Roxas’ ruthless lie at the debate


It might seem to be a minor matter in the bigger scheme of things now. But one of the biggest and most ruthless lies peddled by presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd at the debate on Sunday was his claim that the mess at the MRT-3 that has caused the service to now teeter toward collapse was caused by its former general manager Al Vitangcol’s corruption.

In a swift reply—an indication that it was a prepared line of defense—to candidate Rodrigo Duterte’s claim that President Aquino’s presidential candidate was not as clean as he pretended to be, as evidenced by the MRT-3 mess, Roxas said: “It’s Al Vitangcol who’s to blame there. Obviously, he had an interest in the firm, as his uncle was an incorporator at PH Trams.”

That’s really a big lie. It shows how Roxas can be so ruthless as to trample on even his former subordinate in his ambition to become President of this country.

To cover up their tracks, Roxas and his fellow Liberal Party stalwart and DOTC secretary, Joseph Abaya, are blaming the corruption and the mess at the MRT-3 that has made commuting a hell for millions of people in Metro Manila, on what they themselves know is an innocent man: Vitangcol.

What kind of a moral compass does Roxas have if he accuses a minor official, a former subordinate who doesn’t have vast resources as he has, on national television, and on such an important event as the presidential candidate, of corruption, when the special anti-graft court still hasn’t even acted on the Ombudsman’s filing of charges against him and others?

PH Trams, in a joint venture with CB&T, was the firm to which the DOTC awarded the P500-million MRT-3 maintenance contract on Oct. 19, 2012, taking over from Sumitomo Corp. which had maintained it since it was commissioned.

Roxas at the debate, right after Duterte called him a fraud.

Roxas at the debate, right after Duterte called him a fraud.

What had immediately raised eyebrows right after the project’s award to PH Trams-CBT Joint Venture, was that PH Trams had been set up only two months before, and was not an engineering firm. It was obviously the broker, or lobbyist for the contract. Its chairman, said to be behind the recent maintenance contracts, and PH Trams’ biggest stockholder, is one Marlo de la Cruz.

Who is Marlo de la Cruz? He is known to be a Liberal Party stalwart from Pangasinan, who very actively provided financial support and campaigned for Roxas in his bid for the vice presidency in 2010. Roxas has admitted knowing him but has claimed — fantastically — that he hadn’t seen him since then.

And who is Vitangcol’s uncle, an incorporator of PH Trams who, according to Roxas, proves Vitangcol’s guilt? The name reported in the papers was Arturo Soriano, who is not even Vitangcol’s uncle, but his wife’s. More importantly, Soriano lives and works in Pangasinan, is the province’s accountant, and has been known to be close to de la Cruz, his point-man in dealing with the provincial government.

Soriano is an incorporator of PH Trams because he is an associate of Liberal Party Pangasinan stalwart de la Cruz, not because he is Vitangcol’s uncle-in-law. “Roxas knows this, and had met Soriano in his many sorties in Pangasinan in 2010,” an official in that province’s government disclosed.

“I wasn’t even close to Soriano, as we moved in different circles and worked even in different places, me, here in Metro Manila and he, in Pangasinan,” Vitangcol said in an interview a month ago.

In my interview with Vitangcol, he struck me as an upright, unassuming lawyer who wanted to contribute to the nation in some way. Unfortunately, he is one of the hundreds of upper-middle class professionals fooled by this Yellow Cult’s pretension of undertaking a crusade to reform the country.

Roxas without doubt oversaw the awarding of the maintenance contract to PH Trams and its partner. He delayed the process for replacing Sumitomo group for two years, and during all time it was Vitangcol who was writing him for the need to start the bidding process. “There wasn’t even a reply at all to my memos,” Vitangcol said.

Roxas’ inaction could be explained only if he had been deliberately delaying it, since he knew – having been in government for many years – that the department could dispense with a real bidding, and negotiate with its preferred contractor on grounds that there was an emergency. Such an “emergency” did occur after the DOTC informed Sumitomo on Oct. 2 that its maintenance contract, which was being renewed every six months since 2010, wouldn’t be renewed. But this was two weeks before the existing contract was ending. Since MRT-3 couldn’t be operated without the maintenance operator, DOTC declared it was an emergency and, therefore, had to dispense with the time-consuming bidding process, and instead, negotiate with a contractor.

Robredo killed
Whatever scheme Roxas was working on was interrupted when DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo was killed in an airplane crash on Aug. 18, 2012. Roxas had coveted the DILG position since its supervision over local governments and the police would give him an edge in the presidential elections for 2016.

Aquino announced on Aug. 31 that Roxas would be DILG secretary. Roxas accelerated the process for getting a new contractor to replace Sumitomo. He left the DOTC to become DILG secretary on Oct. 19, the day the department signed the contract with PH Trams, owned by the Liberal Party stalwart de la Cruz.

His successor Joseph Abaya obviously didn’t have anything to do with it, although as a loyal Liberal Party man, he signed the contract just the same — a clever move by Roxas, obviously – and, therefore, had responsibility for its legality.

Who was in charge of the negotiations with, and eventual awarding of the contract to PH Trams? The two people close to Roxas, whom he brought with him to the DOTC: Undersecretaries Jose Perpetuo M. Lotilla, who chaired the Bids and Awards Committee, and Rene Limcaoco, Roxas’ right-hand man in the department. MRT-3 General Manager Vitangcol wasn’t even an assistant secretary. Roxas, as soon as he assumed the DOTC post, issued a memorandum that any contract worth more than P10 million had to be approved by him. (“Juju” Lotilla is not to be confused with his brother, probably his antithesis, Rafael “Popo” Perpetuo Lotilla, former President Arroyo’s Energy Secretary.)

What kind of a person would try to ruin somebody’s life, to accuse him of a crime for which he could be imprisoned, when he knew that man was innocent, and that he himself with his close operatives planned and executed the crime?

