• Roxas seen courting Iglesia ni Cristo vote


    Liberal Party presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd will likely persist in courting the endorsement of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) despite the perceived fallout between the two parties last year, Roxas’ allies said Saturday.

    Dasmariñas Rep. Elpidio Barzaga of the National Union Party and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. made the pronouncement in the wake of reports that pre-election survey frontrunner Sen. Grace Poe met with top INC Minister Eraño Cordera this week.

    “I would think Mar would also seek the INC’s support, just not out in the open. All candidates would court the support of all sectors of society, especially the INC,” Barzaga told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

    The INC is a known influential religious group because it practices bloc voting—a scheme wherein INC leaders dictate on the flock who to vote for in national and local posts during elections.

    It has been estimated that the INC is able to muster at least two million votes for a candidate seeking a national elective post.

    In return, the INC reportedly lobbies for the appointment of its members in juicy posts in the government.

    “Seeking INC’s support is a matter of tradition and necessity, whether you are trailing [in surveys]or in a close race. And right now, the race is too close to call,” Barzaga said.

    In the latest Pulse Asia survey commissioned by ABS-CBN, Poe topped the presidential race with 28 percent, four percentage points ahead of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who got 24 percent. Vice President Jejomar Binay is a close third with 23 percent, while Roxas was pegged at fourth place with 19 percent.

    “All the candidates would do that [seek INC’s bloc vote]. It’s a close fight so every vote counts,” Belmonte, the campaign manager of Roxas, said a separate text message.

    Thousands of INC members in August last year held an assembly that virtually paralyzed parts of Edsa. The move was seen as a show of force against the Justice department’s probe of an illegal detention complaint filed by former INC minister Isaias Samson Jr.
    Roxas was the lone Presidential candidate who spoke against the assembly of INC members.

    Roxas got INC’s endorsement in the 2010 polls when he ran for Vice President and as the running mate of then fellow Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    He, however, lost to then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay by 700,000 votes despite leading all pre-election surveys.


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    1. ordinaryong kaanib on

      Nasa paglilinis parin ang iglesia sana po sa susunod ay kasama na ang malalaking dudumi sa loob. Sa pagdaan sa apoy makikita ang dalisay ng isang ginto..na kahit anong pagsubok kahit sinong dumaang pamamahala ay tapat na kaanib parin. Ang pamamahala ay tapat at sila lang ang ating pader. Tulad ng texto ng naaraang pagsamba lahat ng disesyon ng pamamahala ay para sa ikabubuti ng iglesia. Linisin na nawa ang mga kaanib na merong likong pagiisip nakakasira lang kayo sa imahe ng iglesia.

    2. Frederick Abug on

      mali ang report nyo. Noy-Binay ang cnuportahan ng INC nung 2010 at ndi Noy-Mar. Parang nung isang report ng CNNPHILIPPINES, parehas ng report, mali naman. Misleading ang infirmation. nakakabahala na ang media at ang social media.

      • no, it’s Noy, Mar got the INC vote. Mar was dump by akino allies in the provinces choice binay instead.

    3. Frederick Abug on

      May mali sa report nyo. Sana po maging responsable kayo sa report at marami ang nagbabasa nyan.. Misleading ang information po ninyo. Ang INC po nung last 2010, ay tinulungan ay Noy-Binay at hindi Noy-Mar. Parang katulad din sa nabasa kong taga CNNPHILIPPINES na ang sinuportahan ay NoyA-Mar daw. Tapos susundan ng kung anu-anong comment.

    4. Corruption is most difficult to exist at the locale level. The precautions which ironically were created and placed by the Central Treasury Office made sure of this. There are just too many signatories needed by the locale before funding of a request is finally approved by the Central Office. No actual cash is kept in the locale. All cash derived from whatever church related source is initially always submitted to the Central Treasury for their discretion.

      But once it reaches the main Treasury, despite the many offices handling our offerings, only one signatory is accepted and recognized before the release of Church funds for whatever purpose. No, it is not the signature of the Executive Minister EVM, nor the Overall Treasurer Suratos. Only the General Auditor Glicerio “Jun” Santos has blanket authority to approve and release Church funds. Even the elementary salaysay of any officer connected with Pananalapi is addressed to him. No matter how minute, no matter what department handles the concern, if money is the problem, no cold cash will ever be released without the “Jun Santos” signature.

      There is no such thing as petty cash, cash advance, per diem, or reimbursement in the Church. Another term covers all these expenditures, it’s called: “kusang pagtugon sa pangangailangan ng Iglesia” Or simply put, you shoulder the expenses.

      So , what expenses covers “kusang pagtugon?”

