Roxas: I am not capable of stealing but Binay is


Former Interior chief Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, administration standard-bearer in the 2016 elections, is not promising the moon and the stars to get the people’s votes.

“What I can say is that I am not capable [of]stealing from our people. Wala rin akong kakayahang mangako ng langit at lupa para lang kunin ang boto nyo. Ang paglikha ng trabaho, ‘yan ang alam ko, ‘yan ang kaya ko [I also am not capable of promising heaven and earth just to get your votes. Creating jobs is something that I know how to and can do],” Roxas said during a trip in Siquijor over the weekend.

He added, “Stealing is something that he [Vice President Jejomar Binay] does. If he stole from Makati [City], he’ll do the same for the entire Philippines. We can’t be at his pity.”

Binay was a former mayor of Makati, regarded as the country’s premier financial district.

Roxas was reacting to repeated criticisms from the Vice President, one of his rivals for the presidency in this year’s polls, that he failed in his tenure as secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications and later also as secretary of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Binay, in particular, harped on Roxas faring poorly as DILG chief, especially when Yolanda–the strongest typhoon recorded in the world in 2013–killed at least 6,000 people and destroyed billions in homes and infrastructure in the Visayas region.

Roxas instead challenged Binay to face allegations of corruption.

In May 2015, the Court of Appeals ordered Binay’s assets of P600 million frozen in connection with an investigation by the Office of the Ombudsman of the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Parking Building 2 worth P2.28 billion.

In October 2015, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales also ordered Binay’s son, Erwin, dismissed as Makati City (Metro Manila) mayor and perpetually disqualified him from holding public office over grave misconduct and serious dishonesty also in connection with Building 2.

“I have done my part for our country. As for him [Binay], he has a lot to say about that. He should instead respond to the corruption cases hurled against him like the overpriced building that he built,” Roxas said.

He dismissed the Vice President’s claim that the Aquino administration has been underspending for too long.

Roxas cited public spending growing by 17 percent last June, according to the Department of Finance.

“The government is just making sure that government coffers are not being siphoned off, that it [public spending]will benefit the people. That’s why the government is very careful in spending,” he said.


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  1. Note to mar, if you know that one or two of the cabinet members are stealing and you did not apprehend or stop them, then I will say that you are an accomplise to the .crime. By itself , you are a robber too.

  2. Roxas can’t say anything better than accuse his opponent and point fingers at others . His character assassination of Binay just makes us realize more that Roxas has no real accomplishments. Just because he was born rich ,he wants us to think that he does not steal OMG!
    Check out the MRT & DAP funds to start with . He was head of DOTC than DILG . He has a lot of unexplained monies missing ?

  3. If Roxas has done wrong with Yolanda donations then those who are accusing him should file criminal charges against him. Accusing him with out evidence will not hold water. The Binay (Father and son ) have been accused and now being charge by the senate thru the ombudsman. Do the same if you have evidences.

    • Shame the Ombudsman or the Dept of justice will not investigate any Liberal Party members. Both heads are Aquino appointee’s and Aquino does not allow investigations of his yellow party, we all know that.

  4. Kaya pala nilaglag niyo si Vitangcol kasi after trying to extort money from Czech contractor upon your instructions obviously e bulilyaso kasi you are not capable of stealing hahaha. Of course you dont have to steal anymore dahil nasa iyo na lahat ng DAP funds para sa kampanya mo wala nga lang kumagat sa 100 million per mayor na alok mo!

  5. If we try to observe Mar Roxas’ attitude and we will base in the ‘spreading the good news’ message in IEC, it is too far and I can’t see any actions when it comes to the word Christianity….remember Roxas what you had said in Tacloban City to the victims, napakalayo ng ugali mo sa mga sinasabi mo ngayon….why do you keep the donations and never mind the victims…pumunta ka ulit sa Tacloban at pagmasdan mo kaya ang mga hitsura ng biktima doon. Nakakapangilabot ang mga sinasabi mo ngayon sa ginawa mo noon. How can we trust you e kung doon pa nga lang sinaktan mo na ang inosenteng biktima…then now you are comparing yourself to Binay…parehas lang kayong dalawa, walang mapili…iba na lang!

  6. How about you Mar Roxas? All talk ka lang din naman and your talking does not make any sense at all. What a pathetic loser. I’d rather choose Binay than you any given day.

  7. Just wondering how much is the real cost of the new police patrol cars. Mas malaki lang ng kaunti sa multicab and yet the price tag is P1.8M. At this price you can get a Toyota Hilux.

  8. There is no doubt that Binay did bad things when he was mayor of Makati. So when he was elected VP , he let his son do bad things. Also VP Binays wife has pending casas at the Sandigan Bayan. We have a big family that is doing bad things. So if you vote for Binay , do not expect good things to happen.

  9. DAP , PDAF , Yolanda Funds, MRT… the billions given to DILG to build houses!!! (the police is now in charge of housing… right Mar?)…

    Also, the poor golf employees need to reduce price for you Mar???

    All Yellow Crooks to Jail… from Top to Bottom!

  10. All I can say is”I do not trust you your words Mar”
    mas masahol ang corruption sa panahon ng panunungkulan ninyo at ng lahat LP.
    Kung masahol ang corruption sa DILG, DOTC, mas masahol ang magagawa mo sa buong pilipinas kung presidente kana!

  11. But you expect the people to be at your pity. Roxas you could do your job right before, you are incompetent. Now you expect to be President?

  12. Why is Binay so afraid to answer his corruption charges? If Binay really wants to be president with a clean record, then he should start answering all the charges in the senate and courts to clear his name. That way, he will become popular and might win the presidential elections. But if Binay is afraid of the truth that he really acquired billions of pesos through corruption, then all Filipinos should pray altogether to save the Philippines from the Binay family. As the Bible says, that if two or more will pray together for a request, God will respond to it. So starting this campaign period, let us all pray together to get rid of the Binay family to save our loving country from a corrupt family and lawyers. May his family, his followers and lawyers get sick of stage 4 cancer.

    • This reply will soon be deleted for MT does not like anything against Binay. So for the early readers, join other groups in the FB and other media to pray to God to save the Philippines from this corrupt family.

  13. “What I can say is that I am not capable [of] stealing from our people

    Roxas should just leave it “I am not capable”

    Roxas demonstrated his incompetence at every agency he was put in charge of and he clearly is not capable of being a effective leader of a country.

    • As for Bohol recovery, the COA report recounts: “Of the 1,079 projects with Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) fund allocation of ₱2.413 billion, only 12 with a total cost of ₱3.139 million were completed as of December 31, 2014, due to delayed downloading of fund by the Bohol Provincial Government to the municipalities.”

    • Yeah Pulpol tama ka! Lagi nilang pino post ang Yolanda victim para makalikom pa ng maraming donations but the question is…..nakakarating ba sa mga biktima ang dapat mapunta sa kanila…hindi man lang sila makagawa ng magandang project para magkaroon ng maayos na shelter ang biktima doon nasaan ang malasakit…bibili ng materyales lowest quality pa….sa pagdating ng panibagong bagyo wag kang umasa hindi iyon masisira ulit….gahaman walang mapiling maayos maayos pare parehas kayo.

    • Those sites you listed do not show where the funds went or how much money there was or where it came from Closet Journ.

      Government sites that do not account for the money.

    • The Commission on Audit’s 2014 report on just one agency, the Department of Interior and Local Government, cited woefully scant utilization of the DILG’s Yolanda recovery fund, with first semester projects only 42 percent completed in 2014, and no second semester rehab done because funds were released one year late in June 2015!