What kind of a depraved person would convict Vitangcol on national TV on grounds that since his “uncle” was a PH Trams incorporator, then he must be “obviously” guilty of graft, even if the accuser knew that the ‘uncle’ was with the company because he was an associate of a Liberal Party fund-raiser who owned the company?

And here is another lie made up during the debate – the claim that under the Daang Matuwid government, the corrupt are prosecuted, regardless of their party affiliation.

Last December, the Ombudsman filed corruption charges involving what it called the “anomalous” DOTC maintenance contract for MRT-3 with PH Trams. Five incorporators of PH Trams were charged.

The only DOTC official charged was Vitangcol. Not included was Roxas’ man — Undersecretary Lotilla, who chaired the Bids and Awards Committee, which awarded and signed the contract with Vitangcol, and Liberal Party President Secretary Abaya, who approved it and also signed the deal.

And Roxas still has the gall to run for President?


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  1. Mar Roxas has been well protected by the LP party, and their choice of Mar will be the collapse this useless party. I see no value the LP brings to daily government, except chaos and incompetence to everything they touch. I look back at 45 years of Presidential candidates, and Mar Roxas has the most incompetence and the weakest character of any candidate. He will be extremely lucky to get 10% of the vote this year. In fact, Leni will receive more votes than Mar. Go Leni.

    • Iaangat ang mga nasa laylayan? That’s a very stupid tagalog statement. Whatever kind of copywriter did that should be skinned, feathered and tarred. Huwag mag eembento ng idiom. Ginagawa nilang katatawanan ang tagalog language.

  2. i hope all of this scandal will be given clear after election and Roxas should face all of this,. he should never be trusted of any high position in the country, he is hypocrite and liar, corrupt , name it. this government aim at the time they step into the office was how to get money in 6 years time .Shame on them. sad but true, they protect the richest and their richest. oligarchs,
    the issue of MRT is a total shame for this governmane tbut they always throw the fault to other, shame on you mr. Roxas and to your ambitious wife.

  3. maurice inocencio on

    Violent, admitted communist, tradpol with lucio tàn n cayetano as benefactors, poor in math & economy womanizer, bad foul mouth…a dirty player pretending to be decent and a chauvinistic pig ….. nagpapanggap na marangal pero sa totoo ay hangal…we deserve a better we speak their 11 thousand keyboard warriirs are trying to appeal to MDS supporters thru fear hate and threats to switch to d30..sorry but we are miriams knights in shining warriors.. d30 is just all talk and tactics.. no sincerity no real what makes u think he can save the phiilippines from crime in 3-6 mos when he didnt even achieve that in davao as his PR claims…he cant even discipline himself n his fantards behavior of wreakking fear, deaththreats and trash talk…what more a nation..tinanung lang nung payat na UP student mimiyak na sya at fans nya na binastos sya..kala mo ang tatapang sa facebook isang tamang tanong lang iyak na kayo ng foul?? The debate was an eyeopener..none of these 4 have the maturity nor the qualities of a true leader…miriam does…it would have been a different story but i think it was quite brilliant of miriam not to join this 2nd debate…she just differentiated herself..n it made people see the fact w.o even talking or being there she trended with 2million online engagemnts..was 2nd in the thumbmark vote..then topped U.P. wide polls… woot!

  4. maurice inocencio on

    Ang mga naninira sa daang Matuwid ay maihahalintulad sa mga palaka sa gabi ngunit pagdating ng umaga ay iilan lamang pala sila at ingay palaka lamang pala ang kanilang mga sinasabi.

    Pagsulong sa maayos, mahusay, malakas, at matibay na kasarinlan ng Pilipinas ang hanggad ni PNoy at ngayon ay si Mar.
    Walang perpektong Pangulo pero hindi nararapat na humawak ng bansa ang isang tao na MRT lamang ang nagawa, o pagbitay ang sinusulong, pagnanakaw at tahasang pambababae, aba eh lalong hwag kalimutang ang rehimeng nagpahirap sa buong bansa.

    Magisip at suriin ng husto dahil walang naidudulot na maganda ang panay reklamo lamang…

    • Sa tingin mo ba, ang mga paulit ulit na pag abuso sa mamamayang pilipino ay isang natural na bagay na nangyayari sa isang namumuno? Isang kawalan ng paninindigan ang ipinapakita mo sa iyong opinyon, ikaw ay produkto ng lipunan na di hangad ang kaginhawaan sa kanyang kapwa tao. ikaw ay isang masamang ehemplo sa isipan ng sambayanang pilipino.

      Ang isang maliit na bata, kapag ito ay umiyak, ito’y may kailangan. Ang reklamo ng bayan ang patunay na namumuhay ng matiwasay ang mga taong pinaupo sa pwesto at ang mamamayan ay lubhang naghihirap.

