• ‘Roxas gets PNoy’s nod’

    Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas

    Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas

    Poe throws in the towel, says she no longer expects to be chosen

    Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd by Friday will no longer be referred to as the “presumptive standard-bearer” of the Liberal Party (LP) in next year’s elections.

    Ranking officials of the administration-backed party revealed on Wednesday that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will formally endorse Roxas as his successor, returning a favor the latter made in 2009 when he withdrew his quest for the presidency “for the sake of party unity”.

    Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda refused to divulge information about the reported presidential endorsement.

    “Let’s just wait because[do not have information on the endorsement]… Everybody is waiting. [Let’s just wait],” Lacierda told reporters.

    But Albay Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda in an interview said Roxas had called him earlier Wednesday during the meeting of the latter’s “Balay” core group and told him that the President had “given him the go-signal.”

    Sen. Grace Poe – the frontrunner in pre-election presidential surveys — also on Wednesday said she is no longer expecting President Aquino to endorse her for President.

    “[I will not be surprised if the President will endorse Secretary Mar. First, they’re party mates but the President would always tell me that he understands that we all had to do what we think is the best for the country],” she told reporters.

    Poe said she is thankful that the President had even considered her.

    “[Whatever’s the decision of the President, I know there’s a reason behind it. I’m still thankful for having been considered, just in case],” she added.

    Western Samar Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento, secretary general of the LP, and Salceda said the announcement of Roxas’ endorsement will be made at 9 a.m. in a “historic place.”

    The LP has reportedly made a reservation to use the Cory Aquino Kalayaan Hall at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City (Metro Manila) from July 29 to July 31.

    Club Filipino was the first exclusive social club in the Philippines, founded in 1898 by Filipino high society, including Spanish mestizos.

    It was in the same hall where Corazon Aquino took her oath as President at the height of the People Power revolution in February 1986. It was also where Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson denounced his political ally, President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, and revealed his alleged involvement in jueteng, an illegal numbers game.

    Friday’s scheduled event would see President Aquino and Roxas returning to the same platform where they announced their tandem for the 2010 elections.

    Roxas, who was the frontrunner in the LP nomination, gave way to Aquino whose popularity made a quantum leap following the death of his mother in August 2009.

    Aquino went on to win the presidential race while Roxas lost to Jejomar Binay in the contest for Vice President.

    Salceda, chairman of the party in Bicol region, said LP members, mostly governors, congressmen and city and town mayors are being invited together with civil society organizations.

    YACAP party-list Rep. Carol Jayne Lopez said only his candidacy will be announced during Friday’s event. His running mate will not be named yet.

    Salceda said he is expecting Roxas to leave the Department of Interior and Local Government to concentrate on his campaign and party building.

    He added that he believes the anointment of Roxas by the President would improve his rating from 13 percent to 16 percent.

    He also believes that a Mar-Grace tandem would be a perfect match, saying both have the same aim and focus, which is “good governance.”

    Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice, the LP chairman for political affairs, said they never doubted that the President will choose Roxas.

    “From day one, we at LP never doubted that the President will give his blessings to Secretary Roxas because he is the most qualified,” he said.

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    1. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Grace Poe just give your support to BBM…It is in your best interest and to the Filipinio people.

    2. Mar Roxas, he dont even solve the problems of MRT and LRT, then he will be running for president. He will be like a lameduck, the same as Pnoy..
      GOD SAVE PHILIPPINES from the hands of these FiLTHY Philippine politicians..

    3. I expected this. After all, if anyone will faithfully save Benigno’s ass when he steps down, that would be his faithful dog, Roxas.
      So, let us make sure that Roxas loses, so that Benigno can be sued and tried for many irregular decisions and indecisions that he made during his term of office.

      • Can you please give us an example of criminal offense by
        Pinoy? All I can see is an honest president that does his job to the best, better than the previous.

      • Want a example pipic ?

        Education spending is down to 2.4 % of the GDP, No money for education equals stupid people.

        Educate yourself pipic

        Life is Hard
        It’s harder when you’re stupid.

    4. It’s not the endorsement that Roxas is after. Roxas, really is after the billions of pork barrel funds inserted in the 2015 and 2016 budget that Aquino and Abad will provide and release to the sympathetic senators, congressmen and cabinet menbers to buy LGU officials’ loyalty to him and ensure a well-oiled presidential campaign.

    5. Jay de Ocampo on

      Kung di tatakbo si Duterte sa 2016, kay Roxas na lang ako. Lesser evel si Roxas kay sa kay Poe, o Binay. Kaya, kay Roxas na rin tayo all the way..– from Cebu

      • sure but i can’t vote for Mar because i am a us citizen… but we will just pray for you guys to continue the “tuwid na daan”

      • The dollar goes up the more the Philippines infrastructure crumbles.

        Another 6 years of the Liberal Party plundering will destroy any remaining infrastructure.

    6. I cant believe Mr Ibarra is endorsing Roxas! I don’t know what to say, bulag, bingi, or both, or baka naman kelangan lang pare konting kape para magising?

    7. People should check the performance of the Roxas family in Capiz. They have done next to nothing. They are just using Capiz as their base but they are useless to the Province of Capiz. God bless the Philippines.

