Roxas says no color in PNP reforms


INTERIOR Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd said over the weekend that reforms being implemented at the Philippine National Police (PNP) that saw the relief of four district directors last week should not be given any color, because it was a result of thorough study and continuing evaluation of the crime situation in Metro Manila.

Roxas said the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) and the directorate of the PNP meet every week to analyze, study and respond to crime incidents in Quezon City, Manila, Southern, Eastern and Northern Police Districts.

“Even though we are saying that the crime situation in Metro Manila has stabilized, in the eyes of our countrymen, it is still not enough, because they are all expecting big changes, that even ordinary citizens can feel it,” Roxas said.

He added that the NCRPO for the past four months has been implementing an intensified campaign against criminality and it has not been remiss in its duty in explaining the kind of work that are expected from police officials and their men.

“In fact, 14 station commanders from the 38 police stations in the NCR have been relieved, I hope this sends a clear message that we are serious in our campaign against criminality,” Roxas said.

He noted that enough time have been given to police officials that were affected by the revamp.

“We gave them warning. We gave them guidance. In short, we monitored them,” Roxas said.

The Interior secretary expressed hope that the newly named district directors in Metro Manila will take seriously the new challenges facing them in their new post.

“We need new energy. New perspective, new leadership is what we need. It is the same for other districts.” Roxas stressed.


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