  5. maurice inocencio on

    Ang 3 to 6 months na pagsugpo sa Kriminalidad sa buong bansa ay pangakong pagyayabang lang na imposibleng mangyari dahil ang Davao mismo ay hindi ligtas sa mga banta ng kriminalidad.
    Patunay dito ang leak na lumabas mula sa loob ng Davao City Hall na nagbunyag sa malalang Sistema sa Davao. Ito ay ang patungkol sa corruption at droga. Heto ang mga sumusunod:
    Ang sinumang concerned citizen na magsuplong sa otoridad patungkol sa anomalya at droga ay hinaharass ng DDS.
    Pinapalabas na pusher para manahimik. Ang nagsuplong ay nagmimistulang kriminal na nagtatago huwag lang matuntun ng mga DDS dahil sa banta sa kanyang buhay.
    Ang LTFRB Director na pinsan ni Christopher Bong Go na personal body guard ni Mayor D. ay sangkot sa corruption at extortion o pangungutong. Ganoon din sa LTO.
    Manager ng Davao City Overland Terminal (DCOT) ay isa ring corrupt dahil tao din ito ni Mayor D.
    Talamak na bentahan at paggamit ng Drugs sa Sasa Port na kung saan andoon ang Bureau of Custom na malala din ang corruption.
    Pati porter ay involved din sa droga at lantarang paninigarilyo sa mga pampublikong lugar kahit bawal.
    Bentahan ng droga sa Purok 10, Barangay Sasa, sa Boulevard at DCOT Terminal at Bunawan Sasa Matina. Si Alce ang in charged don na tao din ni Mayor D.
    Kunwari may hinuhuli na mga pusher pero yun Drug Lord ay protektado at hindi magalaw dahil tao at best friend ng anak ni Mayor D na si Polong.
    Ang Vice Mayor ay nagtitinda din ng Bigas na smuggled.
    May sinasabi ding Legal Drugs at Illegal Drugs sa Davao.
    Ang legal ay ang nagbibigay proteksiyon sa anak ni Duterte na si Polong.
    Ang Illegal Drugs ay yung hindi nagbibigay ng proteksiyon kaya pinapatay with out due process of law.
    Na may pinatay, binaril na impormante patungkol sa Legal at Illegal drugs.
    Ang mga online warriors ni Digong na bayaran ay under the office of the city mayor. May mga nagpapanggap na OFW, ang iba ay nakatalaga sa business bureu, si Seniel ng ABS CBN Davao at Rose Ramos ng TV5.
    Na grabe talagang manakot ay ang mga ilang empleyado ng Davao City Hall.
    May media black out pag may mga complaints na kinokontrol naman ng certain Muking na secretary ni Bong Go.
    Ang media ay nababayaran kaya corrupt ang sistema at hindi na naihahayag pa ang mga reklamo.
    Walang freedom of expression.
    Ang lahat po ng ito ay kumukonekta sa pagbubulgar ni Mar Roxas na hindi totoong safe ang Davao noong kasagsagan ng unang Debate.
    Ang pagpapapansin ni Mayor D sa publiko na isa siyang brusko sa pagpapatahimik sa kanyang bayan ay pang-uuto lang sa mga mamayan. Pansariling ambisyon pa rin ang isinusulong ni Mayor para kapag nagging pangulo siya ng bansa ay maging immune sa mga patong patong na kasong nakasampa ngayon sa DOJ.

    • Obviously from the yellow trolls. E sinong magaling sa inyo, si Roxas? Sumakay ka sa MRT tapos saka mo ihalleluyah si Roxas.

    • Isa kang tunay na walang silbi sa lipunan, dumadaloy pa rin sa dugo mo ang salitang INDIO. Ako’y di na mabibigla pagkat ang tulad mong nagbubulag bulagan ay di kailan man matutulungan para makakita…

  6. ganyan din ginawa ni roxas sa National steel corporation dito sa iligan city
    re-evaluation,re-bid daw mahina mag decision paano pa pag maging presidente

  7. maurice inocencio on

    NONESENSE OP tiglao’ puro ka panira, promote what u love instead of bashing what u hate??? baka d mo kayang depensahan yang paninirang pinag ssbe mo’ na send q na tong post mo kay ROXAS

  8. maurice inocencio on

    One crime every 80 minutes in Davao City
    Police records show one ‘index crime’ every 80 minutes in Davao City in 2014; and one non-index crime every 11 minutes
    Staff Report
    January 26, 2016

    Image Credit: File
    Manila: On the morning of August 15 last year, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter was shot to death by riding-in-tandem suspects at Ulas Hi-Way in Davao City, in southern Philippines.
    A month later, on September 22, more than a dozen armed men wearing balaclavas and black shirts stormed the Ocean View Resort in Samal Island, the beach of Davao City, just before midnight, kidnapping three foreign nationals and a Filipina from the resort.
    On November 14, 2015, an employee of Grand Regal Hotel was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Davao’s Barangay Lapu-Lapu, Agdao District.
    Police records show Davao City’s crime rate is, in fact, higher than either Sorsogon City or Cebu City.
    Related Stories
    Tough-talking Mayor Duterte files certificate of candidacy for president
    Philippine mayor fines self for cursing
    Duterte bitter over Time article
    How did Davao bag the title as one of the world’s safest cities, topping even Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
    In terms of “index crimes” — such as murder, physical injury, theft and robbery — Davao recorded 39 per 100,000 per month (100kpm), compared to Cebu’s 38 per 100kpm, police records show (see below).
    In 2014, the police in Davao City (population 1.49m) posted on Facebook showing a total of 18,119 crimes recorded for the year, of which 6,548 (36 percent) were “index crimes”, which translates to one index crime every 80 minutes, and one non-index crime every 11 minutes.
    Davao police record
    Davao’s claim to safest-city fame has in fact been bolstered by crowdsourcing survey site Numbeo.
    In Numbeo’s June 2015 ranking, Davao’s crime index went up to 18.18, from 19.31 from the previous survey (lower number means lower crime rate). Numbeo’s “safety index” for Davao, on the other hand, was at 81.82, from 80.69 in a previous survey (higher number means higher safety level).
    Surprisingly, the Numbeo ranking came from less than 500 users or contributions.
    Under the watch of former Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who ruled the city for 20 years, Davao City has earned a reputation for emplyoying vigilante death squads, to which some 800 summary executions had been attributed.
    Hot-button issue
    In the runup to the May elections, Davao City’s crime rate has become a hot-button campaign issue.
    So do Duterte’s attention-hogging statements sprinkled with swear words, in response to Filipinos’ growing frustration over a perceived rise in criminality.
    Crime is a regular fodder for primetime TV news and most of the crime footage shown by news networks come from increasingly ubiquitous CCTV cameras all over the country.
    The gun-totting politician’s headline-grabbing one-liners have drawn a huge public appeal (like, “They say I am a dictator, so be it”). In May last year, Duterte threatened to turn the body of suspected criminals into fishfood in Manila Bay. He had also called for convicted criminals to be punished by public hanging.
    Duterte, 70, who is running under the Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino (PDP-Laban), has also stated that within three to six months of his presidency he would ask Congress to add 30 more courts to try drug-related cases.
    With his strong anti-corruption stance and his reputation as a tough local executive, Duterte had unseated former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas in the No. 3 spot of a poll that tracks voter sentiment.
    Roxas, head of the Philippines’ Liberal Party, had been handpicked by out-going President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to succeed him. Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Grace Poe are the two other presidential survey front-runners.
    Many Filipinos pin their hopes on Duterte, dubbed by Time magazine as the “punisher”, to solve the country’s ills.
    Some critics say, however, point out a huge difference between expletives-ridden tough talk and reality — and that curbing crime requires hard work.
    Others fear Duterte has the markings of a dictator who would then institutionalise a “culture of death”.
    Duterte himself had predicted that, if elected and allowed a freehand in running the country, he may end up being assassinated by rogue military officers.
    With such bold pronouncements and the uncertainty around his unorthodox style, critics say he may be a well-meaning leader who could end up undoing the longest period of economic growth, record-low interest and jobess rates achieved under President Benigno Aquino.

