• Roxas has P1.9B pork – UNA


    If this is true, it is again all about politics and no ending problem for PH no matter who is the President of the country. Why is it that DILG has to be be involved in Housing, Water Supply at all. This is the role of the Department for Housing in the entire Philippines. Better use it to help solve the problem of Flooding not only in Metro Manila but the entire country as well. We have floods in Pangasinan, Davao and all the low areas. They need better and strong Dikes as well plant more Mangrove Forest as this can reduce flooding and protect those agriculture land. Sea Water once gets to the land it will destroy all the crops and will take hundreds of years before it can be used again. Poor Farmers and how will they supply the needs of our people. TOO MUCH POLITICS AND WHEN WILL IT EVER END!!!!!

    Arch. Lito L. Mallonga, angellm8@yahoo.com


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