• Roxas has P1.9B ‘pork’ – UNA


    THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Sunday bared that P1.9 billion in additional allocation has been inserted in the proposed national budget next year for the office of Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

    UNA Secretary General and Navotas Rep. Tobias “Toby” Tiangco said the additional allocation for the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) could be part of a nationwide campaign buildup for Roxas’ presidential bid in 2016.

    Tiangco said the ”questionable and highly irregular” insertions of P1.9 billion is only a speck of the P20-billion national budget earmarked through the bottom-up budgeting (BUB) programs led by Roxas.

    He said he received reports that on Thursday, Roxas and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad met with members of the Liberal Party (LP) to discuss the use of P20 billion to start campaigning for 2016 through BUB involving select civil society groups and local government units.

    He said the P1.9 billion are for items outside the scope and responsibility of the DILG.

    Tiangco was referring to the P76 million appropriation supposedly for “climate change adaptation”, the P573 million for “potable water supply” for waterless municipalities and barangays and P1.25 billion for housing intended for informal settlers in Metro Manila.

    “I believe this is the first time that the DILG has appointed itself as the champion for climate change, potable water and mass housing,” he said.

    With the growing clamor to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), Tiangco expressed fears that insertions in the General Appropriations Act (GAA) are likely to happen.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd announced on Friday the pork barrel will be scrapped and replaced by line-item budgets for specific projects in the GAA.

    According to Tiangco, if the budget is not strictly scrutinized, the LP would have its own version of PDAF tucked within the regular budget for 2014.

    “Why would we give extra appropriation to DILG on budgetary support for housing, water system and climate change when there are already budgetary support to key government agencies already handling these concerns? Are climate change and housing the core competence of the DILG?” Tiangco asked.

    In the proposed 2014 GAA, around 40,000 families are the target beneficiaries of the P1.25 billion allotment for the DILG’s self-initiated housing program.

    The DILG-led BUB scheme was piloted this year by tasking the poorest municipalities and cities to develop their respective poverty reduction programs and projects in consultation with local executives and civil society organizations in their localities.

    As a counterpart, the President would invest P20 billion in poverty-reduction projects that will involve non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 1,226 local governments.


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    1. Joaquin Fernandez on

      There must be a way to stop this practice of making accusations without accountability or responsibility on the part of accuser. It is damaging to be left unpunished and only encourage people like Roby who have done this several times during the campaign. Surely his claim has some effect on people that do not follow up or do not care at all about truth and would easily jump off on conclusions. Irresponsible it is and UNA leadership is allowing this cheap propaganda.

      • Reynaldo De Guzman on

        One former president said, “What are we in power for? This is what’s happening now. Elected leaders feasting on peoples money while the country is getting poorer and poorer and the poorly equipped AFP can’t do nothing to protect our EEZ at Bajo de Masinloc / Panatag Shoal.

    2. cora asuncion on

      Remember the fave mura of the Late Pres. Quezon? “Sin Verguensa!!!”tama ba ang spelling?Let us focus muna kung anong gagawin sa mga naglustay ng pera ng bayan at saka na yang” future spending” as mentioned by Lissie.Our poor kababayans are suffering…Pwede ba akong mag-apply as one of the guardians of the kaban ng bayan.?I will declare all my A and L.I can volunteer some of my retirement yrs sa kabutihan ng bayan kong Pilipinas. —Cora

    3. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

      If this is true, it is again all about politics and no ending problem for PH no matter
      who is the President of the country. Why is it that DILG has to be be involved in Housing, Water Supply at all. This is the role of the Department for Housing in the
      entire Philippines. Better use it to help solve the problem of Flooding not only in Metro
      Manila but the entire country as well. We have floods in Pangasinan, Davao and all the low areas. They need better and strong Dikes as well plant more Mangrove Forest
      as this can reduce flooding and protect those agriculture land. Sea Water once gets to the land it will destroy all the crops and will take hundreds of years before it can be used again. Poor Farmers and how will they supply the needs of our people. TOO MUCH POLITICS AND WHEN WILL IT EVER END!!!!!

    4. Mga kababayan samasama tayong magmatyag sa mga nakaupo ngayong mga politiko lalo na ang mga nasa administrasyon dahil hawak nila lahat ngayon ang desisyon. Alam naman natin na kahit malayo pa ay pinaghahandaan na ang eleksiyon dahil gusto nilang manatili sa puwesto. Kailangan nila ang malaking pera para sa campaign na kaya nilang palusotin dahil sila ay nasa administrasyon. Huwag sa pork barrel huwag sa pdaf at kung anu-ano pang tawag nila na pareho lang naman ang ibig sabihin. OO nga naglalakad tayo sa tuwid na daan pero sa bangin naman ang paroroonan. Tama na, Sobra na dahil tayong mahihirap ang laging napapahirapan.

    5. Fernando Habito on

      If this statement came from UNA chief like Tiangco,this is absolutely “politicking” UNA got plenty of corrupt politicians who pocketed billions of people’s money..that many UNA politicians are also big thieves..they are just waiting for their time..At least the Filipinos woke up already how to truck down..So UNA politicians should keep quite ..you are the next people knows that many UNA politicians are thieves and corrupt.

      • Pork barrel scam has recently been the big national issue and of course political parties like una and others will take this opportunity to go against the incumbent… better if we give noynoy a chance to make changes …do something good and will see if it fits the purpose…he still have 3 years and his a honest president (i believe so)
        i affirm the above comment…

    6. Kapal ng mukha mo mamulitika toby, ano para bumango ang amo mo nasi binay pare parehas kayong mag nanakaw at makasarili, hirap na pilipinas sa inyo!

    7. Toby please, ang pinag-uusapan yung pork barrel an supposedly naibigay sa mga elected officials for development and benefits ng constituents nila na now is missing and gone with the wind. Eh ang tinutukoy mo eh proposed budget and future spending ng DILG na you label it as also “pork”. Future allocation pa iyon, di pa nawawala, humihirit ka na agad. Gusto mo lang ma-divert ang attention kasi lahat ng involved the politicians are affiliated with your group. Wala na, try to reinvent your group para mawala ang stigma.

    8. marc reed horton on

      if these is true its a big ouch,the wound has not yet healed then comes another cut/kong na naman

    9. Mr. Roxas didn’t make any pretensions as to his presidential bid come 2016. Every Juan knows he wanted to be president of the Philippines, deferring only to PNoy last presidential election time. As a very close associate of PNoy, he was given numerous posts in the government, the latest being as secretary of DILG, a department powerful and influential enough to be able to contribute to his political ambition. Giving him this huge pork smacks well of laying down an uneven political arena between a David and a Goliath in 2016. And, yes, he cannot be so sure as even the ‘minuscule’ David was able to subdue Goliath. Be that as it may, it is still most inappropriate for any government official to make use or take advantage of his post — and government’s money — to prop up his political ambition.

      “No” to all kinds of pork!

    10. all these crooked politicians must have their illegal monies, assets and properties confiscated by the government and be jailed.

    11. Toby, malayo pa ang election. mas makakabuti sayo kung sumama ka na lang sa rally bukas, wala na kaming balak pang bumoto, pulitiko na naman ang nasa isip mo. tsk tsk tsk…maawa kayo sa taong bayan tama na tigilan na ninyo.

    12. “Why would we give extra appropriation to DILG on budgetary support for housing, water system and climate change when there are already budgetary support to key government agencies already handling these concerns? Are climate change and housing the core competence of the DILG?” Tiangco asked.

      And why would you need 70 Million to fund your projects that are under the scope of other agencies?? afraid of your own ghost??