    Comparative crime rates in select Philippine cities

    *Jan-June 2015
    **Jan-March 2014
    *** Non-index crimes are violations of special laws, such as those against illegal drugs and local ordinances.

  9. Manila Times is anti-LP, anti-Mar, Anti-Aquino, Anti-poor…what sort of balance comments you’ll get.

    • Francisco Constantino on

      it is not the party we are talking of… it is the performance of the man called MAR ROXAS… It just so happens that he is from the LIBERAL PARTY. Thank you.

      And what do you like about the performance of the baby in grown-up clothes?

  10. “Remember, the President is an Aquino, and you are a Romualdez”

    “Bahala na kayo sa buhay n’yo”

    Amidst the unimaginable devastation brought by Haiyan/Yolanda all you need to hear is this politically-induced and obvious patronage of rotten proportion sound byte from a tandem of a Wharton grad kunoh na Mar and a so-so Ateneo grad daw na Penoy…





  11. I’m a commoner but articles like this outrage me. All I read here is proof by association. If you have concrete evidence, don’t write an article and pass it on to the general public like it’s some established truth. That is irresponsible. Instead, file the charges with the Ombudsman so due process is observed. We can also think the same ill of you because of your known associations with GMA and Binay.

    • like that’s gonna change anything..nothing has happened to the ampatuans, its been what? 6.5 years? how bout arroyo? the marcoses?

  12. Charge Roxas, Abaya et al in court para magkaalaman na. Wag puro print & salita po. Sawa na kmi dyan. I hav faith in the sitting Ombudsman.

    • Ombudsman Morales will never charge Roxas or any other Liberal Party member without orders from Aquino. The entire Justice system in the Philippines is subservient to the ruling party. There are no co equal branches of government in the Philippines. Aquino corrupted the entire system during his term.

    • nagmamagaling, ikaw ba ano bang ginawa mo? Mabuti pa ang Manila Times naglakas loob mag-imprenta ng ganito. Ngayong nabasa mo na ano gagawin mo. Kasi ako bilang simpleng mamamayan, ginagamit ko ang mga ganitong uri ng babasahin para manindigan sa prinsipyo ko. Magkaso sa mga corrupt na nakakadaupang palad ko kasi yan lang ang kaya ko pero alam kong nakakatulong ako para mabawasan ang corruption sa pinas. Ikaw ba? Anong ko kontribusyon mo?

  13. Sir Tiglao,
    salamat po sa info na ito. di ko po alam ito. at marahil, ng marami pang mga pilipino.
    may tagalog at bisaya counterpart po ba ang manila standard? puede po bang isalin itong article na ito sa tagalog at bisayan languages upang malaman din po ng nakararaming mamboboto.
    kaya siguro walang ka-aura-aura si mar-imar….. di totoo ang lumalabas sa bibig niya. nasa yolanda bruhaha daw siya, ano naman ang ginawa niya…di ba tulala siya? naroong nag-volunteer ang anak ko at naikwento na galit rin ang foreign volunteers kay mar-imar dahil ayaw ipa distribute ang mga pagkain (galing abroad) dahil naghihintay pa siya ng media.
    salamat po. ako po iyong tinulungan ninyo sa manila bankers spam. naituwid po iyon, salamat po uli. God bless you po and your staff.

    • Pat Limcauco Jr on

      I am so disappointed with Mar Roxas I thought then that he was the perfect replacement for Pnoy.

  14. Rodel Palmera on

    All presidentiables are chronic liars. And don’t be surprised if I include DU30 for the following reasons:
    1. He said, his role is only supervision to the police and he doesn’t have the control. He clearly lied on this.
    2. He knows he can’t stop criminality in 6mos in this country but he insisted because he wants our votes. Davao crime rate is still significant for years (dont include smoking.. apprehensions). he can’t stop criminality in davao , so how can he stop criminality in the Philippines. Bobo ka , Stupid ka pag naniwala ka sa kanya.
    3. He said, he will go home to davao from malacanang on daily basis. Again, that is a lie. He knows he cant do it but he said that, to win votes.

    I will not mention the lies of the other candidates from Poe , Binay and Mar. You know it all except for DUterte because you are blinded by your desire for a change, I surmise.

    • Duterte could get rid of the main cause of crime by arresting the corrupt members of Congress and the agencies headed by Aquino appointee’s.
      Get a Ombudsman and a Dept of Justice who will enforce the law instead of the selective justice they practice now.

      Establishing real law enforcement agencies headed by competent and honest people instead of the stooges that have been running them into ruin the past 6 years. Lifestyle check everyone in the government and arrest all the pork barrel thieves and not just the opposition.