      Moving expenditures inside the Receiving or Prayer room e.g., coffee, sugar, drinking water, creamer, air freshener, toiletries,etc.
      Breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the officiating minister and company. The Head Deacon is tasked to oversee that the minister and company are “treated” well and their needs met.
      Transportation fare for official functions, assignments, evangelical missions,etc. This includes giveaways, calamity goods and at times the offerings of visitors and even their formal church wear (for indigents). The officers from the Pamunauan to the Deacons and Katiwalas shoulder these expenses.
      All paraphernalia for local evangelical missions such as the printing of streamers and posters.
      Designated locale tickets for concerts (sold and unsold), T-shirts, paraphernalia ordered from UNLAD. The Pamunuan usually takes care of this with assistance from affluent members of the Church.
      So, where do our Church offerings go?

      P-1: Thursday and Sunday abuloys are considered National funds. Primarily used to cover expenses for running the Central Office and implementing administrative procedures, Church workers (ministers and employees [but the term used is volunteers] )allowance and housing, etc.
      P-9: Yearly Lagak. For chapel construction and maintenance.
      P-13: Tanging Handugan. Local fund. All expenses from the security guards to the bantay kapilya, gardener, water and electric bills are shouldered by this fund. Out of 4 Sundays in a month, 3 Tanging Handugans are allotted for local funds. The remaining 1 Sunday goes to the District Office. Except on occasions where special offerings are conducted where one or two Sundays are also deposited to the Central Office, leaving behind the remaining one or two Sundays for local consumption. So to put it short, roughly 3 Sundays Handugan needs to cover all the requirements of a locale. How much does a locale need for its survival? A regular chapel (Pilot, Lagro, Mountain Heights, Paco) would need at least approximately a hundred thousand pesos monthly to maintain its keep. But if it is air-conditioned with a generator, the cost would rise another 100 thousand.
      Lingap. This is directly coursed to Jun Santos’ Office. Central office has no jurisdiction over these funds.
      DSC_0330Now, you might ask how do I know all this. Simple. Being Head Deacon, I am the counterpart of the Pastor/Minister who signs all the corresponding documents before submitting it to the Head Office. I am the last person who checks all these documents and signs it before the Pastor confirms and affixes his own signature; the only counterpart who knows the combination of the local vault where all these sensitive documents and cash collected during worship services are temporarily stowed.

      Depositing money into the Church Treasury is no problem. You just drop it into the supot ng abuloy or drop it into the handugan box or use the lagak slip. But once it has officially been received by the Church, to withdraw it under any circumstance is next to impossible.

      Now, the question arises. Why does EVM trust Jun Santos so much to the extent of giving him exclusive rights and sole discretion to the funds of the Church? Why are all documents related to Church finances advised to pass through his office? Why are we not delegating functions on Church finances of lesser importance to other individuals or offices? One big question mark raising a lot of eyebrows.

    5. …(Please Share to all the good people of the Philippines) Let it be known that it is no longer the Iglesia Ni Cristo that had the true Leadership of our beloved late Ka Erano Manalo who passed away last 2009. It is now The Church Of EVM, EVM Church, Church of the evil Eduardo V. Manalo who is trying to annihilate his own mother Ka Tenny and siblings, the family members of Ka Erano. Thousands of members of the INC are now leaving and standing up against the current leadership of the church. They are called the INC Defenders. The current corrupt Leadership that consist of EVM Followers and the Jun Santos Business Administration are conducting evil means to destroy the INC Defenders but have so far failed. They are now exposed for the whole world to see. The EVM Church claims that Bro. Lowell Menorca ran away and hide, but the truth is, it was too dangerous for him and his family to remain in the Philippines where the Church of EVM have control and influence over the Judicial System and Law Enforcement. Now he is outside the Philippines, he can make his stand there and get the International Judicial System for help where EVM Church has no influence over it. We encourage all the major peaceful religions of the Philippines to be aware of the new Church Of EVM and do not vote for the corrupt Presidential Candidate that INC-EVM will endorse. Let us show to them that good can overcome evil EVM.(EVilMan). The INC Defenders will always stand up to what is good and justice. We believe in Peace, Love and Hope. We are against the corrupt.


      It appears, that INC lawyers’ first and last motions on Ka Lowell Menorca II’s petition for writ of habeas corpus and amparo, are to ask the Court of Appeals to junk it, or in legal terms, to consider the petition “moot and academic”.

      The first time, it was because, by the time of the first hearing, INC has already moved Ka Lowell and his family out of its compound where the powerful organisation had them illegally detained for 3 months, into a private residence in Fairview. [This move, by the way, occurred in the dead of night, as if INC couldn’t wait until morning to get rid of Ka Lowell and his family, after having been tipped that his relatives had filed a petition for habeas corpus against INC officials.]

      The CA, rightfully and justifiably, denied this motion.

      More recently, INC lawyers have once again petitioned the CA to dismiss the case. This time, it was because INC, after subjecting Ka Lowell and family to indescribably horrendous harassments, had sunk to their lowest low, forcing the family to flee for their lives, to a place where the INC holds no power and influence. Or so Ka Lowell thought, at least, initially.

      What will the CA do now?

    7. Kapal ng mukha. Hinayaan mangamatay yun Yolanda victims dahil lng Aquino c Nguyngoy at Romualdez c Mayor? Kahit bgy captain di ka dpat manalo. #ZEROXAS