    8. Everyone knows Aquino can’t pick competent people for positions by now, Everyone one of his appointee’s is incompetent and corrupt.

      Anyone that has the Aquino stink on them should never be allowed to be in charge of anything much less the president of the country.

      Mar Roxas is as incompetent as they come, Typhoon Yolanda was a clear indication of his incompetence. Walked around with Aquino on a tour and lunch instead of doing anything to help the SAF 44 who were being massacred.

      Don’t recall ever hearing Mar speak out on the selective justice going on.

      Don’t recall Mar saying anything about the corruption being committed by his Liberal Party pals.

      Reminds me of this quote

      “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”.

      Has this man ever stood up to the wrongdoings going on against the people ? Seems to me he has supported it by his silence.

      Mar was at the 2015 Sona clapping to every lie Aquino spoke making himself part of the lie, Is this the man to clean up the corruption ?

      Since Aquino thinks Mar is the guy who should be President then it’s clear Mar Roxas should not be.

      I’m guessing the Liberal Party will use smartmatic again even tho they are not allowed to do business in the Philippines since they are 100% foreign owned but of course that didn’t stop the Liberal Party back in 2010 or 2013 from using them and removing the security and accuracy features from the voting machines.

      If the Liberal Party can’t win the election honestly they will pay smartmatic to steal the election for Mar Roxas.

    9. I hope Roxas and the Aranetas will spend their wealth trying to be President. This is the only way the people can have the last laugh. Mar, spend your money for nothing.

    10. It’s a kiss of death for Roxas but who cares the Smartmatic Hocus Pcos will take care of it, may GOD bless us all. May this people rot in hell.

    11. Vic Penetrante on

      Mar will have to man-up to improve his ratings with the people. He should search and clean ‘daang matuwid’ of the perilous mines.

      • That’s why, there will be no changes since Filipinos rely on ratings from surveys as their basis in choosing our leaders. This is what in the minds of all bobotantes. This is not about popularity contest but integrity and qualifications!

    12. P.Akialamiro on

      I wonder if the endorsement of Pres. BS Aquino be a “plus” or “minus” for Roxas’ candidacy. He is closely identified with a “palpak” at “makupad” administration. However, the accuser has a lot to explain regarding the accusations against him. Mabuhay BBM!

    13. Who cares about the endorsement of BS Aquino. He was never really an effective President . In fact , I see his endorsement more of a Liability to the country .
      Can you imagine the heavy baggage that Roxas will have to carry for his party.
      Roxas is another spoiled brat with numerous hidden agenda for himself who thinks he is entitled to his position due to his name.

    14. Primer Pagunuran on

      The country already had a daughter of a former president became president herself; a son of a former president became president himself.

      Is this ‘oras na, Roxas na’? Again, what if a grandson of a former president becomes president?

      In all such cases, what we might have failed to see is the immense almost immutable sense of tribalism, political dynasty if you will.

      Voting him into the presidency is certainly like we all advocate ‘political dynastism’ after all.

    15. In exchange for Aquino’s support will he shield and or pardon Aquino from all his wrongdoing ?
      Will he keep the corruption party going ? Will he shield and protect all of Aquino’s appointed friends as well ?

      If the answer is yes then anyone but Mar Roxas.

    16. Alejo Rosete on

      “From day one, we at LP never doubted that the President will give his blessings to Secretary Roxas because he is the most qualified,” he said.


      This what they call good riddance of the BS Aquino click.
      Hoping and praying Senator BBM will announce soon –
      The “Solid North” is still Solid for BBM and
      also “Solid South” for taking care of them in the BBL

      • BBM will be solid 1986 happenings in Malacanan Palace, nakaw dito nakaw doon. Phil Peso will go down to 100 to $1 .Hating Aquino is an indication Ph. will not or could not go forward, always poor country. If Binay-aran wins then Ph. peso gonna be 125/150 to $1.00. I guess Phil will be sold to China for considerable amount. My opinion only.

      • crisostomo ibarra on

        kiss of death for all the corrupt and plunderers alike who are still craving for positions in the goverment..filipinos are more educated and informative these days..they know who are the politicians who are true to their calling of serving the people

    17. Roxas as “most qualified?” LOL just because Roxas has carried Pnoy’s water for 5 years now while concurrently serving as the president’s chauffeur, bodyguard, and overall alalay does not make him “most qualified?”

      And what is up with claims of “most qualified?” All of a sudden that’s important? LOL was Pnoy the most qualified candidate in 2010?

      • crisostomo ibarra on

        it is time for you to change your political view..time is changin…we need to choose the best candidate to propel and guide our nation …MAR ROXAS is the answer…..

      • MAR ROXAS is the answer haha

        Guaranteed incompetence.

        Look back at the job he did during Typhoon Yolanda
        5 days after the typhoon and he didn’t even have a food and water station set up.

        How about the massacre of the SAF 44 ?
        Mar took a tour and had lunch while the SAF were being massacred. He did txt General Napenas
        “Keep calm and keep your head. We will not abandon the troops.” at 7:12pm
        Hours after the 44 commando’s were already dead.

        Mar Roxas is the poster boy for incompetence.