      What would happen if instead of the government officials enriching themselves the tax money actually went to to creating jobs and infrastructure projects in the Philippines ?

      Duterte has a chance to make a huge impact on the crime rate if he starts at the top arresting corrupt trapo’s

    • I may not be a fan of politicians but we have an obligation to vote though not voting is morally acceptable,if you can not find in your conscience a qualified presidential candidate.

    • ricks tejero on

      so dont vote for duterte. but 4 me its better to vote for him to other. if u only filed ur candidacy i will certainly vote for u for simple reason that u r the best person as compared to all of them. u r badly needed by the philippines so that our country will become drug capital of the world. it seems u r HIGH.

    • i am not blinded by my desire for a change. i believe in Duterte. he has the guts and the will to do it. Duterte can really provide LEADERSHIP!

    • Kahit na, mahinang rason yan na hindi iboboto si Duterte ng mga tao. Si Duterte ang bagay na maging presidente sa Pilipinas. Nakikita sa gawa niya yan. Look at Davao.

    • You don’t want to mention the lies of the others it’s because you’re anti-Duterte so I’m not surprised if he’s the only one you mention.

    • Roland Uligan on

      About lies from Duterte.
      1. He just mentioned the reality that they dont control the police. This technicalities that should be brought discussion with the DILG/PNP. Some bias media or groups should not only look into what is written but also what is the real scenario.

      2. We’d rather believe that he can stop criminality since we know how he disciplined Davao City. Think again how can he possibly establish Davao 911.
      3. Others are nonsense….and next time I would suggest you do more of your homework and plan a better black propaganda against the good mayor.

    • Glodovic Uchenkov on

      Rodel douchebag or whatever your surname is… are the biggest sack of vomit I have ever heard. By my expirience with probability and statistics as a computer science student, my data shows that you are the dumbest cow I have ever heard.

    • nasasabi mo yan kasi ganun ka kabobo… hehehehe bawat isa sa atin may kanya kanyang kakayahan… you said that kasi sa sarili mo dimo kayang gawin ang ganun kasi BOBO ka…..

    • On his interviewed Duterte doesn’t want to become a President.. those people or supporters want him to be one cause they knew he will change the Philippine the same he change DAVAO… he doesn’t care about the ratings or vote.. as what he said “ayaw nyo ko iboto”… si Duterte gusto na magretire sabi nya sa interview.. hindi mo ba na panood nyun… kasi mismo ang tao gusto sya ipatatakbo pagiging pangulo kahit sa mga stickers or iba pa mga tao ang nag bayad at even print t-shirt ang mga taong bayan ang nagbabayad… hindi mo ba napanood kasi si digong minsan lang sila makikita sa media wen dami sya tinutulungan kasi hindi mo sya kilala… lahat ng mga tao nakita sya wlang camera prove it.. hindi sa iba kapag may media nagpapanggap tumulong….

    • Who said Duterte is as clean as you want him to be? There’s nothing wrong if people wants change and right now, we are choosing the lesser evil. I am choosing the lesser evil. And please don’t be mistaken that im referring to poe.

    • john suckerpunch on

      well for the chronic liar that you said he is, and against all the candidates, Davao made a name worldwide because of him.. yes, you too is a liar, how come Duterte is not different from you or me? Blinded by the desire for a change? your statement shows that you are ok with what is going on with this country (or maybe you need to wash your eyes coz it is all covered with the soot of corruption). People support Durtete because they can see in him that he has greater chance to eliminate corruption in this hopeless country. You just can’t say they are blinded by their desire for change, but in fact, people are exhausted from this political fuck-ups and they are thirsty and looking for someone willing to do the needful. I am not saying that all will be well if Duterte will become president, but what I am saying is that someone’s gotta do what ought to be done!

    • Matalino ka ba on

      Ok. Magaling ka. So sino ang ibobito mo. Matanong ko lang. Following your presentation of liars.

    • You call somebody a liar just because you don’t believe what he is saying? Where is your evidence that he is lying?

  15. Roxas points a finger at someone else but he doesn’t realize that four of his fingers are pointing back at himself. Roxas should never be allowed to for run any office with that kind of moral values.

    • Look at your hand and point
      2 fingers are pointing to the direction you want
      And 3 points back to you
      Unless you point with your thumb.
      Fyi lang.

  16. Paano nagkaroon ng punto si Mar e di naman lumaki sa probinsya yan? Pati sa punto pretentious sya. At kaya pala di lumlalabas ng tent sa Tacloban nandidiri sa amoy ng patay palibhasa konyo. Makapal talaga mukha.

  17. Lies or truth will no longer matter as far as Mar Roxas is concerned . He failed miserably in the 2 cabinet positions he assumed. Even everywhere in the country nobody praise Roxas except his Partymates and this is main reason he is never a threat of winning the presidency. Anyone now can predict even without looking on the statistics of surveys that Mar Roxas already lost even before the race starts.

    • Tama!
      Super halos impossible na nag crash ang plane na piniloto ng best pilot of cebu ang sinakyan ni robredo.

  18. kng walang corrupt walang mhirap bbgyan ka ng singco mgnnakaw nman ng isang libo sawa na kmi sa trapo puro pangako nappako nman. Mhirap paniwalaan wag na taung paloloko madlangbaysn.

  19. Roxas just sucks, like his boss, he talks a lot of shit!!If he keep on saying he will continue the fantasy of Tuwad na Daan, only means he has no own mind to run the country, like Pnoy just idiot mongols!!

  20. Migs Doromal on

    @ RT

    You got it wrong, RT.

    USEC Jose Perpetuo “Juju” Lotilla is MAR ROXAS’ right hand man in DOTC. No single contract gets cleared without passing thru Usec. Lotilla.

