay, who already announced interest to run for president as early as 2010.

    He, however, fares poorly in confidence surveys and trails Binay by a wide margin, sparking talks of the President and his LP allies shopping around for a more acceptable candidate.


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    1. Listening to lacierda if one was to believe him it would look like pnoy does not care one bit who will be the next president after him. But that’s hogwash pnoy certainly cares in fact he is shaking down to his boots who will be the next president and will do everything to ensure that he/she will be an ally. Pnoy is scared of the prospect that he will face prosecution if the new man/woman is not from his camp but his dilemma is roxas is not winnable and he is the only possible candidate of the LP. Robredo is a great alternative but if pnoy endorses her it could well be a kiss of death for Leni. I wish Leni goes independent and win and I personally will not care whether or not she prosecutes pnoy (let him just end his days twidling his thumbs or go with Kris on tv).

    2. Roxas for a 2016 Pres. Bet is a political suicide and ending the Aquino administration continuity, Roxas a beaten man, no more charisma, and too much inconsistencies, no alternative if he will run against Binay, again he will bite the dust. Better look for more stronger and appeal able candidate. POE, ROBREDO sounds more interesting and challenging. No to Roxas I will not waste my vote. No to Binay also.

      • As what Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago have said, in 2016 a lady president should be elected? Why??? During FVR’s term we had “WE,WE”, in ERAP”S time we had “Walang Kamag Anak?” In GMA’S time we had ” FG and Company” and now for PNo’y end game and last 2 minutes, we had an “Dang Tumuwad?” It is hight ime to consider the caliber of the lady neophyte in the person of Sen. Grace Poe to continue the good governnce of the PNoy era for whatever is ever left of it while the insertion of the ge PDAF and DAP remnants on the 2015 GAA are still being salivated by the present legislatures. We believed Sen. Grace Poe can be the big difference in continuing the anti corruption campaign in the govt. after 2016 since no coterie of men’s association or men’s coterie of friends will try to bribe an Iron Lady whom you cannot fathom the abyss of her integrity since you cannot invite her for a man’s all night out of drinking and womanizing?