• Roxas outside chain of command


    Sacked Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) commander Getulio Napeñas did not violate the PNP chain of command when he decided to keep Operation Plan (Oplan) Exodus secret from Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, PNP officer-in-charge Leonardo Espina said on Tuesday.

    Espina disclosed that Roxas is not part of the chain of command.

    The acting police chief told senators that the chain of command does not include the secretary (Roxas) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

    “As far as I know, it is only until me and down,” Espina replied to Sen. Francis Escudero, who had asked if the decision of Napeñas not to inform the DILG chief about Oplan Exodus can be considered a violation of the PNP’s chain of command.

    Roxas is also chairman of the National Police Commission (Napolcom).

    The Napolcom exerciss administrative control and operational supervision over the PNP.
    Espina said informing the DILG secretary about a particular police mission is more of a judgment call of the PNP chief.

    “So if there was violation of chain of command is that you [Espina] were not informed,” Escudero asked, to which Espina replied, “Yes”.

    Napeñas earlier said resigned PNP chief Alan Purisma told him to keep Espina and Roxas out of the loop in relation to the SAF operation to capture suspected terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman.

    “Huwag mo muna sabihan ‘yung dalawa saka na pag nandoon na, ako na bahala kay [Gregorio] Catapang [Don’t inform the two yet until the troops are in the area, I will take care of Catapang],” Napeñas said quoting Purisima.

    Catapang is the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

    No direct orders
    Napeñas admitted also on Tuesday that he did not receive a direct order from President Benigno Aquino 3rd or from Purisima to proceed with the mission to capture Marwan.
    He said he also did not get an order stopping him from carrying out the operation.

    “If there was a direct order or approval of the President, there was none. But then, [on]the two occasions that we had a mission update, it could be implied or [there was]a tacit approval that the mission is a go,” Napenas also told the senators.

    He said he was never given any order or “guidance” to proceed with the operation but since there was also no order stopping him, he proceeded with the top-secret operation that led to the killing of 44 SAF commandos.

    But Sen. Loren Legarda questioned the decision of Napeñas to follow Purisima’s “advice” not to inform Roxas and Espina.

    But Napeñas said he took the advice of Purisima as an order of the President because it was given to him immediately after Purisima met with Aquino.


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    1. PNoy unlawfully coordinated the Oplan Exodus taking advice from suspended Purisima, who in turn told Napenas not to inform the acting PNP Espina and Roxas. PNoy must be charged criminally for the massacre of 44 SAF and other unlawful acts he did, e.g. DAP, challenging the constitution.

    2. PNP OIC Espina is wrong. He better read his book on “chain of command.”
      In any government or business organization, there is an official hierarchy
      of authority called a “chain of command” from which power is delegated
      from top management to every employee at every level of the organization.

      Mr. Roxas is the head of DILG, an executive branch of government under
      the direct supervision of the President, of which the PNP is directly under
      his watch. He should be informed of any activities especially in the field of
      battle where life and death are at stake.

    3. Dennis Fernandez on

      I agree with Alejo Rosete. If Roxas has still honor and pride left in him, he should resign immediately for being by-passed/left out by pnoy. Who knows, this may lift his ratings and stand a good chance of beating binay. He should do what Enrile did during Edsa One. Rally the people to force pnoy to resign!

    4. Very clearly. Mar Roxas is outside of the chain of Command.

      Is he also outside the colanbo?

      Resign Mar while the iron is still hot – to redeem yourself
      and your ambition to become President of Wack Wack Golf Course
      not President of the Philippines of course.

    5. Napenas is covering up BIGTIME for both the liars, Pnoy and Purisima, by accepting it was his judgment call to proceed with the SAF operation in Maguindanao, even only based upon Purisima’s “advice”, which he interpreted as a tacit approval also of the President. Napenas showed his ineptness as Operation Commander by failing to take direct and clear order from higher Command. His pretext is he is taking responsibility alone for the operation as his “judgment call” only upon a implied advice of Purisima, who also implied as sought the approval of the President. This is a big “lie” by Napenas. Purisima and Pnoy that only Napenas acted by himself without clear go-ahead order! Napenas and Purisima must be “Court Martialed” for grave negligence in and incompetence incommanding the operation that costume lives of 44 SAF forces.
      Pnoy must also be charged criminally when he leaves office for incompetent leadership in pursuing the operation negligently without adequate military support that could have prevented lost of lives! Meanwhile, the MILF Leadership and the those who participated in the SAF massacre must all be brought to justice and imprisoned. The BBL must not be passed but thrown to the dustbin for lack of sincerity and good faith on the part of MILF alleged peace negotiators.