    Juju was part of the 2010 campaign team of Mar Roxas. Before the Balay and Samar group came into being, they all belonged to the Noy-Mar team. It was Lotilla who accused Maria Montelibano (Boy Sisi’s cousin and COPA member) of treachery when the former suspected and discovered the Noy-Bi plot being hatched.

  21. …these administration is not running out of people to blame and believe me, Mar Roxas is the exact image of this government. Every time they were unmasked and exposed their failures and inefficiencies, they always have that fingers pointing the blame to other people…

  22. Ricky Martin on

    Only in the Philippines you will find a traditional politician such as Mar Roxas. He did not deliver as head in the DOTC and DILG and a poorly performing Representative and Senatorof the Republic. Most importantly, he lost the VP race in 2010 and now he got the balls to run for the presidency ?!? … what a shame… such a pathetic loser!

    • He also lost the presidency to Pnoy in 2010 when LP downgraded him as candidate for VP.

  23. Khit anong acting nya sa mga advertisemnt at media coverage to look sincere, d ko tlga mkitaan ng khit konting katotohanan mukha niya. Iba tlga sinasabi ng aura niya sa sinasabi ng bibig niya. Mukha plang yan ha d na kapanipaniwala. Ano pa kaya kung ususain na mga pinagsasabi.

  24. Fely San Ramon on

    Ay talaga puro pagmumra dito comm3nts, ma publish nman, ang dami talaga follower ni duterte hane,,, ikaw na ang gustongusto nila,paninindigan mo yan ha, In ,months, pag dii km na solve ang problema ng pilipinas magreresign ka ha. Promise ha…

    • Do you realize that your reply does not even relate to the article? Lol. Pitiful. You are a mindless basher that obviously do not know how to use your brain, if you have one. Pity on you Fely.

    • Duterte is willing to do whatever it takes na ayusin ang problema pero people like you na gusto eh umupo lang at mag antay na maayos ang lahat ang magiging biggest obstacle niya. Hindi genie si Duterte, pag aayos ng country doesn’t depend solely on him. He needs people to back him up. Same goes sa ibang presidentiables. Pinagkaiba lang yun iba tumakbong presidente kasi may pansariling motibo.

    • Duterte can’t do it alone. But with his leadership, together we can achieve that goal. Mga taong gaya mo ang malaking balakid sa pagbabago. Halatang wala kang utak:D

  25. Yes, FOLKSSSS, these BIG LIES this Clueless Big Bloke of a Mar Roxas is peddling to the public is precisely to DECEIVE, and PERPETRATE the Biggest Corruption, bought political patronage in the guise of PDAF/DAP dangled Funds… TRULY, AS WHAT DIGONG DUTERTE CONSISTENTLY SAYS – THIS MAR ROXAS IS A PRETENTIOUS individual claiming ibalik daw sa disenteng pamamaraan ang sistema. Meaning ang DILAW na DAANG MATUWID ay may serious na sakit na JAUNDICE. KAYA KAYO WAG NA WAG KAYONG MAGPAPA UNGGOY SA MGA PINAGSASASABI AT IPINANGANGALANDAKAN NA MAR NA IYAN….


  26. Those who believe Mar Roxas is honest and clean are either idiots, if not mentally retarded.

    • Joey Goodman on

      That’s unfair to Boy Abunda, Danton Remoto, and others who are also beckies that don’t lie, cheat and are not cruel.

  27. Hanny Esporlas on

    Lets not put a man like this into power, because he will just use it to have more money…..don’t forget what he did to a caddie in a famous golf club…….his wife’s arrogance to her maid….and his style of answering which shows how unmanly he was……no matter what happens I will not invest a single vote for him………..

  28. Francis Delacroix on

    Roxas and Abaya are speaking with the confidence of those who have the Ombudsman in their corner. They know they will never be charged, let alone convicted. Even the few small-fry LP members caught by the Ombudsman will eventually get off with a slap on the wrist while those in other parties will be dismissed from office. I have no doubt that many of Roxas’ cohorts began as upstanding citizens, but that is no assurance they will stay clean. Not if they want to hold on to their positions in a corrupt hierarchy. If Vitangcol is guilty, punish him. But if the Ombudsman does not apply the same assiduous attention to the charges against the other LP elements in the MRT mess, then selective justice is indeed the name of the game.

  29. No politician will spend his hard-earned money to his campaign funds most and foremost for presidency! Hello?! are they nuts to do that?! syempre it’s a “MYSTERIOUS” fund.

  30. Teddy Sevilla on

    I would take this latest article of Tiglao not with just a few grains of salt, but with a whole spoonful.

    I’ve known Popo Lotilla for over 30 years. Popo has an esteemed reputation at the UP College of Law approaching saintlike proportions for his integrity and uprightness. This may be outdated, but while he was the energy secretary of the Arroyo regime, this guy did not have a car (never bought one) and lives in a modest house with his mother. Lotilla resigned from his post for “personal reasons” and to “regain my intellectual appetite.”

    I can only speculate on the reasons for Popo’s need for intellectual nourishment while serving at a much-coveted post in government – a post where he could have enriched himself to insane levels. I admit most of the speculations on my head are malicious and involves a refusal to join conspiracies such as the one Tiglao is insinuating against him now. Perhaps Tiglao, who remains an unrepentant GMA apologist, can enlighten us on that 2007 event.

    And Vitangcol hardly looks like a saint, trying to wiggle out of this PH Trams scandal when he was in a position to stop it if he was really a good guy. This is the same person accused in the Inekon case where he supposedly tried to extract a bribe from a Czech company. No less than the Czech ambassador brought this matter up with our government.

    I cannot comment on this Marlo de la Cruz character whom I know nothing about. I hope Roxas will be able to give a satisfactory explanation of this accusation by Tiglao. In fairness to Tiglao, I think it is entirely possible that his assertions regarding the de la Cruz angle and Daang Matuwid corruption are true. Accomodations like this are par for the course for ANY administration.

    This field of presidential candidates is one of the most lackluster ever. If you think none of these five deserves to be president, you can leave the space blank.

    • DOTC Usec Jose Perpetuo M. Lotilla is NOT the universally-esteemed Popo Lotilla. I am not sure but they may be brothers.

    • sir walang connection dto c popo nya ang undersecretary na c jose lotilla..

    • You refer to the wrong Lotilla.

      The former DOE Secretary was Rafael Perpetuo M. Lotilla.

    • Check your facts first before pontificating Mr. Sevilla. The Lotilla here is not Popo (RAFAEL Perpetuo M. Lotilla) whom I’ve worked with in Arroyo’s Cabinet and whom I respect very much, who appears to have taken a vow of poverty that he doesn’t have TV. Roxas man at DOTC is JOSE “Juju” Perpetuo M. Lotilla. They don’t even look the same, with Popo thin and his brother obese, which probably reflects something. I suggest you learn how to argue from facts, and not resort to ad hominem criticisms.

  31. Mar Roxas needs to undergo a values formation seminar. People can clearly see how a chronic liar he is. His a shame for the Ilonggos and the Capizeños…

    • Joey Goodman on

      No amount of values formation seminar could make Roxas what he claims to be. Better feed him to the fish in Manila Bay.

  32. I am hoping one day they will change the set up of the debate. Whenever they say a lie, the next debate, it needs to be mentioned again to inform the people. This strategy will also refrain them from telling a lie because if they do, they are going to be grilled later on.

    • u can say that again, rose.
      tv stations can replay that portion of mar-imar’s lie, messing up vitangcol’s name, and then the host/anchorperson explains the TRUTH behind the LIE. mar-imar reminds me downright of the serpent’s first lie in the Bible, “you shall not surely die.” and this LIE effected man’s first act of sinning and its accompanying punishment of “death.” roxas mar-imar is murdering vitangcol’s personhood, huh?!

    • I dont think that will happen sonce the debate will be by abscbn which is onviously pro-MAR..

  33. Rodan Guerrero on

    Let us include the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE of the DAP KING…this ambitious another LIAR WOMAN who is ALL TALKS. GRACE POE, whose LIFE IS ALL LIES, WILL FREE ALL HER CONSPIRATORS IN THIS REGIME.This regime has stolen atleast 4 to 5 TRILLION PHP out of the national budget in so short a time… We should rethrieve what they have stolen and jail them all!

  34. The second debate for Presidentiables were piles of trash. They offered nothing good for our country but lies, and words of non sense.

    One candidate said, he is going to stop corruption but no show of proof on how to solve.

    One candidate challenge his opponents to show their bank accounts but failed to show himself in senate inquiry to prove that he is not a corrupt.

    An american citizen candidate still selling herself to become a president without presenting clear evidence that she is qualified.

    And this candidate , and according to Sir Bobbi Tiglao, HE IS A LIAR.

    • “One candidate said, he is going to stop corruption but no show of proof on how to solve.” What about exhibit A? Isn’t that a proof that he did solve it? On how he solved it? That’s laying out you card on the table my friend.

    • Chemical brothers on

      Duterte is the game changer here, he is dead serious in punishing those abusive and corrupt officials. he would not submit himself to a public ridicule if he is not serious about his platform as he would be endangering his life and honor to sacrifice himself for the people. If he is not care about our country he will just retire and have a peaceful life with his retirement and loving family.

    • to zak Pasiking.
      as mentioned that all,that all Candidates just offered nothing good for our country but lies and words of nonsense.

      I just hope that you make a wise decision then…..the candidate who promised you a change by stoping corruption doesn´t need to present his
      Proof because if does ,,,baka di mo na mabasa lahat…the good thing he did… because he is not showy and madada kungdi ginagawa nya sa gawa..why don“t you give him a chance. …may tips ,,, lang ako ,He is a Father, first wife nya American Nurse, pwede siyang mabuhay mayaman kung gusto nya but he won´t because He love Davao and the Pilipino people.,and the most fearing to God but no commitments to any Religion..

  35. This government has consistently used the “blame and claim” strategy which makes me sick. They blame others for their failures such as the MRT mess, the Mamasapano debacle, the inept government response after Yolanda and the botched Luneta hostage rescue. Palaging iba ang may kasalanan, hindi sila. Yet, they are quick to claim credit for something they did not start or initiate like the 4Ps and the growth in the BPO sector, among others. Mar Roxas’ ending statement focused on eliminating “sumisingit” and “jumpers”. Really? That’s your ending argument to convince us. Let Roxas speak more so that people will see the emptiness of his head each time he opens his mouth.

    • Jingay gregorio on

      True.. Let him speak more and dig his own grave as we all watch.. Kalaban lng ntin dito ung matinding pandaraya. I think that’s the reason why he is so confident all along. No matter what he say or does, it would not translate to legitimate votes.

  36. Thief, Liar, Credit grabber, Pretentious leader.. Roxas has it all! These are the qualities of a typical Politician now a days, and nadadamay ang mga good Politicians.

    LET’S CHANGE IT PEOPLE! Let’s change the perception of the Politicians as Great Leaders, Honest, Protectors of the Oppressed, Hero.. It’s in our hands. Let’s start with a good foundation. Let’s vote ourselves a GREAT PRESIDENT! Duterte

  37. Hi

    Our country’s political scenario has changed a lot since Martial law.
    Gone are the politicians running for the service and betterment of out country . Majory (90%) look after their own pocket. No decent politician who would put people interest first before their own (very rare-relatives and friends are their priorities)
    We have a candidate a lawyer who seemed to be genuine in his intensions to bring changes. Let us give our country a chance to have fresh leadership.
    The only positive outcome of EDSA FREEFOM. Now every body is currupt. Every sigle branch of goverment (top to bottom)
    God help us.
    Give Mr Duterte a chance to prove his worth

    • To Danny Waga,
      I agree with you. I hope the People in the Philippines will help Duterte , by giving him a chance to be the President..Yong di na nakakilala sa kanya might say negativ but for me, as Davawenia , he is a most devoted Father not only to his Family but also to our City….He hated lies.
      he is married to an American Nurse , and they are separated that´s why he has mistress, he admitted. that……, In Serving Davao ,,,,,he heartedly done it,,,if he does in Davao, I firmly believe he will surely also do it to the entire Philippines.
      he is brave and honest, just give him a chance for a better Philippines
      nobody could do it except him. Good luck!

  38. Naku po !!! Napakakapal naman ng mukha ni Mar Roxas…pinagtatawanan siya ng mga nanood doon sa UP Cebu – hindi pa rin tinatablan ng kahihiyan…balat ni Mar ay immune to shame and embarrassment — shame on you Mar Roxas because you really are a pretentious man … tama ang sabi ni Digong … yang suot mong yellow shirt hubarin mo na sapagkat kada kita makitang nakasuot nyan, it brutally reminds me of that other guy pretending to be a leader…btw, where were you during Mamasapano? Were you at home watching TV? Texting the president asking what you should do? You poor man! Masakit pa ba ang iyong balikat mo sa pagkarga ng mga mabigat na sako ng bigas? haha! Pretending na naman! Head of PNP was nowhere to be found during a crisis…and you want to be president?

  39. Liar liar liar
    True. Araneta was a ghost town. But when he became DTI chairman, it boomed. Or am I wrong?

    • Magaling kase dumikit sa kahit anong administrasyon etong mar na to. Panahon pa ni FVR, Erap, GMA, Noyp sipsip na to tapos kumakalas pag wala nang pakinabang. Naniniwala ako na sinasamantala nila yon ng pamilya nya para umangat ang negosyo nila.

  40. We know all of us about MAR ROXAS is big lying… the one we can do is to tell to our friends, relatives especially to our family circle that ROXAS is not to become a PRESIDENT of the Philipinnes….

  41. Roxas is a Bully , It shows his arrogance and defensive answers and beating around and accusations to avoid the truth! His 6 years of being a DILG and DOTC head has done nothing to improve the lives of the Filipino and he thinks he should be President? He has NO accomplishment ?

    Tama nga ang sabi ng isang Taxi Driver , Lahat ng Kandidato ay kurap ! pero iboboto ko na lang ang kurap na may Nagawa sa taon bayan . Maski si Grace Poe ay kurap din. Hindi siya tunay na pilipino sa salita at gawa!

    The race should be between Binary and Détente !

  42. Fred Pescador on

    These LP derelects always have a “fallguy” to blame for every corruption or annomalies that they do and they are really good at it.

  43. And if I may add another Roxas lie, his claim that crime incidence declined under his watch as DILG secretary, it was because the PNP refused to record in the police blotter all crime incidence. This selective recording resulted in low crime data.

  44. Fast forward on

    Pleas include in the first debate he said he went to Tac to help no politic but no one forget his famous line on video what he said to Tac mayor , you can check the debate video , btw you forgot the chec republic case Dotc when he was sec

  45. He even lied that he was in the same holding room as Binay, when Poe asked him. He lied when Duterte and Poe chided him on why he fought with Binay. He said, he didn’t know anything and was just waiting for the organizers…

    This man lies even with small trivial things like that. Just to make himself look good and innocent.

  46. Edong Mapangarap on

    the second debate exposed the Cubao haciendero, Wharton boy seems to repeat certain words and phrases 20 times but was shot down by the Visayan accent 30 times
    A politician will sell their own mothers to get elected. Poor Vitangcol, his fingers are pointing to Mar and Abaya but their crazy boss said otherwise, DAANG TUWAD anyone?


    • jun diamante on

      I think the most repeated phrase is: Tama na ba eto? hindi pa…kuntentona ba tyo? hindi pa…very abnoy! (pati tono…hehehe)

  47. Ito ang daan na matuwid. Sabi ni Duterte, walang matuwid kundi kulubot. Maniwala ako sa label ni Duterte para kay Roxas na “pretentious leader”.

  48. Franck Frego on

    Yellow crooks at best, it is so obvious that these guys are criminals… how can 20% of the population can still believe in Roxas?

  49. Wow galing talaga ni Roxas kayang kayang gawing masama ang isang tao for his ends…He doesn’t care if innocent person goes to prison as long as he gets what he wants. Yehhheyyy…Masaya si Roxas at mga kasabwat….

  50. Renito Rufino Bognot on

    Knowing all what you just said, is it not incumbent upon you, as a good citizen of the Republic, to file criminal charges against Roxas & his cohorts so they will all go to jail & do your country a great favor in not letting Roxas become our next president.

  51. Roxas is a embarrassment to the human race, Only in a country where the corrupt dynasties controls the government, the television stations, select newspapers and the elections just in case would it even be possible to elect a worm like Roxas.

    Roxas doesn’t have to worry about being charged since the Ombudsman will not charge anyone unless Aquino approves it first.

    The Philippines needs to clean house.


  53. So Roxas has the cunning and the gall to concoct corruption at its basest. He is no different from his grandfather, Manuel A. Roxas, Sr who is also a master of corruption. The people who can witness to this are still alive. They can also swear that Mar Roxas would be the worst choice for the presidential contest of 2016. He is in the same league in the worst list as the abnoy.

  54. tuloy tuloy ang bira kahit holy week. huwag nating pabayaan at palagpasin ang mga kalokohan nina Marred Roxas.

  55. It looks like Roxas wanted to get back the money he lost in the 2010 election, that’s why he delayed the bidding of MRT maintenance.

    don’t worry. after the election, Marred Roxas will also go to jail once Noynoy is out of Malacanang. both of them will go to jail soon.